Suburban Knights Part 3

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Comments (406)
  • Punky
  • Dark Crow I
    I cannot believe how hard I have been laughing since part 1, the writing is just outstanding.
  • 1dkv  - The Bum's short cameo
    Man, I thought this was going to be another version of Kickassia, but boy was I wrong!

    And I almost died from laughing so hard when I saw the goat porn part!
  • ladydiskette  - Oh my god, Spoony what have you done!?!?!
    I loved the part in the fight scene when Snob grabs for Marzgurl like at the end of "The Last Crusade" and she ends up .....falling? *chuckles*

    When I was a kid that death scene always scared me. lol, and Todd that was great.

    Oh my god, I loved Chester A Bum's cameo and I just burst out laughing at the outcome of Critic um....not sitting like us ladies do. I shouldn't think so negatively but somehow I know that Orlando Dresden is going to either find the map or The Cloaks will. o.o
  • montanker
    woott!!!! indeed! Phelous and Spoony are seriously stealing this entire movie. :D

    Plus, all of Brad's bits were frick'n hilarious!
  • DarkMessiah
    Yay! What more could a goat-fucker ask for?

    Wait... no..
    Another installment of this movie ... which so far is turning out bland.
  • Yeahwhatever
    I hope you realize that you're basically the 1 out of every 1000 on this site (i.e: The vast minority) that thinks so.

    That means that there's actually something wrong with you.
  • HedonisticActor
    @Yeahwhatever: There is nothing wrong in having a different opinion, accept that some people may not like the same things as you do.

    The first half was really bland, pretty much nothing happened both in storywise and actionwise. The level of comedy has decreased and its style was akward. Also WHERE THE HECK LINKARA PULLED THAT FOLDER FROM?! o_O Oh well, hopefully the Critic crew's story arc manages to speed up in the next episode.

    The second half worked much better. It started out bland as well but around at Cinema Snob's first Indy impersonation at the playfield Suburban Knights started to be its own wacky self (the funniest and the most clever part being the random mom's interruption). More this please.
  • Xena91388  - @HedonisticActor - Linkara's Folder
    Well, since the TGWTG crew are on a quest, maybe he pulled the folder out from his pants where everyone's items go in an RPG. I believe it is called Hammer Space.

    What I'm wondering now is why Linkara hasn't used his magic gun like he did in Kickassia or why Joe hasn't used the lightning bolts we see so often on his show.
  • theSnark
    I think it's because they are trying to stay in the characters they are dressed as. Arthur wouldn't have a gun and Inigo wouln't be able to shoot lightining.
  • Teacup
    @REVIEWER PRICK: Thanks for sharing.
  • SuperSloucher
    I agree. Stop abusing people because they don't think like you. If someone shares their opinion and it doesn't match your own, it doesn't mean there's something wrong with them.
  • Sean Strife
    Dude, quit being a fanboy. Nobody likes a fanboy.
  • ladydiskette
    Well I will admit I was disappointed that we didn't see Orlando's character again or get some insight as to who he was and what he wanted.

    But I guess there is always part 4.
    I am still going by the popular vote and saying that he is probably suppose to be Harry Dresden.
  • Professor Schnöbelhosen
    @Reviewer Rick
    I'm a bit along with you on this on.
    IMO it's because the TGWTG team aren't really interacting with each other as they normally would (aside from Luke and Filmbrain)

    Instead of seeing say, Spoony and Angry Joe doing some comedy as their respective characters, we see Spponey and Angry Joe playing Gandalf and Montoya interacting with each other.

    Sure, there are the occasional funny moments but it's not really the comedy I was expecting and I feel sorta cheated by the wasted potential.

    A treasure hunt could have been done well with all the "original" characters and still worked well, perhaps Scoopy Doo inspired in a haunted house.

    On a sidenote I'll say that I do appreciate the effort that TGWTG + team do, to entertain me.
  • Sephiroth89
    I agree. Part 1 was a waste of time to watch, just watch the trailer and skip to part 2. Part 2 was better, but aside from one joke, wasn't funny, just amusing. (The one joke was a penis joke no less) but towards the end of Part 2 it looks like it may be getting alot better.

    So I hope part 3 will be much better (I haven't started watching this yet, but I wanted to back up your comments of its blandness which anyone with a brain would agree. (at least for part 1 and 2)
  • kittypryde12
    Please don't comment if you don't like it.
  • Professor Schnöbelhosen
    @kittypryde12; Please allow us our constitutional right of free speech when we're merely discussing what we find lacking in a civilized manner.

    As far as I see it, it's fair critizism, not trollin', and as such I fail to see who we are hurting...

    You are of course by all means welcome to debate with us, but please don't tell us to shut up.
    By that definition NC should never make a single video of the things he has reviewed (which is pretty much always things h e don't like...)
  • Noj776
    Been waiting for this all day! Cinema Snobs Indy moments in the episode were priceless, ESPECIALLY the bridge scene!
  • mehja
    I am amazed how he manages to sound exactly like Indi:
    Prepare to meet Kali - in hell!
  • Haon  - Dibs!
    Ha ha! You guys are too late! I'm the one who's already sitting in a chair!
  • LuisCArenas
  • FullofQuestions
    I've haven't been having the greatest week, so thank you TGWTG for being my salvation for the last few days!

    By the way, Linkara really can sing; I'm impressed.

    2:16 I had the same problem when I was doing a school play- and I'm a girl. I don't wear skirts much either. And yeah, the critic was pretty much wearing a dress...a very short dress.
  • Fangheart
    yeah, that scene kinda turned me into a Douchey McNitpick. I'm a huge Zelda nerd, and during that scene all I could think of was "But Link hasn't had his legs bare in years! He always wears leggings underneath his tunic now." but I still loved that joke. and I still can't stop relishing in awe how awesome it was that Doug chose to be Link in the first place.
  • rageofkyubii
    That's why his legs haven't been bare in years. Someone called him on flashing people all the time.
  • Akumu
    Awesome so far!
  • TheNightSeraph  - YES!!!
    Man, I gotta say, I like this even more than the 2nd anniversary!!! :)
  • link343
    Just remember guys, it's all about a glove.
  • plaidman
    How much you wanna bet the Gauntlet is a Power Glove?
  • TheTannedOtaku

    2:23 Hello, desktop

    I never thought I'd see a magic penis...
  • Wazaraku
    you have never seen WTFIWWY aparently then XD
  • Ally-Gator
    I know right? When Chick and Lupa were trying to tell him I was giggling anyway, I had a feeling they'd address it since I saw the teaser trailer, but that shot made me spray soda all over myself.

    Well excuuuuuuuse me, crotch-shot!
  • Nemesis67
    oh yea here we go part 3!
  • catintheengine
    I have to work in the morning...

    I was more than willing to stay up late in order to see the new episode.
  • BlufftonSWK11
    this is AWESOME! And that is why whenever I dress as Link or wear a kilt, I wear pants, even if it's just running shorts.

    And Linkara, Biscotti!

    Now to wait 24 hours for the next one...what am I going to do!
  • Linkara
    Ooh! *Writes down biscotti in his notes.*
  • plaidman
    Pfft! Everyone one knows that true Men go commando under their Kilts.
  • KenRajiU
    YES!!!! ITS TIME
  • GLKnight
    Todd's totally the Blinkin of the group.

    Brad really stole the fight scenes.

    Also, you guys need a choreographer. Give me time.

    Lastly: Jew Wario, with his +3 Codpiece of Protection (Specialty: Nut Shots).
  • Vismutti
    "Todd's totally the Blinkin of the group."

    That's exactly what I thought too. :Db
  • kilgore24
    Best line so far "2 magic! 2 magic!" long live spoony, i cant wait to leave work to watch this
  • leafeknight7  - I'm such a creepier for this but...
    I'm soooo happy to see you as a briefs kind of guy. *swoons*

    Seeing part 3 up made my fucking day.

  • drewder
    Nice legs critic
  • Dr Hype
    I hate to say it guys, but so far the jokes have been hit and miss for me. Some of these gags seem to have a very convoluted and long set up to them. I love Todd's jokes though. Still looking forward to the rest guys, keep it up.
  • Twelve
  • FullmetalNinja25
    Helms Deep eat your heart out, there's a new standard for epic fights and it's a Suburbian Children's Playground!....Wait.
  • Xed Regulus
    An very entertaining episode, improved over the second in fact. I like seeing how the experiences of both groups differs from one another. Also, how the quest is beginning to affect the psyches of the different characters. Hopefully there will be more from those less heard from in future installments.

    But please, no more shots of Doug's tighty-whites. Some of us have weak stomachs.
  • Moreno X
    Oh sure, like if Doug is aware of that. Not that I have stomach problems....just mentality is such a headache by imagery like Doug's tighly-whites stuck in my head.

    Thank you Doug, thank you very much for being sweet for showing us your privates at us (now the YouTubers are gonna get frighten and runs away from you.....even Marvin the Martian's glowing underwear would envy you).

    Oh, you don't believe me, check this out here: watch?v=rsMp65pI-Ts

    Don't say I warn you.
  • Arkle
    Damn, Brad can do a really good Harrison Ford impression. Who knew.
  • Akumu
    I swear, Todd was the best part of this.

    I died when he was fighting the pole.
  • Metaldeth  - Go Todd
    I was rooting for you the whole way my friend!!!!
  • MusicMovieTheater08  - YAY Chester!!
    Cinema Snob - "Oh crap."

    And Todd In The Shadows is HILARIOUS!!

    I still love Kickassia, but Suburban Knights is just so amazing!!
  • FullofQuestions  - This is not a joke!
    Chuck Jaffers was a D&D player who disappeared in search of a magic gauntlet, and to find it, one must dress up in fantasy costumes to find that gauntlet and get glory.

    If you do not copy and paste this message to fifteen other videos, Douchey McNitpick will appear beside your bed tonight and force you to watch Garbage Pail Kids. :P
  • Wazaraku
    *starts playing "Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me" by Weird Al Yankovic*
  • gotenks6
    Love it!
  • Mad Movie Gamer  - WHY!?!
    WWWWWWWHHHHHHHYYYYYY!!!!! !!!??????????!!!!!!!!!
  • Moreno X
    Why what? What's the problem?
  • DarkBee  - avatar WWWWWWWHHHHHHHYYYYYY!!!!!!!!??????????!!!!!
    can't people just enjoy this for what it is? I've read all the comments, and most of the critiques are totally pointless: it's not a professional production, but just a bunch of crazy people with cameras and too much time.
    Enjoy their random and wacky outings and just laugh about it, that's what I do.
  • ladydiskette  - Re: WWWWWWWWWHHHHHHYYYYYY?????
    Guys relax, take it easy on Mad Movie Gamer, we don't know why he said "Why" in that way.

    For all we know, maybe he is talking about Nostalgia Critic and"sitting" position on the chair. In his tighti whities.

    I am sure that could make the bestest of fanboys cringe in fear.
  • plaidman
    Man I've been waiting for this all day... Genius!!!!
  • CR0D
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