Where the Hell is Demo Reel?

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  • Moderated  - Let me guess
    It will be a DVD exclusive?
  • James Picard
    I have to say, I think this is a good thing. While I did like the first episode, I did notice that it wasn't as good as it could've been. But all the other shows on here have gotten better with time, and Demo Reel did have some genuinely great moments. So honestly, I don't mind the delay. If we can get something better, and more importantly, something you guys believe is better than what you had planned, then I'm willing to wait. Good luck with the editing!
  • keniakittykat
    Yeah, agreed, it's better to wait for something good than to groan all the way through an episode that was very sub-par. and no one is waiting for another Bart's nightmare fiasco xD
  • Mousy Voice
    Oh, thank goodness. When I read the title, I thought that you'd lost your voice again. Well anyway, I thought something like this might happen. After all, it's a new series and as with any new series, there's inevitably going to be some experimentation to see which ideas work and which won't. So I understand.
  • IbanezJFS  - Really?
    I just start watching NC, you cancel that, you give me this....and now...you have to wait longer.....fuck.
  • Santa Prime  - to ibanez_IFS
    Dude if you have just started watching NC then go through his back log of videos a couple of times. It's all good stuff and worth the time. This was a good move on Dougs part to retool demo reel. It needed it and I suspect you would be disappointed if they went ahead with it anyway.
  • IbanezJFS
    You'd be surprised. I actually loved the Super Mario Bros. Movie and I still do.
  • NCcritic
    I see what you did there but if ppl don't like that one too you are screwed.

    You already had a successful show. Why you gave up on it and start doing something that you are not even ready for?
  • GrenMonk2  - to NCcritic
    Maybe because ending a character when it's still good is better than just beating it until it's become a caricature of it's former self and lost all humor?

    I was not pleased with Demo Reel's premiere by any means, but I'm glad that Doug could see that this was not the way to go with it. So, I'm looking forward to the Thanksgiving special next week and will await it with cautious but optimistic expectations. (By the way, that's got to be some sort of record to have the first holiday special be the episode right after the pilot).
  • Lone Wolf
    After the Moulin Rouge review there was nowhere to go but down so stopping where it did was a good move. Doug didn't want to do the Nostalgia Critic forever. Doug has other ideas and it'd be nice to see them come to fruition.
  • Semudara
    No, he won't be screwed if people dislike the second episode.

    This is a new series. These things take a little time to get rolling.
  • Captain Siberia
    He'd be screwed if people watched the second episode, hated it, said to themselves "It's just gonna be more of the same," and stopped watching.
  • cvrpapc  - amen sir
    Yes. He is receptive to what people are telling him. That's what counts. Rob has pretty much identified what's wrong with Demo Reel. He has told us how he is going to correct it. He said that Doug had to much control with the writing. There were to many last minute changes and he/doug didn't really grasp what their audience was expecting. People had higher standards than someone yelling profanity in front of a screen.

    Its part of the growing pains in running a new business and getting a product out to people. I'm sure quite a few of us have had unhappy customers from time to time. You can't please everyone. All you can do is proceed with integrity and try to make it work. Even if you fail, you gotta keep trying new shit.
  • IbanezJFS
    I didn't give up but it's like...Aw Come On! But lets see you Demo Reel Super Marios Bros. Movie which I actually LOVE!
  • Zachary Amaranth
    Be fair. They clearly were ready for it. Even professional TV programs retool things.

    Personally, I thought the first episode was ass, but let's not crucify them over this.
  • staveitoff123
    silly doug, you can't shoot first and change direction later... or was that ask questions?
  • WhistleAndSnap
    Doug knows what he's doing. The Nostalgia Critic wasn't successful by accident. It'll take them a while to get into the swing of things with a show as different as this, but I have faith in the team to get it done and get it done right. The fact that Doug and co. are even looking back on their work and analyzing it like this should instill a little more faith in you guys! That's more than a lot of writers ever do.

    Welp, Cat out.
  • trlkly
    Yeah, it kinda was. I'm not saying that it didn't get better over time, but it did become popular by accident. It was on YouTube, after all.
  • cvrpapc
    hmm well...even he admitted he got lucky to some degree with NC. Time and place were just right...if he tried it now it would be white noise.
  • Torugu
    I had a feeling something like this would occur. It's not easy to try something different at first, but the process becomes easier to adjust the more time you put into it.

    To me the first episode of Demo Reel felt like a pilot episode. Everyone had different responses whether positive or negative and I do believe that it's good to look back at your material and decide what changes can be made to steer you in the right direction.

    I'll be on the lookout for new material! Thanks! ; )
  • ReanaMae
    Sounds like you guys are busy! It's awesome that you keep your commitment to quality in spite of all the new stuff going on! Way to go! Can't wait to see the new stuff! :)
  • Morphiend
    Cant wait! for ep #2, and the review show!, I understand entirely, give us ur best. sometimes time doesn't allow for it :
    Will Episode 3 somehow make the plot of Episode 2 incompatible with the larger story? If not, then there's really no point in withholding the episode. How many second episodes in a new series are actually that good? I wouldn't expect the show to find its way for another few episodes, anyway. If this "no substandard episodes allowed" approach had been taken with the NC show, we probably would have only seen a third of the episodes.
  • Captain Siberia
    If he puts out too many substandard episodes this early in the game, when the buzz is strong and all eyes are on him, he could lose a lot of viewers and good will. I say he made the right choice.
  • nerdcredred
    While I was eagerly anticipating the new episode, I have to admit I have respect for someone who knows when a change is good and is willing to do what they can to fix it up this early. Doug, you and Rob know what you're doing, and I can't wait to see the episode when it does premiere. :)
  • Thatfatguyinalittlecoat
    I felt at the beginning of this that you were being a "artist" with the "This isn't quit what we wanted bah bah.

    However it's your series and I can respect you for sticking to your guns.
  • Lone Wolf
    I found the first Demo Reel episode to be pretty funny. It is a new show and new shows take time to find their footing so I don't mind a delay if it's to make sure the show is good.
  • Slowking
    To be frank: I think nobody cares where the next episode of demo reel is.
    It's just not very funny. I hope you can fix it.
  • Godotofwar
    I Never commented on the site but now I seem to leave a comment every week, I DO want this to work but the first episode was lackluster, not bad, it was funny but it was just a generic parody show.

    This comes and I see you're really listening to feedback, so while writing this comment Lori Prince Live started... I was laughing my ass off!! So, yeah, a video from 2008 had more new things and directions than the 2012 big proyect, but I know you'll do fine man, just don't let the proyect get the best of you, it's better to admit it needs changes early than a year in.
  • Thick
    The Nostalgia Critic was going to become tired and forced eventually (To some it already has), it's good that he can do something he wants, something that gives him more possibilities, it just needs time, some people are way too agressive.
  • Desotowright
    I really liked the first episode, but I'm excited to see how the new one will be. One of the biggest reasons I respect you, Doug, is because you do care about your fans and you do listen to feedback. Either way, best wishes and I look forward to the next episode. :)
  • Abt7217tc  - cool
    Character based stuffs are always better. I look forward to the new episode.
  • trlkly
    No, it isn't. I don't know why people think it is. No one on this site has character-based stuff. If character-based stuff is what you like, it seems odd that you gravitated to this site. Sure, some people play characters when they make reviews, but the review is the primary focus, and the character is really just either an exaggerated version of themselves or a caricature.

    If this becomes character-based, it'll just be a poor imitation of what we can see on TV. It's not like Doug is up to TV-level standards in his work. I mean, he can't even handle recording without a huge echo--even in a freaking studio!

    My point is, I think Doug needs to focus on what he's good at--making jokes and humorous situations. Don't try to become an actual sitcom. Sitcoms have to spend too much time on not actually being funny.
  • abort_user
    i remain skeptical especially since you didnt elaborate much on what is changing and what is staying the same. i do hope its better than the first episode. though even as you mentioned, it normally takes shows a little while to find their groove.

    one thing you mentioned that i do like is the character development over time. it could be interesting with such cartoonish characters to see how they develop. its an intriguing concept. will definitely check out a few more episodes to see if its my cup of tea.
  • Flaregun
    Growing pains, got it. I really don't think we needed 7 minutes of rambling to get the point across here. You're still fine tuning the concept & making some adjustments, so some of the stuff you shot before you knew what was working & what wasn't needs some of the rough edges smoothed out. Really not that uncommon a story.

    I mean, we were all raised on Television here, we've all seen the pilot episodes of some of our favorite shows that were radically different than what the show became, we're all familiar with that first half season or so where a show seems to be desperately flailing around trying to find itself, this is really no big deal.
  • cheetaking
    Totally okay with a bit of a delay if it means some good high-quality entertainment.

    As with the beginning of any show, I expected that there would be a bit of a learning curve before it really found its groove, so IMO it's a good thing that you guys are able to see when something isn't quite going like you wanted it to.

    I'd honestly be more worried if you couldn't see any flaws in it whatsoever. That would mean that it would never get better. But I have hope that, with time, this will be a truly excellent show. There is a lot of potential in this idea, and I'm really looking forward to that magic moment when you guys find your groove with this show. I'm sure hilarity will ensue.

    Good luck!
  • BackLash  - Wow, this explanation is really long...
    That settles it, this is the official second episode of Demo Reel "Explanation". I give it five stars.
  • Scooter
    I liked moments of the first episode but I thought it could have been much better. Take your time, Doug. Looking forward to the next video!
  • oshunanat
    Kudos to you for taking the time and course correcting now before you got to a point where it'd essentially be too late to fix. This is a trial and error process and I have faith that the changes will make the show better and be cause to make me give it another chance :)
  • LauraRiddle
    Seeing as I read Rob's stuff in the forums and was planning on skipping the original episode 2, this is great news! Can't wait to start fresh, and to see what you have changed. Hopefully I'll like it much better than the first episode.
  • ferricguard
    I am all good with you deciding not to put out something that you are unhappy with after all this is your intellectual property and you deserve to have it go in the direction that you wish. That being said I have no doubt that when it is released it will be up to the standard that I have grown to love from this site. So feel free to take your time we will still be here because the fans of this site will always be here for you.
  • locuas

    So, you pare planning in doing it like Linkara does it?
  • Captain Siberia
    Through the door, line on the left, one cross each.
  • Salosandre
    Why must virtually every video on this site have to have a "Story line", I can watch tv shows or movies for that. Is it so hard to just do reviews/analysis with mixed in humor?
  • cannedfury
    Yeeaaaah, why aren't they reviewing and analyzing movies in Demo Reel? That's what it's about, right, a critic show? With critic characters created specifically for it?
  • trlkly
    That was his point. He obviously was saying that he doens't like the very concept of Demo Reel. I'm not too big on it either, although I thought it worked in the pilot. I just hope that it keeps working. Become too much about the characters, and I don't see any reason to watch. I come to this site to watch people either reviewing things or making fun of them. I don't come because I think, say, Todd in the Shadows is such an awesome character that I want to know more about him. It's a nice extra, but it shouldn't be the focus.
  • Thick
    Something I've been wanting to say, I don't get people saying his character in Demo Reel is too similar to the Nostalgia Critic, to me they are almost opposites. I once heard someone say that "critics are frustrated filmmakers", and that's the feel I get from the Nostalgia Critic, someone who is frustrated by how things turned out; Donnie DuPre, on the other hand, is someone so full of himself that is delutional about the quality of his work (Unlike Doug Walker himself, ha), I think there is a lot of potential for parodying of hypothetical aspiring filmakers and actors that lack an outside perspective.
  • ohe
    It's not that they're similar, more like it's that they're nothing. They are mostly just Doug being himself. Now, in this case for the Nostalgia Critic character, everybody gets a one freebie because people haven't seen the actor himself anywhere before. NC also has the edge of being very over the top caricature of Doug Walker, but you see that kind of thing a lot with comedians, and for example Adam Sandler and Dave Chapelle will be Adam Sandler and Dave Chapelle in any role they take, whatever they may be named as. That's not really acting, and that doesn't fly when you're really creating characters.

    That being said, it's not like Doug can't at all act, he's still got Dominic and Chester A. Bum at least. Demo Reel will get there, most likely.

    But yeah, to say that the two characters aren't too much alike, well you're plain wrong, because they are. Seeing different potential in them is one thing, but even if you'll start splitting hairs those complaints are about Doug's delivery and that severely lacks range for now.
  • trlkly
    If you're going to say they are the same, then explain what is the same about them. I see more of Lori Prince in this than I do the Nostalgia Critic. The only thing I see so far is that they are both hubris-filled bastards. That's a similarity, but it doesn't mean they are the same character.

    And, no, this doesn't contradict my other post about being character based. If all people meant by that was the amount of character we got in the first episode, then they wouldn't constantly be complaining it wasn't character-based.
  • ohe
    Don't get me confused with some different person making some different point about some different argument you're having. If my explanation right there in that first paragraph doesn't satisfy you then at least address it directly, don't refer to some irrelevant points about "character based" whatever.

    I'm assuming my words went right over your head because you're too preoccupied with somebody else's opinions. Learn to differentiate between people. Maybe go out sometime or read a book, learn some social skills.

    I already said the problem was about delivery, and that means not about superficial things like descriptive character traits such as being hubris-filled. If you don't know what that means go watch Looper: Gordon-Lewis delivers an impeccable Bruce Willis by facial gestures and the way he talks, things like that.

    Only in Willis' case there's nothing subtle about it but you get the point.
  • Captain Siberia
    "I once heard someone say that 'critics are frustrated filmmakers.'"
    He'd obviously never heard of François Truffaut.
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