Felix the Cat - The Movie

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  • TheEpicStickMan
    Hmm....I haven't seen this movie before
  • Amykins
    Trust me, you neeeeever want to.
  • BigZachJ
    don't. My step dad grew up watching it and i did as well and he took me to see the movie. He RARELY took me to see movies just me and him and we were excited.................. ...... It killed the outing. He was tere with me when I saw Transformers and GI Joe full length movies in theaters
  • LikaLaruku
    The mouth on CGI Felix gives me Clutch Cargo flashbacks.

    Which was the bigger mistake? The "Mickey Mouse on helium" voice Felix has in this movie, or the "Irma Langinstein doing a Brooklyn accent" voice used in Bubsy 3D?
  • Elphaba645
    I'm so sorry, Doug. I could barely watch the clips without getting a gigantic migraine then hanging myself. And you had to watch the entire thing, probably more than once. So sorry.
  • PatheticManatee  - @TheEpicStickMan
    Hmm... I thought you'd seen every single movie in existence and I'm just as surprised as you are that you haven't seen this movie before.
  • TechnoStripe
    The Princess's assistant's eyes look like they are trying to escape from his head.... creepy...
  • ladydiskette  - WOOT 'THE WALL' MOVIE REFERENCE FTW!
    I kinda liked this movie, I remember watching this back when the Disney Channel would run random cartoons and animated movies and this one always kept me glued to the tv.

    I definitely wouldn't mind watching it again, although now that I think about it the guy who did Felix the Cat's voice in this movie sounded very annoying in my personal opinion.

    .......and the less I say about the 3D talking cat head. The better.

    But other than that I would definitely let my nieces and nephews watch this. You know, if the talking cat head doesn't freak them out first.
  • Count_Zero
    Yeah, I saw this cartoon on the Disney Channel too. At the time I thought it was good - though now I can definitely tell it was the nostalgia Googles calling.

    Now, The Twelve Tasks of Asterix, another film I saw around the same time, was a little more decent. Sort of.
  • ladydiskette
    I don't think I have ever seen that one "The Twelve Tasks of Asterix" I mean. That might be another movie I am courious now in checking out.
  • bobynoxr
    I've seen it, and as a fan of the Asterix comics, it wasn't too bad. I found it to be amusing to watch and it entices me to also search for more issues of the series. Give it a shot.
  • JasonBond
    as I remember,it was pretty good.My father is a fan of the comics,so it was obvious that I would read them and the movies were good.

    The live-action ones were good too,except for Asterix at the Olympic Games,it was bad.
  • shadow200010
    great review like always :)
  • AoriRyuujin  - HADOUKEN!! with onions!
    Very awesome work like always!
  • LikaLaruku
    Cooked onions or raw?
  • BigZachJ  - onions
    Wow odd, and depends on what they are being used for. raw for salads and sandwiches and cold foods
  • brick mooncode
    Anyone else hear the "Felix the Cat" song and think of "Harvey, Harvey, Harvey the Wonder Hamster...."
  • DixieDarlin
    I had actually blocked this movie from memory, thanks for making me remember it! The only part I remembered was when they go through the Hair Forest. And is it just me, but Felix's voice reminds me of when you do Casper the ghost's voice lol.
  • EctoFreck
    That's exactly what I was thinking when Felix was talking. Or his impression of Mickey Mouse. 8D
  • The_Awesometeer
    Felix reminds me of Mickey Mouse... just a creepy version of him
  • luckyde
    Mickey was based off Felix back in early animation. Did better than felix as well
  • BigZachJ  - if you want creepy...
    here check these out.... http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=4dwc-gUQnLI
    http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=Jwb9W51j7fo
    if you want creepy cant beat McDonald's
  • warriorwhacko
    Actually, the guy who made this movie is the son of one of the people who created Casper the Friendly Ghost. That man was Joe Oriolo, and he also created the Felix the Cat cartoon series for TV in the early 1960's. He was the one who invented Felix's "magical bag." The cartoon series is available on Netflix, but if you aren't keen on crappy cartoons from the past, don't waste your time. He wound up getting Felix's license and had control of the character until his death. After that his son Don Oriolo had control of Felix, and made this film with some European animators in about 1986 or so. (And possibly a large amount of cocaine?) This film cost 9 million dollars to make! It was planned to be released in theaters, but instead went straight to video in '91. Sorry if I'm rambling, but you can watch the whole movie on youtube, and it really is as bad as NC was saying. My point is that your Casper observations are closer to the mark than you realized; and I've probably spent way too much time this weekend reading Wikipedia and watching Felix the Cat. God, I need a life!

    (P.S. Most of the Felix cartoons from the 1920s are pretty good; and worth taking a look at if you want to see why people originally liked this character.)
  • Urotsuki
    Ouch, straight to video, huh?

    The intro makes it seem like it was intended for a theatrical release...
  • Elphaba645
    Great review, as always.
  • Baby Hitler
    The animation was all done in Hungary... not a place known for its animation. Phelous did a review of a horrendous animated movie ripping off Aladdin that was animated in the Philippines, which is even worse in animation quality. I'm not saying that Hungarians and Filipinos can't animate, but there's a reason why most animation is done in the US, Japan, and Korea.
  • Spazz Attack  - Who spiked my drink?
    Very well done! As always...

    First of all, I'd like to mention that the scientist kind of reminds me of what Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory would look like if he became old and senile.

    Next...all I'm going to say about that beard guy jumping on that floating garbage can of a robot is...well...I've heard of stranger kinks.

    That scene with the cats on the guitars reminded me of Chuck E Cheeses...but, hey, that's just me.

    And you know what throwing the book at the big bad robot and defeating it instantly reminded me of?

    That CD-I Zelda game. I mean, seriously! One of the CD-I Zelda games seriously ends when you throw a book at Gannon. So, when I saw that robot falling over, all I could think was...

    "No! Not the book! It burns!"

    It's a shame you missed that joke.

    Also, you know what this entire movie feels like? A really REALLY bad acid trip. I mean, like, you thought that you only took a little bit of acid, but in the end you took a lethal dose of it and this is the last thing you see before you die.

    No, no, this is what you'd see AFTER you die.

    There's a question for That Guy with the Glasses!

    When you go to hell, is Felix the Cat what they play to sinners in the 12th layer of Hell?

    Anyway, Critic, great work. Can't wait until next Tuesday!

    PS: Are Felix and Casper related? And if so, was Felix a bastard child?
  • Spazz Attack
    My mistake, the quote from Gannon was

    "No! Not the pit! It burns!"

    My mistake.
  • crissbones  - Speaking of Zelda Cdi....
    The whole movie looks like it was made by the same people who made the animation for those abominations!

    I'm honestly surprised no jokes were made about that! No "My boy!" or "Dondogo" jokes!
  • SpeedyEric
    I haven’t watch a single cartoon of Felix the Cat or seen a single frame of this movie, but from what I’ve heard (mostly on this site), this film REALLY doesn’t hold up. But after seeing that it has a 6.4 out of 10 star rating on IMDB, I thought “how bad could it be?”

    0:38- I take it that this movie to your eyes that it’s worse than “Good Burger.”

    2:40- I can already tell that the animators of this movie were kidnapped bums who were paid in hot bowls of soup.

    Zill looks more like Mysterio from Spider-Man if his dome helmet has dog ears attached to it.

    Nice job with the clip from the NC vs. AVGN fight.

    7:29- I’m starting to get annoyed by the noise, noise, noise, NOISE, NOISE at this point.

    9:20- Well, you know what they say: “Why so serious?”

    13:04- Same here, buddy.

    15:16- Or Pokemon tears bringing people turned to stone back to their normal selves.

    19:22- o_O

    This movie is about as messed up as Garbage Pail Kids, but at least THIS film is really forgettable after watching it.
  • BooRat
    Well, I liked this movie as a kid, but I think that was mostly threw the Nostalgia glasses. From what little I can recall the old cartoons the ones from teh 60s not the 40s the basic plot here with the Cat with a Magic Bag of tricks is right. But, this movie I recall being alot better than what was shown here http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=Gn4eSv0Mzqc this trailer the animation looks more pollished. I recalled mostly about this movie was the 2 different animation style. Felix and his world and people from it were more like old school noodle animation and the Princess and her world and characters from it wer emore Disney cartoon style with actual humanoid characters and bone structure!

    0:38-I'm sad to admit I liked Good Burger too when I was a kid!

    2:40-Sooo, North Koren!?

    Zill looks like a mix of Mysterio and Vador to me! And, I recall the version of this film I watched as a kid he was called the Duke!


    7:29-I sounds like a bootleg where the audeo was mixed up and the background sound was placed where the Foreground sound should've been and it's causing feedback.

    9:20-Ever Dance with the Devil in the pale moonlight!?

    15:16-Oh, just you wait if I can get some support he'll be reviewing Happily Ever After (also called Snow White: Happily Ever After)(1993) http://en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/ Happily_Ever_After_(1993_ film)

    19:22- C]:-D

    Not, really I remebered just I aprently edited and gave it better voice acting and sound sinking in my head!
  • illustral
    I'm fairly certain the 90s series The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat is much worse. And it was made seven years after this movie.
  • Durecchi
    ..Wait, what? Twisted Tales is an awesome series. It's surreal, sure, but it's at least coherently surreal and not just randomly tossed together. Not to mention it's a lot more faithful to Felix's original character from the 1920's. In this movie he's this high-pitched, vapid Little Nemo'esque character, but during his origins, and in Twisted Tales, he's more of a skirtchaser, snarky and clever. Not to mention in Twisted Tales, his voice reflects that.
  • ladydiskette
    OMG! I remember Twisted Tales. When they would play it on Sat mornings, my friends and I would be laughing our asses off because the show was hilarious.

    I wonder if anyone has uploaded any episodes up on Youtube yet, I totally feel the need to watch them again.
  • Redbob86
    I only caught one episode, but I don't remember it being terrible. Again, barely remember it, and only saw it once, but I remember the animation and lip-syncing being decent. And the episode I saw, where he he has to get some worms for this entertainer called "Slime-O" to eat, atleast gave him an objective goal which he used his magic bag to accomplish. Oh,and he didn't laugh at a human skull.
  • Moogleknight24
    Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat was awesome!
    It was surreal, actually had a bit of edge, fun, and Felix didn't sound like Mickey Mouse. (Seriously NC never noticed that?)

    That show was childhood. This movie is crap.
    Don't judge the show from this >_>
  • DragonTrainer
    Ah, so that's the cartoon series I watched. I didn't know the exact title of that series and just called it "Felix the Cat". I didn't know there were two series before that one at the time.

    I remember really liking Felix's personality from Twisted Tales. He came across as relatively more level-headed compared to other cartoon protagonists of the same style. So, suffice to say, I was confused about why the Felix from this movie was so... different. So very, very different. (">_
  • Yeahwhatever
    You spelled "much better" wrong.
  • Annie-Mae
    I did survive this movie...it's insane, but it's not a piece of shit...I'm just more upset how you said you'd never do it, mostly cause SO many other people have reviewed it. I wasn't asking personally cause I was doing you a favor and not asking for it.

    Because you failed to educate people as to WHERE this movie comes from and why it was made I'll try to sum up what Wikipedia says: It's a Hungarian film that was going to be made into a TV show. Felix was a victim of the 80's style cartoons, where only if a cartoon had marketability they got a show. They made some random fairy tale and used Felix to sell it. It didn't get theater release in the states, and it just aired on Disney Child a few times.

    The worst part about it is really the Dubbing cause noone shuts up.
  • TheTannedOtaku  - RANDOM ZONE
    This feels like The Magic Voyage, both animated Titanic movies, and the Tom and Jerry movie on the world's strongest drug and gas
  • HankMan  - a shit within a shit?
    2:30 I'm gunna go out on limb here and say that adviser turns out to be... Evil?

    8:10 O.O

    11:55 Let's try again,
    What is your quest?

    14:15 Creepy how only his Irises blink

    15:15 Maybe THAT's why Chuck Norris's tears can cure cancer, he's really from a poorly animated movie!

    16:44 Maybe it was a misprint and the original script said he should pay in "wenches"

    18:30 Isn't her shoulder bleeding?

    19:21 OMG when did this turn into Team Fortress 2?

    It's amazing that the original cartoon from the 20 was not only better written and performed, but even better ANIMATED. I wish the people who had made this movie had picked up a book before they made it, so they might have looked up what the word "EFFORT" means!
  • fanime1
  • RedFox0008
    I saw this when I was a kid, and even then I thought it was pretty bad.

    I finally tracked down a copy of it last month, and I didn't last 10 minutes before stooping, because I thought my copy was messed up with the audio/video sync.

    I didn't realize that the animation was really just that terrible.
  • LikaLaruku
    Yeah, see this movie was a disappointment for fans of the Felix cartoons. & even if you loved this movie as a kid, it doesn't hold up for most in their adulthood.

    I liked this as a KID, but I watched it last week on Youtube & it was AWFUL.

    I really wish they hadn't found someone who sounds like his old voice; it's faithfully annoying.

    2 things would have vastly made this cartoon better: 1)Felix doesn't get to talk, ever. 2)No rotoscope animation; it's creepy.

    BTW, Dr Seuss DID hate children, no really, it was mentioned in his bibliography.
    ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ----------------
    Synopsis: Darth Helmet kidnaps Princess Peach & her tear gives birth to Navi who has to recruit the talkative lovechild of Mickey Mouse & Sonic the Hedgehog to save their world, or something like that.
    ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ----------------
    So, I found out that the piss-poor lipsync is probably because this was animated in Hungary. It's like the unholy combination of Zelda CD-i & Heavy Metal (the part where the aliens snort cocaine).

    &...I double dog dare you to review Fritz the Cat (It's like once you see it, you can't unsee it), or even Count Duckula (it's very racist).
  • BooRat
    I agree with LikaLaruku!

    Heavy Metal is awesome it's one of the few Rotoscope animeted movies wher eit works pretty well!

    Review Fritz the Cat with Brad Jones at some point!

    From what I understand alot of pople like Count Duckula! I never seen it but have heard of it!
  • LikaLaruku
    I tried rewatching it on Youtube after hearing the theme song, & then after a couple of bad guys I'm like "holy shit, I never realized how racist this was."

    Fritz the Cat I watched on a dare.
  • Zeneger
    So, I found out that the piss-poor lipsync is probably because this was animated in Hungary. It's like the unholy combination of Zelda CD-i & Heavy Metal (the part where the aliens snort cocaine

    I don't really understand what you mean. The lipsync is bad, but compared to the directing of the movie I'd say it isn't as bad.
    If you ever see Princess and the Goblins I'd say you would rethink your oppinion about hungarian cartoons and lipsync.
  • LikaLaruku
    They avoided proper lipsyncing so it could be dubbed in two languages. It's like the mouth flapping in anime. Now I've seen a russian cartoon that had russian lypsync & it was painfully obvious in the English version.
  • Sailor_Jimm
    And I thought Twisted Tales made absolutely no sense. Awesome review, NC.
  • lollypopalopicus  - lol
    looks like Doug described Shiznoo at the beginning
  • Draggonslayer26
    Making a doctor who joe while watching this crap fest of movie nerd rage rising...
  • darkness shade sonata
    I liked this movie, no matter what anyone says... but it's because I was into an anime phase and I was 5
  • TacoYokai
    I think I'm starting to enjoy NC's emotional scarring...
  • Aniqa
    Did anyone else find that skull scene extremely disturbing? I mean it was a fairly realistically drawn skull and the only humans from Felix's world look like muppets. Did all the realistically drawn people from that world get massacred or something?
  • LiferAshe
    I thought this review was going to be about Fritz the Cat. I'm always getting those two confused!

    Boy, was I disappointed...
  • Dust
    I'd watch that cross-over.
  • Fancyarcher  - Not one of my favorites
    Be warned? Yup I was gonna be warned, being warned about a film that it is a guilty pleasure of mine.

    Sure this is a stupid movie, but a 6.4 from IMDB and a 4.5 from Amazon Customer Reviews tends to disagree with it being such a terrible movie. I honestly never found it to be horrible.

    I watch a lot of the NC's reviews, I just didn't like this.
  • omegaslayer  - CD-I Zelda game much?
    I think my eyes exploded when I saw Felix threw that book at that robot. That is totally copying Link from that bad CD-I game he was in. Jesus, this movie really made the shit hit the fan.
  • Fancyarcher
    This movie came out long before the CDI game was made.
  • omegaslayer
    I know that, but what I saw first was CD-I game and then this.
  • Decepticonus
    It's like if the ppl from the crappy Sonic cartoon made Alice in Wonderland or something.
    I don't even think this woulda worked when Felix debuted, people woulda saw it and say...
    "this is one reason we need prohibition."

    And getting rid of your army? WTF, is this Neville Chamberlain or something. Then during the book she said the army was for ceremonial use, um bullshit!

    And why does the villian look like a gay version of Mysterio if he were a He-Man villian?
  • DarthNihilus
    I see this movie years ago, I actually don't remember it was that bad, but is a bad one, i alwas dislike the "let's join forces until this end" with your enemy, but it's a bad movie.

    Great review.
  • MechaDon1980
    I saw this movie when I was 13 or 13. Didn't think it was bad, but didn't thought it was good either. Great Review NC:)
  • BooRat
    same here but I as younger than 13 or "13"?!
  • Megaman Trigger
    Here's a thought: how exactly were the Duke's robots even a threat? They never showed any weaponry.
  • jordan1650
    Hurray! I loved that movie! 8) Now try Tentacolino. I hate that movie! XP
  • Fat Spy
    Never Watched or heard of Felix the Cat. Have I been blessed? :)
  • LikaLaruku
    His old stuff was the same as Mickey Mouse & Honey & Bosco.
  • Zoidzilla
    Holy shit, Honey and Bosco. I'd forgotten all about their cartoons until you mentioned them. Nickelodeon used to show them every once in a while on their Looney Tunes block when I was little.
  • Yeahwhatever
    Have you been blessed to not hear of Felix? Not really, no.

    The movie is terrible but the old cartoons and the mid 90's revival that came out after this were both VERY good.
  • chronosXD
    How could people not love this movie? I did as a kid
  • BooRat
    Me too!
  • NostalgiaTraitor
    Me to. I didn't like it that much when I saw it, but NC forced me to hate it so bad, I loved it.
  • Yohko86  - 8O
    No way! I was waiting for you to do this NC! I hardly remember the 1920s toons but the '90s one (Twisted Tales of Felix) has been stuck in my brain til this day; it's one of my favorite cartoons from that era. To be honest, this movie is OKAY but it doesn't really do it for me, mainly because I especially don't like the VA for Felix in it. Perhaps the only positive thing I can say about it is that it has much of the insanity of the '90s cartoon.
  • Yeahwhatever
    "it has much of the insanity of the '90s cartoon."

    But none of the coherency or good animation the 90's show had.

    The 90's cartoon was also, at least funny. This movie is just pure annoyance.
  • hdofu
    yeah with such great competition like Rock a doodle, Rover Dangerfield how can it compete.
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