James and the Giant Peach

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  • Calavera  - WOW FIRST COMMENT
    Wow I can't believe it I am the first comment. Woo hoo! Also a puked lunch in a PAIR tree?! Are you serious a PAIR tree!
  • Kamdan
    If NC had any real guts, he would have reviewed Matilda. This movie is WAY TOO EASY.
  • JMan2003
    Actually I remember Doug saying that he
    wasn't going to review Matilda as a Nostalgia Critic episode.
  • Kamdan
    It would have fit the format of the review he gave a lot better. The rhino explanation, amongst other things, were just way to easy to make fun of and I'm curious to know if people hold it in that high of regard, as he is letting it on to be as.
  • Blues
    The Rhino isn't some mystery. they show that the rhino is just a storm he got scared of and saw as a rhino(just like the clouds at the beginning).

    The movie might have flaws but its likeable. It used to be given a lot on the disney channel.
  • drumlip
    So, a cloud ate his parents?
  • ailenfromn  - no
    i remember the book. a rino escaped the zoo and trampled his parents
  • Dragon_Nexus
    No, it definitely quote "gobbled them up".
  • artsydude09
    I think Nostalgia Chick should review Matilda since well I saw it as a "girl's" movie.
  • blacktrojan3921
    He didn't say he wasn't going to review it, he really did but he angered alot of fans for even suggesting it that he backed down, which after the overblown Kado fiasco, is understandable, the fans on here can be a fickle bunch.
  • SickBritKid
    Doug received DEATH THREATS for suggesting a Matilda review.

    That ain't happening.
  • JunkWatcher
    That is true, but doesn't that make it the perfect candidate for this? I mean, he wanted to do a positive review of something that a lot of people seem to enjoy. When he said that, my immediate thought was Matilda.
    Don't get me wrong, I like that movie, but ever since he explained that he didn't, I wanted him to go in more detail about it.
  • buried_treasure_yay
    Hey SickBritKid, is that what really happened? Did Doug say that was the reason he's not doing it?

    I'd love to see a Matilda review, even though I've watched that movie twice recently and still enjoyed very much despite how it's kind of "choppy" with how events transpire. I don't care though, I love watching Doug bash things, even if I happen to like them. I mean, I'll still like Matilda, even if he bashes it.

    But I'm really curious if that's what really happened. If you can link me to where doug says this, I'd appreciate it too.
  • ladydiskette
    lol, NC trying to do a positive review is as funny as one of the positive reviewrs on this site doing a negative review XD
  • JackitK
    I don't remember if that's what really happen but I remember Doug saying in a video that the fact the fans of the movie really loved the movie and couldn't possibly think it was bad was the reason behind not doing a review of that movie.

    I think it was in his top 10/11 movies that everyone else likes but he hates video. Couldn't find the link to it... sorry.
  • LadyMima
    And all this time I thought people suggested movies they liked to see what NC would do with them...well, before I actually started watching Nostalgia Critic.
    But I can't believe how serious fans are over movies...I mean, the Nostalgia Critic is a CHARACTER. He's supposed to make fun of things. And for the movies that are actually good he does have positive things to say about in the end...so why get so upset over it?
  • drumlip
    It's the internet. Death threats are just people's way of saying hello.
  • BurnTheEnvelope
    "Death threats are just people's way of saying hello" should be a new Internet meme. Anyone want to alert 4chan? I ain't going there on THIS computer, that's for sure.
  • Mr. DJ
    death threats? what the fuck...
  • Dragon_Nexus
    I think NC isn't much of a Roald Dahl fan, tbh.
    the things he tends to point out as flaws are usually taken literally from the books. James and Matilda are actually pretty close to the books they came from, give or take the occasional change for story.

    Yet NC tends to point them out as giant problems rather than just going with it...that's just how the story was.
  • EP.Pixels
    Matilda is in his Top 10 Movies he Won't Do.
    The fact that this was so easy is what he wanted. He's trying to shut up the haters and keyboard warriors who hated his LP. Question: how is 3/5 stars "bombing"?
  • Loneheart
    Quick fix; it wasn't in his top 10 reviews he'll never do, it was in his top 10 movies everyone else loves that he hates.

    http:// thatguywiththeglasses.com /videolinks/ thatguywiththeglasses/ specials/29706-dougs-top- 10-movies-he-hates-but- everyones-else-loves
  • minnie3434
    True Matilda is easy, but it has many more followers than James and the Giant Peach
  • xApatheticOnex
    Worthless first comment is worthless.

    Hey, I liked that 'Bart's Nightmare' LP...
  • Kirinet
    I liked Bart's Nightmare LP, too! I laughed the whole time on NC's frustration.
    But it might be because I like LP's in general, I guess everyone else just liked the reviews.
  • QuestionTheMajority
    So did I. I also liked "Melvin: Brother of the Joker" and "Emo Jones." I don't know why people bash those videos so much. My only complaint on the Bart's Nightmare video was that he should have read the instruction manual. *laughs*

    On the other hand, Doug's sycophantic desire to make everyone happy all of the time was kind of irritating in this one. I wish he could just shrug off the bad videos and just keep going without having to apologize every time someone dislikes a video he's done.
  • Mr. Vermin
    in my opinion, I think he's being pretty sarcastic about the "trying to please people" since its obvious that you can't always please people. Its satirical since while he is saying the whole time he wants people to "like" him again, he is still tearing down the points that he found to be bullshit.

    maybe I'm wrong, but I kinda took it to show that he knows you can't always please people and that people give you a lot of shit when they don't agree with your opinion or something you do.
  • Lotus Prince
    Melvin was grating to the ear. Emo Jones was pretty much Chuck Norris jokes, except in an emo format. Bloodbeard Joe is nothing BUT Chuck Norris jokes.

    Bart's Nightmare was fun to watch for the gameplay, but hearing "SHIT! SHIT!" any time anything whatsoever came on the screen got old after a little while.
  • Pikerchu13  - How?
    I refuse to believe anyone other than blind fanboys liked that video.

    Anyway, Nostalgia Critic, I liked this movie review, it was actually pretty good, but that still doesn't change the terror that was that LP.
  • ladydiskette  - There is still hope......
    I know Pikerchu I know.....*hugs*

    Hopefully Roses next LP Shorty will bring peace to this war-torn land :(
  • Dwane
    I didn't mind it, and I'm no blind fanboy. Yeah, the angry exclamations got a little repetitive and the Z and paper hunting got a little long, but it wasn't THAT bad. It was better than 99.99% of what's on TV, and those shows waste a minimum of 30 minutes, so I still came out ahead watching it. The way some people here talk, you'd think he'd made A Serbian Film.
  • singitjohnny
    It's well established that Doug doesn't spellcheck.
  • Arppis
    GZ on that. I think it's awesome the removed the thumbs up and downs.
  • forsaken7089
    Well Doug while I can't blame your course of action, I think I I'd rather get shot than say good things about this movie. It's a disaster. Biggest problem: Nothing makes the slightest bit of damn sense. Nightmare before christmas actually had a plot and better characters. Comparing Nightmare to this movie isn't fair to Nightmare. I saw this movie when I was a kid and it confused the hell out of me by how stupid and un-followable it is. I quickly shoved it aside and went to other things.
  • Laxpolilla
    Dude, this movie is from the author who did Willy Wonka, and that's about a bunch of children who get murdered in a candy factory owned by a guy who gets free labor from orange midgets. It's not SUPPOSED to make sense.

    Not that it's wrong to dislike that general style of story telling, but it is indeed a style and you can't call that a fault. That's why I didn't understand most of this review. It's a movie that shouldn't be over thought.
  • doctortanksano  - fuck em
    u know what FUCK EM . im glad doug got to make fun of this movie if his obsessed fans cant get out of their wounderland then their better off dead....u know what (punches coords) DOSVADANIA BITCHES (Deploys tactical Nuke)
  • Bloodrealm  - In a pair tree.
    Maybe he meant a "pair" as in "balls", like this movie.

    Oh, screw off.
  • TheTannedOtaku  - Ahh...
    A review ending on a mutual note...kinda...
    Everything's gonna be okay

    p.s. I was always creeped out the movie
    and think Randy Newman improved (a little) for the Toy Story songs
  • remmy1234
    You may want to look up the word "mutual" before using it again.
  • Rockabore
    I never thought anything bad about Randy Newman, to be honest. I mean the Toy Story songs were actually pretty sweet and suited the movies. And I've always loved the songs Newman made for The Princess and the Frog, they were actually more memorable, catchy, and fitting for the setting and story than the lazy, generic ones Alan Menken had for Tangled.

    That said, yeah, the songs in James and the Giant Peach were pretty hit or miss with most being forgettable. The only one that I really remembered was "We're Family" because it was a really cute scene. But the "My name is James" one is very dull and bland in pretty much every regard, but it seems like it was adapted from actual lines from the book if I'm remembering right (I haven't read it since 4th grade, I might be wrong though).
  • honestiago
    Wait, "Tangled" was a musical? Hahaha damn, the songs must have been so bland that I completely forgot they even existed. Though at least that story had a crazy awesome horse police officer... and cue flashback to childhood dreams of owning an evil black unicorn that breathed fire and gored the innocent upon its horn. What, did you think I was going to say "a pony?" Why are you all looking at me like that? I'm not a crazy sociopath, you're a crazy sociopath! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go make out with my cardboard cutout of Darth Maul.
  • Zeraph
    musical may be kind of a stretch but i do recall at least... three songs in that movie XD Still enjoy the melodies from those songs more than Newmans work.

    I recall liking this movie only because of the stop motion bits and finally i know why! It's the same director from my favorite movie of all time XD Never even registered for me that jack skelligton was in this! Though... i saw this one when i was fairly young too if i recall correctly.
  • Saikkaria
    Union Station has become the Internet State Penitentiary? Sweet!
  • ladydiskette

    *gives him a care-package that includes some cigarettes for currency, a shiv, and some soap on a rope*
  • CR0D  - Jose Muino
    I'm gonna have a gigantic peachy peach for dinner tonite!

    Yeah. This movie blows.
    But your "Let's Play" wasn't all that bad.
  • MisterBernie
    Wow, I have only vague memories of watching this movie way back when (and even little!me was all grumpy about it being ba- not so good), but damn, I had completely repressed all song-related memories.

  • ladydiskette
    I think I only read the book when I was in fourth grade. But its funny because I really did kinda imagine in my head that it was a like a movie. A animated movie yes but a movie neverless.

    From the looks of it the animated "movie" in my head seems way better than the actual one they put out. I love this review. Seeing his fake "Please Don't kill me" happiness was just so hilarious, I love how he can poke fun at himself and some of the more critical reactions from his more crazier hardcore-its-sicking fans with thier "get stressed out because a video doesn't go thier way" kind of mentality. Maybe his LP wasn't the best, but at least he owes up to it with his usual brand of comical humor that he is best at. Great job Critic.

    Also I gotta ask, was the LP so bad that it ended with him getting "arrested" or did he think this up weeks after the LP video came out?
  • MakoVulpes  - I don't blame ya
    I was greatly confused by it too
    aunt spike looks alot like me step mom... behaves like her too...
    good job NC
  • FullofQuestions
    Do I want to know what you meant by "behaves like her too", Cinderella?
  • marmalloy
    I always enjoyed this movie as a kid (and actually enjoyed some of the songs), so I'm glad Nostalgia Critic recognized its creative innovation. But he also pointed out the flaws that for some reason I just accepted as a kid. Great work as always

    P.S. I actually enjoyed your "Let's Play" video
  • DemonKaizoku
    I was hoping you would add something, involving a response to the incident with Bart's Nightmare. You did not fail me. You also added Chester A. Bum into it, which made it funnier.

    I wouldn't worry much, Doug. Yes, while I enjoyed the Let's Play (for only your torment of it, that is XD), you've done too much as a movie reviewer for all of your fans to hate you. We all like to add some twists, by trying different things. That's how it all starts out, for any online gig one does; if people like or hate something you do.

    Either way, I still think you're hilariously awesome, Nostalgia Critic.
    Now, work-work-work-WORK-WORK on what reviews you have to do, next.
  • joojoo26
    ya i love you doug :) you ''lets play was ok i found no falt in it.
  • Tsumefan  - lol
    this was actually pretty funny considering you were 'kissing up' to your viewers...
    i remember this movie so well and i used to have nightmares of the pirates....
    anywayz awesome review as always N.C.!
    keep up the awesome work :)
  • SammEater
    I always though that the random things that happen in this movie were awesome, actually... okay the rhino thing is kinda stupid (even as a kid I knew that), but the movie is pretty good in its own way, its like a dream. :D

    Also Jack Skellington as a captain of a ghost ship was kinda funny (hmm Captain... Jack...).

    And the "Rhino song" was brilliant, and its actually funny that this music is more catchy than the actual songs in this movie. :P

    Anyway, awesome review Critic, and I still love this movie. XD
  • Images  - Annoyingly but true...
    I weirdly liked your Bart's nightmare romp greatly as I think it was the only way of showing how unforgiving and bizarre an experience it was. This however I think missed the mark. I think there were a lot more references than jokes really. Sorry NC. Still a regular watcher though.
  • Captain Siberia
    But Critic, we don't want to see you praise films that don't deserve it! We want to see you tear films apart!

    You spelled "pear" wrong.

    Your superb Randy Newman impression will live forever!!!

    While you were playing your fiddle, I was storing up food for the winter!

    Can't we hear that great song about rhinos one more time?
  • chuckbeatz  - Ummm....
    Yea...umm....no. I thought that the worst video you did was My Pet Monster. Not that you did poorly but the movie was so bad, so appalling, even you had a hard time making it funny.

    But Lets Play was funny.

    So was this.

    I think fans just hate DIFFERENT.
  • fanime1  - What really happened...
    Actually, I think what happened was that some hard core LPers (hah, I made up a word) made a video making fun of the LP. Someone told me about it and I watched it. To me, it seemed like the guys didn't even know watch Nostalgia Critic and therefore didn't know his style of humor. So they were belittling him out ignorance and, I think, jealousy. Unfortunately, the video became pretty big and that's how NC's LP got so hated.
  • nuetrol  - What really really happened...
    Um...no. There was a lot of negative reaction to his LP well before it got RP'd. And I doubt anyone here needed someone else to decide their opinion for them.

    Besides, the LP WASN'T his usual brilliant style of humor-that's what was wrong with it. The worst part is that he could make a great LP if he put the same sort of effort into it that he does into his normal videos. Oh well, at least he made an epic recovery with this video.
  • trlkly
    If you put effort into your let's plays, you're doing them wrong. The whole point of a let's play is that you feel like you are playing along with the person. They are commenting on the game while showing it to you. That's why it's called a "Let's Play." If you aren't making it up as you go, you're just watching someone reading from a Script while showing a video of themselves playing.

    Oh, and as I said last time, he didn't do anything differently other than play the Nostalgia Critic doing a Let's Play. Yes, it took less effort. That was the point. As he told you if you were paying attention, he was really, really busy.

    As I said, people complained because it wasn't what he normally does. That's all.
  • nuetrol
    You're describing what's known as a "Live Commentary" LP. Which is ONE way of doing an LP. By far the most common way you'll see these days, due to how much easier they are to make-though most people who make them lack the improv skills it takes to really pull it off.

    But there are also scripted LPs. In fact, these were actually around BEFORE live commentary. And the extra effort it takes to make them usually makes these miles more entertaining than most live commentaries are.

    And yes, I understand that Doug was very busy. I think it probably would have been better for him to just skip having a video last week rather than making a filler one. Does he honestly think we'll kill him if he ever misses a week? I really think he's being too hard on himself.

    For the record, I don't mind him trying new things. In fact, I wish he did it more often. Heck, I didn't even think Melvin was IRREDEEMABLY bad (though with a bad intro, it probably was a better idea to just scrap it).
  • JackitK
    Not true. Sure being natural and true to yourself is a big part of Let's Play, at least the way I see it, but that doesn't mean you can't put effort into it. I love it when people actually put some extra effort into their editing.

    A lot of my favorite Let's Players have put editing work into their videos especially through graphics to help viewers see where their suppose to go.

    Besides a scripted Let's Play would of worked because the Nostalgia Critic is a scripted character and not necessary Doug being Doug. (Sorry if you didn't realize the Nostalgia Critic is a character).

    If he added some of the stuff he did in his reviews into the Let's Play it would of made the LP that much better. Heck, I'm not even a popular LPer and I used to add in skits into my videos when appropriate.
  • TheLaughingFish
    It's really about the editing and about putting your own personality into it. Being an LPer is really a type of performance art as I see it - it's you, being yourself, but also putting yourself front and center. People watch LPs because they want to see you play the game, and because they want to see what the game is like. Editing in audio/visual jokes, hints, graphics, and other material not only solidifies jokes, it also helps clarify things. And editing, in the case of videos with heavy desynch, makes the videos cleaner, more watchable, more polished. They just feel finished, and that's why editing is important. The more an LPer puts in, the more I get out of it as a viewer, and the more I put in as an LPer, the prouder I feel about the finished product.
  • TheLaughingFish
    I'm an LPer (not a popular one, but I am one), and I'd like to say that the way you described it is only one way of doing LPs. There are people who do co-commentary LPs, people who do challenge LPs, people who do them blind, people who do it scripted, people who do it unscripted, people who do it as post-commentary... There's reasons for doing those LPs the way they're done. LPs can take *just* as much effort as a commentary Internet show can, sometimes even more. It all depends how formal/informal you're making it, how much detail you go into, whether or not you are going off the cuff or are trying to do a skit, whether or not you're doing co-commentary or in-jokes or running gags. Editing? Can take hours for a single batch of Videos, and that's not even counting the lag, the desynch, the connecting with fellow commentators (if doing co-commentary), etc. It's an endeavor and a commitment, and it's clearly not something that everyone can do. I admittedly haven't watched Doug's LP yet, but I plan to, if just to see what all the hype/hate was about. I think that with his sense of humor, if he seriously put the effort into it that he does with his videos, then he'd do really well as an LPer. I don't think that's where he fits best personally, but if he were seriously into doing LPs and just LPs, and he delivered the same quality of jokes and personality that he puts into his NC videos, then I'd totally watch them.
  • Bonds  - Hello.
    I liked your last video and I enjoyed this one as well! :)
  • PlannetteX  - Awww....
    If it makes you feel any better, I thought your Let's Play was so awful it was hilarious. :(
  • trlkly
    Yes! You get it! The Nostalgia Critic is a Daffy Duck character. He's supposed to be bad at games. And it's supposed to piss him off.
  • amybayme  - 3
    When I first saw this I was like NOOOOO!
    Then I watched the video and realized this movie wasn't as good as I thought.

    Honestly! They explain nothing! I forgot how horrible the songs were. When I was a kid that stupid love song/'we're family' used to get stuck in my head.

    I would be writing a math test and "LOOOOVE! is the sweetest thing, LOOOOVE! Does exactly what it wants to do" Would be repeating OVER AND OVER! Worst! I think it was on a sing-a-long I had too, and I would always fast-forward it.
  • TheLaughingFish
    You think you're taking a math test, but NO! All you're thinking is, "Duck Tales! WHOO-OOO!"

    That "Loooove is the sweetest thing" song seriously does belong on the top 11 catchiest songs list though. It is so damn ear-wormy that I haven't seen this film in almost a decade now, and I still catch it running through my head like an unkillable, freakish cheetah. It's just ridiculous how long that ear-worm has been in my head. You hear it once, it's already too damn late. Hell, I get reminded of it every time I watch this review, and for weeks afterwards, it just *does not freaking die*.
  • 2-B-Animated
    Great review! :D Its been ages since I saw that movie. And I always wondered why Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas was cosplaying Captain Jack Sparrow, now I know :) And I didn't think your lets play was that bad, so don't take it so hard, your human, you mess up. It's kinda unavoidable for us. An I can't wait for the next one :)
  • SoldierHawk  - Um, but Critic...
    ...The peach song wasn't Randy Newman's lyrics. It's actually in the book. Dahl (as you know from reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) has a penchant for adding songs to his books. The peach song was one of them.

    Not a real issue, just sayin'.
  • TheLaughingFish
    The Oompa-Loompa songs in the Burton adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (which, as a fan of the original novel, I actually thought was superior in a few ways to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - please don't shoot me! I still love Gene Wilder as Wonka and "Pure Imagination", I swear!) are present in the Dahl book as well. You know the ones. I actually don't care for the Oompa-Loompa numbers from the classic Willy Wonka film because I find them obnoxious. They just don't seem as clever or unique as the ones from the book, which really discussed each child much more fully.

    And Hollywood? Still waiting on that Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator movie. You can make it any time you want, it's been several years since the Burton version and several decades since the Wilder version... so, any time now... any time...
  • Cimerax  - Quick nitpick of the film...
    Centipedes eat spiders, so they're not usually scared of them.
  • CellSeam
    Granted I didn't think your let's play was all that great because I usually dont like any lets plays, though yours was at least funny, though I prefer your reviews, but did people really give you that much crap about it? Well I wouldn't know if your being sarcastic about it, I usually dont read EVERY comment on all of your videos. anyway, sry if people were that oddly opposed to it.

    I was iffy at first, because I like james in the giant peach, but at the same time, I agree with a lot of your points, it is sometimes clumsy and the music isnt that great. I liked it more as a kid than now, its a great kid fantasy movie about kids taking down REALLY evil (if overly campy) villains. (the same reason why people like matilda) I guess I never questioned the weird stuff, I just enjoyed it.

    Anyway, I liked how you handled it, you admit its not for you, and you mention the good stuff, and even though I like the movie (at this point though its more like 'appreciate'), I agree with a lot of your points. With this, I wouldn't mind if you tackled matilda unless you really cant find anything redeemable about it.
  • trlkly
    They gave him so much crap that I wound up getting a lot of comments deleted defending him.
  • archiveit
    One of your funniest reviews in a while, thanks largely to the jokes about sucking up to the audience. Sometimes it pays to mes up.
  • SpeedyEric
    I had little to no problems with your Let’s Play next week. I understand that you were trying something a little different. But hey, at least it’s not a sequel to Melvin, the Brother of The Joker.
    1:28- I still stand by my opinion.

    I have little liking to “James and the Giant Peach,” because:
    A. I don’t like peaches,
    B. I first saw this on a day when I became sick, and
    C. This film isn’t as smart and imaginative as “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

    4:19- Clouds, nature’s GPS. =D

    5:04- The same thing came to mind. Can’t they just say that his parents were shot to death in Crime Alley right in front of him?

    6:31- The hag on the left looks like the female version of Skeletor from the Masters of the Universe movie.

    8:02- I actually like Randy Newman’s work in the Toy Story trilogy.

    11:22- Don’t forget the brain-scratching fact that the they are all fully clothed.

    14:31- You forgot to mention that James befriended the spider before the whole peach growing Megazord size thing.

    17:03- Also, where the flying frack did the grasshopper get the violin.

    18:53- I feel the exact same thing about the rhino. It has nothing to do with the story, it’s as pointless and every Kardashian show ever made, and he bares a resemblance of Rhinox from Beast Wars in beast mode.

    18:59- …After DRIVING NONSTOP all the way from Europe.

    There are some reasons why I haven’t watch this movie from start to finish for over a decade, and everything said in this review shows why.
  • executor
    Really, I hope there is no "Let's Play" 'next week'! ;-)

    Because: This review -> the reason why you rock!

    The "Let's Play" was crap, but by acknowledging that and also poking fun at it while combining it with this review was just great.

    And in the back of my head for a moment I thought that not only this review makes the "Let's Play" worth it, but further that in preparation to this video you made the "Let's Play" extra crappy so that his here will funtion all the better. Heh, but maby that's just me. Great work!
  • Shanethewolf
    I totally agree! At least he accepts when things don't work out instead of taking a pompous attitude.

    Great review this week, back to classic NC!
  • SpeedyEric  - re: executor
    That was a typo. I ment to write LAST week.
  • SlyJustin  - forgot something
    You forgot to add in the exact moment in time the credits start, or timestamp when he blinks, and when a word is being said.

    tsk tsk, don't worry with some practice you'll learn to timestamp EVERYTHING in the video soon enough so people can know what time everything happened for the video they just watched. Hang in there!
  • Landon
    Am i the only one who actually kinda enjoyed the Bart's Nightmare video last week? it wasn't that bad...

    and then there's this movie, which i still have mixed feelings about...
  • Beatle9  - Good Review
    I loved the book when I was little and still kind of like the movie now but you made some good points that I also had in mind. Like the rhino, even when I was five and saw this movie I was like "What!?" And the songs are pretty forgettable. But you have to admit not all of Newman's songs are terrible, you did place "Friends on the Other Side" on your Top 11 Villain Songs.

    Also about Bart's Nightmare...I didn't think the let's play was that bad. I mean it's not as funny as your other videos but it's understandable because it was your first Let's Play, so there's room for improvement. To the people who hated the Let's play if you want to see a real terrible Let's Play you might recall that piece of shit InvalidNickname and his Megaman 9 Review/Let's Play.
  • resnica
    I loved this movie as a kid. XD
  • coolcatkim22  - Wait wait wait
    People thought the let's play wasn't funny?

    That was one of the more hilarious let's plays I've ever seen. What the hell is wrong with it?
    I have watch a bunch of let's plays and very few of them were as funny as that. In fact let's plays are rarely ever funny but that one one them that was.
    I just don't understand, I am so confused.
  • DarkHat
    From what I saw the overall response to his LP was positive. I think this was just an excuse for him to be even funnier in a review of a movie that's got some really bad points and some good points.
  • trlkly
    The first page was okay. The second was bad. After that, it deteriorated rapidly.
  • JackitK
    It did get some pretty big hate outside this website though. Some random guys did a whole "review" of his Let's Play...then again I doubt those guys are too credible considering how much of a jerk they were to people commenting on that review. :/
  • Yeahwhatever
    They were trolls.

    And all the people bitching about his LP, acting over-serious about it, like it was some personal slight against them and everything they believed in, while screaming "NOOOO" over-dramatically to the sky, and cursing Doug and screaming "HOW DARE HE NOT DO A MOVIE I HAET DIS!!!" like rabid dogs, and crying themselves to sleep over missing several minutes of their life, all because Doug dared to do something different for one week were ALL brain-dead, moronic trolls. No exceptions. Every single damned one of them.

    Doug Walker can quite honestly do whatever the fuck he wants, and if people don't like it, well then, too damned bad. They should have just shut up, took what they were fed, or ignored it and realized that next time he would go back to the familiar for them again, and not have wasted their time sounding like such worthless, crybaby, reactionary douchebags over it.

    The sheer hatred over that video was absolutely uncalled for, disrespectful, whiny, over-dramatic, pathetic, trolly, half-witted, self-entitled and stupid. And so was every whiner that whined about it.

    Doug owes no apology to anyone. This shit's free. And no one, at any point, had any right to complain. Not for one second. True fact.
  • Peeved
    Congratulations, that is the most sycophantic horseshit I've read in so long that it actually got me to register just to butt heads with you.

    Retsupurae go a little overboard with their riffing at times, but their coverage of Doug's LP was largely genuine irritation at its inanity. In-character and/or intended as ironic representation of the LP community or not, it was pretty awful to watch. I don't think they particularly gave a shit about it not being a movie (although I wouldn't be surprised to hear there were others upset over that, but that's not the issue at hand).

    I appreciate the NC stuff for analyzing old things I've watched and introducing me to new-old things, but his shtick simply does not hold up under its own weight. A 25-minute video of stuttering and cursing at a crappy SNES game while offering no real insight whatsoever is not good filmmaking, and we have every right, and even responsibility, to criticize it. Not "I". Not "they". You, AND me, AND everyone, should be analyzing the content of what we choose to patronize. If you just sit through stuff you hate, congratulations, you are very bored. If you ignore it outright, the only feedback the producer gets is from the fanboys. Congratulations, now there is a FRED Movie.

    It's free, you say? Tough shit! If you're producing this content online as your JOB, and selling DVDs of it -- and even if you weren't -- you should be open to criticism. You should be aware when something you've produced is of such awful quality that it stirs the Internet beehive. Now the difficulty is just in sorting through the vitriol to get to the constructive criticism.

    Doug didn't necessarily owe anyone an apology, but acknowledgement of the blunder is all well and good. Now he's done another video, it's on a movie I once saw, we're pretty much back to status quo, and I am okay with this.

    True fact.
  • MRCAB  - well said
  • thatboywithnoglasses
    I agree with you. And actually, I thought the Let's Play was funny. It was really hilarious seeing how worried he was getting, like, "Okay, here we go--no, s**t! s**t! No!"
  • TheLaughingFish
    That is called a Retsupurae, and it was done by a group of LPers from the SomethingAwful forums. They make fun of everyone, and it's usually not meant to be mean, it's just meant to troll/nitpick/critique/ etc. the LP. It's like NC for Let's Plays, basically. Which is why it's so damn funny that everyone got all worked up about the LP of Bart's Nightmare.
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