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  • REVIEWER RICK  - Love it!
    May want to work on your dance moves, other than that great review!
  • KingGramJohnson  - Say What?
    I don't know what you're talking about, Rick. That was the greatest dance ever done to the greatest song ever written...EVER!


    I remember watching this one when I was a little kid, and it was confusing then too. Babe was awesome though. "That'll do, Pig. That'll do."


    Oh, and Doug, I hate to be "that guy", but I have to. That's a pot, not a pan. I'm just telling ya nicely before Douchey get's his dirty hands on it. :-)
  • Xatike  - On the Pot/Pan Issue:
    Yes, it was a saucepot.

    Why do you think it was so mad, exclaiming, "FUCK YOU!"? Because Doug called it a pan.

    Mystery. Solved.

    All you have to do is take a moment to think of your kitchenware's feelings.
  • Kryss LaBryn
    I'm curious; are they called "saucepots" in the States? In Canada it would be a pot or a saucepan; I've honestly never heard of a saucepot before.

    That was a hilarious scene though. XD
  • JurassicParkFan123  - Johnson
    OH MY GOD HE MISTAKE A POT 4 A PAN U know what dat means?

  • Steve the Pocket
    Nope, it's a pan, at least where I live. Pots are the bigger ones without the long handle.
  • KittyKatAllen
    Actualy... it is a pan not a pot... O_o... wwell its a pan in the uk... a pot to me would be a flowerpot or a teapot or a coffee pot... lol i am english so maybe we are different to you guys ^_^....
  • Taufiq91  - Ah, the 90's
    Again, only in the 90's where ideas like "kids movies about pigs" can turn into a movie.

    Seriously, we need to bring 90's Hollywood executives to the 21st century. let's hope we can get more original but crazy ideas turned into films.

    And good dance is good.

    And you know what? Since a pig is an owner of a wall street company, it's safe to assume that Gordy is responsible for our current economic crisis. So fuck you Gordy for bringing us all to a recession.
    That pan look strangely like a like a pot....

    And since you many other teeny, tinny, mistakes like this in your other videos, I smell another Top 11 Nostalgia Fuck-Ups coming
  • ChaosD1
    Actually with the elongated handle, that's what is referred to as a "saucepan".

    A pot would contain no such handle, just two short loops or grips on either side.
  • ailenfromn  - omg
    lets hope no taliban are watching
  • ailenfromn  - idea
    please review home alone 4
  • LikaLaruku
    The pan says: "You should have used PAM. You didn't get all the rice residue off."
  • Lynnxen
    Trolololololol. Wish i can hear this review. :C

    Cant hear shit out of my speakers. ;w;
  • Holidayruin  - ?
    Ah what the heck.
  • ApocalypseDLM7  - WOOT!
    wow this is up much earlier then usual. NC YOU ARE THE BEST! Great review as always :P.
  • LordScimitar  - Super early. Awesome!
    Will be able to watch during halftime/commercials. Sweet!
  • ladydiskette  - A pig getting the inheirentence!?!?
    It still boggles me how rich people can still get away with it even in real life (like the case with the rich heiress leaving the money to her dogs) how in the hell can a lawyer or a attorney legally look at this and think its valid!?!?

    Do they ever for once stop and ask them "You playing a practical joke on me aren't you?"
  • Taufiq91  - It's basically the grandfather trolling
    the grandfather is an amazing troll. the idea of a wall street company run by pigs can only happen through the eyes of a /b/tard, which the grandfather might be one.

    If only 4chan existed when this movie was released.
  • ladydiskette

    lol, I can now imagine the grandfather saying "lol u mad bro?" when his attorney complained about this XD
  • secretsheik
    Or at least someone who's read "Animal Farm" a few too many times.

    It's about time we saw the return of the Free Willy popcorn eater. XD
  • JurassicParkFan123  - Secert
    Hey i'm reading Animal Farm.....Plz tell haw it ends :)
  • The Code
    good as always
  • titiego
    2 a.m here in France but I couldn't wait any longer to see your last review!
  • kittykelly214  - XD
    I'm so mad that I missed you when you came to Bowling Green in Ohio, next year you should go to Ohayocon. This was a great review, keep up the good work!
  • Megalodon  - Three things:
    1 - Why did the map show them traveling south when they just said they were going north?

    2 - Your pan looks amazingly like a pot!

    3 - Is that commentor kidding? Awesome moves, Critic! Pretty fly for a white guy. (Do the kids still say that these days?)
  • Yeahno
    Uh, I don't think they ever did.

    Aside from maybe 5 minutes after that Offspring song came out.
  • WiiStation360
    I think NC added that map thing where they go South instead as a joke. (Not 100% sure since I didn't see this movie)
  • Gold_Ultima
    I was thinking the same thing about the pan/pot issue. It's like when he kept saying bulldozer instead of forklift.
  • IisAwesome
    wow these videos are getting earlier and earlier... soon they'll be up on mondays

    ..... that's a pot not a pan
  • BigBlackHatMan
    I hope this isn't the only thing Doug Stone is remembered for since he was an above average singer at one time.
  • Set Abomine
    This movie was supposed to be Doug Stone's big break into Hollywood (he really wanted to be an actor/musician like Elvis)but it bombed so badly that it more or less destroyed his career (he did several songs on the soundtrack) for several years.

    As far as I know he still makes albums but he's nowhere near as popular as he was back in 1992-3.
  • Dave12D3
    I liked the part where you said you remember it so I don't have to. Oh my, I seem to be one of the first commenters.

  • Blitzkrieg1701
    ...great, now I'm gonna have "Pig Power" ringing through my head for the next week...
  • mrskippy
    I want Rap Critic to do a review of it now. So bad.
  • Drake666
    I was happy not remembering Gordy or Pig Power's in tha House... damn... Was Babe as bad as Gordy (I really don't remember...) ?
  • Semudara
    No, Babe is a much-beloved classic film. That's why Doug was so confused that this movie actually came out BEFORE it.
  • SolidGoldCEO
    Babe was based on an older book called The Sheep Pig by Dick King-Smith so they might have ripped that off
  • Sheranda
    Yeah. Disney probably heard there was going to be a movie based on that book, so they hurried up and put this together.
  • Set Abomine
    The guy playing the girls father is Doug Stone who was hot shit for about two years in the country music world back in the early 90's before he seemingly fell off the face of the earth.

    He now resides in the Nashville where are they now files.
  • SolidSnakeUS
    Loved this review :D. But just mentioning, don't say a director is shitty for not looking through the camera, because Hitchcock admitted he never looked through the camera when he does his movies.

    Here's a link from an interview from 1963: http://www.moma.org/ interactives/exhibitions/ 1999/hitchcock/interview/ index.html
  • Sheranda
    Yeah, but I'm sure he watched the footage before approving of it.
  • Jordiotto1  - Mr. critic
    Mr. critic, although I must commend you on good work for the review, I must tell you. That was a pot. Not a pan. A pot.
  • DoomPL
    great job
  • MissBlack
    Wow, this is out early.

    True, one of your best reviews, Doug!
  • TheTannedOtaku
    Somewhere on YouTube a "Pig Power in the House" video is getting a lot of views...
    anyway, awesome review!
  • Maddux31
    Dude a Family Guy Conway Twitty joke, man that kind of sucks
  • Sheranda
    That was hilarious, and like Family Guy usually does, he stretched the joke past the point of no longer being funny.
  • shadyh8er
    Shortest 20 mins of my life! I swear just when I think you can't get any better, we get Pig Power in the House!

    Oink, Oink, Soowee, Yippee Yo Ki-yay MUTHAFUCKA!
  • Sheranda  - "Ladies and gentlemen..."
    It's been a long time since I laughed this hard at a Nostalgia Critic video. Oh, that part with the Critic's evil smile faded over himself eating breakfast was hysterical. What also was funny, for a few seconds, then got old, was that Conway Twitty joke. What, did Family Guy steal another joke from this site?
  • Sheranda
    That smiled kind of reminded me of Alex from Clockwork Orange.
  • DudeL
    Ah shit I jokingly guessed that the song was by Tag Team. I though "90s movie, dumb rap song. Mmmmm, Tag Team." I didn't think it would actually be by them! Whoomps there it is!
  • SlyDante
    I know, I was surprised Tag Team was there as well! Can you believe they were available?? Disney must have fought tooth & nail to get someone as in demand as them! =P
  • PopArt365
    ah great, now pig power in the house is gonna be stuck in my head all month
    eh, it's better than listening to Friday...
  • eatmylazor
    Omgs its mah first time being on teh first page
  • Semudara
    Congrats! Mine was "Lost in Space". :D
  • Sheranda
    Mine was The Next Top 11 F*ck Ups. I bragged about it and got thumbed down within the first hour.
  • YourMovieGuide
    So many big lipped alligator moments in this movie! And I know that when I die, "Pig Party" will be playing in hell. I can only hope my dance skills will be as good as yours
  • TBTabby
    If they had enough time to make both a rap song and a music video for this movie, why couldn't they come up with a script that wasn't written by a sea monkey?
  • Evilsbane
    Fucking amazing review NC, one of your best, the Pan was ... I never in a million years.. it was pretty epic.

  • Jegsimmons
    babe is technically based off a book, but who would rip off Babe? its one of the best children movie ever.
  • Rigs83
    "Watership Down" was the best children's' movie ever!
    Happy Trauma
    http://youtu.be/ _5I9izys2ek
  • Sheranda
    Heh heh. Seal.

    But seriously, I never heard of Watership Down. I'll look it up.
  • Applemask

    you have never heard of Watership Down

    Jesus Christ man

  • TBTabby
    In other words, EVERYBODY would rip it off.
  • Atma
    I completely forgot there was a rap song that went with this movie. Granted we got it on VHS when I was sick with a nasty flu, but damn!

    Yeah, Babe can suck on a fat ear of corn. HE IS NOT PIG POWER.
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