Double Team

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  • Bullderdash
    And here I was thinking that Portal 2 would be the only highlight of the day. Well done sir, I tip my hat to you.
  • Yeahno
    Honestly, the new Mortal Kombat game was bigger than both of these things put together.

    Still, good review.
  • hsin
    i agree on that one dude
  • Semudara
    Sorry, but no way. Portal 2 takes the cake for epicness.

    ...see what I did there?
  • peter99  - Cake=lie
    That's such a lie..
  • Arkz  - i agree
    it disspointed me when there was only one person in line for portal 2 at the gamestop round here, (that being my friend) i couldnt afford mine that night

    but seriously portal was amazing

    'how are you doing because i am a potato

    or Holmes vs Moriarty and Aristotle vs SMASHY SPIKE PLATE
  • mrskippy
    Well then, here you were not able to notice that a new NC literally comes out once a week on Wednesdays (or technically late Tuesday nights)
  • ladydiskette  - Great review Critic :)
    Oh my god....the moment I saw those cyber monks I knew I saw this movie before! I watched this during study hall when the teacher had the classroom television on and there were just a few of us flipping through channels when someone saw this scene and we ended up watching this.

    I was just sitting in my desk thinking "WTF?" while this movie was playing and I honestly didn't believe the boy in my study hall class who told me the name of this movie was "Double Team" when I asked, because I thought that it was a terrible name for a movie. I mean, epic freaking awesome ending to the movie, but just not a altogether creative title for this movie.
  • doctortanksano  - Demonans salute
    well this deserves a demoman's salute
  • thekhan
  • SaiyanKirby
    ^Obvious troll is obvious.
  • SlyDante
    Ironically, going by Doug's own definition, Portal 2 has its own "Frying the Coke" moment. =P
  • LordScimitar  - Dennis Rodman and Van Dam?
    You know it's gonna be bad...this oughtta be good.
  • KingGramJohnson  - Wizard!
    Frying the Coke! Most epic thing EVER!
  • Fanofyou
    indeed good sir it was!
  • TheBrigeedaRocks
    Who knew that Coca-Cola could actually save your life?

    Also, yes. Most freaking epic action/death scene...evar.
  • Moreno X
    If you ask KingGramJohnson, that scene alone would be the biggest 90s Coca-Cola commercial ever made, and it could have beaten the "Pepsi Girl" ads through the 90s. It's that beautiful.
  • jawmuncher
    I think the TGWTG community will do quite well in passing on Frying the Coke to the rest of the internet.
  • usbkey  - Actually no you won't
    The internet hates you. Don't even try it.

    One cannot just declare something a meme. Meme status must be earned. Chances are that people will find where it came from, and ridicule any one caught using it. Especially if you spam it

    So please, spare what's left of your dignity. And don't try so hard.

    also: this review was OK
  • Hotdogmarchant
    Well done for taking the internet a little too seriously.

    Though to be fair I don't think the meme's that good myself, but that's not to say I don't find that death the epitome of absolute awesome.
  • DaVince
    He's not forcing a meme. He's saying that if anything deserves it, this does.
  • whatever42
    I agree as well. That scene was just awesome and I definitely wasn't expecting epic of that magnitude in this film.

    Nicely done Mr. Nostalgia Critic. Thank you for pointing out something awesome and making me laugh at the rest. I will do my best to spread Frying the Coke.
  • LikaLaruku
    Yeah, let's see if it gets it's own page at Cheezburger Network.
  • LikaLaruku
    Not yet, but it's a new unworked category on TV Tropes. & it's GOTTA be a trope before it can become a meme:

    Read this first: pmwiki/discussion.php? id=xel7x8qcjj8woaiijp83nr 09

    Add your entries here: pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ FryingTheCoke
  • 13secondstomidnight
    It's got its own YKTTW discussion page pmwiki/discussion.php? id=xel7x8qcjj8woaiijp83nr 09&trope=DiscardedYKTTW
    If anyone is interested.

    ... So technically, it's already on its way to being an internet meme. Ironically enough, the discussion about whether it is or is not an internet meme or whether to make it one or not WILL make it an internet meme by virtue of repetition. The only way you can stop it now is by never mentioning it again MWAHAHAHA *evil laugh*!
  • Gilly82  - Take a look at this
    avatar wiki/Frying_the_coke

    Frying the coke is now offical
  • saint23thomas
    Looks like someone is trying to get rid of that page. Quickly, we have to save it.
  • Semudara
    Could we wait until it actually becomes a meme before attempting to make a Wikipedia page for it?
  • ImRaidAccount
    its also a website.

    it's http://
  • SpeedyEric
    I actually like “Space Jam,” because it’s a FUN film, and I never see it as an hour and a half long commercial for Nike.

    2:59- Story development, what’s that?


    Secret agents working with terrorists is like if “Inception” was directed by Uwe Boll.

    Having Jean-Claude Van Damme pronounce “bank account” correctly is like trying to have a Canadian correctly pronounce “about.”

    I would definitely see a movie called “Cyber-Monks,” but as long as it’s a sci-fi comedy.

    I agree that the explosion in the climax is bitchin’ as all hell, and this is coming from a guy who’s drinking a PEPSI while watching this episode.

    I agree that this film is stupid, and Van Damme and Rodman are barely on screen together, but it IS fun to watch, as well as that kick-ass climax.
  • Moreno X
    I like Space Jam too SpeedyEric. I never thought Space Jam can be hated because of what it is yet it's a nostalgic, silly FUN movie...and I enjoyed.
  • Taufiq91  - Agree SpeedyEric
    basically everyone in the 90's were saying "What if we take two unrelated things and put 'em together in a movie"

    Seriously, the 90's was one era that would suck if you're in showbusiness, unless if you're an indie filmaker.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    Cyber-Monks! They're here to kick ass and chant liturgies! And they just finished the Gloria Patri!
  • Moreno X
    Awesome review Doug. I never saw the movie (I don't remember it for sure), but your review makes me think that I could rent the movie just for the fun of it, and I could invite a friend to be part of a silly flick. And like you, this movie could be forgiven if it was in the 80s and not in the late 90s.

    P.S.: I like the "Frying the Coke" idea. Come to think of it, were there any 80s or 90s commercials that involves explosives/soft drinks like Coca-Cola? If so, I wonder if they compete with the "Pepsi Girl"? She was the only soft drink commercial I grew up and remembered.
  • Archedgar
    Asking "Why" to rodman has lost all purpose.

    Hmmm. Van Dam and Rodman.
  • ProudBronie  - Never saw it...
    But good review nonetheless! Thank you NC, for such a quickie! a WEEK AND A HALF!
  • TheDued92
    With all the Coca Cola in this movie, I thought Mean Joe Greene was going to come out and give John a drink.
  • orin3721
    Hehe, I love Douchey's 5-second cameo! :)
  • archiveit
    Jumping the shark, nuking the fridge, and frying the coke. Love it.

    I remember when nuking the fridge first started as a phrase.
  • Onasaki
    That probably is a badass ending. Frying the Coke. Nice. XD
  • CR0D  - Yeah
    Back when JCVD used to be the Shizl!
  • maresh
    HOLEY CRAP!!! Van Damme sounds like Tommy Wiseau! It's the missing link!
  • BooRat
    I agree!!!
  • Superchat
    When I first saw this, I thought as a kid that it was a messed up mix between Fifth Element and Demoliton Man, with out the badass, but more annoying
  • SomeRandomGeek
    Ah Double Team. I figure it's only a matter of time before you review this movie.
  • daddyboom
    Wonder if "Frying the Coke" will be a new meme...
  • Uberpig
    I'm guessing no...
  • waterguyroks
    Yeah, I don't think so either. I hope not at least.
  • The Vegan
    My guess would be not. Forced memes are just REALLY hard to do. I'd guess that it'll be used here a lot but sparingly at other sites. Nothing against Doug (the last bit DID have
    me rolling) but "frying the Coke" just doesn't have that same ring to it that other meme do.
  • FredTHAreD
    Nuking the Fridge IS a forced meme. Days after the movie came out, fans were spamming Wiki/TVTropes/ UrbanDictionary with it. Nuking the Fridge is basically just for people who didn't like Crystal Skull, Jumping the Shark actually means something other than "That Episode of Happy Days sucked".

    Frying the Coke doesn't hold any meaning at all though, that's why it will probably fail. How are you going to use Frying the Coke?

    Good review Doug, your reaction to the final scene had me cracking up.
  • 13secondstomidnight
    TVtropes made an attempt in that "Frying the Coke" could be the only moment of awesome in a mediocre-bad movie/book/etc. but I don't think it's going to catch on much though.

    At least it has more substance and meaning to it than "Nuking the fridge" though (what's that supposed to be? A highly improbable event that keeps the hero from dying? Pretty sure that comes under the definition of "ass pull")
  • Dark Pascual
    The greatest team up until Seagal and DMX...

    Honestly the last scene is what an entire movie with MICKEY ROURKE AND JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME should be!!!
  • Drake666
    I prefer Jet Lee and DMX :P (ok, I think I'm the only one...)
  • MSH-Hitman
    An awesome ending for both the movie and this review. I cracked up pretty hard as it happened lol
  • draider90
    Yeah this is when Rourke still sucked
  • HorrorMovie Critic
    man how does crap like this keep getting greenlit?
  • charliebiggs
    Congrats on the new meme. Now all we have to do is figure out a way to use "Frying the Coke" in ordinary conversation.
  • ImaginaryGirl
    Welllll...there ARE Laser Monks. They monks that live in Wisconsin and sell printer ink online! So, no, not really the same thing...but come on! LASER monks!
  • Uberman5000  - *blinks in disbelief*
    I think that ending cured the impotence of everyone in the world.

  • Skemono
    So not only can Coke protect you from an exploding coliseum, it can also apparently aid you in escaping from a "doesn't officially exist" secret government island (see ~9:20 in the video).

    Coke! The most versatile of beverages! It's standard issue for most secret agents.
  • ProgenyOfWinter
    Frying the Coke. I will spread the word, sir!
  • RockmanX3
    I remember seeing this in theaters when I was younger.

    The ending was epic then and it's epic now.

    "bunk acant numbers"
  • ProgenyOfWinter
    Also, I just saw this for anyone who's interested: wiki/Frying_the_coke

    I dunno who put it up, but I should buy you a fried Coke for that.
  • Palom
    Whoever did, here!

    http:// img835/5158/ fryingthecoke.png
    @ProgenyOfWinter Yo that would be me man.
    Actually if anything, can you guys please add to the article or re-edit it? They've threatened to take it down within a week if it isn't fixed due to the fact that they've labeled the article as "TV Tropes" despite the fact that the "Jumping the shark" article remains up. I wrote it in a fashion that I believed was most suitable and showed actual effort as oppose to pure fandom, but apparently it doesn't count.

    Here's the link once again, we have until April 27th before it's taken down. wiki/Frying_the_coke
  • Aural Aurum
    Spartan, I would love to see the page stay up, but I think the Wikipedia folks have a point. "Jumping the Shark" was a common phrase long before TV Tropes existed, which shows that it has cultural significance and staying power. Sadly, "Frying the Coke" will need more time before it reaches that kind of status, if it ever does. I think it will find a loving home on TV Tropes, though (and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that).
  • waterguyroks
    I agree with Aural Aurum. You can't just say "this is a meme" and make it so. Memes happen from happy coincidences, accidents, etc. If Wikipedia let the page stay up, they'd be servicing a very small fanbase (so to speak) of the internet.
  • Crunchy_Frog
    Huh? Why would anyone put it on _Wikipedia_? *facepalm* That's extremely stupid, and I hope the page gets deleted. Wikipedia is supposed to be an encyclopedia, not a collection of every random thing that happens to float across the internet.

    Put it on Know Your Meme, Urban Dictionary, and/or That's what those domains are _for_.
  • GameKeeper28
    "Well it looks like we've been saved by Coca Cola. Yes Coke, with the great taste that even fire can't surpass. Now just $5.99 at the concession stand."
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