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  • Valkura  - Obligatory "first"
    I love the two-layers of it being about a fake studio that remakes movies in a funny way. Looking forward to it.
  • ManicWebb
    Looks pretty cool. I'm looking forward to the new show.
  • PlayMp1
    Seems like a lot of fun... almost reminds me of a film-oriented version of 30 Rock.
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    30 Rock is one of my favorite shows ever, so if this can be half as good, I'll be pleased.
  • KronosKid
    Looks great so far. Like a series version of Be Kind Rewind.

    Will it be set in the wider Channel Awesome universe (after the plot whole engulfed everything), or will it be set in a separate continuity?
  • Bloodrealm
    I really hope it is part of the Channel Awesome universe. It would open up so many possibilities for episodes. They could even try to remake other TGWTG shows and concepts! Imagine something like a FamiKamen Rider movie starring someone who looks and acts NOTHING like JW where the supervillain is Diamanda Hagan!
    I also like the clip in this trailer where he just up and changes a HUGE point of the movie. That could work brilliantly with so many things!
  • Derpy Hooves
    at first i was like "omg this is either going to be really good or really bad" but then i saw doug in his joker costume and had falshbacks of Melvin. after that everything kind of just faded to black, and for some reason i started screaming 'NONONONONONONONONONO' huh wonder what thats about. all joking aside ill have to see it when it come out to get a real sense of weather i like it or not
  • Bloodrealm
    I didn't see Doug in a Joker costume anywhere in that trailer. I saw him in a Beetlejuice costume, though.
  • CrazyEmoOtaku
    is a good show, but why Doug said "african american" in place of "black"? for me, there's nothing wrong saying "black". at least i'm not saying "nigger"
  • Sylphide
    Yeah, people don't seem to have a problem with saying "white". So I don't see the problem with saying "black". I don't see how/why that would be offensive.
  • HaleThee  - Agree
    I heard a (black)comedian once say something like quit with colored people we're not purple. They have african american now too and (white) have a name now I can't remember. But when I hear it I start to ask is there something I missed in Social Studies.
  • Teacup
    The term "colored" in reference to a person's ethnicity is highly antiquated. It's almost never used in modern speech, and is considered offensive by some.

    The term "black" is not inherently offensive, but "African American" is entirely neutral, which makes it preferable in some contexts.
  • Lightice
    Except when it's not. To me, African American pretty much states: "You don't really belong here, you're just visiting. Who cares if five generations of your ancestors never left the continent? You still belong to that other place". You don't call white Americans European Americans, either.

    Anyway, the term pisses me personally off even more because it's used in contexts where it's completely absurd. I wanted to beat my head against the screen when I once read a news article on the "British African-Americans". I'm waiting for the day that I can read about "African African-Americans" with dread.

    I'm white European, BTW.
  • Cassmi
    Umm... They're not called "British African Americans" (for insanely obvious reasons), they're called Afro-Caribbean British or Black British wiki/Black_British

    Wherever you read that article, I doubt it was a real newspaper so I wouldn't worry.
  • ohe  - there's nothing wrong saying "black"
    Except that it is totally wrong. The real color is this sorta, like... brown.

    Oh and, I for one have no problem people calling myself white only because neither do I have any problem with people being dumbasses in general. Setting aside the dry humour, going for the extremes of "black" and "white" isn't very informed.

    I'm pretty sure not once in my life has any of my various values and ideals been supported by somedy making the notion of "well, this particular person sure is white, i.e. not black". But it has done them a lot of harm.
    But you wrote the word CrazyEmo . SO fuck you, you goddamn racist.
  • NostalgicTeen
    I understand that it was highly anticipated, but I'm sad to say that to me, it's like the present day equivalent to "Melvin: Brother of the Joker". I would prefer NC-style reviews.
  • L2
    Did he just use the bum joke from DKR in there?
  • Semudara
    Yeah... it's the exact same joke, but less well done. Hopefully that leads to a subplot where Chester sues the studio or something. :P
  • walrusclown  - Fun-tastic
    This new show of yous loooks like a ton of fun and I will definetly be tuning in!!!!
  • Ptrack_Git
    I miss the old GNN segments doug used to make... that said this looks good. Can't wait to check it out.
  • DarkVamp001
    I'm so excited! This looks like it's going to be really entertaining! :D
  • BigMac90  - Looks good! I'm really excited!
    Though I do hope the movie parody stuff won't greatly outweigh the actual interactions between the director, writer and actress.
    Hopefully it'll be balanced out a bit more than was shown in this trailer.

    I also hope they don't overuse certain jokes... like being unable to understand Batman's voice...

    As for the two newcomers, I'll wait until I've seen the first episode before I pass judgement.
    A couple of the girl's lines did crack me up though ("Shakespeare's a perv"), and I really like how she delivered them.

    Overall, this is looking really good!
  • Bloodrealm  - Overused
    I just hope all their downtime won't be spent talking to the camera, and that that was just for the trailer. Kind of odd considering what site this is, but this seems to be a different kind of show. Don't get me wrong, I love running gags, but interview style aside scenes really can get stale.
  • sekiwat
    So this is just another SNL or Mad TV?
  • Bloodrealm
    No, I think each episode they'll try to remake one movie (hilarity ensues), rather than having several skits.
  • Ally-Gator
    Looks really entertaining.
    Though the trailer doesn't really give a very clear idea on whether it's going to be more about the interaction between the characters or the remakes of the film, I have a good feeling about this one. No doubt I'll be here on the 30th to see what all your hard work has amounted to.
    It helps knowing that you have real faith in this project, considering you took a real gamble to get it going and put all of your time and effort into this and that counts for a lot.

    So bring it on.
  • GomJabber11
    Looks pretty cool! Reminded me a bit of "Be Kind, Rewind".
  • Sgt. Swatter  - A Christmas show?
    Parody, huh? This can go either way really. I love the fact that some of the sparkles look more like pimples. New jokes and few cliches, I hope. Looks promising, but why before Halloween?
  • Carteeg_Struve
    I'm having a sinking feeling here. I really hope this trailer is not doing the show's material justice.

    (Re-using the bum joke? Really?)
  • lilbird
    Heh heh, just like true nerds and geeks. So looking forward to this. Wasn't what I imagined it was going to be (according to what I read online from what was written), but it looks very interesting. Sounds like there'll be inside jokes when it comes to these fixed scenes.
  • Captain Siberia
    It really looks like it's not going to be funny. I didn't laugh once during this trailer. It looks like it's gonna fall really flat. The jokes feel stale. The actors you've hired, based on what I've seen, don't bring much to the table. They don't have good comic delivery.

    The times when Nostalgia Critic fell flat, at least it offered the fun of seeing movies I remembered from my childhood be relevant again. This just looks like it's gonna be you guys talking about recent hit movies and making the same tired observations as everybody else, and not bringing anything special to it.

    I hope I'm wrong. I don't want to see you fade into mediocrity. But this trailer just makes me worried.

    I just have to keep going. The Shakespeare joke is dumb. The joke may be that the actress is an airhead, but the way she plays it, the airhead thing doesn't come across, or it doesn't come across enough. It just screams, "Look at me! I'm being snarky about one of the most respected writers of all time! Look how edgy I am! I'm a grown-up!"

    The writer should be A LOT more agitated then he is. He should have layers of rage under the surface to make his situation funny, and they're just not there. Orlando, I think, could have pulled it off. But not this guy so much.

    Another sparkly vampire joke? Really?

    The "Cut" joke at the end also falls flat. What's the point? That the camera man left the camera rolling too long, even though the whole commercial gets edited anyway? But really, the joke of "I'm so awkward and unprofessional, even though I'm doing this deliberately for a joke" is old.

    I do want to believe. I loved Nostalgia Critic. I looked forward to it every week. But I have a feeling this new show is going to fly like a lead balloon.
  • Floweramon
    You really took issue with the Shakespeare line? Shakespeare's play can be very perverted! Country matters, the maidenheads and the beholding him dead from Romeo and Juliet, the c**t part of Twelve Night - hell, he invented the phrases 'doing her' and 'beast with two backs'
  • Floweramon
    Add-on, because it's a big example: His play Much Ado About Nothing revolved around the double meaning of 'nothing' being old slang for women's genitals!
  • Semudara
    For the record, I thought the "cut" joke was one of the only truly funny parts of this trailer. Tried and true stuff can still work with the right timing. :D

    But I agree that for the most part, neither the characters nor the movie-parody-skits shone in what was shown. It all seemed VERY amateur, which is strange considering how much experience and talent that Doug, at least, has built up.

    I, too, will approach the first episode with cautious optimism. Ready the Led Zeppelin!
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    Wow, give it a shot or two before you condemn it automatically. We owe him that much -- he's betting all his chips on this thing.

    But it's a serious worry. What if it DOES suck -- what then?

    Honestly, I didn't think it was a very bright business decision to shut down TGWTG's most popular video series cold turkey. Instead of putting ALL his eggs into one basket, Doug should have decreased NC appearances to one a month while he takes on these new projects. If none of them pan out he would have actual income to fall back on. Imagine if James had quit the Nerd to produce Overanalyzers full-time. We wouldn't be talking about him anymore.

    This isn't the kind of thing he can sweep under the rug, like Melvin or Bart's Nightmare. Doug forced himself on a one-way path this time. If Demo Reel bombs, does he have a backup plan?

    I don't agree with the cancellation of the yearly Big Fat Get-Togethers either. TGWTG was gaining popularity before, but it was the Brawl that really made people start talking and telling their friends. They tied the whole site together and made it an event; made it feel like one large family -- which is its biggest current strength. Even the video series that aren't that great become worth watching because all the characters feel like old friends. I don't know why the headmasters would want to do anything to mess that up. It's a hard thing to get started in the first place!

    They have suggested in commentaries that feelings of hopelessness over SOPA drove them to it. Well, it didn't pass, did it? They feel it's inevitable that a similar bill will someday pass (which I disagree with) and that online reviewing is a ship they need to abandon before it starts to sink. They sound like Mayan doomsday believers. Don't yell that the sky is falling until it actually is. Even if it turns out to be true, right now you can use all the copyrighted material in reviews you want! Live a little while you still can, CA!

    If the mere fear of the bill is enough to start a chain reaction that ultimately shuts the site down, then in that sense, SOPA actually won.
  • V3g3t4
    THAT´S just what I thought!!!!

    NC once a month AND maybe another show. I could realy live with that!
  • Gift of the Magi
    I think the 'cancellation' of the yearly get-togethers was more due to cost than anything. With more and more reviewers joining the site each year, and the specials becoming more complex and taking more time to make, it's getting harder for the member to find the time and money to show up.

    Plus...sorry but the specials just aren't that funny anymore. The last two had a few ha-ha moments but the drama was far more interesting. Most of the jokes were just BAD.

    I agree that the way he took down the NC in the special kinda paints him into a wall. The Scooby-Doo review was the best way out, because it left a return possible and easy. Now, thanks to To Boldly Flee, you'll need a huge event just to get him back.

    This show...ok, so the concept is a director, a writer and a actress trying to prove they have making demo reel re-makes of popular films...badly...for comedy. Umm...yeah...I'll give it a shot, but it's not really catching me yet. I hope Doug isn't still worried about SOPA, because Demo Reel would be a worse violation of it than the reviews.
  • Gadzinisko  - Lead ballon
    You obviously don't watch Mythbusters. Lead ballons fly very well :)

    And frankly - I won't judge basing on trailer. If first episode turns out to be crap, I will be first one to throw a stone. But those are Walkers we are talking here. They deserve some credit for Satan's sake!
  • cvrpapc  - perhaps
    Well I give him credit for trying new things. He's willing to take risks and fail. Then try again. More than most fags on here would be willing to do. I have enormous respect for the guy putting himself out there.

    I think its worth waiting to see how it goes and giving it a few episodes. Shows need time to gel and find out what works and what doesn't.

    Although I will say that Doug's talent is really behind the camera. He should be a director rather than play one. Act if he must - he can when he has the correct material. But not write. I don't think anyone from CA should write. The TBF special is a great example of how bad the writing blackhole has become. They need fresh writing talent that knows how to take these stories and retool them into something new.
  • catornocat  - hmmm
    not sure what to think...trailer did nothing for me
  • Wario_man
    This. Hoping it works out though, for Doug's sake. I can tell he's really trying and hoping on this thing.
  • Mewizkuit
    Considering how much of To Boldly Flee was just redoing scenes from pre-existing movies, you're certainly the right guy to be making a series about that.
  • GekiTheReviewer
    Okay. Does anyone else have a bit of an issue playing Doug's videos? On my end they either keep just up and ending before they finish buffering or playing not even halfway though or just refuse to buffer at all. It's only on Doug's videos. With this one I only got to the part after Doug says "I think we can do them better."

    EDIT: Okay. Now it works. Only took refreshing and trying again like, 3-4 times. Still a persistent problem. Looking forward to the show, Doug.
  • satireknight
    I've been having that trouble with blip in general recently.
  • Salculd
    ...huh. This doesn't really seem like a terribly original concept, at least based on what's seen here. As someone else said, it probably hinges a lot on whether it's more about the parodies or the scene behind the parodies. Hopefully the final product will leave a better impression on me than this did.
  • CheftoniFTW  - This can go either way.
    I won't pass judgement, maybe it's because you're just starting off the show and simply getting the feel for it. I'll give this maybe 2 or 3 episodes. But from what I've seen, it's just more of NC screaming and obscure randomness. The keying is terrible, and I hope this won't be a recurring joke because that will get boring soon.

    Oh well, too early to judge, there's time for improvement.

    Good luck on future projects.
  • Astrotrain
    Bring back the Nostagia Critic.
  • Semudara
    Make better comments.
  • mrdavidx96  - uhm.
    while i myself enjor NC and wish he werent leaving, you have to admit that it was getting old. still good, but old. so, doug has descided to retire NC before he becomes an internet joke or a passing fad(always go out on a high note). i think this is a good idea. furthermore, with all us fans pining for new material, we're more likely to warch demo real opposed to it being a side prodject that noone pays attention to.
  • daughter_of_yahweh  - I see where the complainers are coming from
    I personally find this concept hilarious. Admittedly, parody skits often miss the mark for me; overused jokes, trying too hard, overacting. What's got me excited is being introduced to brand new characters and their dynamic; a clueless director, his stooge writer and a quirky actress? I want to see what develops there. I also really want to see how this show melds into the site and if other site reviewers know these new characters, or at least will be introduced to them.

    As for the "remakes" I hope they actually go really light on the footage there. Any Youtube goof can reenact a famous film scene and make fun of it, it's nothing new. The real humor should be seen in that these three characters are so separated from reality that they really think they're the coolest and most original thing out there, when really they're not.
  • trlkly
    If this is sort of a thing where you make fun of movies and just have the other people come in occasionally, maybe I'll watch. If it's actually a sitcom, not a chance. The reason I come to this site is to either learn or make fun of things. I don't come to watch 30 Rock done by other people, even if they might be more talented than the real cast.

    It may be okay once a year (although most of the fun in that is just seeing the cast together), but a whole show that's actually about a plotline? No. That's the type of stuff I turned to the net to get away from.
  • doggans
    If you really avoid narrative shows on the net, then you're missing out on some of the net's best content.
  • Excalibur
    Why does this premise remind me of the plot to Be Kind Rewind?
  • mrdavidx96  - well..
    it does kind of seem like that, perhaps mixed with the dick van dyke show. probably because they're doing the same thing. making movies that have already been made, with their own twist. kind of like that youtube series "how it should have ended" too.
  • geminia999
    Hmm, seems like I might actually enjoy this more than NC. This was just very entertaining, and glad you were able to put something up each week for the wait.

    It'll be interesting to see these new guys and hope that you guys have great success in the future.
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