Godzilla (1998)

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  • DaMentalTeen44
    GODDAMN COOL ADVERTISEMENT!! Whoever did the ads for those movies did their job VERY well. >:(
  • HakureiReimu
    Maybe THEY should have made these movies.
  • Sheranda
    Hah! There you go! The people who did those advertisements should have been doing the movies! Excellent point!
  • LikaLaruku
    The French have won more wars than America will ever fight, but because they surrendered once ever, they get labeled as "surrender monkeys?"
  • PublicEnemy
    lol nice

    I remember watchin this movie and hatin it as a kid, cause it wasnt the Godzilla I knew and loved
  • Pyro93
    I saw this movie when i was 6 and hated it. still do
  • DisposableJustice
    Man this movie was just ass...great review as always
  • Kaor
    Hmm..yes, good review, good review. And the thing with the one egg left is that they made a cartoon for this movie, which was the continuation, and then they planned to do a sequel after the show ended. Why didn't they? Well, as you probably can guess, they both sucked balls.
  • UnicornExertion  - i was 8
    i saw it at the movies and enjoyed it of course i dont remember it that much! you and avgn are so close he did this ...kinda lol
  • Opera Guy  - So did I
    The problem was alot of people just found too much to nit-pick.
  • XanltheCSG
    same here, i dont know why everyone hates it so much
  • poetgriot
    People hate this movie because the creators just took the name Godzilla and made a half assed crappy CGI monster movie. People hate it because it ruined Godzilla for a lot of people for a long time. It made it even harder for Godzilla fans to be Godzilla fans cause this movie made Godzilla look stupid to the movie going public. The creators of Godzilla(the good ones) discounted this movie in several of their own movies.
  • Maverick21
    that is indeed a lot of fish
  • Cinemysteria  - YEEEEEEAAAAAH!!!!!!!
    YEAH FINALLY!!!! I FUCKIN HATE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT!!!(Being a major Godzilla fan myself) awesome review!!!!
  • Maverick21
    i agree with pac, independence day was good, not great but certainly not bad. it had will smith ffs.
  • Phalyn
    Why all the hate for ID4? Yes, I still call it that.
    I thought it was a cool movie, but this one, was just awful. So predictable and horribly acted.
    I didnt know they were the mastermind behind 10,000, the reason I avoided that was because of its similarity to Pathfinder, now that was a shitty movie.
  • Opera Guy  - yeah
    No dought.........hahha
  • S_Pac_3:16  - But...
    I did hate this movie! It had nothing to do with Godzilla other than sharing the same name, which the Nerd expressed in his Godzilla-thon.

    Good review NC! Your were not alone, we all had to suffer 10 years ago. I remember all the hype and advertising they made for this movie...
  • animerocksautistic
    Good review, but I was hoping you'd drop in a Ferris Bueller joke, when mentioning Mr Broderick.

    "That was a lot of fish!"
  • DanManX  - Okay okay
    I admit I liked all three movies when I was younger. Godzilla less so, because I was a huge actual Godzilla fan, but still...

    But while I can admit today that none of the three films are all that great, Stargate and ID4 are at least entertaining. And of course, Stargate launched SG-1 and Atlantis, two of my favorite shows. Yes, I'm a huge nerd. So it can't be ALL bad, can it? ...please?
  • Lavender  - But... But...
    I liked [i]The Day After Tomorrow[/i] :(

    Great review! ;)
  • bcacritic
    im gonna revew that movie soon but first ill revew bionicle 3 bothe of those movies suked!!!
  • Lavender  - Forgot to add...
    I lolled so hard when suddenly Batman popped in between the helicopter/plane scene :D
  • Jenx
    Funny review but..uh...Godzilla is not supposed to be just a lizard? And he breathes fire and shit like that?
  • Quang  - But
    I love the day after tommmorow it really gave me the thrills :)
  • CMWaters
    I liked ID4 as well.

    Didn't like Godzilla...or the toon that was spawned off the ending of the movie.

    Stargate I haven't seen, but it must have done SOMETHING right to have made two different many season length TV shows out of.
  • monsternerd  - ...
    so uhhh...do you think when a 20 story tall monster is walking through the city, it will break more shit?


    almost all the buildings were still in tact...

    if a plane can take out the world trade center, dont you think godzilla can do some damage (brb cia is knocking on my door to beat the living shit out of me)
    and how the fuck does that monster move under the city anyways?

    why did jean reno have to be in this movie?
    he is one of the few actors I respect still
    but yes if I thought this movie sucked when I was eight, I knew this move would be torn apart from you NC
    and a great tearing you did
    my hat is tipped to you good sir
  • Erinaceus  - We. Won't. Get. Fooled. Again.

    A movie that uses viral marketing tactics and never reveals the monster until later?

    [i]I could swear, that idea has resurfaced somewhere before...[/i]


    I'm quite glad Emmerich and Devlin were forced to surrender the rights to the Stargate franchise to MGM, though. That godsend of a move spawned one of my favorite science fiction shows of all time, Stargate SG-1, and then spun off a worthy successor, Atlantis. I just hope Stargate Universe doesn't start the Trek-esque franchise death ride...

    But yeah, it's pretty sad when the critics you're satirizing criticize you for not being satirical enough for them. R.I.P., Gene Siskel. At least you didn't live to see what kind of shit Buena Vista Entertainment has since turned your show into.

  • baba44713  - So funny...
    That's a lot of fish! Bwahaha! Get it? A lot? Of fish?

    Seriously, my gut burst from laughter after Broderick made that line. It was brilliant! And, better yet, it's a catchphrase you can use in every situation to make you a) funny, b) movie-smart and c) just damn cool! And chicks dig that.

    "Bob, you seem like such a nice guy.."
    "Well, you know... that's a lot of fish!"

    See? Brilliant!
  • Grumbletok  - Nice!
    Nice review, even though i have to point out that Godzilla was supposed to be a dinosaur, who ate both meat and fish, some of them were specialized in waterfall hunting, like bears do, but, hey, doesn't stop the fact that it was a awesome review!

    Even though i thought Godzilla looked cool, since i'm a fan of monsters overall... But still... He just got messed up in this movie >_>'
  • Snelfisk
    I acually liked this movie, same with ID4 and Day after Tomorrow

    And im looking forward to see 2012, so for the first time i have to disagree with you
  • dakostro  - The Joke Abortion was a smart move
    When World Trade Center was first brought up, I actually got a little worried. But I was glad that you pulled the Joke Abortion switch, that was done in very good taste. I know your intention was never to make fun of 9/11, but it's hard to get past how strange it is to watch a pre-9/11 movie where something like that gets brought up.

    Btw, "blow me" might not be the best choice of words after talking about the chick with a dick from The Crying Game. :D
  • baba44713  - As for the "I like ID4" comments...
    ID4 a good movie? Have you actually SEEN it?

    I don't know what bothered me more, a) cheesiness, b) stupidity, c) phony patriotism or d) gah - the ending. I remember paying double price to go see a theater ID4 pre-premiere which was shown during the night before the actual premiere - about 2am I think - and feeling later I would have been much better off if I just thrown that money out of the window and then went to sleep. Boy, was that a trash of the worst kind - when Pullman, the "president" decided he would get into the jet-fighter to get up close and personal with the aliens I don't think there was a single member of the audience who didn't either boo or was laughing his ass off.

    Oh, as for the Stargate, I still think it's a movie with one of the greatest build-ups ever. Perhaps one day someone can reshoot the crappy second half and make a truly great flick. Also, SG-1 perhaps could have been good if they just retconned all the Ra crap. They didn't, so it wasn't.
  • DarkWatch
    Personally I don't see what was wrong with the President fighting aliens. I thought that was pretty bad ass. Stupid as hell in real life, but bad ass in movie. I considered the movie a great birthday present for me.
  • Kiyo
    I love you but, well, this isn't your best review, it's just ok.
    I suppose everyone can have a bad day :< Even GODS.
  • ChadVision
    Damn Roland Emmerich, my icon is a character based off his socially awkward nerdy characters, except I liked Hal Emmerich he's more of a in depth character than all of Roland's characters(and I mean ALL).

    Godzilla was terrible and I have it yet to be burned in my fire place on VHS. Also 10,000 BC, saw it in the movies theatres because I was forced, I hated that movie soooooooooo much I can't even describe how bad it was. Me and my brother made fun of it the whole time we where watching it and just laughing our arse's off during some of the stupidest dialog we've ever heard in a movie.
  • sonofthatguywiththeglasses
    why does every one hate godzilla? i mean yes i am a hardcore godzilla fan but this wasent half bad i mean the story was pretty cool it had some good spcal efects and it had a great build up
  • krol146  - I loved this review
    and i agree wit most of what you say, but am i the only one that thought independence day was awesome? I really love that movie. That and Mortal Kombat 1 are both very cheesy buy i really like them.
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