Top 11 Nostalgic Animated Shows

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  • dorko4u
    Awesome video, dude.
  • Wardog  - Kick Ass!!!
    I completely agree with Batman taking the number 1 slot (although I did expect Animaniacs to take the top, it still got #2 so I'm happy). As always, awesome work NC!!! Looking forward to KAZAAM!

    All hail Batman!
    All hail the NC!
  • Bagman  - Sorry Just replying for attention
    Someone watch Alfred J Kwak
    That show like deserves to be on every top 11
    eg Most nostalgic Cartoon
    Biggest Mindfucks
    Saddest Cartoon moments
    Because that show was so politically messed up but and in general fucked (Michael Duckson)but still a classic that it didn't air in US but was dubbed and aired in England.
  • Rockula
    [i]Batman[i] may very well be the greatest cartoon series ever created.

    Also, thanks for reminding me about [i]Peter Pan and the Pirates[/i]. I loved that show.
  • JinLee86  - yes
    I love half of this list on so many levels. I didn't grow up with half of it, but pretty anything after 1992 was loved (born in '86).

    I was really into the TMNT original cartoon, it wasn't funny. I dressed up as all four turtles in four consecutive years for Halloween.

    The only thing that killed X-Men was FOX changing its timeslot so often.

    Animaniacs was golden and the first nostalgia dvd set (volume 1) that I bought. I loved this show.

    Batman was pure gold. Even the episode when he was recovery in the girl's basement was good... and that's considered the worst episode.

    The Tick... I still don't know why it's not on TV anymore.

    The only thing missing is Gargoyles, Freakazoid, and Tiny Toons Adventures, but I'll deal with it. It's his list, not mine.
  • JBwritesmore
    I was hoping to see Darkwing duck in there, even though his theme song wasn't as drug pumped as Ducktales, I found that it was a lot more exciting. He was like a disney satire on batman. Maybe since the two shows are integrated (the crazy pilot is in both of them), they are considered the same universe as each other. Who knows? I do agree with what you said and Doug's list. It just so many great ones, he had to just pick 11. Think of what could have been if it were the top twenty-five.
  • Schizo
    Wow I liked this list alot
    I'm just glad to see Ren & Stimpy, Batman, and Animaniacs (favorite animated show) on it ;D
  • EternalNightmare
    Awesome list. I always did love the old Batman show. Batman Beyond was pretty good too, but it could never touch the Animated Series.
    I was also very surprised/happy to see the Tick on the list. I had completely forgotten about that awesome show.
  • fasterthanlite  - Informative for the youngins
    Great movie as usual, but this comment won't apply to this movie alone.
    All of your movies are great educational tools for people of my age, who grew up in the 90's. It is a great look at a different generation, and to me, it is very entertaining to watch parallels between the two. I don't know, your videos are just very... Interesting to me.
    Loved it, A+.
  • katz
    I totally agree for N1, but I believe 2 and 3 are switched.
    anyway it was nice reminding myself I haven't missed the best stuff :)
  • Misfit Slacker  - Batman TAS
    Hell yes! I'm glad that made number 1. Loved that show growing up, and for all the reasons you stated. Overall, good list. Although, I think I'm the only kid that never really liked Ren & Stimpy.
  • tim333  - Go comic book cartoons!
    Wow, 4 out of the top 5 cartoons were based on comic books. I don't know if they explained "Spoon" in the cartoon, but in the comic, Tick was trying to come up with a "fearsome battle cry" and settled on the first thing he saw. Man, the Tick is a great sendup of superheroes.

    I approve of this list. I knew and liked nearly all of these cartoons; the only one I hadn't seen was the Peter Pan cartoon.
  • FlamingPants
    Actually they did explain "Spooon!" in the animated series! I just saw a video clip of it on youtube.
  • Rhomega
    Batman is indeed awesome. Love how the characters were written, as well as the art style.
  • TheDramaticMonarch
    With a topic as huge and broad as Nostalgic Animated Shows, you're bound to neglect a couple of favorites which could fill another Top 11 list (Top 22 Nostalgic Animated Shows?). Everyone had their favorites regardless of age, gender, genre etc.

    However, I think you really nailed some of those choices. While watching, I was wondering where "Batman: The Animated Series" was gonna pop up so I'm not entirely surprised it was #1 (for some reason, I thought it was gonna be "The Simpsons". Hey, it started in the late 80's/early 90's and a lot of us kids grew up watching it, after all! :P ). But it's a very worthy #1.

    There were a few welcome surprises that I didn't expect to see on the list which were pretty fun (ie. "Ren and Stimpy", "The Tick" etc.).

    As soon as you mentioned "Duck Tales", I was totally waiting for a "Duck Tales! Woohoo!" related joke...and it was totally there. :D

    To wrap this up, another fun list. Good to make us all feel warm, fuzzy and (most of all) nostalgic. :)
  • Opera Guy
    I love Transformers. Enough to say.
  • Mr. Vorhias  - Right On!
    Another great list! Of course anyone else's list would be different from yours, but still. You picked a lot of greats.

    Personally I don't remember Peter Pan and the Pirates, so I would sooner replace it with the OTHER great Transformers cartoon, Beast Wars.

    Also I didn't think Duck Tales, though good, was Disney Afternoon's best. I've always been a fan of Darkwing Duck.
  • rayvac  - Great Video as usual
    Batman TAS is the perfect #1 choice, but I still think it was very heavily edited, but I kinda prefer that over the really dark dark comics. Great choice for #1 spot,

    I would have to add Exosquad on list. I think that show was revolutionary for it's time. This show really showed great characters and gave the feeling on the plight of their war. That show was dark and I remember it.

  • DaMentalTeen44
    God these top 11 list videos are so addicting. DON'T STOP ANYTIME SOON!! :P

    I don't know about Steven staying with the producing part, but the random rant about Saving Private Ryan made me lol so hard.

    And yes, most of us know Mark Hamill was the Joker. Yes, he was badass. Yes, we loved these shows. Yes, we had a kickass childhood with TV. No, I don't know how we survived the movies from Disney. 5/5!
  • bobesponjaWOW
    Batman was just holy fucking shit I got to go watch TV right now good, I personally don't like Rey and Stympy because most of it's episodes were just weird. I liked just about everything else on the list however, but now these days when I turn on TV to watch Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon all I see is crappy shows that only a complete retard could write and even more retarded person could watch, I wish we could bring those cartoons back >
  • Davoo
    WOW! Batman is the only show on that list I've actually seen. I never would have expected that...
  • BallsMonkey
    Great list, and awesome ending.

    Though I have to say, I would've the Disney Afternoon as a whole, not just Ducktales. Gummi Bears, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, TaleSpin, and Darkwing Duck were all great in their own rights.

    And if Batman was number 1, Gargoyles should have been number 2. Gargoyles nailed everything that Batman got right. It was dark, the characters were easy to relate to, the subject matter was never dummed-down, the animation was great, and the stories were really deep and complex. It established a whole freakin mythos in just 2 seasons. Gargoyles was a masterpiece and the best thing to ever come out of Disney.
  • shameonpretzel  - Fantasia, FTW!!!
    Uncle Phil was Shredder??! [B]BRAIN BLAST!![/B]

    Hmm...well, I remember most of these shows growing up, but I wasn't a huge fan of all of them. I think I was too young to appreciate [i]Xmen[/i], and I blame my gender on having no recollection of [i]G.I. Joe[/i] and [i]Transformers[/i] (although I did dig the [i]TMNT[/i] cereal). I agree with the number one spot, but I think [i]Ren & Stimpy[/i] should've ranked higher.

    Or maybe that's just me - my cartoons back in the day consisted 95% of Nicktoons.
  • SaveALemming
    Saw most of these coming of course (would've been sad if Batman wasn't number one), except for Peter Pan... And I am so so glad I'm not the only one who remembers that show. Bummed there's no DVD sets of it, but I don't recall it ever having much of a following. Great show though. They even had an episode about how the Croc got his clock and it ended with Peter cutting off Hook's hand, which is something I never thought a cartoon would cover.
  • fettsvett201
    Arent all your videos pre-recorded?
  • FearBoo  - Awsome list

    I whanted to see Swat Kats on this list :P
  • MrLee
    wtf no thundercats? no visionaries? :( thundercats > all
  • Jenx
    This was really interesting to watch. I was born at the end of the 80s so I grew up with both 80s and 90s TV shows, and it's really interesting to see some of these shows listed here. I haven't watched a few of them actually, since I am not from the States so some never got imported and translated. I do agree with the arrangement though - I loved the Batman cartoon. Hell, i downloaded it last year just to see if it still feels the same - and it DOES. It's dark, it's interesting and it's fun to watch. In my eyes - it hasn't aged a bit.
  • Vioven
    The video shows an error on Firefox, freezes Internet Explorer and works fine with Aol Explorer. :/
  • Badly Drawn Manchild  - Good video!
    First of all, great use of Fantasia in there.;D

    Second, not a bad selection. Kudos for including Ghostbusters, Peter Pan and Animaniacs. Some of the entries held little nostalgic value for me though, such as G.I. Joe and Transformers, neither of which I particularly cared for as a kid (I'm not sure GI Joe was even shown in the UK, though I distinctly recall the toys been sold here).

    It's funny you should joke about TMNT being a satire of a concept, because that's what it pretty much was to begin with. From what I understand, original comic creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird (to whose ideas the original cartoon bore very little resemblance) created TMNT as a send-up/amalgamation of all the popular comic trends at the time. They never really expected the concept to take off like it did!

    Personally, I reckon Gargoyles should have been on the list. I'd be inclined to argue that it's stood the test of time a lot better than many of the shows on this list (almost as well as Batman and Animaniacs have, in my opinion).

    Still, I suppose we each have our favourites; if I had done this list, I probably would've filled it with British classics like DangerMouse and Count Duckula.:P

    I definitely agree with the number 1 show though. I recently watched Batman again on DVD, and this time nostalgia doesn't lie; it really is the best cartoon ever made, and I'm so glad it made #1.
  • Atoni
    I must admit. Knowing your love for Animaniacs (you used them in so many other videos) I expected them to get the highest rank. But #2 isn't bad, and I totally agree on Batman being the best animated show (of course, I'm a huge batman-fan...).

    I agree on the rest of the list too, except I would have put the Tick higher and put the spider-man show in there somewhere.

    Good job, and I'm looking forward to your showdown with AVGN.

  • MetalDane  - THE TICK!!!!
    Mate big props for putting this in the list. I recently went to america and had the good fortune to find series 1 on DVD in a comic store. I've fallen in love with it again, it kicks major superhero balls!!!

  • avatar
    At least he didn't for get TRANSFORMERS [b][i]THIS TIME[/i][/b]!!! ;D

    It still should have been #1, though... >:(

    But... He does know how they came up with Teenage Mutant Ninja/Hero Turtles! :P
  • phantom000
    Yeah Transformers should have been in the top five at least.

    Peter pan? I never even heard of the peter-pan cartoon before.
  • NinjaWraith
    smoking the Devil's Lettuce...Cowabunga :silly:
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