Independence Day

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  • RidleyOmega
    Terrific as always XD
  • Vinny792
    DOUG If you had a DOG, you'd understand. People care for their pets just as much as they care for the love of their childeren. YOU ARE COLD HEARTED for to think anyone would abandon their dogs to die.
  • kojikatsuya
    Jeez, we're you paying attention?

  • saint23thomas
    You forgot to squeal.

    Also, I thought Doug had a dog.
  • BigTopBrain
    Hmm... wait for my dog Cocoa or close the door to save my toddler son... Sorry, Vin, but I'm going to pick my son over my dog every time.

    It's not about abandoning the dog: he's probably lost anyway. At that point it's about saving who you can.
  • JohntheChristian
    I contend that anyone who loves their pets as much as their children should not have children.
  • BenjaminBupkus
    I contend that dogs do not grow up to be decent individuals and productive members of society when raised right.

    I also contend that cheese tastes better on a toasted bun than on a piece of plain bread.
  • adrasl300  - re:
    [quote=BenjaminBupkus]I contend that dogs do not grow up to be decent individuals and productive members of society when raised right. [/quote]
    So wrong you are motherfucker!
    My generation is made up off Shiftless escapists! What makes you think your kids will be better!?
  • BigTopBrain  - you're right
    Hence the generation that (predominantly) liked this movie... I was among them until recent years!
  • Shadow_Nature
    You seemed to totally ignore the bit where he said 'when raised right.'
  • SciFiGi  - Chill out
    Wow....flame-tastic!'s a review of a crappy movie! Mellow out and laugh.
  • death of snipers  - this is getting redicuous
    and I contend that being raised right is very subjective and usually doesn't help, as a whole, dogs are better than humans simply because dogs don't work to destroy the planet with every move they make. So I honestly cared more about boomer in that scene than the humans, hell, in this movie, I was thinking the whole time; you know, those aliens are probably only doing this to save the rest of the universe, I mean think about it, if you were part of a superior alien race, and saw a species with our track record, you would blow them the fuck up to ensure they never got the chance to damage the rest of the galaxy
  • hsin
    would you take your son or your dog?
    good work NC the stephany joke was the funniest thing ive seen in a while
  • stillravenmad  - re:
    Sometimes I think people get offended for the hell of it.

    If I had to chose between protecting my child and saving my dog, I would protect my child. That's not coldhearted; that's called being a good parent.
  • adrasl300
    You know that may sound sensible but its not a choice thats easy to make in the blink of an eye.
    Kinda like choosing to kill some sickly man in a sealed off cave because he is breathing up the oxygen. He is sickly and weak and will probably not make it anyway but its not easy. Just sensible.
  • stillravenmad
    I never said it was easy. Not one single time. I said that it is the responsibility of a parent to protect his or her child. It has nothing to do with compassion for animals. I love my dog and I would be destroyed if anything happened to her. Protecting my child would be more important. I never said it was easy.

    It's more than just sensible. It is the right thing to do in every definition of the term. What's right is not always easy.
  • Soviet Canukistan
    Actually it's nothing like murdering a human being it's a dog! The only people who wouldn't instinctively close the door to protect their child are the crazy weird "pet people" who think their animals [i][/i]are[i][/i] human beings!
  • mknote
    I'd save the dog.

    Probably because my dog is quite literally the only thing in this world that I love, and I utterly hate children. It's a good thing, I suppose, that I'd rather castrate myself with a rusty pair of scissors and citrus juice than have children, no?

    And I have to say, Critic, that this review was [i]hilarious[/i], and this is coming from a person who [i]likes[/i] this movie. Such is the mark of a great entertainer. Kudos.

  • purplexxlove
    You would make a TERRIBLE parent.
  • Spongeman25  - Sad this is...
    [quote=Vinny792]DOUG If you had a DOG, you'd understand. People care for their pets just as much as they care for the love of their childeren. YOU ARE COLD HEARTED for to think anyone would abandon their dogs to die.[/quote]

    [quote=purplexxlove]You would make a TERRIBLE parent.[/quote]

    You know the sad thing purplexxlove? It's 85 percent of these morons like that guy who are most likely parents. And people wonder why our economy is going down the toilet and such. Maybe that should be like a question in Highschool or SAT's.

    "In Independence Day, a woman and her child take cover from a giant blast of fire, but there dog is left outside. As the mother, would you
    A. Wait for the dog hoping he would make it to cover with you in time?
    Or B. Would close the door and tell PETA to go screw themselves?"

    If the following participant answered A, please neuter and spay them like a dog, also take away their right to vote as to ensure America isn't listening to the wills and pleas of a moron.
  • adrasl300
    Man you guys are uneccesarily harsh assholes!
    Grow some fucking empathy! Besides everyone knows that a dogs life is more important then a humans in movies. They are typically seen as innocent, loyal and uncorrupted by society.
    Unlike teens who can get killed off left and right.
  • adrasl300
    Ahh yeah give me thumbs down for telling the truth. Like it or not movie audiences are more sensitive to a pet dying then they are to a human being. Thats just a fact.
  • Gordon Freeman
    I guess they don't want to listen! :lol:
  • stillravenmad
    I had no idea that thinking protecting your child is the number one priority of a parent was lacking empathy. Silly me.

    I know that makes me an asshole, because protecting children is such a horrible thing.

    I really don't care that dogs are more important than people in movies. They should have just left the dog out if they didn't want that to be brought into question.
  • SayaCeline
    How dare you want to protect the child you birthed (or watched being birthed if you're a guy) over the fluffy puppy!!! The child has no cuddly fur so is therefore unimportant! :P
  • aezu
    Just your average white knight, arguing with anyone and everyone just too seem important.
    Any-who, I congratulate your raeg, you've gotten away with trolling so many before people started catching on. Hopefully someday you'll learn that this is the internet. Nobody gives a shit. Empathy is for the real world. Good luck, and have a nice day!

    (PS, I look forward to your defence of ol' Yeller)
  • Simmons1114  - The other side
    or alternatively

    "In Independence Day, a woman and her dog take cover from a giant blast of fire, but their child is left outside. As the mother, would you
    A. Wait for the child hoping he would make it to cover with you in time risking death via fire?
    Or B. Would close the door? ensuring your own safety"

  • akukama
    I'm sorry, but this is ridiculous. Although I understand people's desire to save their children at all costs, I think it's stupid to demand that other people share that desire.

    I, for one, am in the "save the dog" camp. And yes, I realize I would be an awful parent. I never intend to have children. Still, I would risk my own life to save my dog's, and I have no reason to value a child's life more than my own in that regard. This does not, as spongeman25 seems to think, make me an irresponsible and horrible person. Being a bad parent is not the same as being a bad person. This "take away their right to vote" nonsense is... nonsense.

    I know I'm taking this too seriously, but it bothered me enough that I created an account to comment about it.

    Also, I like the Nostalgia Critic!
  • Arike475
    you wouldnt live a very long life
    Not just the child but her own life was at stake
    Option A: Save urself and ur infant son
    option B: Risk both ur lives for that stupid dog
    If she had risked it they might have all died

    But this movie lacks common sense so i digress
  • dmwdp001
    YOU ARE AN IMBECILE if you think that your pet's life is in any way as important as your child's life. Yes a dog is a living thing and it's life dose have value. However the lives of your offspring are should be uncontested as the most important and valuable thing you have.

    A child is an individual's contribution to the future of humanity. The lessons you teach them and the genes you pass on to them allow who you are to carry on into future generations long after you die. If your child doesn't live long enough to have and raise his or her own child or children then effectively [i]you never existed[/i].

    Anyone who's child's life isn't the most important thing they can imagine, frankly doesn't deserve to have their genes passed on, and if they end up getting themselves and their child killed trying to save a dog's life then as far as I'm concerned it's just Darwinism in action!
  • CopyleftRecords
    Anyone who would go back for their dog deserves to die in an explosion from an alien spacecraft. Seriously, that's moronic.
  • leidbag
    Yes, never mind all those people getting charred behind Boomer, eh?
  • moonymonster
    If I had to pick my dog or my niece, I would pick my niece.

    That woman is a terrible mother.

    Anyway, NC, I liked the review. I think Will Smith is what saved the movie--the only reason I watched it was because of him. And the ending of your review was great, even if I think no one else is going to get it XD
  • Miumi
    I'm not saying that I disagree with you, because I don't really. but, in a real life emergency situation like: a hurricane, tsunami or tornado, people typically can't always take the time to save their pets. its incredibly sad, but its true. Look at Katrina, people were specifically told to leave their pets, not because they were less worth saving, but because they would take up room that they needed to save other people. Then when they could they went back to save what animals they could. The lucky thing is that animals have a good survival instinct and can usually find a safe place on their own.
    honestly I thought boomer was such a dork. I mean most dogs will follow their owners, but he just stood there while everyone was running. either he is very well trained or had a blond moment. OR! its a movie and it was used for dramatic effect.
  • Zer0.MediA
    Dear Vinny,

    When Doug talks about his "dog", he's not talking about his guido club buddy who he goes tanning with, and works out in the garage with... He means an animal of the K-9 species.

    You're welcome.
  • MollySchtook
    You have to be kidding! I love dogs - and don't have children - but sorry - child over animal any day.

    Another great video Doug! I HATE HATE HATE this film so much - but also have to admit Will Smith is just charming in everything he does - well nearly everything!
  • SayaCeline
    I have to disagree with you there. I have a dog that I've had for a long time (since he was two months old) that I absolutely love. He's my companion and makes me feel less lonely. Losing a pet is one thing, I've lost pets before. But losing a family member? Someone you love more than your own life? That's the worst feeling in the world.

    In a situation like that I'd leave my dog behind if I absolutely had to. My kid would be my number one priority.
  • NovaTheAngel
    To be franc, I'd hate to be on the same side as many of the fanatics here, but I would actually try to save everyone. Though I don't have children so it's hard for me to feel what most others here do. There is so much to say in a debate like this, and I'm so sure that NONE of you are worth the effort to go in all detail why to save the dog or not.

    Instead I will give you a short answer why I would save my dog. Since I don't have children I'm switching the kid for one of my siblings instead, to make it at least a little more realistic.

    As I said, I would try to save BOTH. I would try to find a safe place for my brother/sister and go back alone to find my dog. Here comes why: I love my dog, as much as anyone should love anything in this world. Yes she has AT LEAST as much worth as anyone else I know, because she has saved my life a few times (for real) and makes my life worth living. I feel that I at least owe here an attempt to save hers.

    Peace be on you all.

    And critic, loved the review. Keep up the good work ;)
  • thatkidwiththepimples
    [color=teal][size=medium] Why did you say that in reply to Omega?[/size][/color]
  • LokkiLePese
    And Vinny, you are taking this too seriously. Chill out, and be mature about it. It's a joke.
  • Kryss LaBryn
    Mm, I have a dog of whom I'm very fond; but given the choice of the really, really high probability of my children's (AND dog's, not to mention my own) painful death or the really, really high probability of just the dog dying, I'll choose to abandon the dog and save my kids. Don't get me wrong, if I've got a chance to save the dog too, I will; but as much as I like him and as awesome a companion as he is, when it comes down to a choice between my kids and the dog, it's no choice at all.

    Awesome that it worked out okay in the movie, would have given him every chance to get to us myself; but I'd have had my shoulder to the door. And, yeah, if it came to it, I'd slam it shut.

    As a side note; I used to think that I loved my dogs (one in particular) like my own child-- until I actually had a child. Then I realized that, actually, I was just fond of the dog. What I felt for my kid so outweighed what I'd ever felt for the dog that there really wasn't a comparison. So I'm curious: obviously you have (or have had) a dog; do you have kids? :)
  • Kammerjunk
    [size=small]Yeah, but...[/size] [size=medium]Did Boomer make it okay?[/size]
  • LadyEpic
  • Mrluigifan102  - why so angry?
    c'mon, if he doesn't have a dog, he doesn't know how people behave when they do. ;)
  • Jack Faire
    I think it's more a case of in the real world not shutting the door means she was dead. The dog didn't live it simply beat the fire into the room.

    In the real world if your choice is live or die with your pet the hope is that most people would choose live.
  • wraith203
    There are already so many terrible things, it seems unnecessary for you to make up more.

    1) Goldbloom was not a cable repair man, that's just what his stereotype dad thought. You don't go to MIT to become a cable repair guy. etc etc

    2) The president flying a fighter makes sense because they said they were short pilots. He was a terrible president anyway, no big loss.
  • Cronnix
    Pretty hard to watch review.. Imho there are simply to many jokes, never giving you a chance to breath and actually enjoy the review..

    I simply get tired of being thrown a joke after joke at me non stop..
  • BIRA
    I like NC he is a badass, dislke Spoony, that is an stupid sissy. I think Doug should do more videos with Brad, cause he is much more enjoyable than Spoony.
  • Nayue
    Awesome review as usual. I love you, Bill Pullman. Best president ever.
  • BigTopBrain
    Screw that! Morgan Freeman ftw!
  • MarissaEvans
    I'm so happy you decided to review this.
  • har795
    Awesome review as always
  • drewder
    Why don't the aliens just leave us alone?
  • JunkWatcher
    Because then we wouldn't have horrible clich├ęd movies :P
  • veddabredda
    Because then we wouldn't have Doctor Who. And I need my Doctor Who.
  • QueensNYC2021
    I remember we had to watch the speech Bill Pullman gives for an English class on speech writing. So just get this, this movie was used to educate kids on writing a good speech. I've never been an Emmerlich fan, and probably never will. Movies aren't all about SFX.
  • Squeejee  - re:
    [quote=QueensNYC2021]I remember we had to watch the speech Bill Pullman gives for an English class on speech writing. So just get this, this movie was used to educate kids on writing a good speech.[/quote]

    Are you sure your teacher wasn't being ironic?

    Yeah, it IS a pretty bad movie, but you HAVE to admit that the uninhibited camp of it all has a kind of charm to it, and the action scenes are at least engaging - two traits that, sadly, have not been preserved in the later movies made by the team.
  • North is up
    Shit, the same thing happened in my engish class
  • bluenowait
    Boomer will live!
  • Boomer
    I'll do what now? :side:
  • Scatman16  - Answer:
    You will [b]LIVE![/b]
  • Garroboman
    I personally liked this movie but as always the NC always has good and funny points
  • savaged49
    Awesome just in time for independence day, give or take a day, although i got to say that alien through the window always creeps me out
  • zazakoolaid
    This was the first movie I ever saw in a theater.
  • LikaLaruku
    I'm failing to see why 2 people thumbed you down for this being your first theater movie. I suspect there are Trolls lurking about. Here, take this club & defend yourself.
  • sfga360
    In the words of Jack Nicholson:

    "Why can't we work out our differences? Why can't we work things out? Little people, why can't we all just get along?"
  • elgimpo
    I really will never understand why there is such an obsession in attacking North America in Alien films...
  • Formula Fox
    Because America is the most powerful nation on Earth militarily and therefore the biggest threat to any alien race considering an invasion, of course!

    ...Hey, I don't care what anyone else thinks about America, but that's the theory every sci-fi movie from America uses so just deal with it.
  • Squeejee
    I think it has more to do with the fact that Hollywood primarily targets American audiences (because for some reason we're willing to shell out an outrageous $10+ ticket price +food for EVERY MOVIE, not including the DVD price and, ugh, I'm going to stop here before this tirade spirals out of control), so any time Aliens are blowing sh*t up it has to either be American sh*t, or REALLY ubiquitous foreign sh*t ie Eiffel Tower / Great Wall of China / Pyramids of Gaza.
  • Kryss LaBryn
    Pyramids of Egypt. At Giza. Gaza is somewhere else.

  • rowdycmoore
    Or because the giant prehistoric monsters have already claimed dibs on the Far Eastern cities, duh.

    Yeah, I was watching Godzilla movies all weekend. And the REAL Godzilla movies, not Emmerich's piece of crap.
  • whatever42
    Yeah, I was about to say the same thing. It's the natural order of things. North America gets attacked by the aliens and giant monsters always attack the East, mostly Japan. Although that does make me wonder what attacks the different regions inbetween those two. :?:

    Anyway, I also didn't think the movie was that bad when I saw it. Of course, it was still funny to see you pick at it Doug. I think my favorite jokes in this one were the DO A BARREL ROLL! and Boomer Will Live. You should bring that up again if a similar situation arises.

    I can't wait for next week's. :)
  • LadyEpic
    Giant robots of course
  • Lobos222  - Why America
    If aliens came here for our resources and food. America would be the number one choice. Its where most of the fat people live...

  • leidbag
    No, it's because American movies make America the great heroic nation. As evidenced by the whitewashing of The Last Airbender.
  • Xatike
    Um...almost everyone was Asian or Arabic/Indian in the Last Airbender. The white people were the water benders, and there were far less than the other characters. I thought it was good that they were expanding on other races and pulling them into film, but I thought it was a bad choice to portray Arabic people as the enemy...not really pc.

    Plus...TLA sucked why are we even bringing it up?
  • BIRA
    And even so you can't get Osama looool

  • VictimOfThe90s
    Or maybe they are just afraid of Arab kamikaze planes. I mean after all they got more suicidal "rednecks" than the US. :side:
  • Skuzbucketlickmyponybutt  - Oregon
    Yes but the greatest thing about that is that no matter what Alien movie there is, Oregon is never Attacked! (the map shown mid movie in Independence day shows Oregon Free and Clear!!!!) It's prolly cause it rains too much in Western Oregon and too many drunk rednecks (America's secret alien exterminator) in Eastern Oregon (I was born in Western Oregon and raised in Eastern Oregon so I can say that >.> LOL)

    Have a wonderful Nanoo nanoo day.

    P.S. I have the "I was born and raised bit" in there because there's usually some asshole saying "well you don't know the people there" well yes I do and isn't it grand to live in a 500 population town where redneck kids have the Confederate Flag in the back window of their truck when they were born and raised in a state that was part of the Union during the civil war. Woot.
  • Marcwulf
    I'm willing to bet aliens will wanna kill us Oregonians when they find out Twilight was shot near Portland. Still makes me sad that I've been to the city where Twilight happened... I need booze now.
  • octupus8
    Watch/read "The Road". Sure there's no aliens, but Oregon doesn't get too lucky at all in it. :side:
  • Thunderriffs
    Hmm can't see that i saw this one coming, but I'm glad that you got around to doing this film I personally am in the group that absolutly hate this movie.
  • moviemaster8510
    a xenomorph casually pushing the doomsday button while casually playing cards with darth vader, marvin the martian, and alf, just made all those people dying fucking hilarious.
  • Data Human
    Anyone whos ays NC isn`t funny anymore should be strung up and beat vicously with a raw CARROT!!!
  • thelaughingfool
    After the Godzilla Review, I was wondering when you'd get around to this.
    Also, 10,000 B.C. was okay.
  • SayaCeline
    My mom and sister loved this movie. She took me when it was in theatres with her friend and friend's son. I got sick when the alien attacks the scientist and didn't want to see the end.

    But my mom's friend felt bad that I got too grossed out to even finish the movie so she gave me money for a box of candy and the arcade so I could be amused while mom and the other kid watched it (she didn't like the movie either so preferred to spend the remaining time with me in the game room)
  • Karri
    Funny. The first time I watched it, I got sick twice. It wasn't that I was afraid (I didn't find it a very scary movie). Perhaps it was the bad writing, although I guess I should blame the disgustingly sweet smell in the theater. Either way, I ended up having to ditch my friends and go home.

    Unfortunately, I had to go see it a second time with one of said friends.

    Anyhow, it was a good review, although not one of NC's best. It was somewhat funny to see that his criticism of Token Girlfriend's priorities led to the PETA gang coming out of the woodworks. I half expected NC to make a quip along the lines of, "Who ever heard of strippers being bad parents?"
  • TheFandango
    I have to say the "Boomer Will Live" joke got really old, really quickly. It just felt very forced. Other than that, very funny review.
  • LikaLaruku
    Boomer will live.
  • Marshmallowcreampie
    I've never seen this movie. Just as well, I don't watch a lot of action films because people think they can substitute explosions for good plot, writing, and characters. Funny review as always, NC.
  • Haon
    My dad LOVES! this movie to bits. I like too, but not so much that I still don't think the NC's comments aren't funny!
  • sspdirect01
    Amen to that! :evil:
  • Jamey
    Great Review NC! :)
  • Fracassi
    It's one of those movies I loved when I was 16, but in hindsight, I don't care much for his kid.
  • xfirefly
    I loved this review.

    I just watched this movie last night after not having seen it for about 15 years (or whenever it first came out.) I was so excited to see mother fucking [b]Adam Baldwin[/b] in it.

    Anyway, great review. I agree w/ what you said about Will Smith. Love that guy. So charming...
  • WerewolfRiver
    Nostalgia Critic, I know this is of topic, and I already asked this 100,000,000,000 times, but please review Secret of NIHM 2!
  • Lindgren
    That would be a severe torture for the Critic, since he mentioned so many times that The Secret of NIMH is his favorite movie of all time. He would be offended to see his good memory get ruined by that sequel. :(
  • Formula Fox
    Doug made clear a while back that his favorite film is Brazil, not Secret of NIMH. NIMH was just his top underrated animated classic.
  • uknownada
    He also said that NIMH was one of his favorite movies overall.
  • Formula Fox
    Yeah, but Lindgren said Doug had noted the NIMH was his "favorite movie of all time." I just noted the only list of Doug's that it has actually been on top of, and it was NOT his favorite movies list(even though it did make that list).
  • Lindgren
    I [i]know[/i] Brazil was the top spot in Douglas' top 20 FAVORITE film lists. But NIMH not only the top underrated animated classic, but also mentioned in so many other reviews as well, and Douglas commented each time that NIMH is his favorite movie.
    [quote]Yeah, but Lindgren said Doug had noted the NIMH was his "favorite movie of all time." I just noted the only list of Doug's that it has actually been on top of, and it was NOT his favorite movies list(even though it did make that list).[/quote]
    Why are you so serious on small detail? :) Do you want me to fix "favorite movie of all time"?
  • JunkWatcher
    Actually I don't think so. He also did it with The Never Ending Story.
  • LikaLaruku
    Take it to the request forum.
  • DrakeTM  - :)
    HAHA i hate this movie :evil: i thought the alf, vader, alien, and marvin playing poker was the best part
  • Namenamenos
    That whole Will Smith admiration/fantasy thing was
    hilariously awkward
  • Yankeepunk3000  - true
    but Will Smith is awsome, put him on screen alone in a room an he'll make the story gold!
  • 0dd1
    Well, he IS the biggest name in Hollywood--he must be doing SOMETHING right ^__^
  • D-Becks
    Awesome review as usual. :D
  • zarnack21
    Great Review, I am one of the people who did not like this movie and it's good to know someone else also doesn't, also best line "Refreshing mint shield"
  • Fracassi
    Roland Emmerich has a dick?
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