Duck Tales

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  • CR0D
    Holy duckshit, Batman!
    This show Was very entertaining!
    Too bad I grew up and never caught the end.
  • LordKaizer
    i love duck tales and it's good it still holds up today but you watched cowboy cows? (or whatever it calls)
  • malayangkaluluwa
    I think you mean Wild West C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa, C.O.W. meaning "Code of the West." (Looked it up on Wikipedia to make sure.) I remember that show, mostly from bootlegged Saturday morning cartoons that wandered here in the Philippines. It was cool for what it was. I didn't even realize that it was ripped off from the Ninja Turtles.
  • BooRat
    It was a pretty good show I liked the animation in it!
  • Chase357  - Off Topic
    A little off topic, but didn't the Nostalgia Critic review that horrible Richard Pryor movie "The Toy"?
    Where's NC's review? I can't find it anymore?
  • SmartyMax
    No, I guess he didn't.
    Someday, he will, I guess...
  • Onthatpowder
    Never saw that one.....I'd love to if it does exist!!! :-D
  • Axel Wolf
    Well actually several shows were imitated from the success that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was bringing at the time, being Battletoads, Cheetahmen, Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa, Stone Protectors, Street Sharks, Extreme Dinosaurs, and Biker Mice from Mars for which only C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa, Street Sharks and Biker Mice from Mars were the most well known for the shows and characters and Battletoads for the really hard as hell video game.
    I mean, I liked C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa from watching whatever episodes I could see on Youtube. I mean, there was worst cartoons out at the time that just is a insult to kids everywhere like how majority of cartoons are these days.
  • BooRat
    I watch nearly all of those series you listed and liked most of them!
  • Axel Wolf
    Same here but there is a lot of others who hate them just because they suppose to be ripoffs/lame imitators of the more popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles during the early 1990s though the companies that made those shows only used the formula that was used in TMNT which for like C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa, it was created by comic book artist Ryan Brown, known for his work on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Like I said, I liked Moo Mesa but it got canceled after Disney bought ABC television thus a lot of cartoons Disney ran got canceled and got put on Toon Disney until Toon Disney was replaced by Disney XD.
  • Chessie
    A cheetahmen show?
    I had no idea!
    That must've been wildly bad considering the game it was based on!
  • ladydiskette
    He should do Darkwing Duck next for "Raiders of the Lost Story Arc." That was a awesome show!

    As a kid I always thought "Ducktales" was kinda silly, but its strange, now that I look at it again, I see it wasn't half bad. It could have been worse than some of the other Disney Adapted Animated Series they had at the time. lol, and I love that "sabbitical" responce regarding Hewey, Dewey, and Lewie's parents.

    I take it "sabbitical" is code word for "Mmmm, those roast ducks were tasty." XD
  • ailenfromn
    omg i loved darkwing duck when i was growing up i watched that all the time but i only got up to when his arch enemy thru him out of a building to sertain death but in the next one shows he fell in a garbage truck and still alive. he should have made a reference that arnold movie with that impossible code what was it end of days were the critic said 9 plus 9 plus 9 equels 21
  • ailenfromn
    i just remembered a show i would watch aswell it was called talespin. ever herd of it with the bear from the jungle book
    The zombie, shark, and tiger were in later episodes ... Donald Duck was in the navy quite a few times in the 40's ... Donald never appeared as a nazi, that cartoon was a ANTI - NAZI psa ....
  • xApatheticOnex
    I can't believe it's taken so long to cover this classic show. I'm glad you finally got around to it! ^_^
  • ailenfromn
    take pitty on me i watched this show and liked it when i was young. all i remember of the plot is they try to find treasure before scruges relitive. im going to nitpick the theme song video. tell me this how is scruge still alive after diving head first in solid gold coins
  • Jackass Mask
    Wow, major nostalgia here. Let's face it, Duck Tales is one of the best things from childhood. I can watch just about any episode and be entertained. This show was pure GOLD!

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to be singing that familiar theme song that is now stuck in my head.

    Sing if you know the words:

    Comet raised a mesa to the western skies. With the sound of a thousand cattle drives. A chosen few would see the light and fight the wrong with right.

    Up on the mesa!

    High above the clouds there's a world apart from all the rest.

    On Moo Mesa!

    Live the real cowboys standing up for law and order and livin' by the code of the west.

    Cleanin' up the territory. Keepin' evil on its toes. Takes a different breed of riding, roping, brave heroes.

    On moo mesa!

    Live the real cowboys. Standin' up for law and order and livin' by the code of the west.

    On Moo mesa!
  • BooRat
    I salute you sir!
  • KingGramJohnson  - GOOOOOOLD!
    I loved Duck Tales growing up! It was an awesome show. And I don't know about anyone else, but "duckpajamas" is my new favorite swear word!
  • neytari
    HAPPY! Loved this show as a kid!
  • TheTannedOtaku  - Gotta love the splash image
    you really do have the best crotch shot

    This show really was awesome...
    and now Duck Tits are back in my head >.
  • j3ebrules  - Haven't even watched it yet
    But I did take note that Doug is getting us a little more friendly with his tighty-whities by way of introduction.

    Then again, the ducks never wore pants, so it will be THAT kind of review anyway.
  • NadiaZeta
    Damn the Song T_T It's your fault, I remembered that song. T_T Duck Tales wooo
  • MechaDon1980
    Great review critic. Love the show.
  • SlyDante
    Nothing much more to say except that this was a kickass episode, & that I'm surprised at Chester's ability to remember Cowboys of Moo Mesa...Which if even HE didn't like, must be a bad sign. =P
  • DarkMessiah
    Haha.. This whole review is full of "I see what you did there" moments. :P

    Duck Tales was awesome.. Oh, Launchpad. You should be on more Disney cartoons.

    By the way, don't worry - Mr. Skin may be contacting you soon enough to use that crotch shot.
  • ailenfromn
    launchpad was also in darkwing duck i believe
  • SpeedyEric
    Alright, more “Duck Tales!” Wooo-hooo!!!!! It’s been a really long time since I last watched an episode of this show when it was still on the Disney stations, and I had a lot of fun watching this look-back.

    Daffy was a Nazi? …Well, Hitler DID make an appearance in a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

    4:25- At least this villain is 2-D unlike Terl who is 3-D but acts 2-D.

    6:50- Mr. President, eat your heart out. =)

    I never heard of “Cowboys of Moo Mesa“ before. Is it any good, or at least fun to watch?

    Duck Pajamas? …I hear an internet meme.

    13:51- In the words of Obscurus Lupa, “Sweet Jesus (face palm).”

    17:41- FRAUDS!!! I KNEW IT!

    I’ve been meaning to ask this for a while, but I wonder if it’s possible for you to make a Raiders of the Story Arc on the first 3 episodes on the original Transformers series titles “More Than Meets the Eye,” but by using as little live-action film jokes as possible.
  • BooRat
    Moo Mesa was pretty ok I liked it, but if you'd like to kow watch it on youtube watch?v=I3ch4XJoHaM here's season 1 episode 1.1
    But I sujjest the episodes with the ghost more as those were my faves!
  • SpeedyEric
    Thanks for the recommendation, BooRat. ;)
  • BooRat
    you're welcome!
  • Axel Wolf
    Well, both Disney and Warner Bros. made that one mistake right before and during World War II of having some of their characters supporting Hitler which is why a lot of people label Walt Disney as a anti-Semite to this day than anyone from Warner Bros.

    C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa was not that bad of a show, though it was Disney's version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. However, in the 2003 remake of TMNT, in the story arc of "Fast Forward", there was one episode where the turtles are stuck in a simulator in the C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa world and fought with the main heroes from that show to defeat the controlled towns people: watch?v=RH7CggwBFxI There was even comics of the Turtles and the characters from Moo Mesa working together in both their worlds.

    I wouldn't mind seeing a Raiders of the Story Arc of the original Transformers anime that came out from the 80s but with those three Transformers live-action movies out, it is very, very hard to keep from using the live-action film jokes left and right.
  • BooRat
    I thought he already did review transformers once!?
  • Axel Wolf
    He only did the three live action movies. His first review was about the first movie, the second movie was reviewed in 2009 and the third was reviewed a few weeks ago. He never saw the animated movie that came out in the 1980s but he can do it in the future.
  • SpeedyEric
    He mentioned the Generation 1 series in both his top 11 nostalgic theme songs list and his top 11 nostalgic animated shows list.
  • illustral
    Huh. I never saw the first four episodes. At least the rest of the series wasn't nearly as... hokey.
  • supah-ninjah-puppeh
    The review was pretty good. I loved the Team Nchick cameo!
  • buried_treasure_yay
    Pretty good? I'd say this was by far the best NC episode I've ever seen. I can't even think of a single negative thing in it and I don't think I've laughed so hard before due to an online show.
  • DarkBee
    As JewWario would say: And now it's stuck in your head.

    I have downloaded the series, but it'll take a while before I'm gonna watch it. Can't wait!
    It will be strange to hear the English voices: Scrooge never had an accent in the Dutch version.
  • G-MAN Critic
    ...those mental midgets!

    Hey, we perfer the term "mental little people".

    HEY! The critic did a Little Apple joke from Annoying Orange!

    And nice cameo from the Bum XD

    If tuning forks really are that powerful, I'll need to find one right away! o_O
  • Ally-Gator
    "If tuning forks really are that powerful, I'll need to find one right away! o_O"

    If tuning forks really are that powerful, does that mean that all singers are terrorists?

    Does that in turn mean that autotune is just the government's way of fighting WMD's?

    Does THAT mean Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber actually special agents to campaign peace?

    So...Friday is actually a brainwashing device that will stop the younger generations taking advantage of weapons?

  • FullofQuestions
    I didn't have cable when I was little, so I never watched this show. Looks like I missed out big time!

    And this song is so catchy that even though I heard it for the first time in the "Top 11 Catchiest Theme Songs", it gets stuck in my head periodically. Although, being a PBS kid, I really have to say that the "Zoom" theme song was ridiculously catchy too. And "F-A-Double N-Double E D-Double O-L-Double E" (also from "Zoom") also constantly gets stuck in my head.

    What can I say, great review! It really made me wish that I had this to look back on from my childhood; it really does look fantastic.

    I loved the "rheumatism" throwback as well as the Nella/Elisa cameo.

    And am I the only one who thought of "Chocolate Fever" when I heard the words "Gold Fever"? "Chocolate Fever" was a term from a movie that I saw way back when and can't remember the name of.

    For the second time, great review; I love this segment in the show.
  • RavenStromdans
    I believe "Chocolate Fever" was a book that was turned into a made for TV movie in the 80's.
  • pinky75910
    Is on DVD, go check it out, you won't be disappointed.
  • Laharl
    I never saw this show as a kid, I honestly didn't get into Disney until I was in Junior High.
  • thenikkumanchan
    For shame, Critic! You had ample opportunity for many "Goldmember" inserts and you didn't take. What the what?

    Oh, and give a girl fair warning before flashing your junk or your tightie whities.
  • Morgoth Bauglir
    Make your own jokes, you lazy bastard!
  • trlkly
    Oh No! The Nostalgia Critic lost his name. This video is not by anyone!
  • Yeahwhatever
    Sure it is.

    The video is obviously credited to "Duck Tales".

    So logic therefore dictates that the entire contents of this video are owned, created, written, and edited by Mr. Duck Tales.

    Case solved.
  • TodReynard43
    I used to watch this show all the time! You should do a review of 'Talespin' or 'Darkwing Duck' next! They all go pretty hand-in-hand!
  • rudy023
    I can still get that theme song stuck in my head so easily!
  • FlyinyourSoup  - damn you, Howard
    For me, the theme song will forever go

    "Duck tits, woo-oo!"
  • 80sGuy  - Great Review
    That was hilarious, Doug!

    I guess the thing with the tuning fork that the writers were implying that it was vibrating at the resonate frequency of the earth.

    Rheumatism joke was hilarious, I saw it coming, so I said it along with you during the video.
  • EP.Pixels
    Woo~oo! I'm suprised the whole video wasn't just the theme on a loop
  • TheBlackMage
    A gold bat credit card?!

    Someone also needed to say "TUNING FORKS DON'T WORK THAT WAY!!!"
  • Maphisto40  - Wow
    I watched this show every single day after school like clockwork, yet over time, all I was left with was a fuzzy feeling of vague happiness when I thought back on it (and the song, which I will never forget until my dying day).

    Watching this video really brought home how much I adored this show, and why. It was just so damned good! I now want to get all the episodes and introduce my 9 year old son to this awesomeness. D:
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