Merry Zodmas: Christmas Trees

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  • bluenowait
    That thing about vaporizing a goose gave me the hiccups!
  • WerewolfRiver
    What if your like me and you utalize a fake tree.
  • Umbra90
    since we have not offended Zod he will allow us to watch as he does it to others
  • Victor Clark
    I'll never think of squirrels the same way again!
  • soldierstar
    Planet Houston Oh my God I had forgotten about that, when it comes to gifts do we get to wrap them in giant cellophane "S" emblems?
  • Sheik
    No WAY!

    Why would Zod allow the symbol of his enemy to become one of the symbols of his holiday? D:

    This is awesome, hope to see a lot more :D
  • Snufalufagus
    I love these Zodmas shorts. You do a great a Zod.
  • Lucas3015
    Kneel! Man..the way you stare at us is..scary. :O
  • Ruby Doomsday
    So... what you're saying is that fishnet tights and an ill-fitted bustier may not have been the best choice of tree decorations?

    Listen Zod, I don't tell YOU how to decorate YOUR Christmas whore.
  • RolePlayHumor
    If only we could see Zodd and Askthatguy in the same room o.o
  • SnapperCarr

    I have no idea what hiccups have to do with it.
  • Curtscorner  - Zodmas
    I knelled before you. Teach me your ways!!!
  • mrskippy
    ...I guess Zod is going to have to start by teaching you spelling.
  • AlucardsQuest
    You're really desperately pushing this "over-the-top character discussing a changing topic in front of a stagnant background" format aren't you? This can't be the limit of your guys' creativity (btw I consider TNC, ATG and BR to be unique variations that don't follow this format... VGC I have no opinion on). To be fair it's kind of clever, but it's really starting to get stale. Melvin, Pirates and now Zod... This format isn't your style, it's your chains and shackles.

    I know we have several more of these to go but, if you really insist on starting a new series why not be really inventive instead of ripping yourself off, becoming a parody of yourself and playing your own cover songs. Yeah, strange metaphor but you're only 2 1/2 years in! That's plenty of time to re-invent yourselves! Try something new!!!
  • SailorCardKnight
    +1 What you said/I also think the same.

    As much as I love your work and characters Doug, I would also like to see you something new.
    I for one would love to see you do more regular sketches in particular. (I loved your Flashback videos, Cheerios 2, that mime video with Brad, etc., even Kickassia.)

    I understand you and your brother have limited time between your Critic videos, other works, even life outside the net, which is why I'm sure you both continue to make more series like these, as they are quick to make. But surely you guys can get more creative than that. (I am enjoying these Zodmas videos though, but still...)
  • alsciaukat  - NO!
    Don't listen to these types, Doug. Their speech of artistic integrity may be alluring, but I assure you that they know nothing at all about art or integrity. Keep doing the same show, I love you for it. Their lack of integrity is apparent in their inability to accurately describe what they want. As well as actually defeating their own arguements in places.

    They know not what they want. They just mean to defy you.

    EDIT: Also, to the people thinking there is actually a point to these two comments: Are we reading the same comments? Oh, I get it. My opinion lacks "legtimate-acy" because it hurts your opinions' poor feelings. Sorry about that. I really am.
  • Dunno
    Why, aren't you a bit of a cunt.
  • SailorCardKnight
    Oh trust me I know what I want: an entertaining video.

    Admittedly that is what I'm getting, and I will also admit I suck at explaining what exactly I have on my mind. (Plus I'm an art student myself, so I know art/talent when I see it.)

    Nor am I trying to defy Doug. I admire his talent as a film maker, actor, and even the entertainment value of his videos, same goes for many of the other people on this site.

    Now I have been a fan of Doug sense his youtube days. I loved his 5 second movies and his Critic videos, but what really sealed the deal and made me an official fan was after I saw his Cheerios 2 sketch and commercial submissions for Heintz and NesQuick.
    It was then I knew that this guy had potential to come up with a variety of great ideas and I wanted to keep following him to see what he would come up with next.

    These days, most of the newer the stuff Doug and his bro have been putting up seem...dunno...lacking? Perhaps "rushed" or "a quick random idea" would be much better ways to describe it. Even most of his current Critic videos are starting to feel "rushed" as well.

    I don't mind seeing more of these "one character talks about one subject videos" or "funny audio commentary"-type videos, which I do enjoy to a degree, but I just feel he can do more than do more than this, which he has proven to me already hes capable of doing it.

    I just think Doug is wasting potential as of right now, that very same potential that I saw in him when I first decided to follow him years ago.

    There, more detail on my 2 cents from earlier. Agree, disagree, thumb up/down whatever. At least I was offering constructive criticism, unlike the many idiotic trolls of the net.
  • Fishtank
    I agree, he really needs to step up his game and quit with the amateur schtick
  • Semudara
    NOOOOO! I liek these vijeos! Screw your legtimate opinions!!

    ...that's what most of the people who gave you guys thumbs down were thinking.

    People, if a person is reasonable and has a genuine criticism and suggestion for the person, you should NOT strike with rage. What do you think is the purpose of the comments board?
  • SailorCardKnight
    *thumbs up for you*

    Typical Doug fanboys...

    Its people like those that almost make me ashamed to say I'm a fan of Doug and his work.

    It's not like I'm one of those idiots who come here just to post stupid crap like "Ur soooo lame.U suCk DonKey bAllZ DooD!!1!"
  • trlkly
    If these people can say bad things about Doug, then people can say bad things about them. The second you criticize, you open yourself up to criticism.

    Dunno was really the first person to cross the line. And then theirs Sailorcardknight who hypocritically tells people not to insult others for their opinions while insulting them himself.

    There's nothing wrong with people saying they like Doug the way he is, any more than there are with people saying they want him to modify his stuff in order to get "better."
  • Lucia32
    Actually, alsciaukat was also at fault for that little diatribe.

    As I see it both sides need to chill out.

    Also, I didn't see anything that insulting about SCK's statement. She/he/it seemed to only be responding to rude behavior . Of course, some of the responses of others on this vid ho share SCK's views weren't polite and two wrongs don't make a right.

    As I see it, some people on this site need to breathe deep, and think before they type.

    Yes, I'm talking to both sides on this one.
  • MasterKirov
    Merry Zodmass Zod!

    Hopefully your Human Slave Tree Hunt goes well ^^;
  • mumbls  - AEROBICS WITH ZOD
    Kneel before Zod!

    Now lie down before Zod, and count crunches before Zod.

    ONE before Zod!
    TWO before Zod!

  • DuosAngel
    Oh god these are just gonna get funnier and funnier aren't they? Only you Doug could liken a Christmas tree to a whore.
  • Deimos1984rd
    Yeesh, don't want to go near you when I get a tree Xp
  • August M.  - Where's Superman?
    Oh boy, it's better than the last. Any chance Superman will make an appearance? If he does, I'll bet it's going to be Linkara.
  • Curiosity Inc
    The premise for these segments sounds like a comedy improv prompt. "Give us two minutes on (*picks a random noun*) mistletoe in the character of (*picks a random character*) General Zod. Go!"

    Seriously, why bother writing these segments at all? Why not just improvise them and edit accordingly? Hell, you might as well start taking that approach for "How to be a Pirate" as well, while you're at it.
  • trlkly
    Because, as the comments show, the people who don't like them are in the minority. Heck, even the people above that were criticizing him admit they like these.

    As far as I can tell, he's doing this just for fun, and I'm glad the guy can just have fun.
  • TheAngryAnimeAddict
    Everyday I think this guy can't get more awesome. Then I'm always proved wrong XD
  • C.O.C.O.
    Better sap than cum, General.
  • johnkenpwns
    Zod commanding squirrels? Only in the DC Universe, I guess.
  • GamerGuyZai
    Don't you mean the DW Universe :D?... If you get that pun you get 1 point :)
  • foxbomber5
    . . . What?!
    Why is this so funny?
  • ukecloud
    The tree will have died a poor whore in a warm house... the irony. >~>
  • resident01
    I enjoyed this episode a lot more than yesterday's. I wonder what Doug's schedule was for these. Are all 12 shot already?
  • GenericFanboy
    I love this show. I'm hoping that Santa Christ will make an appearance at some point.
  • Themonsean
    I will never kneeeeOH MY GOD I'MB BRNING!
  • Stingrayx00
    "Deploy my bushy-tailed children!!" LMAO
  • PLA
    Mmm, goose vapor.
  • Rune
    SHHHHH, nobody tell him about aluminum trees!!
  • Twelfth Doctor
    In Zodonian Republic, trees are made of you!
  • Trencher
    Zodmas is funny as hell. Why are people complain that its getting old when he has only done it twice?
  • SmartyBoi
    Who is this Neil?
  • August M.
    Kneel as in "Kneel before him."
  • trlkly
    I think you were wooshed. Smartyboi was most likely making a joke.
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