Demo Reel - Blue Patches

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  • hanzo demon killer  - WOW.
    I have to admit this was by far the best episode of demo reel(so far). although i fear that is was to little to late. while i will still watch the show to support of they are doing, but by this is point regardless how good this episode was it won't change the minds of the haters.

    hope to see more of this quality.
  • Zihon  - some old guy says....
    haters gonna hate, i think this episode its not funny.... and its not made to be funny, i love it, how make the characters stronger and give some good laugh too (not taking the attention)
  • wave_master_elk  - Hey
    Whatever lets you sleep at night. Maybe the series just isn't that good... (And it's not. It really really really isn't.)
  • UchaNekome
    I like Demo Reel! It's like a parody version of "the Office" in it's early days! I mean think about it! Donny's the boss that german guy is like Dwight, Tacoma's like Jim (Only not NEARLY as funny), And Rebecca is something...I don't know...Anyways the way the episodes lay out is simular to "the Office". Boss does something outlandish and stupid and the rest of the employees have to do something to make up for it. You know, that formula.
  • jdwilburn101  - yes, yes, quite, quite
    I agree 100% This was going to be the last one and I was going to drop this show but damnit if I didn't think this is 1,000,000 times better than any of the passed episodes.
  • Fondell  - Hating or disliking?
    Disliking something and being a hater is far from the same thing. Or are you one of those people who expect everyone to like everything on the internet and think that people who doesn't like the same things as you shouldn't be allowed to voice their opinions? I think it's time for a new saying on the internet: hypocrites be hypocritical.
  • sasquatchimo  - It's okay to not like things.
    It's okay to not like things, it's okay but don't be a dick about it. It's okay to not like things, don't be a dick about the things you don't like. :)
  • Mousy Voice
    And thus ends your first story arc in your new series. I have to say, the idea of Donnie being a former child actor was certainly an unexpected twist. It's like a morbid parody of real-life child actors but instead of obtaining demonic powers or winding up as a joke on Avenue Q, Donnie just makes parodies of movies. That's an interesting idea and I like how it was built up and revealed. So happy New Year, Doug, and I wish you the best of luck.
  • cvrpapc
    I'm not saying this to be a dick. I swear. But I've noticed the demo on this site is young. I was watching this guy since I was in college. Its been 5 years. I've aged with the site lol. So I understand why Doug is looking to do other things that are not strictly comedy. I was excited for that change.

    But DR is meh. I liked this ep. it was the best so far. But I don't see myself recommending it.

    All the problems = bad writing.
  • richtv
    Story was interesting but still not a laugh to be found
  • onedaymore
    You think that might be the point? Dead mothers and making a movie for your depressed best friend, not really easy to make funny. And the Walkers have said how often that they want to make a dramedy?
  • richtv
    That may be fair and I will give it another chance, I did say the story was really good
  • GrenMonk2
    Exactly. The story's fine, but the comedy just brings it down entirely. I dread every time there's a non-dramatic moment because it will only bring me to tear my hair out for being painfully unfunny.
  • 3DMaster
    So? Not everything has to be laugh out loud funny to be worthwhile.

    Besides, plenty of smiles to be had, which is a good kind of humor as well; especially since there's actually good drama in an absurd sort of way to be had.

    This was just plain good shit, much like the previous few episodes.

    If Demo Reel keeps going like this, it's upward trend, soon it might very well surpass the Nostalgia Critic.

    Yes, I said it.
  • GrenMonk2
    You know, the drama would be better if the villain had a reason to be there other than being a pointless dick. Seriously, what was the head of S.W.A.G. doing there? What was he going to gain from taking down Demo Reel? Why is he sending mooks after them to kill them?

    Donnie's development was fine, but it's INCREDIBLY RUSHED. These last three episodes were the kind of things you put in your season finale, not your third, fourth and fifth episodes, when everyone should be getting to know the characters, motives and stakes at hand. You'd think for someone who spent four years critiquing movies and shows with all these flaws, that Doug would at least try to avoid them himself.

    And really, I don't know how anyone can compare this to Nostalgia Critic in any way. One's a review show, the other is a narrative. Know the difference. There's nothing to surpass, so saying that means nothing.
  • ladydiskette
    The movie that Rebecca and Tacoma made reminds me of those cheesy LifeTime made-for-tv movies.

    That would be funny if that is what ended up happening is that if they found out the movie was reduced to that.
  • Me Wise Magic  - Great episode
    The ideas brought to this episode were executed pretty well. Plot had alot of humor and the character development is strong. Can't wait for the next episode.
  • jowistinks  - What?
    What in the name of all that is holy is this? You're throwing a plot arc about maternal suicide into a series with a murderous turkey and you think people are going to take this seriously? I don't want to be insulting, but I've tried really hard to watch this, and I've come to the conclusion that this is purely a vanity project with no intention of finding a direction. I understand that this is not the Nostalgia Critic, but if you think this self-indulgent tripe is going to fill its place, which you had said was the original intention of this series, I think you'll find you're sorely mistaken.
  • onedaymore
    Uh dude? Lots of people *are* taking it seriously. Until you, I've seen nothing but love for the mother storyline.
  • lionessempress
    Okay mister jowistinks, you must a boring life. Because real life is murderous turkey with maternal suicide. Not literately, but metaphorical. Life is tragic, life is funny, life scary, life is happy, life is everything. Everyone has some tragic while having something funny as well. The best of form media have everything. It hard to do, but masters can do it. Demo Reel maybe not ground breaking like Stars Wars or Harry Potter that were able to master it. But it honest, which is more then can be said for Hollywood. This episode proves without a doubt that this is series that is great. Are saying people have had bad things happen to them can have something funny and light hearted in their lives? That untrue and unfair. You're a very mean person for saying this is a self-indulgent tripe! I know self-indulgents tripes! This sir is not it!!!

    By the way, I love this show!!!
  • GrenMonk2
    Maybe if they spaced out the episodes that are all comedy and all seriousness by MORE THAN TWO EPISODES, I'd be more willing to believe that paragraph.

    And maybe you can enlighten me as to why the hell the head of S.W.A.G. was even doing this in the first place? Because so far we have gotten no stated, or even implied, motivation for him.
  • doggans
    I thought SWAG's motivation was pretty clearly explained at the end of the very first episode. The head thinks Demo Reel is stepping on their whole "sweding movies" turf, and they sent him that threatening letter.

    Of course, his actions are pretty disproportionate for that motivation, but hey, that's the point of comic exaggeration. Whether it's effective or not is up to the viewer.
  • dennett316
    Wasn't the whole thing with S.W.A.G that Donnie was Sweding these movies without signing up to their organisation? That was stated fairly early on in the series.
  • GrenMonk2
    Then why is he trying to kill them? And for that matter, why does he even consider them a threat to begin with? We've established before that Demo Reel is not seen as very good in-universe.

    We also don't know what the hell SWAG does outside of plot against Demo Reel. Seriously, THESE are our antagonists?!
  • ohe
    I didn't get half of what you're saying but... exactly what I was thinking? Film this days is already too formulaic, it's only good some people are putting out stuff like Demo Reel. Even internet shows that are often said to be groundbreaking in their tone really aren't, mostly. People just say that to claim their own preferences as edgy or whatever, but basically they're all still relying on tired formulas of storytelling.

    One of the biggest problems is that it's typically been impossible to do anything experimental if it's not comedy, because people get surprised by experiments and when they get surprised they assume they're supposed to laugh. In film this is especially notorious because now more than ever people have made movies their safe zone, their escape from reality, and I personally hate that because that way I can't genuinely like any movie and share that with someone. It's all if I'm going to like something I've got to like it for some specific reason, and that reason is determined whether it's a "comedy" or "drama" or whatever.

    Like, I like a movie because it's interesting, my friend hears it's a comedy, goes to see it and doesn't get to laugh, and suddenly it was me who let him down and not his lame commercial expectations. Fuck your expectations, nameless friend person guy. Fuck all expectations. I think Demo Reel is pretty shit, but at least it's got potential to improve in a genuinely unseen direction. Shrek 7: Spy Who Shrekked Me isn't going to have even that.
  • cvrpapc
    ya i'm sure anna dowd would agree with you.
  • The sad panda
    jowistinks got a point.
    You can't turn the mood of your show by 180° just because you can't decide what you want it to be and forgot to flesh out your character through the season with a decent backstory.
    Just going "oh let's give him this personality now" remind me of the River Song Story arc in the episode "Let's Kill Hitler".
    It's just dropping a badly written twist all of sudden just to cover for the lack of any background in the entire previous season.

    Demo Reel can be good,but only if they write the characters first(personality AND backstory),decide of a tone,make a whole point beside "let's rip off movies,tis a good idea right lol?".

    All I've seen so far was 1 dimensional characters that all of a sudden developped "some kind" of a personality in a really abrupt manner in the latest episodes because people were complaining about it.

    And the whole premise is kinda flawed.

    Why would you think following a group of unknown persons ripping movies would be interesting?

    Why are they doing this?(coz obviously,it won't lead them to anything,it won't make them popular in hollywood)

    Why a group of swedish people would go all this way to stop them,when obviously no one give a shit so far? (also,they're not sueding a movie,they're making satire of it by going out of the way,sueding is more remaking the movie but at a way cheaper cost).

    They got everything to make something good.
    Choose the sitcom format (20 minutes eps)

    Decide of a main story line.
    (a group of ambitious misfits want to make their own movie to show in hollywood,not a rip off,not a parody,an actual movie that they believe will be good and different WITHOUT RIPPING OFF OTHER MOVIES)

    Each episode would be them struggling with their everyday life problems.(money,lack of equipment,everybody weird quirks that can slow down the process,fear of criticism,stress fo the white page,people quitting,argueing,try to convince the owner to let them stay,lack of effects etc etc...)

    End of the season,their movie is finally made,or not.

    Wich naturally evolve to,season 2,(if) they got their move,they show it to people.

    SO far Demo Reel is a mess,the trailer showed something and it never delivered,it look like a random showing of little sketch episodes that sometime contains even just a lot of random skits just to parody movies.

    The Wlaker bros can take my advice,it will be only 1$ for them.
  • ladydiskette  - OBJECTION!
    It's suppose to be a parody of "Blue Velvet" you dingbat! >:(
  • JCubbs
    all agreed Panda, though I criticize less about the Demo Reel flaws because too many good real shows have started pretty shitty. I think the Walker Bros. can still make a flower out of this manure. Still pretty decent for manure.

    Glad to see somebody bitch out Let's kill Hitler, though my other main complaint is why so little Hitler? and why so little killing?
    You just can't advertise something way more grandiose than your end product.

    Wish Welshy doesn't get to much poo flung at him for this
  • timmyjingoro
    "too many good real shows have started pretty shitty"

    umm yeah, those shows are the rare exceptions. i would go by the norm instead which is: shitty shows are shitty.
  • ladydiskette
    *gasps* He noticed me! ^^
  • Axel Osbourne
    That was a little mean Panda: I mean I know Demo Reel is far from perfect, and still need work before it can call itself a good show, but comparing it to River Song! That's just cold!
  • Welshy
    Well, that's another reprimand coming my way
  • Dore
    Are you trying to get fired?
  • timmyjingoro  - @Dore
    Ah yes, let's try to muffle constructive criticism with threats of firing.

    Panda isn't going on a trollish tirade like you do. He's trying to help.
    do you like pugs? if so, BATPUG OR BARK KNIGHT
  • cvrpapc
    Do you read the forums? That's like a redux of what people have been saying for like a month. 0.0
  • AlucardsQuest
    Demo Reel is not life, it's an internet show that can't seem to decide on a tone that works. There is a difference between something being funny, and something being totally off the wall. A crazy turkey rampage is off the wall for a series that otherwise has been either just a comedy or a drama but always grounded in reality. You're making concessions for a work of fiction that jumped a shark, and then tried to pretend that the shark never existed.
  • batfan
    I think it's sad that people aren't even giving demo reel a chance. The way I see it the show's only crimes are a slow start and filling the time slot of the nostalgia critic. Clearly there is a vision for the show, but all people see is what the show is not, instead of what it is.
  • August M.
    I gave it a chance but still didn't enjoy it. This was my second attempt and I'm not coming back. Sorry, I'm not wasting my time on stuff I don't enjoy.
  • GrenMonk2
    Five episodes is a pretty long chance.
  • timmyjingoro
    people gave demo reel a chance. and it sucked.
  • pheonix : p
  • jowistinks  - I'm not going to argue with you.
    You have a right to your opinion, as I have a right to mine. It is my opinion that this series is a poor replacement for the Nostalgia Critic, and while people can say until they're blue in the face that Doug "doesn't care what we think," he's made clear that he cares a lot what his fans think and that he is willing to listen (even if he sticks to what he feels is right as an artist). Quite frankly, I'm disgusted with the yes men on this site who constantly kiss Doug's behind and shoot down those who voice a negative opinion. I'm not saying that's you, I'm just saying that we're not going to get anywhere by arguing over our opinions--we're obviously not going to convince each other that our respective opinions are wrong, so why bother? It's a waste of energy. Also, enough of this "not giving Demo Reel a chance" stuff. I have sat through five episodes of atrocious writing and even managed to find a few positives. There is no reason to accuse me or any other critic of "not giving it a chance."
  • Jwalker  - Keep an open mind
    Of course you have a right to an opinion. And since it has now been fully developed, you may kindly leave and watch something else. Heaven knows there are way more shows on this site than just Demo Reel. This show is obviously is not going to please everyone.

    Though I must say, did anyone expect Demo Reel to be the same as Nostalgia Critic? Nostalgia Critic was lightning in a bottle, it's an idea that is more primal in nature than conceived through mere human thought. A once in a lifetime idea so powerful it is bound to be popular. To strike lightning twice is a rare occasion.

    And while Demo Reel may not be that lightning, I think it is a great opportunity for Doug to expand his wings into other ventures besides Nostalgia Critic, which is exactly what he said he wanted to do. And since this is his first attempt at doing so...well....I think we can all thankful that we got this and not something worse, because in all tense and purposes, Demo Reel is a respectable start for someone who is bound to make even greater projects down the line. That is what I think Demo Reel is, it is a start.

    So go ahead, quit watching it if it doesn't appeal to you, though I must politely ask that you keep an open mind down the road to what is eventually in all likelihood, going to be more projects from Doug. Just because you didn't like a piece of work from a person who used to create stuff you did like, doesn't mean you should overall dismiss him as a bad filmmaker, which is unfortunately the case for many of the haters of Demo Reel. They see this and think that is all Doug is capable of outside of Nostalgia Critic.

    As for me, I love the show. Demo Reel for me mixes the comedy and drama completely fine though it falls short in some areas. However, I enjoyed each episode for what it was and I look forward to the next story-arc Demo Reel presents. This episode in particular made me laugh quite hard, especially the dark humor involving Donnie's mother. Keep it up Doug, I look forward to more Demo Reel!
  • timmyjingoro
    "you may kindly leave and watch something else"

    oh, you don't need to tell anybody that. the series has already lost more than 2/3 of its viewers since beginning.


    this is what i said would happen, doug. people got bored, they left. it's only a matter of time before the yes men leave too.
  • Leon Real
    Imagine you're watching the first Nostalgia Critic episode for the first time. Would you have said back then that a guy taking a low quality video of himself, sitting on a chair and pointing out the silliness of an old kid movie had any future doing that?

    Secondly, you say that you understand that this is a different show, and yet you seem to keep comparing this to the Nostalgia Critic. What do you want? To typecast Doug? That all his videos should be of one character making jokes at a camera? That is stagnation.

    Thirdly, I'm not a yes-man. I didn't care much for the starting episodes of "Demo Reel", they were just your run of the mill parodies. And to be honest, I have mixed feelings about this episode. The drama came way out of left field, especially if one expects a comedy.

    But the main reason I like demo reel is this, Doug is experimenting with something new. He decided it was time to try something different and went ahead and did it. That's the kind of decision I lack and covet.
    Entertainment in Mexico (where I live) is abysmal. Mainly because the two national television networks never try anything new. And when they do, they just copy what was succesful in the US. Imagine airing a Mexican version of "The Nanny", only a week after cancelling the dubbed original. And only after rerunning it after a sixth time!

    You don't have to like "Demo Reel" and I don't think less of you for doing so. But you have to be fair in your critique. The Nostalgia Critic is gone, move on.
  • onedaymore
    "The drama came way out of left field, especially if one expects a comedy."

    The drama's been there since episode two with the backstories starting to seed, and didn't people say episode three was too depressing? (And again, the boys said they wanted something that mixed drama and comedy, not just the latter.)
  • Leon Real
    I know the drama in the series has been there for a while.
    Take for example a buzzed Rebecca playing truth or dare and, as she talks, gradually revealing her worries and fears. The transition went fluidly from comedic to serious.
    Here it just sort of clashed. And I have to say, I didn't care much for the father's reaction to Donnie's heartfelt confession.
  • onedaymore
    Ahh, my apologies then sir. "especially if one expects a comedy" confused my wee tired brain. :)
  • Spottedfeather
    I would've said that about the first episode of nostalgia critic. Because I'd seen shows like that before and have loved them right off.
  • timmyjingoro
    NC was funny since episode one, twit.
  • Bigmacnaughton  - take the stick from your behind
    he is not trying to replace N.C. with this this is his big dream to make a real show so when you are done being a troll read deeper in the farewell of N.C. you bloody twat
  • VillainousBlogger  - Dang...
    Man...I knew they were building something up with Donnie's past but...dang... No wonder he's so sad and lonely with the way his mother went. And the family that was laughing at his misery when he was pouring his heart out to them? I wanted to just hug Donnie and yell at them for being so insensitive to his problems. It's very sweet of Rebecca and Tacoma to make a sequel to a film that Donnie loves (and know his mother was in it makes it even more touching). And what they did with the idea...this just gives me even more faith in Demo Reel. Bravo to Mr. Walker and everyone involved.

    But when that stupid SWAG member shot their Christmas present to Donnie? I wanted to jump through the screen to join Rebecca in punching the daylights out of that jerk!

    But I'm glad there was a happy ending for the Demo Reel team. ^^ After what they've been through? They deserve it.
  • nerdcredred  - 5/5
    Very amazing job on this episode, and I really, really loved the storyline here. The Blue Patches sequel actually made me cry, not ashamed to say.

    Keep this up, Doug and Rob. I love this show.
  • pomaflah
    This is much better than previous episodes. I think this show is finally finding its footing.
  • jgorei450
    I initially came off thinking this episode was going to be a Misery parody, but it surprised me. The episode was good. I do have a tiny complaint about Quinn and I am sure many have brought this up before me. But he is really an over-exaggerated Irish stereotype, it would be nice to see that aspect of him toned down a bit.
  • DevotedIdeal
    Maybe I'm just overanalyzing here, but I saw a lot of reflection in this episode. That rant Donnie had about everyone not being able to move on from who he used to be, what if that was Doug's way of venting his frustration over people not being able to adapt to the Nostalgia Critic being gone? And what if the drama that Tacoma and Rebecca made was their way of proving what they can really do when they give it their all? I know I'm sounding corny here, but I do think this was meant to say that they really are trying with this show.

    It's pretty unfortunate that the criticism received may be what's driving these more dramatic moments (I could be wrong), but I feel it's been moving the show towards the right direction-especially this episode. The humor may not be laugh-out-loud yet like the NC was, but I feel if they keep making the show more and more genuine rather than relying on spoofing, Demo Reel will be able to fill out more as a show. Of course, I'm not saying that it should become more dramatic-if anything, the drama is acting like a crutch right now. But it's been used as their best tool to construct the show so far, and should be put more to use until they finally get to where they want to be. Again, I may just be assuming (yeah, I know the old saying), but this is sincerely what I've been getting from these guys.

    With all of that said, I'd like to request an episode based off of The Breakfast Club-or any John Hughes movie for that matter. They always had the right balance of humor and drama, and I feel that may be a good direction Demo Reel could take.
  • onedaymore
    Honestly, it seemed more like Doug-as-Donnie was ripping on Critic himself. You remember how Critic had a breakdown over never doing anything right, and it seems like Donnie is a child star who never got to school anyone like Mara did.
  • leikaitsndead
    other fuck video, I think I still see these videos because I hope that one of them is the end of demo reel
  • Spottedfeather
    I think one of the main problems with Demo Reel is that it's way too long. It just doesn't have enough material that's anywhere near good enough to fill a half an hour. It would be much better if it stuck to five or six minute short videos. Otherwise, it's going to start failing much harder that it already is. Six minutes stretched out to half an hour just doesn't work.
  • GoldenSandslash15
    When the head of SWAG first revealed himself, I thought it was Phelous playing him, until I saw the credits at the end. Damn, those two look a lot alike. In grayscale at least.
  • TwistedEllipses
    Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but it seems like this series was partially a guilt-trip for Doug that maybe there was something a bit nasty about making fun of bad acting and bad movie-making in general.

    The suicide backstory wasn't out of place, as Doug can go to the darkest of dark humour at times (see his 'The Aristocrats' sketch) and it's used to abruptly puncture the light tone of the characters in the scene.

    All in all, this was a mixed bag and an experiment and a love letter to cinema (loved the 'Misery' bit). I'd be interested to see more as it seems like they were just getting their sea-legs and working out the kinks.
  • venkarl
    The show's getting more serious and less silly, which is good in a way, and kind of problematic in another way. The gags in this episode felt kind of strange in the context of the otherwise serious tone. I guess that could work as a comedic style, but you'd really have to nail the jokes. Anyway, I am still liking the show. Hopefully now that this story arc's reached a conclusion the next few episodes will bring a little more fun back into the mix.

    Oh, and insert some statement here acknowledging all the Hetalia junk on that guy's wall.
  • Leon Real  - A definite direction?
    I don't know if I could rate this episode highly. The comedy was good and so was the drama, but they clashed.
    Donnie's tragic past came too out of left field, especially for one who expects a comedy. When a buzzed Rebecca revealed her worries in the "Lost in Translation" episode, it felt more natural and fluid.
  • onedaymore
    But like I said up above, Donnie's backstory was set up in episode three. Hell, last episode had him saying "don't worry mom, I'll be there soon" when about to die. And again, dramedy, not comedy.
  • AkioET
    I'm going to keep saying, I'm loving Demo Reel, people just have to understand this is much more focused on the characters and the storyline than the comedy, so, although the comedy will still be there, it won't be the main focus. And I respect Doug and Rob for doing so, it's a very big risk they're taking and, for what's being released so far, it's really paying off.
  • jycool
    I think that Demo Reel is a good thing. My complaint about it is that this is in the wrong place for it. I mean for a site that has it's main focus to be reviews and riffs this isn't that. Thats the problem.
  • rewind
    Not bad, not my style. I'll try to keep an eye on the series... I don't know what drew me to watch this episode, but I'm slightly impressed. I know I'm coming off as ambiguous, but I'm trying to say that I don't think Demo Reel is a bad series. I think that raging is an over reaction and that Doug should continue with this project and I hope it works out. Yet, I don't find myself drawn into it.

    I want to like it... I really do.
  • Autisticwriter
    Wow, if that was Doug during his childhood days, then that's funny actually :)
    I think this is my second favorite thing Doug Walker has done, next to the Nostalgia Critic.

    1:36: Donnie, it's a trap. Listen to the first sight. Whenever a kid travels in the woods, bad things are bound to happen. Just look at Blair Witch Project, Evil Dead, and Coraline (IDK that's all i could come up with so far).

    3:27: It's Misery all over again. Hide the woman and children.

    4:31: I feel the same for Donnie. If i had to watch the play i was in 6th Grade, i would have the same expression. I was Merlin in King Arthur.

    Gees, watching this episode makes me feel sorry for Donnie. I know he is just a character but you got to feel sorry and to sympathy with why he does those movies.

    Still like that German accent Rob was giving.
    Still like Demo Reel and i can't wait for the next episode.
  • Atwosheds
    This show is really great. It's nice to see that Doug Walker is finally making his own content. Not that the Critic was a bad show, but how long could it has lasted. Name one nostalgic movie or tv show you care even a little bit about seeing a review for.
    That being said... The one thing holding back most of TGWTG staff is a lack of original content that is not made up (at least partially) of other peoples' work. Anyone can make fun of Troll 2. It' like shooting fish in a barrel. But to create something completely new and original is far more difficult.
    Good luck in your future endeavors Mr. Walker, and as Loyd Kaufman has been known to say, "Keep making great art".
  • BoomKrakatoa
    I love where Demo Reel is, and is going. The characters are developing at a good pace, and they are fun and interesting to watch.

    I hope more good things are to come.

    Also, props to that family with all the Hetalia and Vocaloid pictures.
  • Captain Speedbump
    I did think this episode was an improvement over previous episodes. There were a few laughs with the family, but the show correctly figured out when it was enough. The movie with Tacoma and Rebecca was well done; those two are very good actors. And of course, the resolved plotlines are welcome.

    This show was only a few minutes shorter than the previous episode, but for me it seemed to go much faster; I think the pacing is improving.

    I will say I'm starting to get used to the idea that the show is not going for laughs every second; I may be finally starting to see what Doug has been trying to show me.

    Looking forward to the next episode.
  • Velsuan
    Great episode! I really appreciate all the characters and the astounding performances of the crew! You guys are awesome! Keep it that way! Live long and prosper!
  • Rhewin
    Surprising drama from you guys. Again, great to see the supporting actors get more screen time and their acting is definitely getting stronger as they get to know their characters. I thought Doug's monologue was *very* strong in this as well.

    One little thing... were we supposed to see the reflection of the camera equipment in the sunglasses during the outside shots...?
  • britbau  - My thoughts on demoreel
    I don't log in very often, but after 5 episodes I kind of felt like writing my impressions on the show so far, since I think everyone is getting really heated over it. I'm not a professional writer, but i've read a bunch of books and have studied hundreds of films trying to figure out what I think makes storytelling good, so i'd like to think what i'm about to say is the most objective and solid opinion I can give.

    Anyways, Demo reel? Uhhh. Hm, where to start. I was actually horrified at the first episode. Extremely awkward humor, y'know, the kind that gives you secondhand embarrassment. Doug, I know you're a funny guy, but for some reason, your humor is really not made for this kind of format. Most jokes honestly don't work for me, and the fact 2 of your characters have weird fake accents just kind of distracts me from enjoying.

    THAT BEING SAID, I think the way you began to change demo reel is working in your favor. The more character driven serious stuff has got some real solid moments. I think so far, the most solid episode would have to be the parody of lost in translation. I felt the humor still usually didn't work, but I grew very attached to Donnie's journey through the convention and the more subtle references to the movie you were parodying were more funny than the really obvious stuff. I felt you had a decent mix of parodying while making it your own thing and that was cool.

    THIS EPISODE? Eghhhh. On one hand, I like the backstory you've given Donnie, but the delivery was weird. It was like, you made an unfunny joke and then you dove RIGHT IN to SUPER SERIOUS MOTHER SUICIDE and it felt really awkward. Also, the movie you had Rebecca and Tacoma make was kinda.... How do I explain this, I don't know if it was intentional, but I thought it was ridiculous. I mean, I couldn't take it seriously at all, but not in a funny way, in an awkward way. I also felt like you had a little too much tell not show going on. Like you REALLY tried to push the audience into getting Donnie's emotions without just implying them, and it felt less effective than it could have been.

    Overall, I feel like demoreel is still kind of an awkward teenager. It isn't sure what it wants to be and it's still kind of struggling around and making a lot of mistakes, though occasionally has genuine strokes of brilliance. I personally like the serious stuff when it's done really well. I think easing up on the humor is the right choice, at least until you figure out what delivery really works for what you're going for. I think taking a dramatic angle is good, though be careful about what you want your audience to take seriously and how/if you achieve that.

    DOUG! You've got writing talent, really, I can see it shining through. Don't give up on this thing, just keep working at it until you really know what you want, and then just fucking go for it.

    I've been a fan of you since near the beginning and I t...
  • Wander
    I think you are right on all of that.

    Acting is inconsistent.

    Also the combination of comedy and drama is very awkward. Acting is probably a part of it.

    It's not that this kind of a combination can't be done very well in a series. I absolutely love the Office (original series), and maybe you could draw some kind of a comparison with the fake documentary feel this has, but it doesn't quite work, because it doesn't feel real, it doesn't feel believable like The Office did. They seem to go out of their way to make the humour very cartoonish (like it always was in previous Doug stuff as well), but it just doesn't sit well with this format, imo.

    The drama works a little better, but the mix as a whole just doesn't. On IMDB scale I'd be going at a 5/10 for now.
  • Really
    I think a good example of a show that was serious, and funny is MASH,
  • Moon Spirit
    This was a pretty good episode. I actually like the child actor backstory, making Donnie more sympathetic. He may have made bad movies, but at least he enjoyed doing it, even though he lost his mom. Maybe that's just us as people, taking actors and actresses for granted for the performances we criticize them for.

    Here's to another good episode in the future.
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