The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon

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  • SpaceGirlSpiff
    You should do an Old vs. New for Mel Brooks' "The Producers" and its remake!

    This show was unfortunately before my time, but I feel that I might need to check it out. The complete absence of realism seems downright enjoyable to me!
  • tootired  - There are dvd sets
    There are dvd sets of the show with all the episodes and a lot of bonus features.
    Great concept for a new series of reviews!

    I loved TMNT the cartoon as a kid. Good "look back" review!
  • Arike475
    DO This for the newer TMNT series?
    plz man, The 2003 TMNT series was part of alot of ur younger fans childhoods
  • Lotus Prince
    Please, please tell me that you're new to this site.
  • Just Call Me Bob
    What was wrong with Arike475's comment? I grew up with the 2003 TMNT series as well (of course, I know the NC would probably never do a Raiders of the Story Arc for that show since he didn't watch it as a kid).
  • Lotus Prince
    For the hundredth time, the Nostalgia Critic reviews things that are nostalgic to him, and his cut-off date is before the year 2000. That's what's wrong with Arike475's comment.
  • Just Call Me Bob
    Oh, I see. I guess I'm pretty new here, too.

    Oh, well. People make mistakes.
  • Arike475
    The Bum Does New stuff
    it'd be even funnier from him
    (And the NC reviewed the room which also came out in 2003)

    He could do a Old Vs New Of both series
    Although due to his nostalgia we all know 1987 series would win
  • Jord68
    jeez some of the people on this website are big cry baby's. i would also enjoy an old vs new ninja turtles.
  • j03b0b0fd00m
    Yes, but the Bum is not the Nostalgia critic.
    I agree, an old-vs-new would be great for the series, but a traditional review is just out of the question.

    Also, The Room is different since he went to the future. so THERE!
  • LimeGreenSquid
    Yah, but no need to be a dick about it. As if you have the right to be arrogant towards others who enjoy this site simply because you assume you've been watching these videos longer than this person may have. Besides, the cut-off date is only discussed in very few episodes, and not everybody who watches the new videos has time to watch all of the back-episodes.
    Stabbing a guy just for enjoying this video and wanting something nostalgic to him (or her).

    Lotus Prince = Fail on this one.
  • HandsAcrossTheFeet
    Well, not anymore, now that he did Son of the Mask and Catwoman.
  • CommanderBomb  - If you look on the forums...
    It says that he might review something thats past his cutoff date if its related to something that he grew up with, he did review the new TMNT movie which would make Arike's request okay.
  • TheCooper
    Yeah he's new to this site.

    Hmmmmmm strange.....why is it everytime we ban or get rid of a certain annoying and terrible troll another quickly replaces him or her in that very second.I mean first timic8 then Kaiser Darell,and now this guy.
  • mrskippy
    OK, he made one comment. That hardly counts as being a terrible troll. Jesus, lighten up.
  • Arike475
    Dude, I think u need to watch more episodes with Douchey McNitpik cause u obviously do not know what a troll is
    ..and ive been here for a while, since the star wars christmas special if i remember correctly
  • nickreaper
    Quoted from NC himself: "2003? That's way past my cut off date. That's barely nostalgic".
  • Arike475
    yet he still reviewed The Room

    The NC does only reviews nostalgic stuff
    ...But he makes an exception to that rule in his OLD vs NEW series
    Maybe he could make an exception in his new series Raiders Of The Story Arc?
  • ScrungeMcDuke
    He reviewed The Room because he went forward in time! Zuh!

    Besides, dude, the old stuff in Old vs New IS from before his cutoff year.
  • Derelix
    Um...yeah. Whats your point? The old TMNT series is obviously from before his cutoff date because he's doing it now.

    Seriously, how are you people not getting this? All he's saying is that it would be cool to do this for the new series or a vs thing.
    He's done the old vs new thing before, not sure why people are fighting it so hard.

    It's like people here have become such obsessed fanboys that they need to stop anybody from suggesting anything to their precious NC.
  • LimeGreenSquid
    Exactly, i back this comment 100%. I don't usually get into this kinda stuff on this site, but attacking a person for suggesting something, which is against the NC's personal, non-concrete rules of reviewing that he's discussed in only 2 or 3 videos that i can remember, simply for not seeing all of NC's videos or psychically understanding all of NC's intentions and guidelines before even clicking into the site. Talk about a low class attack. THAT was the trolling.

    There's being a douche, and there's being a douche.
  • Arike475
    He Went to the Future Just to review The Room
    Im sure he could make a little exception for a series he already knows and loves
    It would be interesting to see how the More serious ninja Turtles appeals to him
  • ramshambo2001
    Not sure how you can be nostalgic about something that ended just over a year ago.
  • LimeGreenSquid
    Depends on when you were born.

    I'm 30. I know how it feels, "How dare kids these days be born after the generation i grew up in, without MY cartoons, and with these new unfamiliar ones that i don't like because they're not mine!"

    I was feeling nostalgic about He-Man when i was 16, in 1996. He-Man began in 1983, and continued i believe until 86 or 87. That was only 10 or so years, then.

    2003? It's 2011, man. That's 8 years, close to 10. It's about fondly remembering what made you happy when you were younger. Why turn it into a pointless fight?
  • Spaniel1
    MY GOD! The guy just made a suggestion! Why is everyone making a big deal about this?!
  • KingGramJohnson  - TMNT
    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ROCK! They always have, and they always will! I mean, so many of us grew up watching the Ninja Turtles in one form or the other. But I remember seeing these when I was younger, and for me they still hold up, I mean, seriously, nothing could ever beat the heroes in a half shell!

  • ultramanmattia
    Its kinda ironic that the original comic book(AKA the original turtles) is dark and violent while the cartoon is silly.
  • Jegsimmons
    may not be dark, but granny wipping out a fucking assault rifle was pretty violent. and straight up awesome.
  • Kheldarn
    Yeah, the original comic stuff was awesome. I read it much later, of course, after the TMNT craze had passed, and the movies were done, and so was the PnP RPG.

    A friend had the trade paperbacks of them, and I fell in love all over again. It was like the TMNT had grown up, like me.
  • orwellianson  - !!!
    The original Producers was probably before Doug's time as well, he was probably barely a glimmer in his dad's eye when that film was released into theaters on March 18, 1968... Doug is around Twenty- Eight or Twenty-Nine years old today. He would be a little over Fifty years old if he did a compare and contrast with both films. However, I do commend you Space Girl for attempting to invite other users to appreciate older films. Kudos for plugging in for some classics!
  • mrskippy
    I'm pretty sure the Ten Commandments was before Doug's time, but he did OVN for that...
  • AlucardsQuest
    @SpaceGirlSpiff That's easy, the original Producers is the best hands down.
  • pinkwerewolf  - It is
    All of you should check out the old series. It's fun, goofy, and reminds of what imagination and childhood is all about. Good job critic on bringing back the ol' 80's :D It really made me smile ^^
  • Haon
    Such big boobs... such big boobs.
  • crazyfooinc  - Yeah! :-D
    It always puts a smile on my face to see a brand new Nostalgia Critic waiting! :D

    And I can't wait for sequel month, especially Secret of Nihm 2!
  • ToonNinja
    Oh man, Sequel Month is going to break him. I wouldn't wish NIMH 2 on my worst enemy.
  • Steven T
    Obviously Shredder gets his surveillance equipment from the same place Dr. Claw does.
  • Korahn
    I always figured they were flying sentinel-type cameras. obviously really quiet since no one noticed... ahh who am I kidding?

    Maybe it's the Technodrome's "All-Seeing Eye"
  • WarpedWolf
    You should do a review of Clockstoppers. Anthough if you do answer this question for me.

    If you have sex with someone in hypertime, does the semen stay fast or does it slow down with you...?

    anyway do what you will.
  • Drex
    Get the DVD. This is explained in the commentary and demonstrated in a deleted scene cut to avoid NC-17.
  • Asuka Soryu
    The seamen would be inside your body, wich is with in the sped up you and would remain sped up 'till some milliseconds after exiting.
  • zmh24
    LOL great one, sure brings back memories.
  • Drex

    Please review F.I.S.T. next.
  • The Hardcore Kid
    I haven't really watched any of the original TMNT cartoon, but now looking back on it, I might check it out.

    For now, on to sequel month with (gulp) The Neverending Story 3 and The Secret of NIMH 2. I can tell I'm going to have one happy 20th birthday this month. ;)
  • janplanet1
    loved this review.hehhehehe,raiders of the story.Who didnt love this show.I did.
  • sbkMulletMan
    oh, yes, yes, YES! The Crown Jewel of my 80's Childhood!

    I actually picked up several DVDs years ago for this very nostalgic experiment: Is the show still fun? And yes it is! Although there is a LOT I notice now that I didn't notice as a kid...

    Namely April's Tits. Holy Hell, the things you notice after puberty! And in this video, when it was getting ready to show April crawl down the storm drain, I actually chanted to myself, "Here it comes, the Bullshit moment. Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit, HEY, the critic agrees!"

    And once you notice those things, you can't not notice them. But hey, at least it gives us something to enjoy as adults now, right? Anything to keep that re-viewability going is a good thing! Donatello saving the day in every episode can't keep us watching forever.

    To this day, I have a ton of fun watching classic Turtles...once I ignore the stupid Michelangelo cheap-laugh moments of course. And I had a lot of fun watching and doing my own commentaries for this video.

    Speaking of which, "That's New York for Ya!" explains many of the moral questions the show raises. Why does that old woman have a gun? Why do they not care about the people dying in that building? Why are the cops so inefficient? That's New York for Ya!

    Great video, Doug! When a viewer such as myself can truly appreciate the nostalgia of something here because they lived through it, it's really what makes everything shine.

    Speaking of which, here's a fun game to play at home while watching Classic Ninja Turtles cartoons: look at a character or vehicle and see which toys you owned growing up. I really loved that Van! In the immortal words of Freakazoid, "How Toyetic can you get?"
  • KlawedFlaw
    Hey... I remember you from Devientart. I'm Infernothestrange on there.
  • The Green Fred
    Oh, hey, I didn't realize you got a an account here.

    Anyways, yeah, I agree with most of what you said. Good to hear that I wasn't the only one waiting to see if the Critic's thoughts on, well, "bullshit moments" were the same as mine!
  • Annie-Mae
    Ah interesting new concept. This is not an issue I had with shows like Animaniacs, as they're written to be timeless even if they are made in a certain time period. Speaking of A! is that old lady Tress MacNeille?

    My experience with TMNT is that I knew of them...and over 25 years later my dad tells me he didn't like me watching them cause I was too little and they were violent...but they are a good franchise of fun 80's cheese.

    When it comes to the ninja district I'll just say they're not hiding themselves very well. I will say Shredder's got connections to be a Ninja with a super army of robots and cameras. Thank you for the prince of bell air reference.

    I have a request for your next one He-Man. I didn't grow up watching that but I enjoy just how weird that show is.
  • Korahn
    Pretty sure the old lady AND the female Neutrino were voiced by Tress.
  • Annie-Mae
    I liked hearing Rob Paulsen too. :) I think his normal speaking voice is better then his characters (Such as with the Mr. Opportunity character)
  • Talvrae
    That was Great Doug. can,t wait you will see next with that serie...
    and yeah it confirm old show didnt age well
  • RolePlayHumor
    I watched Season 1 and 2 sometime last year, cheesy but enjoyable =D
  • Deimos1984rd
    That was pretty good, should I fear Sequel month??
  • Krone  - First Page
    Btw: Awesome video!
  • Homme  - Wohoo
    New NC! And it rocks! So do the Turtles XD
  • akkuma420
    FIRST... page.

    I love this cartoon.

    I just recently re-watched it.
    I didn't remember it being so cheesy as a kid... still awesome none the less though.
  • DuosAngel
    Never saw the TMNT cartoon myself but it looks like something I would have really enjoyed as a kid.

    I can't wait for sequel month. Mostly Never Ending Story 3 which is the only movie for next month I've seen.
  • MSH-Hitman
    Ahhh...the most defining cartoon of my childhood. There was nothing I was more into than TMNT. I had a birthday cake that was shaped as Michelangelo for my 5th birthday and to this day, is the best cake my mom ever made lol

    Really cool to see this be the first pick of the new series and I can't wait to see more along with upcoming "Sequel Month".

    Now excuse me while I go take a look at buying the DVDs of TMNT lol
  • ribinfo  - yay
    YAY a new segment!
  • SuccubusYuri
    I always imagined that the Foot-soldiers were unionized and weren't allowed to drive the techno-drome more than 30ft without getting paid triple overtime, myself.

    I got one of the Burger King VHS's, from much later in the show. Still some sloppy voice sync, but plenty of silly science =P
  • Chosen Zelos  - LOL at Old lady with a gun
    Well, it IS New York.
  • MongooseDave2
    One show I think you'd have a lot of fun tearing apart from the 90's is Street Sharks. I have some episodes still on tape and watching it now I see just how terrible/hilarious it was. They couldn't animate those sharks consistently to save their lives.
  • Fairfield
    Seeing this review of the original episodes of the 1980s show is part awesome, for what it was, and part sad, for what it became. There's actual martial arts and melee combat, a warped-but-recognizeable backstory fromt he comics, continuity from episode to episode (the stupid out-of-order VHS isn't the writers' fault), and generally some real conflict and suspense between the moments of silliness. In fact, these early episodes have some downright uncanny similarities to the early episodes of the 2003 TMNT series. This is the sort of stuff I hoped the show would be, and it's a shame that later it got watered down in a lot of ways, whatwith all the ridiculous slapstick replacing combat.

    It's also for that reason that [i]Turtles Forever[/i] forever kind of pissed me off at times--I was really hoping that it could restore the 1980s characters to the badasses they were in their original episodes, opening theme and video games, but no such luck; that special just played up their lack of seriousness in later episodes to levels that almost insult the original series.
  • Pikmintaro
    Great video as always, I never watched the Turtles show though.

    Also that Krang guy sort of sounds like Karras from Thief 2.

    And about that collapsing building, I think we are supposed to assume that there was nobody else inside it, I doubt they would be so nonchalant about it collapsing if it was full of people.
  • SixSeven83
    Obviously, growing up as a kid growing up in the 80's, and early 90's, TMNT were a huge part of my childhood!

    I had the toys, and the video tapes, and the pajamas. If the Ninja Turtles were on it, I had it!

    Even the Coming Out of Their Shells album that you reviewed a couple of years ago.

    Looking back, I had no idea April O'Neil was so stacked! Jesus Christ, what a rack!

    Great review. I laughed hysterically at the "Pillowy Mounds of Mashed Po-ta-toes" line from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!

    Sequel Month should be awesome. Although, the thought of Ferngully 2 might give me nightmares, and I've never seen a second of it!

    Keep up the great work!
  • Themonsean
    Why wouldn't I trust a shadowy figure that looks like a Darth Vader mixed with a Cheese grader? Thats how my friend got his own Death star....witch he used to destroy Allderan 2...why do people give him stuff like that...
  • Volt
    Awesome I can't wait for u to do more of these. And can't wait for sequel month and to see your Jack Black jokes in Neverending Story III may Chuck Norris be with you.
  • Korahn
    I STILL have these VHS tapes. Well, technically, my kids got them at a yard sale a few years ago, but they are sitting neatly in a box with all my other VHS movies.
  • sonic16
    I just love how you can tell it's gonna be a positive review by the tone of his greeting :D
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