Suburban Knights Part 6

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  • ailenfromn  - huh
    wait what happened to his fushege and why is his cratch blind his enemies.when i saw the all knowing ball of light i thout of zelda so i was half expecting it to start annoyingling chanting hey listin over and over
  • Morgoth Bauglir
    1: What?
    2: Because he's fucking Jareth!
    3: Sorry if your expectations were ruined, friend. LOL
  • Fallen Rose  - because
    because shut up. (yay references!)
  • diazepam
    You mean his fushigi? I'm sure he has it somewhere. His crotch is just more powerful.
    Look up The Church of Areaology.
  • kittypryde12
    1. His Fushigi? It left to go get a smoothie.
    2. Because it feels like it.
    Hope that cleared things up.
  • ladydiskette  - Sweet Damn! :D
    Seeing all those guys battle with swords, now I know how men feel when they watch a catfight. *fans self* *____*

    And I nearly choked on my root beer squeeing with laughter when I saw Jareth!JewWario epically unzip his...yeah, no one can withstand the might of David Bowie's crotch! Jaffer's Minions found out the hard way XD

    Also I loved watching Suede fight with that katana sword, I never even realized the holder for it (I apoligize I know there is a proper Japanese name for it but don't recall what it is at the moment) can be used as a defense mechanism unlike the medivel swords. Very interesting :) I just can't get enough how skillfully he welds it.
  • sordcooper
    never underestimate the power of men swinging phallic objects at each other... or just men flashing their actual phallus! also im not sure what the Japanese term is but in English at least its a sheath
  • B.Shimazaki  - sheath
    I think the word you are looking for is saya.
  • beans8604
    Never underestimate the power of the magic pants. Also I agree with your first statement ::swoon::
  • shadyh8er  - The word your looking for... either "sheath," or "scabbard."
  • 1dkv  - "Go Suck On A Lollipop"
    Man that fight at the end was really epic, I can't wait to see the final!

    Also AVGN as the Voice of the Ancient World was just awesome!
  • deathscythe06
    I wasn't sure if it was AVGN. Sometimes,it made me wonder. Great cameo AVGN! Keep up the good work guy! I can't wait for the last part.
  • DaBird  - James Rolfe!!!
    The voice of ancient world is James Rolfe!!!(?) Im 95% sure. Has anyone else noticed and shares my opinion? (Please dont answer me with a 'what are you a dumbass?')
  • TheChadster789
    I accidentally scroll down just a bit and I'm blasted with this spoiler before I even hit play. Shame on you man, this would have been awesome to not know about going in. >:|
  • der_ketzer
    shame on you for reading comments before watching. What did you expect to happen?
  • dennett316
    The comments are for discussing what happened in the's a pity you "accidentally" scrolled down so far, but really it's your own damn fault. We can't legislate for every other person on the net's stupidity.
  • Ctu
    What was great and unexpected, but still is not really the best part :D
  • hsin
    yeah it was and jason aka lordkat was crum, wasnt he? and lupa when you fire a machinegun dont hold the magasine cause that will hurt.
  • DarkBee

    Let's see:

    - the house was owned by Elisa
    - she had Ask that guy in the basement
    - the AVGN was the voice
    - and we got LordKat as Crom

    Can't wait for the final showdown with Malachite!
  • Gamer_Ely
    ive been wondering when he would show up, i started grinning instantly haha. spoony's team is constantly stealing the show
  • Holidayruin
    YEA! Part 6! This is almost, not really the end!
  • mknote
    And now to see how part 6 plays out...

    Okay, that was awesome. The whole freaking thing was awesome.
  • SNES guy
    Wooo cant wait for the conclusion
  • YourFearIsReal
    Epic battle!! Now I wanna see who wins the fight between the reviewers and Malachite!!!!
  • wjcrawford1  - HELL YEAH!!!
    This series is AWESOME!!!! And I love the little cameo of the voice for the voice of the ancient world.
  • SpeedyEric
    I knew that AskThatGuy would make a cameo, but I didn't think it would be on his own set. Also, it's nice to see that he got a new pipe.

    I was wondering if James Rolfe would make a appearence, even while he's busey with the AVGN movie.

    Somehow, I had a feeling in 11:02 that Jaffers replaced the gauntlet with a Powerglove.

    13:32- I took The Nostalgia Critic 2 years to make a fitting and epic pre-battle speech.

    17:53- Great. Now I'm in the mood to get "Harry and the Hendersons" on DVD, and it's a childhood favorite.

    20:24- No kidding, and she's one of my internet buddies.

    One more to go, guys. Just one more to go.
  • Divide By Zero
    "I knew that AskThatGuy would make a cameo, but I didn't think it would be on his own set."

    I find it disturbing that he apparently lives downstairs from The Makeover Fairy. That seems like a suitably horrifying combination.
  • SpeedyEric
    I hate to see what their kids would look like.
  • Ally-Gator
    Someone gave him the pipe at a panel. Oddly enough it's the exact same one...that's one dedicated fan. I wonder what other things he's hiding in that bar.

    The second I saw the gauntlet on the trailer, I knew there would be a powerglove joke somewhere. It was awesome, because we love the's so bad.

    Can't wait for the ending either, I sense an epic encounter afoot. See you there!
  • BlufftonSWK11
    Epicness! The battle was awesome! Cameo by James and Askthatguy was awesome. And I love those illustrations. I cannot wait for the final part. It's going to be just awesome!
  • JurassicParkFan123
    Well i guess he is 30
  • Eddie The Lightbringer
    Finally. After three episodes of fail we get two episodes of win. Here's hoping that part 7 is just as awesome.

    I'm predicting Ma'Ti shows up and wins the day with the power of heart.
  • jnywest
    Well, he is the only one with a ring.
  • mehja  - FOR SCIENCE!
    Spoony also wears a pink ring, it could be seen well when he first confronted the Cloaks.

    Also, the critics are fighting FOR SCIENCE!
    As often as it was said I expected Dr. Insano to join the fight to his battle cry.
  • Peacelover  - Wow
    Very Cool!! Can't wait for more. Do have to wonder though about the poor neighbors.
  • Twelve
  • Animae
    Nerd why I want to know why didn't you tell Critic this when you fought him I ponder
  • VillainousBlogger  - Sweet battle!
    Hurray! Awesome battle scene!

    I had a feeling the AVGN would find a way into this special. AskThatGuy to. ^^

    But how will this conclude? I don't know, but I can't wait to see it! =D

    I never expected it to end right where they started. Interesting twist!
  • the german fan
    I allready wondered when James' cameo would be.
  • dbreezy125  - Awesome
    AVGN awesomme wat a MIX
  • Victuz
    Fuck yeah lordkat cameo :D
  • LikaLaruku
    Where? I missed it.
  • AndrewDeLong
    Lordkat was the voice of Krom....whom Benzai was talking to.
  • Laserwolf65  - Suede is awesome
    Great to see that they've not only brought him back, but they've made him the most BA member of the team. How's that for a "welcome back"?
  • realtacobandit
    omg i died. that was AWESOME!!!!
  • shadow20
    Watching this series makes me want to become an internet reviewer. Especially on this website so I could take part in awesome activities such as this series.

    Seriously, this is one of the best series (or movie, if you will) of videos on the internet. It looks like with the costumes that everyone defines themselves through their characters, whether it be a well known character, or bizarrely obscure. It looks like everyone is having a good time, and that would be insanely fun to be a part of.

    Anyways, this is an amazing series. I'm just sad it has to end. =(
  • VillainousBlogger  - It doesn't have to end
    That's the beauty of the Internet.

    These seven videos plus all the stuff the fans do in honor of the 3rd year anniversary special will keep the flame going for a long time.
  • Twelve
    I love how you can see Critic or whoever with the camera in the black guy's sunglasses
  • Minion of Yahtzee
    Man oh man this is awesome and silly, now they have the Power Glove but now Malachite is right in front of them. Will he get the glove? How will the Critics defeat him? Will Ma-ti end up summoning Captain Planet to save everyone? Why in the hell am I asking you all of these questions? Tune in next time to find out.
  • christyf2010
    That would be both funny and kind of cool if Ma-Ti came back with the Planetiers and they summoned Captian Planet.
  • GameKeeper28
    I knew the Angry Video Game Nerd would be involved somehow.

  • shadaw_the_rampage
    I can't help but wonder if mative's {I know im spelling that wrong} ring just so happens to be the same ring in the story.
  • Annie-Mae
    1st off I have to say I've loved Brad through out this whole thing. I think he's got the best Harrison Ford ever and he plays it strait like he always does. Love ya man.

    Great James Rolfe camio as well as the voice...should've seen that coming, even though I knew he'd show up in here somehow.

    It's nice to be able to know most of the people in this series as well. You all play into a character, but not over do your character too much. I think the timing on the jokes are great as well. I couldn't get into any of the other collab events cause it just seemed like a lot of nerds in a hotel room talking. Now you're a bunch of nerds walking around a forest, but this is far more adventurous in both concepts and story telling. I'm enjoying it really well.

    Lol, Critic does the Link "Hiah!" call. Nice job. You just HAD to show Mickey being slammed into the ground again...I think that was a blopper but it worked for the gag. David Bowie's balls are mighty amazing.
  • Michaela Moore
  • ShadowWing Tronix
    Surprised that LordKat had a cameo, but it was a cool one. Also wondered how Rolfe's cameo would come in this year, as well as the Ask That Guy.

    And who else called the Power Glove. :)
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