The Room

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What Year does the review take place in?
What does Doug cover up Tommy's butt with?
The Flower shop scene begins during what time point in the review?
What reviewers make a cameo during the review?
What is the 'First legitimate question' asked in the movie?

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Comments (1077)
  • wonderBOY316
    I like how he produce the movie twice
  • Cronnix
    Well, it's an indie movie done by amateurs.. not really something to flame :P

    Overall a bit boring review but I guess boring movie is to blame..
  • Squeejee
    But you know what? It's so bad it's as if they INTENDED it to be that way. And that makes it worth checking out.

    Ugh, I know an acting class who could act proverbial circles around this entire class. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go rehearse. Nothing in particular, I just need to practice so I'm never this bad.
  • eviljim
    Huh? Just because it's an Indie film doesn't excuse the bad acting also it has a shit script to begin with, so that doesn't help. Have you seen Moon(5 million) directed by Duncan Jones aka David Bowie's son? There tons of great indie films that have smaller budgets and better acting.
  • Shadowdancer21b
    I sure you mean Dawn of the Dead or Day of the Dead, right? There is no film called Day of the Living Dead on IMDB.
  • Arike475  - .
    yay the room is back!
    We get to make fun of Tommy Wiseau Again!
  • TheEvilYoshiKiller  - The Nostalgia Critic
    He has a tail now?

    *hands him his paw*

    Welcome to the furry fandom.
  • H Hog
    Gooble Gobble Gooble Gobble?
  • kopaka4992  - YES
    Here i thought i was the only one who had seen Freaks. Major points to you.
  • The Goth
    Actually, hate to be the party pooper, but just a tail and / or ears does not make a furry. There's other things altogether for those, such as nekomimi for cat ears / tail and okamimimi for wolf ears / tail.
  • Mucca  - Quiet, you
    This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.
  • martintox
    *insert 2001:A Space Odyssey here*
  • arkzist  - huh
    so according to your logic sayins are furries... right....
  • Calbeck
    OH SNAP.

    ...yeah, okay, that's way overused. How about, um...hang on. Lemme think about this.

    *ponders a better tagline for a few minutes*

    Nope. Sorry. I got nothin'. -:/


    Oh, Critic, BTW, we'll be expecting your porn art dues by Friday, something that does a Rule 34 on a beloved Sat AM cartoon show usually does the trick. Remember that extra points are earned for exaggerated anatomy and "DO NOT STEAL" copyright notices regarding obvious rips from already-copyrighted characters.

    Just a heads-up there.
  • dennett316
    Boring review? I think your sense of humour must have shrivelled and died.
    And just because it's an indie film doesn't excuse a poorly acted vanity project such as this.
  • leidbag
    125 thumbs down and counting...
  • akkuma420
    I guess 245 thumbs down is enough to tell you that you should probably tread lightly when it comes to "The Room" and NC.
  • badgersprite
    You know this movie had a $6 million budget, right?
  • HalfLife2fan
    maybe because of how FUBAR it is!!
  • MasterOfBerries
    Not every indie movie sucks. "Pulp Fiction" was an indie film and that was awesome. Broaden your horizon, moron.
  • BrockValentine  - Uh, are you on downers or something?
    This is one of the critic's finest reviews, the rating speaks for itself. And just because its an indie movie doesn't excuse it from having literally the most absurd acting and writing ever.
  • thorondragon
    seems more like a movie done by idiots to me.
  • baldguy  - i dont understand
    This movie is so bad that i had to download it and watch it
    i mean its beyond bad it has reached a level of good in it
    i really didnt know such movies exist and i think its the first of its kind
    critic i really understand how hard your work is, i can just imagine u had to watch this several times to make comments, u also had to edit its like...i dont want to start
    i salute u
  • ManOfThe90s  - May God be with you
    K guys, this guy knows. He's seen. You don't know until you've seen it. The movie is so bad that it needs a fund to help victims of PTRS (post-traumatic Room syndrome).
  • Onthatpowder
    THis movie drove me to drink a gallon of Drain-O, it's THAT BAD!!
  • BIRA
    You know what would be interesting Doug? Have other guys not associeted with your site to review your movie. You should make it public on internet.

    But review it anyway, will be fun.
  • forsaken7089
    KICK ASS. IT'S BACK, LOL. FU to everyone that wanted it taken down.

    If you don't know, he had this up months ago but took it down because they complained about it. It's THAT bad. The review was still watchable if you got it off Demonoid or such, but not on his site. But now it's back and you can watch it here. EPIC.
  • Sheranda
    What are you talking about? The badness of the movie had nothing to do with it. It was the people who owned the rights to the movie who complained.
  • TheCrimsonRogue  - Exec Producer vs. Producer
    Executive producer means they have a financial stake in the movie while a regular producer is the one who handles the budget, decides on the absolute final cut of the film, etc.
  • SCB92
    I think a cutaway of Citizen Kane in the part where he wrecks everything is a missed opportunity, but its great to see the Critic review the WORST MOVIE EVER MADE!
  • Plutoburns  - Produce
    What is the difference between an Executive Producer and a plain old Producer?
  • kingj2038  - I love this movie
    It's flawless. Simply a perfect film.
  • Eleniel
    Are you seriuos?????????
  • PLA
    Yes, I'm sure he's super serial.
  • Spaniel1
    I don't know what you're smoking, but this movie is shit.
  • Lodeman AKA LARUCUS
    Does this mean that john from the room is dead??
  • MatthewDLuffy  - I could not agree more.
    This is the staple that all directors/writers should go to when making a movie.
  • XJ-47  - nice
    nice review
  • Anonymous Jr.
    Finally! I've been waiting weeks for this review! :woohoo:
  • rudy023
    You actually found a movie worse than Garbage Pail Kids or Battlefield Earth! ...well maybe not worse than Battlefield Earth. "Is he dead?" :D Please restrain me from making tasteless dumb blonde jokes!
  • Psychopatrick88
    When I saw that, I was kind of hoping NC would play the clip of Rocco from Boondock Saints. "Is it dead??"
  • ThatBritWithTheLongHair
    Hmmmmm, i would have though you'd save this review for something special
  • FullmetalNinja25
    Oh hai Critic, what a terrible movie this is ha? Don't worry about it.
  • imTKA
    Thank you for this comment, thank you.
    I kept laughing for 20 minutes, because I read your comment out loud in the Tommy Wiseau accent and went hysterical.
  • Fanofyou
    The Room? I fear for your sanity.
  • ThatKidWithTheBat
    God damn. Good review, but I need to track down a copy of this movie.
  • mochaloca85
    I'm sure it will be Adult Swim's April Fool's Day joke again next year.
  • Scott
    Did blip change their player?
  • Jord68
    yup and it sucks, now the damn bar doesn't go away.
  • EarthboundXE
    Plus you can't use the left and right arrow keys to move back and forward, I'm gonna miss that...

    I've seen this movie, it's the worst movie I've ever seen in my entire life.

    It's worse the Hands: Hands of Fate!
  • Shadowdancer21b
    Manos: the Hands of Fate? Yes, I think this film is much worse.
  • EarthboundXE
    Yep, I said Hands: Hands of Fate, because Manos is Spanish for hands, lol.
  • 0dd1
    Just put it in full screen, get out of it, then go back into it again. That's how I got it to be without the bar.
  • ap48
    Awesome. Just pure awesome. You even included Doc. What more could a person want? Plus: Seahorses=LOL WAT?
  • KevinSutton  - Nuts...
    Of all the luck... I can't watch this yet, I'm seeing this movie in a theater in three days. :(
  • VillainIsLemony
    "Granny will bust a cap in your ass!" :D
  • CoconutWarrior
    and of course I get comment downvoted, wonderful
  • dennett316
    Why do you care?
  • demin8891
    Aww, did the Internet hurt your feelings?
  • The Maskeraider
    Loved seeing you slowly lose your mind from this movie, Critic! Another classic, haven't laughed so hard like this for a while.

    Didn't expect to see Lupa, Linkara, or Spoony in your review. Actually, I expected something about Lupa since she reviewed this movie already.
  • whatever42
    I was also waiting for an appearence from Lupa. She absolutely had to be here. The Spoony and Linkara cameos were definitely a nice surprise. :)

    I watched Lupa's review of this movie and couldn't fully believe what I had witnessed. Now, after watching your review, I have no choice but to accept its existance, find a copy of it, and show it to everyone I know so they will know true horror and they will be as stupid as I have become by, basically, watching it. :evil:

    Seriously though, I don't think I've ever laughed more at one of your reviews Doug. The movie is just so ripe to pick on and your jokes worked so well, there was barely a moment when I wasn't laughing, or gaping at awkwardity. Really, does anyone share my opinion that Danny might be the most awkward movie character ever. In a bad way of course; the true holder of the good way honor is Christopher Walken.

    I think my favorite jokes were probably the Monty Python joke, achieveing enlightenment through the worst acting ever, and seahorses ruling the Earth. I honestly did not see that one coming. I would have thought it would be the sea urchins. :P

    To sum up, awesome review Doug; this movie defies the fabric of reality in its awfulness.
  • doggans
    Go back and watch Linkara and Spoony's Warrior 2&3 review. They know the horror; they've both BEEN Tommy Wiseau!
  • gaaralee1234
    \(^.^)/ NEW CRITIC!!!
    I knew them seahorses were gonna take over but nooo you guys didn't listen!
  • Uberpig
    Of course they took over. Their men can get pregnant.
  • Annie-Mae
    You are TEARING me apart, Critic!
  • RyanKaufman
    I'm always a little skeptical on films that star their director/writer. The Twilight directors should spew out the oh-so-true line of "It's a comedy! It was intended that way!". Also is it just me or does Lisa come off as an awful bitch? "He's boring, I don't like him anymore" go jump off a cliff, sheesh.
  • Jezzy54
    What about Gran Torino?
  • matt.recneps
    Lisa is over the top self-centered, the other characters in the film praise Johnny every chance they get, and all of it sounds ham-fisted.

    A popular theory (and a very good one if you ask me) is that the story is loosely based on one of Wiseau's failed relationships. Given that he wrote, produced, directed, and starred in the movie himself, the whole thing comes across as a last angry letter from a jilted ex.

    The only thing that doesn't make sense when you look at it from that angle is why everyone talks about how beautiful Lisa is. Is Wiseau trying to show how awesome he is by pointing out that he had a beautiful fiancee? Is the message to his ex, "You're pretty but you're an evil bitch?" And why am I trying to look for a deeper meaning in a movie like this?
  • ZeldaQueen
    I think it's just like Tommy's going "Ha, look how great I am, I got a beautiful girl!"

    Or, if the jilted lover thing is true, it could be that he was basically doing a fictional fit pitch. Like the ex was a girl everyone said was pretty and she cheated on him. So he makes a movie that basically goes "Well what if I killed myself? THEN YOU'D BE SORRY! :angry:"

    Or, he had no idea what he was doing. Any or.
  • Apoptosis
    Haha, Spoony's cameo freaking out! And Loopa and Linkara telling you to leave that movie alone.

    God that acting was horrorific, but i guess that the change of location made it worth the watch.
  • Perrisgeist
    Awesome fun, though I'll admit I have a soft spot for this one. Keep up the awesome work.
  • Punky
    I almost choke with Jello while watching this. LOL!
    This movie is so awful that you need to have it in your movie collection. I have xD
  • Eyeshot
    Seahorses? Sounds like something that came out of the random-plot generator.

    A few points:

    1. I didn't see this vid all the way through on the first night since I had to go to work. I really did think he was gonna review his own movie.
    2. This movie has even worse acting than in Silent Hill: The Room. Yikes.
    3. That blonde babe might be the best actor in the picture. Yikes.
    4. Spoony can do an excellent impression of a little girl screaming.
    5. I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that Tommy Wiseau had had brain surgery just before production. It's the only explanation!
  • jz1337
    Nice review man, worth staying up to wait for these every Tuesday lol.
  • FieldMarshalPatton^3
    mr. critic i must tell you this film has just caused myself to have a stroke, as i am having my nurse type this i just want you to know......i too have bought a dead parrot i mean person
  • aurum-femina
    Wow! This was one hilarious review. I love how you show complete confusion at this movie!

    I've only watched bits of this movie, but now I'm actually really tempted to see the whole "intentionally" bad thing, as Tommy Wiseau puts it. Haha.

    But seriously, is he dead?
  • Freds
    I liked this review, but Blip's new layout or whatever annoys me. Why can't we skip these gay-ass ads?!
  • Toreka
    Because they pay for the site?
  • Mides
    There are ads?
  • stillravenmad
    This movie's glorious awfulness has actually rendered me speechless. [i]Me[/i].
  • MkidTrigun
    The results of the test came back... I definitely hate this film to pieces.

    And yet- it's still so awesome at the same time.
  • Weebobo
    how did the other reveiwer contact you in the future?
  • Neuroplay  - Paradoxes!
    Linkara and Spoony are not bound to the same time/space matrix as most mere mortals, being super heroes and all. Duh.
  • MindGamer  - Re: Paradoxes!
    But then, what about Obscurus Lupa? She showed up first! I mean... Gah! Plot holes abound without even a joke to reference it! That's just... wrong!
  • Holidayclusterfuck
    Maybe saw half of it in the beginning, but didn't see the entire movie, THANK GOD!
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