Suburban Knights Part 7

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  • Kevin Servo
    This was EPIC! Granted I kinda saw Ma-Ti's ring being a pivotal plot point but it's nice that he went out Spaak style.
  • AndrewDeLong
    We will miss you Ma-Ti. You sacrifice was not in vain!
  • KingGramJohnson
    True that! He will never be forgotten.
  • 1dkv
    Yes the ending was very funny and nice.....
    We'll get you another Ma-Ti......
  • ailenfromn
    he will pobubly be back next anneversity for the ecronamican.
  • AndrewDeLong
    avatar mean "Necronomicon" right?
  • ladydiskette
    Excellent bittersweet, but that is how I love endings. And its a great twist to the whole "everyone lives happily ever after" fantasy storybook ending. Neverless I will miss Ma-Ti, but at least he found true friends in Channel Awesome (than what he had in the so-called Planeteers) who actually cared for him even when they didn't admit it.

    Excellent job.

    lol, Oh Critic, do you really want Chester A Bum having in his posession the Necronomicon? XD
  • Xatike
    I'm surprised that with everyone talking about the ending, no one mentioned how many AMAZING faces that Doug made! Seriously, that was one animated face! Those eyebrows...perfect.

    But really, this was phenomenal, guys. I love this site so much. Beyond words. Never have I seen such unity and light-heartedness. Heart? :C Ma-ti...
  • benzaie  - ENDING CREDIT ART
    http:// polymorphicgirl.deviantar Knights-216334683

    HERE !
  • violinisthamel
    Thanks Benzaie!! :D

    Also, great ending!! I think everyone did an excellent job and really... Didn't think Linkara had such a voice o.o We'll miss Ma-Ti but he will always be there in our hearts!
  • Vismutti
    Thanks! Doug totally forgot that from the credits...
  • Gamer_Ely
    ed glaser didnt make it in again? :/
  • benzaie
    he did camera work !
  • AndrewDeLong
    Wait, Ed does camera work? I thought only Doug and Rob did the camera stuff on the specials. I mean, I knew Ed was a decent editor, but camera too....huh, go figure.

    I learn something new all the time on this site.

    Thanks Benzaie.
  • Dark Crow I  - FTW
    I do not see how they will be able to top this for the year four anniversary
  • TheYetti
    Haha Thats exactly what I said after Kickassia.
  • TheBrigeedaRocks
    @Dark Crow - TGWTG Year 4: THE SEARCH FOR MA-TI


    Was anyone else chanting "HEART" with the video? Because I totally was. Not gonna lie.

    This was a pretty damn good anniversary video series, I think I'll be rewatching it all in the days to come!
  • KiraJ202  - You're not alone.
    I was totally chanting Heart, and Ma-Ti. And the idea for "The Search for Ma-Ti"? Brilliant!
  • mumbls  - ditto
    I waited until last night to watch the whole thing, then I chanted Heart as well, even going so far as to say, "Suck my bigfatfuckING HEART!"

    That's one of my favorite lines from the Brawl
  • SkullCap

    I left my Heart in Quaker Oat Meal....

    I'm all for it.

    I'd like to see the villains of TGWTG band together or have the Necronomicon unleash the darkest fears of their hearts.

    Linkara (Mechakara)
    Spoony (Dr. Insano or Black Lantern Spoony)
    Doug (Teddy Ruxpin)
    Lindsey (Dark Nella)
    Brad (Green Beans?)
    Angry Joe (Corporate Commander)
    Marzgurl (that witch she plays sometimes)
    Nash (Absorbaloth from Dr.Who's "Love and Monsters")

    Can someone help me out here I'm having trouble remembering which one's have villains in their series.

  • ThatSwissGuy
    Chester A. Bum's search for the Necronomicon, of course. Maybe he'll finally get some CHANGE!
  • hsin
    i kinda guessed from the start that ma- ti would save the day.
  • ladydiskette  - do my ears decieve me?
    ........or are we to be expecting supernatural horrors event mixed with a zombie apocalypse for the next year anniversary? ;)

    Because THAT would be awesomesauce!
    *begs* Please let me be your scriptwriter! *____*
  • Jedi Ali  - Hail all geeks
    It has been a while since i enjoyed a movie. Suberban Knights was truly a work of geeks. I was moved by the end and laughed throughout the whole movie, totally loving it.

    SUBURBAN KNIGHTS part 2. Make it so number one.
  • Mikeman2000
    Just finished my marathon up to this literally 30 seconds ago. So excited!
  • Jackass Mask

    So next year will be something awesome like...

    Anniversary IV: The Resurection of Ma-Ti...and Possibly "Some" Deadites.

    Fun for everyone!

    Also loved the character art in the credits. Needs to get me some of that.
  • ladydiskette
    17:20-Oh wow, it looks like Doug got sunburned pretty good out there. From one fair skinned person to another may I suggest a soak in a tub of oatmeal, not the breakfast kind, but they have some special kind at any stores that work with sunburns and redness.
  • YoSafBridge
    Yeah, Doug, just take a long soak in Ma-Ti's ashes.

    Oh. You say NOT the breakfast kind? Way to ruin the easy way out...
  • Rurik
    Or perhaps Black Lantern Ma-Ti, personally I think that would work better, the whole ripping people's hearts out to feast on their emotions makes for a more epic contrast to Ma-Ti's power of heart, and as a plus side, thanks to Spoony the Black Lanterns are already part of the Reviewerverse.
  • mumbls  - Well...
    The black Lantern Spoony was re-integrated with the clone Spoony after killing Spencer D. Bum and the clone asked Linkara to beam them up somewhere while in the "Shatner Hug of Togetherness" therefore leaving only Spoony, Insano, and Spencers rotting Corpse in the back yard.

    Spoony figured that this might happen, so that's why they had Todd cremate him. However, I am unfamiliar with the Black Lantern continuity, so they night just figure out another way to bring him back during the Critic's run.
  • veddabredda
    http:// tgwtgandcmfanclub.deviant d3ksswr
    That's the link to the character art on deviantART. You're welcome!

    I loved this!
  • SlyDante
    If we're lucky, I'd say Ma-Ti could be back by Christmas, assuming we get a potential gift from Santa Christ. =P
  • YoSafBridge
    I second this. Just as Search for Spock resurrected our beloved Vulcan, so shall Anniversary 4 resurrect our sweet Ma-Ti.

    Hopefully with less Christopher Lloyd and more zombies though.

    I will accept a douchey son of the Nostalgia Critic being introduced and promptly killed.
  • mumbls  - OOH, OOH!
    I would like to audition for that role, and hope for a Naked Zombie Sean Connery.
  • YourFearIsReal  - Great Job Channel Awesome!!!!
    A stellar ending to already a great special!!! Definitely getting the autographed photo.
  • mknote
    And so it ends!

    The Star Trek II homage was incredible. A great nod to my favorite franchise of all time. Complete with matching outfit by Linkara!

    An awesome showing, . Bravo. May next year be just as memorable.
  • SpeedyEric
    I was wondering if Cloak #1 was The Last Angry Geek.

    2:44- 0_0…Ouch.

    Poor Nella.

    I had a feeling that Ma-Ti would be able to kick ass at the end of all this, but I didn’t think it would be THIS much.

    May the power of heart be with you. Ma-Ti. Always. Seriously, I found this really, really sad. I’m still shaken up. But damnit, he died fighting.

    Happy 3rd Anniversary, .
  • aduro75
    who new @@@@ would beat @@@@
    it is epic
  • chanson301
    it wont play for me NOOOOOOO!!
  • jurf-rokstar
    The ending was predictable but I'm cool with it.
  • Vismutti  - Spolers
    Predictable? :O Did you really predict that Ma-Ti was going to die? Because I saw him being the one to win Malecite but I never would have guessed they'd actually kill him off.
  • jurf-rokstar
    I half way thought he would be killed off. But I fully knew that Ma-Ti would be the one to fight him.
  • Minion of Yahtzee  - I callled it
    SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS I knew it, I knew that Ma-ti would be the wild card at the end. And now to bring the little guy back. I smell a sequel. Great third year TGWTG, and hopefully and even better fourth.
  • shadaw_the_rampage
    Oh I love the ending to this!

    I wonder if we'll ever see the quest to revive him.

  • Catasplurge
    I must say this was pretty epic. I mean there was funny stuff, awesome stuff, Suede, and then weird ending. It was pretty cool and I can't wait for what other stuff you have in store.
  • YoSafBridge
    I'm glad Suede wasn't covered with "awesome stuff"

    The reappearance of Suede is a category unto its own.
  • the german fan
    I love the power glove.
    It's so bad.
  • Lossthief
    So that was a pretty awesome ending. I loved the song on the end credits, and it's fitting Ma-Ti gets a good send off after the shit he's had to deal with.
  • Drex
    Ending was great, but they could've cut this by 10-15 minutes, made it a six-parter. The middle sections seemed padded.
  • Mikeman2000
    That was great! I actually cried at the end. That means this was a great movie in my book. But it's pretty obvious it's awesome, so... Full un-edited release anytime?
  • DarkMessiah
    Definitely an awesome ending. iPhones aren't technology - they're a way of life!

    Also.. when I die, I want it to be known that I'll be buried in a box of Pop Tarts. In memory of Ma-Ti.
  • Twelve

    Seriously, whoever played the bad guy in the hat was AMAZING.
  • TheKidAtHeart
    His name is Orlando, and he has appeared for Doug once before, as an Angel in his "Nostalgia Critic Christmas Special" back in December. He's pretty badass in that too, which is probably why Doug brought him back for Suburban Knights.

    On a side note, great job you guys! Epic series! Ma-Ti will be least, until he gets ressurected :P
  • BlufftonSWK11
    That was awesome! You guys have really done an awesome job with this anniversary! I can't wait for next year's and all of the awesomeness you all bring.
  • Illitranslation
    Shouldn't going around the world, multiple times, that quickly have reversed time or something?
  • willhundley  - i am working on a book of the dead
    me and a friend are right now building a book of the dead using old furby parts to give it a face i am a film minor at Randolph Macon College and could not only make a living book robot puppet thing but i would be happy to help you in the revival of Mi-te story arc

    Please email me with a response in the next week or so
  • The Muffup Reviewer
    You're making the book of the dead (The Necronomicon)? Kickass! Be awesome to use for a 2nd Suburban Knights movie.^^
  • AoriRyuujin  - Channel Awesome??

    All in all great job guys, your hoard work was shown and it paid off :)

    P.S. Lindsay is very very attractive :D tell her I said HI!!
  • YoSafBridge
    "Hey, Lindsay, some guy in the comments says hi!"

    I can see it now...

    I second your assessment though. She's an attractive girl. Hell, they're all attractive girls.
  • mumbls
    I third it. Lindsay, MarzGurl, Lupa, Kat, Goggles. They are all Beautiful.
  • NotTGWTG
    ZOMG I swear I think Ma-Ti should ge his own show hes HILARIOUS
  • rageofkyubii  - But...
    ...he's dead. T-T
  • Led-Ninja  - Wow.
    I am ....I don't know what I am.

    I loved every last minute of this event...pure and simple.

    Thank you so much for another year of the site. You deserve every success, you guys earned 'em!!

  • Darkcloud1111
    That was a sad ending, but it was still a good ending overall. Ma-ti (from Captain Planet) saved us all
  • Animae
    This was ........EPIC! I love the wizard refrence and star trek refrences but why Chester help even for a car
  • Scrapperton
    I'd make a reference using Chester A. Bum about this is the greatest movie I've ever seen in my life but I think that's a given.

    Amazing job, guys. =]

    Poor Ma-Ti...
  • HankMan  - WoW
    Totally did not see THAT coming!

    Seriously NO WAY i could have predicted how much fun this episode, and this series would be!

    Thanks guys
    P.S. Ironic that the website won't let me make a heart emoticon :(
  • Rennod Shinjuku  - :)
    Wonderful work. I wonder what you guys will think up for next year's anniversary?
  • Darkcloud1111  - Duh
    Weren't you watching, they are going to go find the Necronomicon to bring Ma-ti (from Captain Planet) back.
  • Ctu
    Beats my idea. thought they should have built a genesis device and used it on a lifeless world, but I guess they use to much star trek with their quotes to use that for their next anniversary :P
  • eatmoretoast47
    I refreshed 6000 times waiting for Part 7 to appear. Now I've seen it and it was EPIC.
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