Judge Dredd

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  • TheAngryMovieDork.com
    Your a lucky man, but please don't brag about it, we can tell your first, ok :angry: . Looking forward to this new review!
    Jeez, I'm running out of ideas for comments, I can easily think of a bad joke for this review, something having to do Sylvestor Stallone, but I'm too tired to deal with trolls and haters so I won't. :s
  • MrPudding
    That was probably that guy's shining achievement in life, being the first one to comment on a Nostalgia Critic video. But, being the kill joy that you are, you had to take his joy and swelling sense of pride and put it down Old Yeller style. My heart goes out to you samuraiblood 21! Stay the course!
  • Dr John
    It's the simple rule we ask people to follow on the internet. Don't post "first" or we'll instantly hate you.
  • A7X4EV3R
    Dont have the username AngryMovieDork either or you get the same result
  • The FanFic Critic  - Why does everyone hate AngryMovieDork?
    Yeah, I'm kinda new to posting comments...I am wondering why everyone seems to hate AngryMovieDork? :dry:

    To more relevant things, this vid was AWESOME! It made me laugh! :woohoo:
  • Dahibd
    There was some flame war a while ago and since it seems everyone thumbs him down just for posting a comment.
  • gobama
    shit as we have all come to expect
  • jdh1271
    Doug this is one of your funniest videos. I laughed so hard during the LAW musical number. Your videos always bring a smile to my face, thank your Doug.
  • Spongeman25  - Mr Pudding, your a hypocrite.
    You do realize that he's probably said something that a lot of people have been waiting for? An apology, and restraint to make bad jokes? It's like no matter what the hell this guy does you people have to flame him.
  • shadowmario
    What is wrong with the director I mean putting a cup on Silvestor Stallon is messed up :angry: What is he gay :( so you will also automatically hate anyone who says "first" :pinch: You know I am new here too :D
  • The Soda Jerk
    just don't comment at all! That's how you don't get any flak!
  • Lodeman AKA LARUCUS
    wait, this isnt part of the angry movie dork flame war, but at 6:30, doesnt that look like a storm trooper from star wars??
  • Arkire  - ...
    Mate, why do you always reply to someone elses comment, Just so it comes up on the first page of comments? Ive seen you reply to peoples comments, not even replying to their comments, more so just talking about the review :S

    Ive even seen you spam your own website and work in the comments section... Its not on.

    And by the way, by saying... 'Your a lucky man, but please don't brag about it, we can tell your first, ok'... THATS trolling the guy who posted the first comment, and then afterwards, you accused him off trolling...

    Ugh >.<

    (Nice review by the way, nc)
  • adrasl300
    Okay now I think youre being abit too hard on the Dork!
    Isnt "Your a lucky man, but please don't brag about it, we can tell your first, ok" pretty friendly compared to the hate every one else dishes out towards the first poster?
  • TheAngryMovieDork.com
    Jesus Christ people, come down, I wasn't expecting that many replies, why do you care what me or him says, mind your bussiness, and if your gonna comment on this article, have it be about Doug's video, that's why your here in the first place isn't it? :(
  • The Goth
    That's because most people on this site, like most popular internet sites, forgot how to be human and will forever treat you like you're some kind of African slave from the 40's. That's because they don't remember how to forgive and forget.
  • Phred
    Wow, that statement, it's, it's just so wrong. The 40's, as in the 1940's didn't have slavery in the U.S. anymore, and if you're talking about a country that did have slavery back then, I'm sorry to hear that you live in Niger, how's the weather? Is it inclement this time of year? And if you want to talk about anything, inform yourself, it's not hard, wikipedia is a free site.
  • The Soda Jerk
    his comment is like saying, "they treat him like a jew from the 1930's. They just need to forgive the Nazis for what they did and forget about it..."

    :huh: get what I mean?
  • Dr John
    Because on the internet no matter how logical your argument, how intelligent your answer or even just your common sense. Somebody will ALLWAYS come along and disagree your argument by questioning your sexuality, grammatical ability and call you a twelve year old fag.

    But it is a shame you don't really match any of the above causes of internet butt hurt, people just hate you. :D
  • Crystal6
    I agree with the first paragraph. :X That will be all.
  • thispieistoocold  - re:
    [quote=TheAngryMovieDork. com]Your a lucky man, but please don't brag about it, we can tell your first, ok :angry: . Looking forward to this new review!
    Jeez, I'm running out of ideas for comments, I can easily think of a bad joke for this review, something having to do Sylvestor Stallone, but I'm too tired to deal with trolls and haters so I won't. :s [/quote]

    why dont you not comment?
  • Wierdboo
    Why don't you actually WATCH the review before commenting?
  • nostalgiakid  - really
    dork really y even bother commenting u know we dont like you u lied with the four star review of up, ur a jackass, im 12 and im more mature than u, and u steal lines from the nc just stop commenting
  • The FanFic Critic  - Re: nostalgiakid-really
    Yeah, your maturity REALLY shows through your grammar.
  • TheAngryMovieDork.com
    I just want to warn everyone about TheAngryMovieDork.com. He is an impposter, I would never post comments like that, I'm contacting the admin to have him banned, please watch this...

    [url]http:// www.thatguywiththeglasses .com/blog/13714[/url]
  • B3H3MOTH
    Seriously now,I made an account on here just to tell you how much you piss me and other people off.

    IMO somebody should send Anon after you, for being a troll yourself. Although people commenting by just saying "first" shuld be hunted down as well.
  • Sheranda
    Would someone talk about the video already?!
  • TheAngryMovleDork.com
    At first i made this account to try to make you look bad AngryMovieDork. but now i seee that there is no point. it aint worth it. we ALL hate you enough already so why dont you just STFU and GTFO already, jesus. P.S anyone who wants to msg me and be all "you tried to make the angrymoviedork look bad? douche bag" or whatever i honestly dont give 2 fucking shits what you all say ok? ok. btw angrymoviedork go fuck yourself
  • ncavgn  - Total BS
    AMD. We know it's you. You've just said all this crap so people won't think it was you who put down all the stupid comments. Nice try.
  • ToonNinja
    You know, if you're going to have a conversation between your two profiles, make sure it's not so obvious.
  • RyanKaufman
    You got more thumbs down and less thumbs up then the guy who said First. Congrats.
  • Mr.Dew
    nobody likes you
  • Virgil_theBadassPoet  - @AngryMovieDork
    For the record, I see nothing wrong with this comment responding to the first guy. But in regards to your other comments, at least TRY to be tasteful when trolling. It's possible, I've seen it done.
  • linkdsdx
    I honestly think everyone needs to stop with this first cmt thing. Kinda sad. Great review though I'm a big Stallone fan and I'd like to say that his jaw is like that cause he suffered a stroke. I used to think it was intentional but it's not. I just want to point that out.
  • Justin Vasquez
    Admins, I and many others would appreciate it if you would put a stop to thread sniping (first commenters).

    Warn or ban these guys. It's truly annoying to have to read on every video one guy saying first and then the ANGRY MOVIE DORK right after him.


    If you do not moderate these comments it basically just youtube. Which we all know is mostly 95% trash.

  • jz1337
    I don't see what's wrong with first commenters, they not really hurting anyone. Its the people complaining about it every time that are irritating. There will always be first commenters, it's just something we have to accept
    Great review though, I always felt Sylvester wasn't getting any attention next to Arnold, and I find the former's acting to be funnier.
  • PLA
    I agree. "First" just becomes a part of the scenery if no one points it out. I barely notice them before they are yelled down.
  • psamathos
    Yeah, gotta love it when the first dozen comments are just rants about first posting. There is a very simple solution, though: admin should just go ahead and sort the comments in reverse chronological.
  • adrasl300  - YES!
    Yes they should!
  • Loxley
    Did you intend that I read that in Dr Robotnik's voice from AoStH? Because I did.
  • Agnilleh4  - pls...
    :s look, guys, will you please go to YouTube for Flaming/hating... :angry: dont fuck up TGWTG :angry: , it's too good for that. [b][size=large]I BEG YOU!!![/size][/b] :s
  • 1337Goblin
    Don't ask everyone to not fuck up TGWTG, ask the AngryMovieDork to stop commenting or fuck off, then this site will be back to normal (comment page wise)
  • samuraiblood 21
    sorry then well I just hope that the word law can be said the right way B)
  • Justin Vasquez
    Thread sniping is only something you have to accept if the mods allow it. Most forums I'm on that are run well have strict rules against this shit.

    Best Rules of Forums that I wish would be implemented on this site:

    1. No low content posts
    2. No thread sniping

    Warning and banning these guys forces the commentary to be more focused and enjoyable to read.

    [url]http:// www.somethingawful.com/d/ forum-rules/forum- rules.php[/url]

    Check out these rules. It would help out weed out alot of the idiocy...
  • gil562
    [IMG]http:// i228.photobucket.com/ albums/ee287/gooser562/ HAHAHA.jpg[/IMG]
  • Trogdoorknob  - Pause at 2:17
    They ripped off the fucking Pulse Rifle from Aliens. :angry:
  • Kahedro
    [starts clapping slowly]
  • jrhinson
    I honestly never saw this as a kid, particularly because it looked awful even back then. NC's description of the pure awfulness tempts me to track it down! Am I crazy!?!?

    P.S. FUCK YOU FIRSTY BOY! Seriously though, when will people learn? Saying "first" is injustice against the

  • FFPAULPAO  - re:
    P.S. FUCK YOU FIRSTY BOY![/quote]
    Don't be mean!!! :angry:
  • jrhinson  - re: re:
    [quote=FFPAULPAO]Don't be mean!!! :angry: [/quote]
    Soz. Lost control.

    From AngryMovieDork:
    "I don't come here to take crap from comments and get thumbs down I'm just trying to get ideas for my next review and maybe have a laugh or two, is that so wrong?"

    From Me:
    Yes, it is "so wrong". Seriously, "get ideas"? Inspiration is one thing, but dude, you blatantly rip people off. Don't say you come here to "get ideas". You come here to steal material.
  • madscientistman  - ????
    :huh: Can someone tell me who the hell AngryMovieDork is? caus im trying to watch nostalgia critic when this comes up! AND SERIOUSLY! angrymoviedork? you flippin stole that from AVGN!
  • TheAngryMovieDork.com.
    I'm the Angry Movie DOrk dduhh!! jk just come to my website you will see what all the fuss is about :woohoo:
  • DemiGodofDrama  - Hes so Bad hes Horrible! Not So Bad its Good, Wors
    Seriosly though, look him up on TvTropes. http://tvtropes.org/ pmwiki/pmwiki.php/ Horrible/WebOriginal

    Or to save your time and life, I'll just quote what it says. 'What do you get when a ten year old tries to rip off That Guy With The Glasses, the Angry Video Game Nerd, and Confused Matthew at the same time? This horrid abomination. It has a large hate group, and has caused somewhat of a Internet Backdraft. He even replies on The Nostalgia Critic's videos and seems to leave some rather rude remarks.
  • PhoenixZero  - Name?
    Fascinating, and are you aware of the fact that many who are associated with TGTWG that take their names from either Nostalgia Critic or That Guy With The Glasses? A SHIT-TON! And before you start bitching about how it's not the same thing, IT FUCKING IS!! Besides, it's only natural for a bottom-feeder like AngryMovieDork to copy from a greater being than himself. I now put an permanent end to the flame war with AngryMovieDork. If you don't like it, then stick to watching the video you came here for! Troll, out!

    P.S Not a fan of AngryMovieDork, I just hate incompetence and hypocrisy.
  • Twinkie
    ohh tuesday it feels like friday
  • loradream
    Yea,makes me stay up late :woohoo:
  • FamilyGuyFan  - LAAAWW!!!!!!!
    Awesome review, critic! it was hilarious it seems like this movie really does suck balls but it seems funny enough.
    TIMING!!!!!!!!!!!!! :woohoo:
  • usedraymond  - agree
    yup thats really an awful movie...

    fuck you all!
  • The FanFic Critic
    Wow, your nice! Notice the sarcasm in that sentence.
  • Peppery Spice
    I've never seen this movie before, it seems really bizarre. But I want Judge Dredd's boots!
  • Sheranda  - About the boots...
    Me too! Me too!
  • gerbilman255  - that. was. epic.
    This was my favorite review since the nostalgic mindfucks video. Pure genius my friend. genius.
    And is it just me or is that opening sequence way overused.
  • purplexxlove
    Oooo.. I remember this movie.. :pinch:
  • PadawanSerry
    Well after watching this I am never going to say together ag- ha! You almost got me there.
    I wonder if Jar-Jar will ever leave my life. :(
  • teflonbilly  - awesome as always
    the reviews just keep getting better and better. can't wait to see the next one.
  • Justice for none  - re:
    [quote=samuraiblood 21]wow I am the first one here[/quote]

    And the last one to care. :dry:
  • Donut
    LOL :woohoo: :huh: :huh: :whistle: :whistle: ;) ;) :s :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  • Poof E Hair
    Let me be the first to say it:

    I AM THE LAW!!!

    Anyway, nice job, as usual.
  • OmoroseAmadahi  - First Review EVER!
    OMG, great review as always... Now I remember why I never watched this movie...
  • AwesomeTrick  - Casper!
    Go Away CASPER! >:P Ur already DEAD!
  • abaz067  - Nice
    The Blow Dance was hilarious.
  • Titanaman  - So, Are We The Jury Then?
    [b]All I can say is that Sylvester Stallone is one of those actors that should NEVER be anything resembling a superhero.

    You've already stated a few, such as Shaq, Pamela Anderson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Meg Ryan, Pee Wee Herman....Woops, don't know how those last two got in there. :unsure:

    Anyway, when I heard that Rocky was gonna play a hero reminiscent of the Punisher, I thought it was going to be the worst hero movie since the Phantom or Steel.[/b]
  • Titanaman  - Oh my, how embarrassing.
    It seems both those movies I stated were made AFTER Judge Dredd.

    So I guess they took their bad cues from it. :woohoo:
  • dreaminon
    I can't belive The Nostalgia Critic said that Rocky 4 was a bad movie, I mean other then that robot Ithought the movie was good
  • WarriorofNaught
    So Dredd and Rico were brothers genetically created to be perfect judges/soldiers?


    (I'm aware Dredd came before this plot line)

  • tootired
    In the comics the fact that most Judges were clones was well known and Rico had been sent to a moon of Jupiter for his crimes.
  • otakudan  - re:
    [quote=Poof E Hair]
    I AM THE LAW!!!

  • Poof E Hair
    I knew you'd say that.
  • Anthony R
    20 YEARS!!!!!
  • Sheranda
    I've seen that picture somewhere on the Internet! I don't remember the name of the creature, but I'd name it Bearsharktopus.

    "TWENTY years!!"
  • Peppery Spice
    Just thinking about it, I think that the NC reveiws are funnier when it's a movie that the Critic is [i]expecting[/i] to be bad, like this one, or Cool as ice. If it's something with promise that totally bombs, he has to spend alot more time hating on it, which isn't as entertaining than joining in on the silliness like this review.
  • Transformers03
    Hey I have a suggestion, do that A Kid in King Arthur's Court sequel, A Kid in Aladdin's Palace.
  • The FanFic Critic
    There was a SEQUEL to that movie?!?!? :woohoo:
  • VampireApple  - Blow Dance
    I love the Judge Dress Blow Dance!!! :woohoo: And the cat fight.
  • GUK77
    Friggin Hilarious as always. Hope Rico's "LAAAWWW!!!" becomes a running joke somehow LOL
  • KingKaor
    it did =D =D =D
  • Sheranda  - Armande Assante
    I finally watched this movie on the SyFy Channel, and I really liked it. Armand Assante as Rico was very fun to watch. I guess he was like Terl in Battlefield Earth: over the top, yet enjoyable. Don't you just love those kinds of villians?

    By the way, why hasn't "LAAAAWWW!!!" become a running joke?
  • joey_falconetti
    I give up... i never will be able to make a first comment... but god know i tried. :(
  • Sheranda
    Stop trying. I said "First page!" and got thumbed down within the first hour.
  • coasterfreak14
    Why couldn't Rob Schnieder actually die in this movie?!? :angry:
  • jediwatchman
    Because that wouldn't be cliche enough.
  • PLA
    After all the years of being Rob Schneider, he has apparently developed a strong resistance to bullets.
  • NightStarX
    "After all the years of being Rob Schneider, he has apparently developed a strong
    resistance to bullets."

    Now, if only Schneider had an equally strong resistance to bad critical reviews, instead of being a consistently whiny douche in response to them.....

    Seriously. Look up his response to Patrick Goldstien's review of Deuce Bigalow sometime, and look at how hilariously butthurt it is.

    You can read about it on Schneider's Wikipedia page.
  • Sheranda
    What does even mean?
  • Sheranda
    EDIT: What does that even mean?

    I'm so embarrassed.
  • paranoic
    I guess getting shot by a giant robot which actually has a triple machine gun in his hand isn't enough to kill him
  • Arctomian
    hello NC people. so i have seen the revieuw of this movie and quite frankly im a bit disapointed. where was the fierce you showed us revieuwing other movies. still i must give credit that you revieuwed the long version of this idiotic crap. so il give ya that. but i cant understand why you missed the following items in your revieuw.:

    ~ how could you have missed the 1 minute of fame of Mitch Ryan as the reporter getting shot. jesus this actor comes out of now where. has a 1 minute dialoge, and dies. and this is a class A actor

    ~ why did Max von Sydow sign up for this piece of crap. this men is a legend in movie land.his movies go back in the 50's.

    ~ how the hell did that family in the dessert became brothers, what the fuck did the do with the mother. ate her?

    ~ why did Joan Chen sign up for this, she is a chinese actor only doing chinese movies.

    ~ how the hell is it posible that rob sneider gets so easy from one bike to the other in the air wile its malofunctioning. in earlyer scene's it just whend down straight away.

    ~ why is dred so cool in court. but when he gets what everybody, (even a int 1 char) sees comming that his gun was used to frame him he goes beserk.

    ~ why is the protector bot look like a goon from planet of the apes on steriod.

    ~ when rico gets the gun for first time. he can shoot imidiately with it. does it not need vioce mode choice what to use first like shown in the movie?

    ~ fuck up from NC, the clone factory was in statue of liberty, thats why they are there. altough i dont understand why stalone is hanging there looking at rico you see a camera in the left corner.

    afther hours of dialoge in that prison transport and the final crash. how the hell can A: judge fargo get there so fast. B: stalone and skinny sneider as two only survivors get picked to torture. C: sneiders tratourous believe makes him planned diner for the family. D: get the city goons there so fast? i mean did they come by plane. then they can take that plane back in to the city.

    ~ why the "im and a the law" jokes i mean it was hardly any anoying compared to " i knew you would say that"

    ~ why does he give a lecture on the blocks about the weapons the goons use not being DEADLY!! at that range wile you see bullets hit the floor around him. i mean it was credititable when he would say. not accurate.

    ~ why armor piercing on the gun. just for shooting trough a goons shot gun? does he have a forcefield around him and the shotgun is its only weakness?

    ~ i dont get the fact that fargo need to take the "long walk" to give dredd live sentence. that would be two lives demise eitherway. logicaly i would let stalone die. i mean rotting away for a COP in jail will get him killed as well probaly.

    ~ why doe sthe guard in the prison transport look like a feder...
  • aeongod
    The first paragraph of this dissertation had like nine (9) grammar mistakes so I stopped there.

    Also I wanted to 5 star this vid until Casper made yet another unwelcome appearance.

    Beat that dead horse's ghost!

    edit: This is sort of old but goes along so well: http:// dredlawwww.ytmnd.com/
  • Arctomian
    sorry but im not from the US. so grammar are very well posible. apoligies
  • DaTrickster  - To Arctomian
    Some of those were actually interesting observations,then again some others weren´t

    If u have so many things to say about the movie why not make a review yourself?
  • ganondorf49  - Comment
    DUDE sorry but that is way to long for a comment and way to not congradulate Doug on his review
    btw Awesome Review doug
  • Captlee1694
    just to answer one of them rico can fire the gun without saying anything because you only have to say the different type of rounds it can still fire normal rounds without the need to say anything
  • colincec  - re:
    [quote=coasterfreak14]Why couldn't Rob Schnieder actually die in this movie?!? :angry: [/quote]
    Why can't he die in ANY movie?
  • monguin  - The plot I came up with
    I have a story about the beginning of the Cyberpunk age! The story isn't bright, though. 9/11 happened to be the central back story as it arose an American Crusader.
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