The Tommyknockers

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  • Jackass Mask
    Someone's at my sec.
  • Taufiq91
    You know, since Marg Helgenberger is in this, she could have just called Gil & the rest of CSI to solve this.

    Other than that, great review Critic. Another smash on a bad King adaptation.
  • EpicFish  - ^
    That's what I thought too! We could have used one of Grissom's cheesy one-liners then have him add logic to the whole thing for it to make sense! Not to mention I laughed my ass off when I saw Traci Lords AND Robert Carradine were also in this. So a CSI woman, a porn star, and Lizzie McGuire's father...why wasn't this any better?

    Anyways, great review Doug! I honestly think it would be a nice change of pace if you did some positive reviews of classic horror movies. Or if you want to stick with the Stephen King movies, then positive reviews of the good movies!
  • Drain
    I honestly don't understand why people like Steven King at all. The books can't be any good if all the movies are a pile of nonsense. I think he just exploited a bad market, writing slightly better shit than all the other shit that was out there at the time. If people wrote stuff like his today for books/movies... well... I wish I could say it'd get flushed down the toilet... but yet things like Avatar and Twilight so praised by the public... so... ya. It just all proves that if enough money goes into it, it'll be gold regardless of how bad it is.
  • _JM
    So you haven't read any of his books and compare them to shit. Brilliant. Also, have you considered the possibility that MAYBE the movies based on King's books that NC reviews are not the best of them?

    "...all the movies are a pile of nonsense..."

    Sigh. Is Stand by Me nonsense? Misery? The Shinging? The Shawshank Redemption? The Green Mile? Carrie? You're absolutely clueless.
  • 13secondstomidnight
    To be fair there are a large chunk of his works that ARE really shit. The Stand in particular made me so goddamn angry and frustrated that I nearly pulled it to pieces. The only reason I didn't do it was because it cost me 20 fucking dollars... so I just sold it to a second hand book store to torture the next poor sucker to pick it up MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! !!!
  • Shin Gallon
    I'm a huge fan of his books, and I almost always hate the movies because they're basically never as good. Judging Stephen King's books based on the movies is like judging a video game based on the movie adaptation. The books are always, always better.
    Plus, Stephen King wrote The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile, so yeah...if you've never actually read one of the books, don't say anything.
  • lomawood
    I agree with you... Tommyknockers it's a good book, and this movie is horrible. I love Doug's reviews, but when he does a SK one, I always get mad at him =/ I would love if he did some research before making this videos.
  • fcabanski
    Why do you get mad at him over these reviews. The books are terrific. But pacing in a book is different from pacing in a movie. What works in a book doesn't work in a movie. A lot of these SK mini series movies are terrible.
  • Veran
    Read a couple of the books, they aren't half bad. Try one of the shorter ones - I find they are somewhat better.
    The adaptions are very faithful - but things don't really translate between mediums.
    For a genuinely good adaptation, I'd recommend "Maximum overdrive." It's by far the most fun adaptation of any King work to date, made by the man himself.
  • Laharl
    There was money going into Twilight? Are you suggeting someone actual put forth some sort of thought in making that film? You do have a valid point. I've never read any Stephen King books, my library doesn't have them, and every time I consider just buying one, NC makes a Stephen King episode, and I decide against it.
  • Devils-Bones
    SK's books are not anywhere near as bad as the movies. The big problem with it is that most of the things that make his writing scary don't translate well to movies. The shining was a legitimately frightening, entertaining read, but the movie was absolute shit. The Stand is one of my all time favorite books, yet the mini-series was crap. Not horrible! but nowhere near as good as the book. I have only seen one decent movie based of a SK book, and that was the Shawshank Redemption. Which probably worked well because it didn't focus on horror.
  • Azrael 13
    Time to break out the vodka
  • ladydiskette
    Tommy knockers
    Tommy knockers
    Knocking at my door...

    The first thing I said when I laid eyes on the titlecard.

    lol, as a old school fan of The X-Files I just loved that opening bit. Especially the part where he stumbles down the stairs and Charle Brown in his Halloween Ghost costume, I hope he reviews that next time.

    I recalled one time reading the story "The Tommyknockers" but I never really thought it was scary basically because of the fact I never really saw aliens as scary. Just wierd.

    Great review there Doug.
    As for the dolls in the police station maybe they use them for kids of abused homes or for them to hold when they have to questioned in some interrogation room to make it less scary.

    Or to kids of parents who are arrested.

    I find it helps in scenes like that to try and rationalize it that way.

    EDIT: 17:49-1808 Oh my god, I am just having flashbacks of this scene. I saw that part when I was a little kid without even realizing was the movie was at first or anything about it...just only caught a glimpse of this part with the evil dolls attacking her and I couldn't sleep in the same room as my barbie dolls for a week!

    THANKS Tommyknockers >:(
  • TheTannedOtaku
    This years Nostalgia-ween is off on a good start!
    Is that CS cameo as close as we're gonna see him this year?
  • UltraEd12
    Great Review as usual
  • coullahan22  - Curses
    Got here first but wasn't logged in.
    Never heard of this one, but glad to see the return of Nostalgia-ween
  • Cheshire Kitten
    Actually, this one doesn't look too bad in concept. Maybe the book's decent.
    Anyway, great review! That was very funny, and I can't wait for the rest of Nostalgiaween!
  • Whisky Tango Foxtrot
    It's not. Actually, judging by this review the miniseries made a lot more sense than the book did.
  • DangerousLoki
    I almost have to laugh at the notion of a Stephen King book being decent. That aside, this review was particularly funny to me as I had actually just brought Tommyknockers up a few days ago and stated the only thing I remembered about it was the Tommyknockers rhyme.
  • Shin Gallon
    Then you haven't read Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption (what the movie was based on), or Apt Pupil, or Hearts in Atlantis, or most anything else he's written. Seriously, don't judge the books based off of the movies, you're just making yourself look bad.
  • DangerousLoki
    You're right in that I haven't read many of his books. This has nothing to do with Stephen King movies. Because anyone who has ever read a book knows that the movies don't always match the content of the book. I can't stomach his writing based on, you know, his actual novels. I've never been able to finish a stephen king novel because the writing is simply nauseatingly and painfully bad. You may not agree and more power to you brother, but I can't find any novel by Stephenn King worth reading. Which is why I have to scoff when someone suggests any of his books are decent.
  • Nyar
    Well books are subjective. He is definitely not a good writer for you. I myself found his literature to be stylish and beautiful. I love his character creation, I always feel I know the people he creates... By the way which of his books have you tried to read? just out of curiosity.
  • DangerousLoki
    Everything is subjective, mon ami, and if you like his work, more the power to you. I know I personally love many things others consider crap. Nickleback, Jeff Dunham, and Andromeda to name a few. I can't remember the books of his I checked out off the top of my head, he has so many. The only one that stands out is Pet Semetary as it was one I picked up specifically because I liked the movie and figured I should be able to like the book. Suffice to say it didn't work out. Aside from that I can't tell you, they didn't leave an impression.

    I suppose to be fair I can't judge his work too harshly since I've never finished more than a few chapters and the story might develop later in the novel into something passable but getting there is just such a process. Let me pull up a list of stephen kings novels and see if any of the names jump out at me as familiar.

    Hrm. The Dark Half is another one that I glimpsed at. I mostly just picked up whichever King book happend to be in the library and challenged myself to try and read it. It's always been one of those things for me.. a hill I haven't climbed. I recognize most of the titles from movies, but none as books.
  • geekguy  - Stephen's books
    I've read pretty much ALL of Stephen's books. I don't know why you think they're bad, but I'll accept that you do as long as we keep in mind that it's YOUR opinion, not something based on actual fact. So who do you like to read and what exactly is wrong with Stephen's prose?

    Mind you, the producers almost NEVER get it right. The TV-movie of "The Shining" was heads and tails better than the big-budget feature film.
  • the_cake_is_a_spy  - Good Review
    Ummm, Haven't even seen it yet.
  • SpeedyEric
    Happy Nostalgia-Ween, everybody. What better way to start it off with another Stephen King mini-series?

    Whenever I start having bad movie parties, I should get a Stephen King Drinking Game Kit.

    3:37- This just shows why I keep most of my Star Wars memorabilia in my bedroom, and not in the workplace.

    Great job on the Cinema Snob cameo. It was as perfect.


    10:56- No wonder Dexter and Jimmy Neutron are so friggin’ smart.

    13:16- This is the first joke I ever heard of the 20th anniversary version of E.T. Nicely done, Doug. I don’t have a problem with that version, but it’s a nice change from the making fun of the Star Wars changes everyone on the site makes of them.

    14:26- If there is a list of worst fictional human character to ever be made, this @$$ will be #1, and be awarded the Golden Douchebag.

    17:08- Honestly, Doug. Just please stop. The prequel hate thing has to stop. I’m sorry if I’m trolling, but I have already heard enough.
    23:56- I forgive you.

    21:15- It’s reasons like this that show why I’m a Pepsi drinker instead of Coke.
    21:31- YEAH, BABY!!!

    I agree that this is a pretty fun mini-series to watch with a couple of buddies on a lazy night. Looking forward for more Nostalgia-Ween (with as little poking fun at Star Wars as possible).
  • DogPersonThing  - COKE
  • SlyDante
    Nah, don't worry, I don't think Stephen King hates Coke...Between this & Maximum Overdrive, I think he's just convinced that soda machines are generally evil all around.
  • BooRat
    You'd kill them with alcohal poisoning! MURDERER! Oh, I mean REDRUM!!! REDRUM!!!!

    8:38-Well I know now how I should've quit my job before!

    13:16-Well, in ET is was just the guns being changed was the only noticable part!

    14:26-He got off too easy he shoul've died more painfully!


    What's the next episode!
  • Buick Runner
    I agree with you SpeedyEric about the PT joke, it was just a cheap shot as was the Randy Newman joke. But other than those two little problems I thought the rest of the review was pretty good.

    Also all that good Coke in glass bottles going to waste, everyone knows glass bottled soda tastes better than can or plastic.
  • Goobian
    The main reason is the glass bottled Coke is made with cane sugar and not high fructose corn syrup. You can get it about a dollar a bottle at the grocery store. It is nicknamed Mexican coke and a good place to look is in the section of the store that sells Mexican food.
  • SpeedyEric  - @ Buick Runner and Goobian
    Thanks for backing me up, dude. People making fun at the Star Wars prequel trilogy is a big pet peeve of mine, because the entire Star Wars Saga counts as my #1 favorite film of all time. Also, Doug turning into Randy Newman sounds more like Homer Simpson.

    The MExican glass bottle Coke (from the words of Brad Jones) is like Coke's equivilant to Papsi Throwback.
  • Buick Runner
    Your welcome SpeedyEric, it's a pet peeve of mine too. Gooblan, there is US made glass Coke that still has HFCS, while Mexican glass Coke has real suger. I also seen Mexican Pepsi besides their US made Throwback.
  • SlyJustin
    You forgot to timestamp when the credits start again!!!
  • DogPersonThing  - YAY
  • marktg
    good job as always
  • kivzirrum
    I live in Maine, and trust me--all the minorities here WOULD fill up only three chairs. It's a sadly white-washed state.

    And this movie is worse than the book on which it's based. That's particularly astounding since the book is crap, too.
  • Lethe
    I've heard that we (Maine) are actually the whitest state in the entire nation. I do not know what to make of that statistic.
  • RetroFan88
    Moar Stephen King.
  • ThatKidWhoHasNoGlasses  - BEST PART OF TUESDAY...
    Nostalgia-Ween. The Best Part About October.
  • Kaizer712  - Monster in the closet
    Well at 9:02, I was just standing here, then the monster locked itself in the closet, asked myself why won't the monster just come out the closet, and nobody has no answers, and so I PULL OUT MY GUN! TELL ME WHY THE MONSTER IN THE CLOSET OR ELSE I'M GONNA SHOOT SOMEONE!
  • mlsterben
    Today I learned that goats have butts for brains. Thanks, Stephen King!
  • Roadking719
    VERY good review doug, good start to nostalgiaween!!!!!
  • MechaDon1980
    Good God on a Pogo stick!! I saw this movie once and it was stupid.
  • Jezzy54
    That wasn't a parakeet, that's an Australian sulfur-crested cockatoo. Also, if I knew where to get an owl, I probably would buy one.

    Anyway, good episode. A goofy Stephen King story is always good for a laugh. Although, I just realized the title "The Tommyknockers" is meaningless if the monsters are just old-school aliens, especially if "Tommyknockers" are only mentioned once near the end.
  • ladydiskette
    Is it even legal to keep owls as pets in Maine. Because I would imagine owls wouldn't make very good pets at all.
  • Jezzy54
    But owls are cool!
  • The Guide
    'sigh' y'know us Mainers are ashamed of the image Stephen King has made for us. Were not as screwed up as Stephen King would have you believe. This sort of thing only happens at least once a year, thats not that often.
  • bobynoxr
    I actually quite enjoy reading King's work, and it doesn't necessarily make me see Maine as being a weird place. I'd love to visit sometime and get a chance to see places like Castle Rock and Derry. Even if it was strange, I would fit in with the crowd.
  • jeffrey6283
    What's with the dark lighting for the shoot? Seems really out of place.
  • SwornShadow
    Great review as always Doug I look forward to the month of October it's gonna be great :)
  • lilsnarf
    LIPSTICK RAAAAAAYY!!! oh god shoot me
  • Lakiver
    This was one of the few Stephen King novels I didn't like. Can't imagine how it got green lit.
  • Draggonslayer26
    Now i remeber why i never finished watchign this movie, may isuggest the stand next?
  • FullofQuestions
    Nostalgia-Ween! And you've topped last-years sequence with a really awesome one.

    Oh, Stephen King! I would break out the liquor, but I'm thankfully underage. Otherwise, I'd be dead from the "Room" drinking game by now- take a shot for every pointless scene.

    And creepy dolls! I'm sorry, I have lots of dolls, and none of them are that strange-looking. And some of mine have teeth! How did those things ever get manufactured?! I have no clue, especially at eleven at night. Also, I could have sworn I saw a Kirsten American Girl doll there somewhere. Maybe it traveled back in time.

    But I ramble. Great review!
  • Miss Nightmare
    The review was pretty good and I enjoy the jokes placed through it,but I think they did mention a little about the Tommyknockers in the beginning of the film with the brothers and grandfather,then the nursery rhyme that opens the film.
  • Karutomaru
    Oh my god I have one of those Roger Rabbit dolls! He's one of my favorites!
  • Bunnyfriend
    Those are my dolls, by the way =)
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