Top 11 Underrated Nostalgic Classics

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Doug was a little sick while filming this, so his voice may not be the greatness that you are used to.
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  • UncleJoeNoRelation
    oh BTW i think the boondock saints would have been a good movie for the list. Sure it has language and violence but kids can really learn a lot form it. Like that killing bad guys is a good thing. Kill them all!
  • White Light
    3 in a row
    good video dude
  • mntf13  - ...
    damn... i was going to be 3rd if i haven't gone to the bathroom
  • OuijaSlayer
    A very good list you have compiled, TGWTG. ;D

    And your reaction to Return to Oz: f**king priceless. xD
  • Mr.Shots
    Very awesome top 11
  • Jimmy_Friday
  • Onthatpowder  - MAN!
    What Aboot The Brave Little Toaster!??!
  • fitandhappy  - :D
    i have to say, i did let out an audable "YES!" when nimh came up as number one :)

    that was my favourite film growing up, glad to see it get some tgwtg recognition.
  • Nukemouse  - ...
    I CAN'T be the only one to say this. But one of the few movies i have ever seen i can truly say was unfaithful to the book and horrific was the secret of nimh.
  • Thunder945
    Have to say that I agree with Nukemouse. I read the book and thought it was good. Then, I saw the movie and, well, meh. While it did follow the same basic premise as the book I always thought the book was better. The movie is in no way bad just the book has a greater feel of mystery, suspense and characters which, for me, makes the book better
  • Squeejee
    I saw this movie over on Hulu and I have to admit - even being 19 and not a kid anymore I was completely blown away by NIMH's quality. I'm not sure if it beats The Land Before Time in terms of Don Bluth's works, but it certainly treats the viewer like they have multiple brain cells, which is more than can be said for most kid's movies.

    The book and the movie are two completely separate entities and should be treated as such. The simple fact is that cinema and literature are two separate mediums, and they go about things like creating suspense and character development in completely different ways. They each appeal to different audiences for different reasons, and that's why many people can't stand film adaptations of novels and others can't be bothered to read a novel in the first place. Of course there will always be people who enjoy both mediums, myself included, but I find that, in order to give fair review to anything that exists in multiple forms you have to be willing to completely disassociate each form from the other, or your conclusion will be inevitably biased one way or the other (typically, you'll bias towards the one you saw / read first, but not always).

    The reason I say that is because EVERY negative review I've seen of NIMH in centered around its differences to the book. Now while I can certainly admit that it's not very faithful to the source material, does that automatically make it a bad movie or even simply a lesser work than the book? No, it does not. My own opinion is that the Secret of NIMH is an amazing movie about the conflicts of Science, Nature, and the Unknown (sorry if it seems like I just ripped off the NC's review there but he hit the proverbial nail on the head in his analysis) and what makes it great is VERY different from what makes the book so.

    Changing the subject, the best part of this review for me was the #2 spot going to Batman. I loved that movie as a kid even though my friends didn't quite get it, and I can't help but favorably compare Batman Begins to it. I mean, come on, a secret assassin society in China that has been controlling global politics for centuries? [i]Really[/i]?
  • leannan02
    It is not at all like the book, certainly. It is better. For one thing, Mrs. Brisby is more self-reliant and clever than Mrs. Frisby. For example, she gets herself out of the birdcage rather than relying on Justin to get her out. Also the themes introduced in the book are more thoroughly explored in the movie.

    Anyway, you say it is "horrific" but the only real criticism you give is that it's different from the book. That's not really much to say.
  • SirNoelRules  - Why does it matter?
    Why does it matter if it was different from the book, if it was a good movie it was a good movie,it doesn't matter how close to the source material it was.
  • lyou666
    i did too i was just so happy when nimh came number one, that movie is such a part of my childhood... such a pity they made bullshit with the second one!
  • shapercreator14
    and I remember all of these except for the two scifi kids movies... These were great choices... Thanks again NC!
  • Liebe Vision
    I gotta agree with flight of the navigator and rocketeer! These are two of my favorite movies from childhood. Congrats on living though another video!
  • blackraven87
    [i]"You can rule my labyrinth any day."[/i]

    LOL ^_^

    Great list! I too always loved Down Under over the original, and do still have a vhs of Tiny Toons. :) I Flight of the Navigator for the first time this year, and I completely agreed with what you said. What I loved most about Batman: Mask of the Phantasm was the main title; I just love those choral vocals. I wish it was longer.

    My younger brother LOVES Iron Giant; it is a good movie.

    I've never seen Return to Oz or I don't think Nimh. I feel like checking them out. :)

    Anyways, great video Doug!
  • ChadVision  - Great!!!
    I love all those movies especially Iron Giant and the Rescuers Down Under
    My friends nickname is Hogarth(After the kid in Iron Giant :P)
    Also i grew up watching Rescuers Down Under with my brother =)
  • Gillus
    All these movies made me nostalgic :'(

    There were great, but it's true everybody forget about it. Return to Oz was a masterpiece and i remeber i rent it at lest 4 times when i was a kid. Secret of Minh, i had a really hard time to find it in Dvd.
  • baba44713
    I remember "Flight of the Navigator" - the first half of the movie was the coolest thing ever. However the movie gets much less cool really fast once he boards the ship, and as I remember it ends pretty suddenly and in a very cheesy way, too. Sort of like "The Forgotten", but significantly less sucky.

    I've never even heard of "Return to Oz", even though it looks like something I definitely would have wanted to check out when I was a kid. I guess images of dancing Dorothy and the gang made it slip under my radar pretty efficiently.

    "Prince of Egypt", meh. This gets a LOT of screen time here in Croatia, somewhere around Easter I think. It's a typical Disney, only more songs and majestic scenes and less humor. I'll take Aladdin or Emperor any time over this one.

    Nimh... I remember watching this in the theaters and.. liking it but not getting it really. The plot seemed pretty confusing at the time - I guess I was expecting something in the vein of Lord of the Rings, who knows why, and those electrified rats were kinda unexpected. I WAS a bit young then, though.

    All in all, love the lest. As usual, humor is toned down but nostalgia is on the high. Looking forward to Howard the Duck, though!
  • Miky Dunn
    Wow that brought back some memories, thanks
  • Sylvester Ink
    I enjoyed most of the list, as usual, but Mask of the Phantasm and Secret of Nimh really took the cake for me. I couldn't agree with you more that these two movies were underrated nostalgic classics. Mask of the Phantasm was, for the longest time, considered to be the best Batman movie to have been released in theaters. And it's still one of the best superhero movies of all time.

    Secret of Nimh was adapted from the book Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh, which in itself was quite good. But I personally feel that the movie was an improvement upon the book, mainly because of the addition of that mystical element. In addition to providing a thematic element, it also shows us that despite not being quite as smart, strong, or long-lived as the rats, Mrs. Brisby has her own special quality that makes her unique among the others.
  • Nukemouse
    You read the book and yet you prefer the secret of Nimh? You sir, have destroyed a large amount of my faith in the intelligence and taste of mankind.
  • Phalyn  - Awesome List
    Very good list. I remember when my babysitter brought us a copy of Flight of the Navigator, always liked that film.

    People always talk about Pirates of the Carribean being one of the the first 'Dark Disney' films, but I think they always forget about The Rocketeer. The movie had some pretty decent darker then the norm elements, throw that in with the 1940's atmosphere of Mob run Clubs, .40 automatcs, BEAUTIFUL Jennifer Connelly and good old Nazi punching and you have a great movie.

    Return to Oz, serriously, I cant promote that movie enough durring the Halloween season. The VERY contrasting atmosphere from the first movie, alone, makes it worth a look. One place that you would think would promote this film would be Hot Topic. They have a tendency to go for those dark movies, I mean Nightmare Before Christmas was thier bread and butter for a long time.

    Rescuers Down Under, I remeber seeing that in theaters, and its definatly a big step up from the first movie, and thank you for cutting the bull and saying the first Rescuers was mediocre. FINALLY someone says it.

    Prince of Egypt, just an awesome movie with great songs such as Through Heaven's Eyes is one of my favs. Not to mention the great visuals.

    Tiny Toons movie was one of my brothers favorite movies, and it wasnt a bad movie, like you said, the Road Trip was halarious, and relatable.

    Surprised someone else out there knew about Explorers, after watching this movie, that ride (the spinning ride which the kids ship's core body is)
  • CauTioN
    plug you xbox! :D
  • Guitarhero1000
    Flight of the Navigator was my favorite movie when it came out. God I loved it. I probably seen it about 50 times easy. Also the secret of nimh is a great choice for number 1. It is a masterpiece!!

  • dakostro
    This has got to be the best Top 11 so far! It was nice to be reminded of some movies I had forgot about or that I didn't think anyone else than me remembered. I think I was most pleasantly surprised that you brought up Tiny Toons, Rescuers Down Under and Iron Giant. As much as I think you're comedy is awesome, I really appreciate when you're being sincere as well. Keep up the good work, Doug.

    PS; Maybe some time you could do a Top 11 [b]Over[/b]rated Nostalgic Classics? Just a suggestion.
  • animerocksautistic
    I remember seeing the Rescuers down under, Flight of the Navigator, and Babe: Pig in the city.

    I didn't know that was Pee Wee as the navigator! "This is crack!":D
  • SimonW  - OH FUCK YEAH!!!
    YES! This was the greatest Top List EVER!!!
    I remember watching all these movies, aside from the Tiny Toons Adventures Movie and Batman: Mask OfThe Phantasm. And I LOVED them all with a great passion!!!

    True, a ot of movies were under-rated, and despite your famous line, I do remember them in great detail and loved to remember them once again! So, thank you Doug! ;D

    Though this is the greatest list ever...I was surprised "Tommy Tricker And The Stamp Traveller" was not mentioned. Oh well, it does not matter, I plan to do a review of it much later. Besides, the list is fine the way it is. I now have the urge to get all those films and re-watch them again....memories of my youth... *sighs in content*


    PS: Look forward to your Howard The Duck review.
  • A Knothole Resident  - ....
    If you replaced Babe with The Black Couldron then then I wouldve been 100% satisfied with your list. Babe too me just stood out from the rest of your selections but hey, its your list. Im glad Secret of Nimh is at the top since it was really was groundbreaking for the time and paved the way for such critter epics such as the 90s Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon with the dark atmosphere. Side note, my screen name Knothole is a reference to the location Sonic and his friends live at. Now THERES an underrated cartoon you should review. Anyway, the sequel to Nimh from 1998 was complete garbage and theres rumor circulating on the net that Don Bluth intends to make a real theatrical version in 2011. So I must say this was a decent collection and I might purchase Return to Oz since I forgot how intensely scary it was. Talk about a mindfuck. Great job as always Doug. Cant wait for Howard the Duck.
  • tri-sapphire  - That...that was pure win.
    This is definitely my favorite Nostalgia Critic to date. It was so good that I actually registered an account so I could comment on it :o.

    You had me at number 11 with Rescuers Down Under. Phenomenal indeed.

    The Tiny Toons movie...damn. That was indeed a lost treasure, and I also have the VHS somewhere around. I can still remember most of those scenes shown, which goes to show how memorable that film was.

    I need to watch number The Rocketeer again. I'm certain I missed most of the darker themes as a naive kid.

    For some reason the animation in Prince of Egypt looks even more amazing now than it did before :D. And I can still remember the main theme song.

    I'm sorry to say that I never saw number 7, 5, 4, or 3.

    And is it just me, or was the Iron Giant a tad more recent than the rest on the list?

    Afraid that I can't remember much from the Batman movie :(. I do remember that villain however, so I must have seen it at one time.

    And Number 1: The Secret of NIMH. You sir. You win the internets. I'm now going to reread the book and re-watch that incredible movie once more, and I suggest everyone else do the same.
  • B gal
    Minus #9,#7, and #5, I heard of these movies, even owning a few of them.

    'If kids don't like being scare, they wouldn't like to go out for Halloween or watch HSM' Classic.

    I never did knew that the person that the score for #8 also did Wicked.

    Good list. My only complaint is that you didn't put 'The great Mouse Detective' on the list. It was as Underrated as Resucers: down Under(though minus the sceanes in the Big Ben, the animation wasn't all that great. Not bad, but not epic either.).
  • Makezu
    Damn good video again! Keep doing good work like this ;) :)
  • ThatFellowInTheCoat
    Great list, although I'm not too fond of Return to Oz and Babe: Pig in the City. But Batman , How I Spent My Vacation and The Prince of Egypt all deserved places on the list. I also think Wakko's Wish should have been in there, but it's only nine years old, so I understand why it's not.

    Still, very entertaining and well put-together video and I didn't even notice much change in your voice.
  • Xatike
    This is the first time that I have recognized most of the list...and I completely agree with you.

    Wonderful, wonderful.
  • ArthurSpeakman  - Whoa
    What are you doing in my childhood? Aside from Tiny Toons (and Phantasm and Nimh), you're batting 1.000! Seriously, you're one Olly Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss away from writing a full list. Actually, the plot to Olly Hopnoodle (yes, I'm not making that name up) is pretty identical to the one from the Tiny Toons, in terms of pitch. It's a yearly journey to a magical place that consists of the car trip from hell. As a bonus, it's the sequel to A Christmas Story, including Ralphie and his entire obnoxious, loud, hilarious family.

    Well done.
  • Altorin
    there's an Iron Giant in Fallout 3.. and it was by far the best part of a great game.. it was even better that he was talking about crushing chinese commie bastards.

    I hated Return to Oz.. maybe because I didn't like being scared as a kid, and it scared the shit out of me.

    I totally agree with number 1. Secret of Nimh was one of my favorite movies as a kid, mainly because I read the book in school, and that struck a chord with me. I'm ashamed that I had forgotten about it, but with you reminding me, I'll have to remember to share it with my children.

    Don't care about Howard the Duck, but I love the show, so I'll be here. Wow me Doug, make me care about that anthropomorphic freak. :)
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