Let's Play Bart's Nightmare

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  • puelof  - dog
  • ladydiskette
    Bart NO!
    Don't kill your Uncle Barney! D:

    Even if he is a sloveningly boozehound!

    lol, this was funny, I love LPs (I even just came back from watching PUR's newest one) you did die alot Doug but considering this was your first LP its not that bad. I just cracked up at all the comments you made and the screaming spazzy nerdrage, hilarious.

    Great job. :)
  • 71TheRoman  - Yes, cat indeed.
    As for my opinion of this video, I'll let this link speak for me:

    http:// blip.tv/slowbeef/ retsupurae-vs-the- nostalgia-critic-5535142

    And with that, I'm out.
  • Tashofthefuture
    Wow, way to just shamelessly plug your shitty commentary on the video. Fail
  • fanime1
    I watched your link. I agree it has some good points, but it is obvious to me that they are making fun of NC more than giving the video a serious review. They are just trying to find faults with the video and not really watching it. Also, they didn't really research NC before their video, so they don't really know what NC really does. I still enjoyed this video and don't think it's nearly as bad as they say it is.
  • executor  - @the resupurae-video:
    I saw that video now and I have to say that there are some things said that are just true. Too maney high-pitched-screaming- is-funny-jokes (not only in this video) and in this video, possibly everything comes out as pretty dull, annoying and just plain lame.

    Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut, these two jackasses comment all the way that "this is just a bad act". Well, that's your opinion and I also don't like this let's play, but many other videos in various levels. And yeah, he plays an act, sometimes better, sometimes worse, but he play, he's creative and week for week (mostly) he's digging out funny movies to review.
    These asseholes don't act, they are just assholes with way too personal "gags" that are not borderline insulting to just Doug, but also just plain offensive to everyone.

    Bottom line: Yes, Dougs comedy sometimes gets pretty repetative and this "Let's Play" is very, very lame, but he has done so much more and is just way above these two fuckbrains who maybe have a point here and there, but dumb a boatload off assholishness all over themselvs, Doug and every listener of their mean spirited vids.

    So much for that and I hope we see a movie review next week. ;-)
  • Double_D
    Those guys are reviewing a review. Do you realize how sad that is?
  • Magmarock  - Video
    That video was 37 minuets of two idiots talking about how much they hate the critic yet watched an entire video. Here's an idea if you don't like it don't watch it :P
  • Bittergamer1886
    It's pretty much a fact that guy in the video is a butthurt AVGN fan.
  • markwritesmusic
    Look, I'm all for Doug branching out. I'm a NC fan through and through, but this was a fucking pain to watch, and anyone saying otherwise is lying. The Retsupurae was absolutely fucking right. Doug relies a little too heavily on high-pitched stutter cursing in this video.

    And to people bagging on retsupurae... Again, these two (slowbeef and diabetus) are the originators of Let's Play. It was originally meant to be a group effort, the "let's" part meaning there was audience participation. Kids these days on YouTube (see; DeceasedCrab) think it means recording themselves playing video games while just talking about shit at random. Let's Play is SUPPOSED to be like director's commentary, where the player is skilled at said game, and can provide information on the bosses/minigames/etc. in order to help less skilled players through the game. There's nothing wrong with witty and hilarious commentary (again, slowbeef and diabetus have Let's Playing mastered (see diabetus' Metroid Fusion LP)), but you can't carry the entire fucking video on it. Let's play has been absolutely bastardized at this point, hence why they created Retsupurae (think Engrish here, people). In order to poke fun at "Let's Players" who are fucking terrible. Seriously, just look them up on YouTube. There are some people who don't even bother with HALF of the quality that Doug has. Take THIS video for example; http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=g9MUU8mbjTw

    So yeah, don't rag on retsupurae. They're 100% correct in talking shit on Doug for this Let's Play. And as Doug said, he tried something different, and it's obviously not for him. So he's moving on with the movie reviews.

    Frankly, everyone just needs to get the fuck over it.
  • Krendall

    I'm not sure they would agree that an LP is meant to help other players. If they did, I don't think they would get so angry at HCBailly's "narrated walkthrough" style of LP'ing.

    I'd also like to know how pre-recorded audio and video leads itself to "audience participation." Just like a person watching a DVD commentary of a show doesn't really get any input in the making of show, just insight.

    Anyway, they're right in how Doug's attempt at LP'ing just doesn't work. My problem, as I've said in another post, is them spending nearly doubling the length of the video talking about how NC is some sort of horrible person for what he does in any of his videos and any of his fans are "wrong" for liking it.

    And for the record, DeceasedCrab is plenty informative in his videos, he just says a lot of oddball stuff in between the information. If you don't like it, no one's forcing you to watch it. Same as this video, here.
  • Krendall  - Saw It

    I'm generally a fan of Retsu Purae, but the one thing that bugs me about them, especially the two "main" guys Slowbeef and Diabetus, is they completely rip apart something simply for not being their style of humor. In particular, they HATE so-called "large hams," especially when the hamminess is clearly staged. Their usual argument is they feel little to no thought needs to be put into it.

    Now, I have no problem with them not liking it. As it is, let's plays don't really fit Doug's style. He's a lot funnier when he can edit the source to make his jokes rather than him trying to comment on what happens as the source video (game, movie, whatever) plays out. However, what really bothers me is these two claiming people are "wrong" for enjoying this style of humor. Who the hell do they think they are to decide what type of humor is right or wrong?

    Slowbeef may have invented video LP's, but he sure as hell didn't invent humor.
  • ailenfromn  - it
    this has nothing to do with the review i need help. i finished steven kings it and im lost. i am fine with the turtle and chud, but this is my confusion. how does beverly fucking them make them forget the clown please respond
  • aquafox
    I don't think that that's what makes them forget, but rather it's a way that they will always be bonded to one another even though they've forgotten. I guess 6 dudes all putting their dongs in one cooch bonds them together for life. I thought it was a great book though.
  • mknote
    Dudes, did you...

    Did you guys just put down retsupurae?! Do you realize how popular and respected they are in the Let's Play community? They're basically the Nostalgia Critic of Let's Players! You don't put down retsupurae; it's verboten. I mean, for gods sake, one of them (Slowbeef) INVENTED video Let's Plays; he was literally the first person on the internet to do it.
  • Magmarock  - I liked this lets play
    No I did not realize how popular they are but I don't really see how that matters. I don't form my opinions based on other peoples points of view. I used to when I was a teenager, but as an adult I form my own. I tried watching one of their lets plays and I didn't really like it. I haven't watched a lot of lets plays, but from what I've seen they’re not anything special. I saw a lets play of the original Prince of Persia that I thought was really good and here’s a link :P http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=ROJjz6QVLtc
  • Orcryst  - Fuck Retsuprae's Mother
    By minute 3, I'm thinking, "we get it, there's a URL at the bottom of the screen and you don't like it. Yeah. He's complimenting the game every now and then. So what? Oh, comparing a reviewer to Chris Bores again. I've never heard anyone do THAT, before." Being the "Nostalgia Critic of the community of Let's Plays" is more grounds for insult than respect, because I've seen that "community".

    So what if Slowbeef was the first person to do it? That just makes him more of a hypocrite for scoffing at people who "don't do it right", because Let's Play is literally turning the game on and saying things while you play. These two inept individuals are just as guilty of that at which they're bitching.
  • Krendall

    The thing is, since Slowbeef inventing LP's, he basically feels it's his job to be some sort of "quality analyst," and if he doesn't agree with that video style then it doesn't deserve to even exist.

    You know, the usual haughtiness that Internet people tend to develop.
  • Mizu Takishima
    lol just finished watching this XD That was great!

    I love your commentaries but it was hilarious to watch you rage xD
  • Guru Larry
    You should check out some of the other video game, erm, videos on Blistered Thumbs!
  • TWK
    I agree. Also, Reviewtopia.net is another great place for videos.
  • TriplicateGirl
    It is good to see the Doug kinda branching out and trying something new.
  • Twelve
  • leafybean
    Awesome! This game frustrated me so much in my youth.

    Also: [Anything] > [Commentaries]
  • Semudara
    Gotta disagree with you there, friend.
  • normantweeter
    Sadly the Simpsons have only one really good game to their name - the awesome 4 player arcade game.
  • Psychkemia
    Actually, Hit and Run was another great Simpsons game. I still have that game.
  • KouTheMad
    the simpsons game on the 360 and PS3 are actually pretty fun (as well as being a game that is parodying video games in general)
    despite being released at the time of the movie, it actually has nothing to do with it.........kind of strange to be honest.
  • Guru Larry
    I'd say "The Simpsons Game" EA released in 2008 was pretty good, Especially the 360/PS3 version. Simpsons: Road Rage was pretty good (mainly as it's a total rip off of Crazy Taxi to the point Sega sued them) but Hit & Run was a watered down GTA, wasn't too fond of that. Though I liked Virtual Springfield on PC, "Escape from Camp Deadly" on the Gameboy was also not too bad.

    Gotta say though, there's a lot of hate towards "Bart Vs. The Space Mutants". and to be honest, it's actually a pretty good game. People just take that out of context by comparing it to modern games when it's really old skool rock hard 80's gaming (same with the first NES TMNT) and modern gamers are pussies who bawwl if a game doesn't have a rechargeable health bar & save states :D.

    But the arcade game is by far the best, shame Konami didn't have the home console rights to The Simpsons at the time (though it appeared on Commodore 64 and DOS).
  • GaussRiemann
    I'm anything but a "modern gamer", but I also don't like "Bart vs. the Space Mutants", and for me it's below average compared to other games of its time.

    Do you have any idea, Larry, why on earth they chose to port this game only to DOS and the C64? I like both systems, but I think both them were suitable platforms at time for a port of a 90s arcade game.
  • Guru Larry
    Main reason is Konami only had the home computer rights to The Simpsons, Acclaim had the console & handheld rights at the time.

    Rumour also has it that there was an Amiga version in development, but was canned.

    I've no idea why Acclaim didn't license the arcade game from Konami though, it would have been a sure fire hit, but educated guess is Konami normally insist on developing console games in-house and wanted too much control and/or money.

    Also Konami didn't get on with American publishers/developers at the time either (in fact they still are very (ahem) "patriotic" to some extent), though they did license a bunch of their games to UK publishers, but they couldn't care less about Europe back then. So that did lead to some shocking and hilarious results as you'll see in my upcoming Games Yanks Can't Wank ^_-
  • GaussRiemann
    I'm curious about that. Are there episodes like with the one with the German translation of Secret of Mana? The story goes that Square did not send the original text to Europe, but did a (ahem) rough translation into English, and sent this to the chief editor of the German Nintendo Power magazine, who did a German translation based on the English version (he did not speak Japanese, by the way). To keep matters interesting, they didn't bother to give him instructions which line actually belonged to which scene in the game, he had to find this out by himself.
  • BoylandtheLiberator  - What about simpson's wrestling
    You forgot about simpson wrestling, which i owned and was terrible worse thsan this actually
  • NickonAquaMagna
    Actually, I think Hit n' Run is probably the best Simpsons game of all. The humor's great, the music and voice acting is tons of fun, the story's pretty creative and well paced, the atmosphere and style of the simpsons is captured almost flawlessly (the only perceivable flaw being that it isn't cell shaded, but even then it looks great) it's tons of fun to explore springfield and see all sorts of locales from the show, and there's a lot of variety in the vehicles you get to use. Then again, I have so little interest in GTA that I'd rather just play a parody of it like Hit n' Run. The EA game released in 2008 was okay, but felt more like a collection of mini games to me than anything else. The platforming was pretty good, but not amazing.
  • Divide By Zero
    "Sadly the Simpsons have only one really good game to their name - the awesome 4 player arcade game"

    Could not disagree more. I LOVED Bart's Nightmare as a kid. Yes it's amazingly hard to finish, but it's a challenge, something a lot of games these days sorely lack. The sense of achievement when you get your first passing grade is all the sweeter for the game's difficulty. I'd play it again any day.

    NC, you suck at this game, but you win at comedy. Fun video, and thanks for reminding me of this game. Must go see if I can dig it up. =D
  • IggyBlack
    looks interesting, although im still waiting for a demolition man review, but a man can dream.
  • CellSeam
    hey i still like the show.

    funny but i prefer the movie reviews
  • MartialTT  - Awesome
    No matter what you do, you always make me laugh XDD
    Every single episode of Nostalgia Critic and ofcourse Ask ThatGuy, HILARIOUS ^_^ If I want to watch something funny, I watch either you or Conan O'Brien. Keep up the awesome work ../^_^../ And yeah, I have seen every episode of NC several times. Oh, and one more thing, just a reminder for you to get you crazy---> BAT CREDIT CARD! ^^
  • SpeedyEric
    Man, we all know how crappy “Bart vs. the Space Mutants” and “Bart vs. the World” is, but I can already imagine that “Virtual Bart: probably sucks as much as Virtual Boy.

    7:19- Yeah, it DOES seem like “The Nightmare before Christmas.” …O_O WAIT! Nightmare! I just got it! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    11:10- o_O Is Bart jerking off behind that tree?

    13:10- Wow. Evil clones of Kirby the vacuum from “Brave Little Toaster,” and they don’t take $h!t.

    15:35- Sounds like Doug’s turning into John from TheRoomMovie.com.

    1647- I saw it, I own it, and it IS like that.

    23:38- Uh, game. It’s not Godzilla who climbed the Empire State Building back in 1933, and the American Godzilla came to New York long after SNES games were made.

    24:00- Hey, it’s MOMthra. HAHAHAHAHA!!! …God, I need a girlfriend.

    25:17- Well, at least this game wasn’t “The Garbage Pail Kids Movie.”
  • BlueJayofEvil
    "23:38- Uh, game. It’s not Godzilla who climbed the Empire State Building back in 1933, and the American Godzilla came to New York long after SNES games were made."

    Since Doug didn't get to the top, and I've played this game and gotten there, you fight King Homer (the Simpsons King Kong knock-off) who is guarding a homework paper.
    Sadly, I never figured out how to beat him (this was years ago since my last play,) but Doug may have helped me out with his hint about climbing the pipes.
  • Divide By Zero
    From long ago mists of memory, I believe you beat him using that buzzing that that Doug didn't know what to do with (I think when he tries to punch you). He then falls off and you get the paper.
  • RPGaholic
    "23:38- Uh, game. It’s not Godzilla who climbed the Empire State Building back in 1933, and the American Godzilla came to New York long after SNES games were made."

    Clearly, you missed the fact it's a reference to Rampage, the classic game where you had an ape, a lizard, and a werewolf climbing buildings.
  • sneeson
    Best. Let's Play. Ever.
    I laughed my ass off.
  • DrZulu2010
    Oh my god! I think I didn't laughed as much as this. Also, to normantweeter, there is other good simpsons game besides the arcade one, like the one by EA who came up with the movie and Hit and Run (these are the only one I thought the much).
  • Annie-Mae
    I would've liked to play more simpsons games...Ah this review is more like a commentary of a play...Bit of an riff. Well I've heard about this one and there is no reason to be that angry...maybe you shouldn't play video games.

    You sound like Wheatly from Portal 2 at times...
  • Mel_Mndz
    hahahahahaha oh my god I LOVED this game!!!
    Is so hard!!! XDD you know it's such a frustating game!!! but it has some really nostalgic value!!! I remember as a kid trying really hard to win all the levels and they we're just IMPOSSIBLE!! ahhaha as the matter of fact I think i'll play some right now!!! XDD
  • FullofQuestions
    I'm so used to the Let's Plays done by Roses that I'm somehow surprised to hear this much swearing in an NC video.

    13:27 Well, I nearly had an asthma attack when trying to clean a vacuum filter.
  • mknote
    A Nostalgia Critic Let's Play?

    Mind = blown.
  • Sk8shark  - RRRRAAAAGGGEEE QUIT!!!!
    lol, Now THAT was a Rage Quit of EPIC proportions!
  • Nitrinoxus
    Schadenfreude, Critic. THAT'S why people like watching you review video games.

    I think the Super Nintendo games were designed to be infuriatingly hard, since there was no replay value after you beat them the first time.
  • Moreno X
    I enjoyed this video. I was the funniest I ever watch. I remember playing this game on my computer and, no matter how many times I tried to beat it (seriously, I collected two pages and I couldn't get far to finish it, it was so boring - like this review itself? Nah! :P) it was furious for me to ever want to play it again.

    I grew up with the Simpsons but I remember playing all the time of a Simpsons game was the arcade one where you play one of the Simpsons to save Maggie from Mr. Smitters and Mr. Burns - that game was fun man!

    Anyway, take a good break and see on your next review!
  • TheCros316  - EPIC!
    Haha, the random Marge dragonfly swinging around and knocking you off the tower towards the end was the point of absolute rage. Awesome video as always Doug.
  • SharkFinSoup
    Bravo Critic! This was hilarious! It's nice to see you do something different every now and again.

    In my opinion, the best Simpsons game ever made was The Simpsons: Hit & Run. Now that was a good game.
  • Cheshire Kitten
    Ahahaha that was hilarious. And I agree with you - dreams should have more guns. :D
  • TheDued92
    Lets watch a good review
  • Azrael 13
    Wow, that game sucks. Funny to watch though
  • Chochip  - Roses
    Where was PushingUpRoses to help you? She would've been fun.....
  • Emilie Bennett  - LOL
    This was hilarious! It kind of reminds me of the Beavis and Butt-Head SNES game, which is easier than Bart's Nightmare, but 3/4 of the bosses are quite difficult.

    Also, my birthday's coming up on the 15th, so next week, by any chance, can you review "Big Bully"? That was a horrible movie. If not, do a review of it soon? Next week, the week after, whenever?
  • strummer
    Bart's mother is Mothra..
  • Leon Real
    I think it's Momthra, actually.
  • Ally-Gator
    Momthra? Darn! I've been calling her ButterMarge!
    Well, she's still a nightmare to fight in this game, I never managed to finish that level because of her.
    With a lot of practice, this game can be passed. Don't know why anyone would want that.
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