Zod Reviews - Man of Steel

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  • jonyjon98  - YES!!!!!
    I been waiting since "To Boldly Flee" for your return, my master!!! I shall KNEEL at your presence!!!... just as soon as I start watching the video. :P
  • Elphaba645
    But jonyjon98, he HAS returned before. He did the zodmas thing, and ran for president. Look up his presidential speech, it's great! And you BETTER vote for him...
  • jonyjon98  - Read the comment again.
    I said I've been waiting since the movie "To Boldly Flee", months after all those events actually happened. And yes, I DID vote for him, and he would've won had it not been for the Death Bomb blowing him up right before his inauguration!!

    (P.S. Ironically, I never watched "Superman II" and am going by his Channel Awesome depiction alone.)
  • Mandalf The Beige  - It could have been worse...
    This movie is a guilty pleasure for me. I agree that it was a bad superman movie, as well as a bad movie, but I still enjoyed the hell out of it. The final battle between Superman and Zod reminded me of the battle in Justice League TAS between Superman and Darkseid.

    Snyder and Nolan said that there was goal was to take a step back, and tell Superman's story from a more abstract point of view, simply viewing it as an alien who was the last of his kind who came to Earth and became a superhero. This is ultimately where they failed. Unless you knew came into the movie already knowing something about Superman, you would be completely lost. In comparison, "The Last Son of Krypton" from Superman TAS does a much, much better job of telling Superman's Story.

    Maybe D.C. should stop trying to do live action movies, and just make an animated Justice League movie, using the level of CGI used in the Arkham City and Arkham Origins trailers. Oh well

    Also, "Zuscles" is spelt with an 's'.
  • SRanger1071
    Which time? Superman and Darkseid duked it out at least twice in the show. Three or four times if you include Superman TAS.
  • Zorro4k6
    He's talking about the end of the series. The one where Superman unleashes his full power in Metropolis and knocks Darkseid across the city. "I feel like I live in a world made of cardboard." That is one of my favorite scenes in the show. I also thought of it too when Supes and Zod were fighting in this movie.

    Anyway, yes, I was hoping you'd bring Zod back for this review Doug. I'm so glad you did. :)

    I don't see what the problem is with this movie though. To me, this is the best live action Superman movie ever made. The action was awesome and not once did I ever feel like it was too much. I thought the acting was really good as well. I mean everyone looked right for the roles and I believed Henry Cavill did an awesome job as Superman. I didn't see an actor playing Superman, I saw freaking Superman. Amy Adams was good, but her character didn't really have much development. So that's a downer. But I don't blame that on her acting abilities.

    As for the editing, I thought it was alright. I would have preferred it to go in a linear fashion though. I thought it was strange that it kept cutting back to the past so much. But I think they did it this way because we spent so much time on Krypton, that they needed to pick up the pace a bit. We needed to see what he was doing before he became Superman. He was lost and wasn't quite sure what to do with his life. Thus we see him doing various odd jobs. I liked seeing that. I like seeing him trying to find himself. Would the growing up years be better if it was in chronological order? Maybe so. But it would have taken longer to get to the, "Alright, now he's Superman" part which could have been half way through the movie or more. That's how I see it. So I don't mind the editing. I also liked how they made Supes more human like. He may be an alien, but he was raised as a Human. So he has human reactions to stuff. Like when he started flying, it wasn't, "Oh, I can fly now." But it was, "Woah! I'm flying." That's a great reaction and exactly what any human would do in that situation. I like that.

    Was there a lot of shaky cam in this? I don't recall there being any. If so, then the movie is doing the right thing. The idea is to suck the audience into the story so they are actually part of it. If at any moment a person realizes he or she is just watching a movie, then he or she is not really immersed in the movie. It says the movie isn't good enough to retain a person's interest. I never noticed a shaky cam in this. I was too invested in the story to see it. If there was shaky cam, then at least it was done well enough so it didn't confused everyone with what was happening. In Taken 2, the camera was way too close to the action and the shaking made it hard to see what was happening. In Man of Steel, I saw exactly what was happening at all times.

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  • Zorro4k6
    I heard a lot of critics say they are trying to make this like The Dark Knight trilogy. Well I think they're wrong. TDK trilogy was a realistic crime drama series. Man of Steel is clearly not a that but a realistic comic book movie. The plot isn't really that complicated at all. Superman tries to find himself and Zod wants to destroy the world. Look at the TDK now. That movie's plot was a lot more complicated. It was about taking out organized crime, dealing with a dangerous new enemy, and how even the greatest people can be easily corrupted. They clearly are not the same even if both movies take a realistic approach to the comics. Anyway, this film is directed by Zach Snyder and has a very different feel from TDK series in my opinion. So no, this is not trying to be like the TDK series. They are both entirely different. This film is about Superman and how he learns what to do with his life.


    Now don't get me wrong, I do have stuff to nit pick about. I don't like how Superman's suit is just available to him in that ship. It's just, "Here you go. Have fun." I know in the new 52 Martha doesn't make the suit, but I liked it more when she did. It gives the suit a sentimental value. It makes it special. Another thing I didn't like was how easily Lois found Clark and knows his true identity. I thought, "How will this work when goes to work for the Planet?" But then at the end, I didn't really care. I actually like that she knows who he really is. I mean she never revealed his true name to anyone else. So he's capable to work a normal job.


    Overall, I loved this movie. I thought it was awesome and much much better than Superman Returns. Any movie that can make my mouth hang open for a few minutes, is a great movie in my book. And that's what happened at the end. The action in this movie just blew my mind. Is it a master piece? No, not at all. But it's still freaking awesome and no other Superman movie comes as close to it's awesomeness. :)
  • trlkly
    By the time I got to page five, I'd seen so many bad responses that I forgot about this well-crafted one. I think there are still some things you could have addressed, like the reason I've stated I didn't like the film, but at least you explained why you liked it.

    And, of course, there are several good post from people who either didn't like the movie or though it was just okay. My complaint was that so few people who liked it have tried to articulate why.
  • 04rlane  - In full agreement
    this was an awesome movie and while the only supes movie's I've seen are the most recent ones I've seen reviews of the others and know the general quality of them, in my opinion it probably can't be called the best of the superman movies but it's most certainly ONE of the best.

    Sry General Zod your one of my favourite characters on this site and I loved your performance on To Boldly Flee but in this instance you are wrong, this was a great movie and the Zod in this movie was just as good as you are. So my advice sit back and enjoy the movie for yourself (and try to imagine your in the place of the actor they got for Zod if that helps)

    P.S. sry I replied this comment on yours Zorro4k6 but I really wanted this one on the first page hope you don't mind
  • SatMornRejects
    The Last Son of Krypton was surprisingly good, holding it's own even against modern day animated superman movies.

    I think people are forgetting something important though. Something only animated movies have done: SUPERMAN FUCKING PUNCHES SOMETHING.
  • DevilMayhem666  - What are you talking about?
    "Unless you knew came into the movie already knowing something about Superman, you would be completely lost."

    ??? I have seen no such criticism not familiar with Superman-lore. They explained in the film why he got his powers.
  • Thunderbang
    Yes, just about everything was explained, it's just that people are bad at paying attention I guess. Maybe my concerta or ritalin pills (I have ADHD) is what makes me so more focused than others, or there's still just so many people who are like that... hmmmm...
  • gojirafan430
    you say that as if its a bad movie but its not.
  • camobeast100
    ´´Also, "Zuscles" is spelt with an 's'.´´

    Do you DARE question the almighty ZOD?!!!
  • ladydiskette
    Oh noes!

    I better not anger Zod or else he will Memory-Erase Kiss me! D:
  • Guyver4
    I'd be ecstatic if DC did animated films for the big screen, its where they really excel and they do a better job of doing the characters justice. Maybe we'd finally get a Teen Titans movie too :3

    P.S. I have to admit I enjoyed Man of Steel as well despite some of its flaws, it was definitely better than Superman Returns or Superman 3 & 4, but not quite the best Superman movie ever. Still, loved that final battle between him and Zodd.
  • TitansFan892  - kneel before me!
    this was cool! you both may not know this, but I'm the first guy who requested this on rob's Facebook page! it's awesome that you did that. not sure if I even had a hand in influencing that anyway, but still, it's cool you did this. not sure about wanting to go see man of steel now either.
  • 04rlane  - What are you talking about
    the movie was great I fully recommend it (Zod is just sore that he didn't get to play his own role in the movie)
  • Flamelord325  - I'm mixed on this movie
    On the one hand, i like the flashback scenes and Zod at the beginning of the movie, and i wish the scenes at the beginning of the movie were much less choppy and more coherent because its really headtilting and distracting. What i don't like is that Zod becomes boring around the middle and they do nothing to make the rest of the villain's or characters interesting except Superman and Lois Lane. It could have been better, but then again it could have been far worse. I give the movie 5.5/10. A bit of a disappointment, but hey, its hard to make superman interesting even if your Christopher Nolan.
  • seraphitus
    Screw you, I like it.
  • Jegsimmons
    to list off:
    Shakey cam wasnt bad or even noticeable
    The actors pulled good performances
    And the flash backs are interesting and they had plenty of character development.

    Also, why does every critic i normally agree with hate this film but the ones i usually disagree with love this film as much as i did?

    And are you critics even paying attention during this film?
    I seriously don't think they were.
    Because for almost every complaint i can recall back to a scene that covered it.

    What the hell are critics finding wrong in this movie?

    Its not perfect, i'll admit to that, but its damn near better than just about every other batman film, INCLUDING All-star superman! (yeah i said it, come at me, bro)
  • SpeedyEric  - @Jegsimmons
    I also find this weird. On Rotten Tomatoes, Superman Returns was rated 75%, and Man of Steel is 57%, even when Superman fans' reaction to Returns was "meh," and their reaction to MoS (according to everyone in the theatre) was something like this:
    http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=K-R2EmTQDkc

    I already saw this film twice, and I'm still impressed on how Zach Snyder and company moderized the origin story of the character that put the super in the word "superhero." I am looking forward to seeing both the planned Man of Steel 2 and Justice League movies.
  • Jegsimmons
    People give Snyder alot fo shit, but i think he's really talented.

    he catches alot of flak that the writers or source material is to blame for.

    Also, film brain and Jesu fucking missed the point in Sucker Punch...BIG TIME.
  • DaNtHeMaNsHeRe  - Exactly!
    I have no idea why, but I think about half of the worlds critics were expecting a movie more similar to the 70's ones, when a simple glance at any of the trailers would have told them they weren't getting that.

    With the other half I think they once again fell into the blind spot they have for Snyder movies. His films are never perfect, but I have never seen one that is truly terrible, and that even includes Sucker Punch, which has flaws but has at least a little more depth than people give it credit for.

    Honestly if I had to pick one superman film to remain in existence, it would be this one, and I don't care if that makes me some kind of plebeian.
  • trlkly
    I guess that's refreshingly honest, but your reasons are wrong. They've told you why they don't like the film. You haven't told why you like the film.

    Heck, I don't even know if you are a plebian. Maybe the reason you like it is more complicated than "Explosions, YAY!!!"
  • Cirrra
    First saying: Glorious script and I love the take on this, General Zod, SIR! ^.^

    As for the movie...

    Batman is meant to be in the shadows.

    Superman is meant to be in the noonday sun.

    Really...just trying to make Batman again? Yeah. They kill Jonathan Kent to "Uncle Ben"/traumatize the boy. Great. You know what was different about Superman in the comics? He could still return to his elderly mother and father in Kansas and talk to them, ask their advice, relate to them as they were the ones who gave him his basis for respecting human life. No other superhero could go back and talk to his parents.

    This is related to that "Worship Batman" mentality that goes on in several of the Frank Miller and other DC comics that Linkara analyzes, where various writers just can't grasp the Lawful Good that are Superman, Wonder Woman, and Captain America...

    Saying a being of protection, love, and well-being toward others is not interesting...well, I guess Jesus isn't interesting either. What a boring character! But then, so few can following the teachings anyway, where's the surprise? It shouldn't be that hard to write and act Superman...but it is.

    Rest in peace, Christopher Reeve. You're still my favorite Superman.
  • ARVV77
  • HMorris73
    You realize Jonathan Kent died in the Christopher Reeve movies too right?
  • Cirrra
    Yep! Of a heart attack, natural causes, as Clark is approaching manhood.

    i.e. He had the time to have some real, lasting effect on his son's upbringing.

    Killing by tornado so the boy can feel all Bruce Wayne-y and hesitate to save his own father despite the fact that he could? Pfft. No wonder adult alt didn't bat an eyelash at leveling Metropolis and snapping someone's neck.
  • DaNtHeMaNsHeRe
    Just want to point out, his father dies in the Christopher Reeve movies. And in Smallville. And sooner or later in many of the comics. It's established enough there's no reason they can't do it, and here they did it to show the boy that sometimes one has to sacrifice everything to protect others.

    I too get pissed off by the Batman worship that goes on, but I think you, and everyone else that feels they tried to make batman again needs to actually watch the movie.

    It's about him becoming the messianic being you describe in a world that's afraid of him, but at this point he's really still just Clark from middle of nowhere midwest. In this universe, he's going to become that person, because the choice he was given this time wasn't good enough. This is the start of him finding a third option.

    I guess it ultimately comes down to what you want from a Superman. If you want the big blue boyscout, the Reeve's films still exist, as does the Sliver and Golden age of comics.

    Modern, Post-watchman Superman is allowed to be more complex, and thats a good thing, because most people look at the character and immediately decide he's boring. Giving him more to his character than "lawful Good Protector" cannot be a bad thing when you need to convince people that he's still relevant and interesting to watch after the Avengers.
  • trlkly
    First off, Jonathan doesn't die because Clark needs to make a sacrifice. He dies due to his own stupidity.

    Second, no one wants the boyscout. But we do want him to be the same character he always is. Sure, he can develop into that character. But there's absolutely no sign that's what's happening here.

    Even the guy who wrote the comic this is based on thought the movie was a disgrace. He says there is no way that Superman is that callous towards the deaths of other people. There is no way that Superman wouldn't have put his priorities on saving people. That's why he put on the suit in the first place. If it's not for saving people, he has no reason to exist.

    Yet, in this movie, he focuses entirely on beating Zod. This just isn't Superman. There is no way the guy can grow into the character he's supposed to be from this. Not when he still doesn't care about all the dead people by the end of the movie.
  • TheReccher
    Superman didn't kill a single person in the film, aside from *spoilers* Zod. Between the terraforming machine being placed and the Zod fight, a good half hour already passed. The buildings should have been all well evacuated. This is indicated further when you see a building tip over, not a single person falls out the smashed windows.

    People need to stop spouting this garbage criticism. MOS had its flaws, but this isn't one of them.
  • richtv
    ok, you made that funny, good job
  • SRanger1071  - Wait! Don't attack Avengers 2 yet!
    There's supposedly a Guardians of the Galaxy movie coming out next year from Marvel. Sabotage that first! If for no other reason than to definitively state who the heck the Guardians of the Galaxy are. Is Ronan the Accuser supposed to be a good guy or a bad guy? Wiki says he's a villain, but nothing he's done SOUNDS that evil. And John C. Reilly seems about as capable of evil as a golden retriever puppy still tripping over his own paws as he runs to greet his family home from work.
  • Professor Schnöbelhosen  - Ronan the Accuser
    Think of Ronan the Accuser as a overpowered alien version of Judge Dredd in service of the agressively expanding Kree (his race) empire.

    The Kryptonians from Man of Steel and the Kree empire actually have a surpricingly lot in common.

    They too have bioengineered and forcibly evolutionized their species up to the point where they can't evolve anymore, and thus upon the highest evolved state they could possibly achieve, they have decided to agressivley expand their empire to bring the glory of Kree rulership to the "lesser" races...

    Wherever Kree set foot, Kree law rules supreme, above whatever paltry laws a planet might otherwise (and very briefly) have.
    The harsh punishments of Kree law include Death, exile and brainwashing as common sentences.

    This fascist worldview is enforced by a Kree warrior elite referred to as the Accusers.
    They may act as messengers, diplomats (as in; Do as I say or be Accused) and champions for the Kree cause, as their dedication and loyalty to the Supreme Intelligence, the leader of the Kree.
    Ronan holds the title of Supreme Accuser, the highest possible rank an Accuser can achieve.

    Ronan has occasionally acted in defence of other races and societies, even occasionally for the common good, but his loyalty to the Kree empire is unquestionable.

    He has on occasions expressed no qualms about destroying Earth as a means to an end to a threat, considering the democracy and free will a crude and barbaric notion for a backward species.
  • The Dubya
    Hehehe....Zod review. Nice.
  • TheLemsterPju
    Awww. No Bum. :'(
    Good video though Dou-er I mean Zod! :D

    @Mandalf The Beige

    I don't believe in the notion of a "guilty pleasure". To me, there's no such thing. The reason I think people tend to think of certain movies or shows as their "guilty pleasure" seems to stem from popular belief, or what the "majority" of the people think contrary to your own opinion. People tend to feel a little bad for liking something that they feel a lot of people don't like. What's best to keep in mind is that while several hundred/thousand on several websites or forums don't make up the majority of everyone who has seen said product. Now, if you had asked several of your friends and they all hated it, then I could see why you would feel that way. If not, don't worry what everyone else thinks on the internet. You're opinion isn't insignificant, and you shouldn't even worry about the prospect of the being the minority.

    Before anyone jumps at me as another Man of Steel fanboy defender, I'm not talking about the film in any way shape or form. I'm speaking out to those who still believe in that silly idea that "if most people don't share the same opinion as yours, you should should feel guilty for liking it". No. They shouldn't. I'm one of those people who likes the new Spongebob seasons, and do I care about what anyone else thinks? Hell no. How should I know if I'm the minority, or if the people who hate it are the majority? Even if that were the case, so what? I hope one day, people won't feel guilty about a movie or show they like, and just be happy to you yourself like it.
  • Maarons
    I consider Superman IV a "guilty pleasure" because, somehow, I like it, despite realizing without much doubt that it really is a the stink-bomb that Doug and Linkara nailed it for.
  • trlkly
    Exactly. A guilty pleasure is a movie that you know is bad but you like it anyways. And not because it's so bad it's good. You just can see all the flaws that would ordinarily make you hate the movie, but you love it anyways.

    Everyone has them.
  • Chubzhac
    I loved the movie, but I also loved this review.
  • movieguy892
    I really enjoyed this movie I had a lot of fun I was smiling through out the whole thing. I do like to see other opinions though to see what someone didn't like but I did. Its nice we have a balance there are people who hated this movie and there are people who loved this movie. We shouldn't be going around saying your right and your wrong and I have major respect for Doug for saying from time to time if it works for you then that's great you liked it he just didn't. I don't like Kevin Costner at all but I thought he did pretty well as Jonathan Kent. I thought this was the best Superman movie since the Christopher Reeves ones well 1 and 2 I mean the others sucked. I also thought Russel Crowe was a great Jor-El, I like how they used him. Not everyone is going to love a certain movie it will always be split for instance I hated The Last Airbender but I am sure well maybe just maybe there are people who enjoyed and liked the movie (cough cough my parents). Anyway great video Doug looking forward to The Sibling Rivalry video.
  • jonnyboy07  - I really liked Man of Steel alot.
    I can see where Doug is going at. But to me, I really liked Man of Steel and I thought Henry Cavil was the BEST Superman EVER!
  • The Dubya
    Wait a minute...

    You died in To Boldly Flee. We all saw it with our own two eyes! What if....


    *mother of God*
  • fardmuhammad
    Nothing can kill the General.

    And it's *mother of ZOD*... ;-)
  • Mysterbyg  - Great EFFORT
    But c'mon it wasn't that bad.
  • UnholyFireDragon  - I made an improved Man of Steel review
    During my attempts to make a "Man of Steel" vlog/review, I decided to just have fun improvising and poking fun at both the movie and myself (for liking the movie).

    The video can be found here:
    unholyfiredragon.blogspot .com/2013/06/angry-army- unholy-review-man-of- steel.html
  • Sci-fi-guy3000k
    First Star Trek Into Darkness sucks, now Man of Steel? And the worst part? Everyone is saying how good they were?!!

    I find it unbelievable that they spent about 4 or 5 years, and $250 million making this film, when last month WB released a straight-to-DVD Superman movie (Superman: Unbound) that was better then this "boring action flick" (never thought I'd use those words together).

    The worst part is that this movie is succeeding, and I don't know whether or not I want it to fail. Because WB is saying that they're going to make more DC movies based on the success of this one. I mean, I want to see a Flash movie, a Wonder Woman movie, and especially a Justice League movie, one day, but not if they're like this film.

    Oh well, thanks for the classic Zod review, I really needed this after getting my expectations crushed.
  • SpeedyEric
    When were those films boring? Did you fall asleep before the first explosions happen?
  • trlkly
    What is with people thinking explosions are exciting? Explosions are something we see all the flipping time. By definition, they can't be exciting. Exciting things are things we don't see very often that keep us engaged and interested.
  • Maarons
    Doug, I'd love to see you as the Terrence Stamp Zod do a Sibling Rivalry against Rob as the Michael Shannon Zod from this crap film.
  • SpeedyEric
    You're just calling it crap because Doug is calling it crap, arn't you?
  • Sci-fi-guy3000k
    No, but if Doug hates your comments, then so will I.
  • ThatChrisDodge  - Totally disagree
    I found the movie had a lot of heart and every actor really delivered. I really felt a lot for everyone in this film. And I really loved Zod, his kick-ass right hand women and his brutal little army of minions.

    Maybe you were hoping for something else but I felt this film really held true to the character I often read in comics and we finally got to see a Superman film with no baggage from the Donner films.

    Regardless, I still absolutely love your Zod character and will always KNEEL!!!! before all-mighty Zod.
  • trlkly
    Then, I'm sorry, but you don't understand how to read characters. There is no incarnation of Superman save for this one who doesn't care about human lives. In this movie, he kills over a million people, and doesn't care. He only cares when he "has" to kill Zod, apparently the people who are going to die are actually on screen. Nevermind that he killed everyone in Metropolis. And not even because he couldn't stop Zod. He intentionally does things that will kill people.
  • RustyTim
    Dude, we get it-- you hated the movie and you don't want people to like it. Saying it louder and more often is not going to stop people from enjoying it.
  • SpeedyEric  - "Kneel before Zod" has become so cliche nowadays.
    I really love this movie, maybe about a hair more than "Star Trek: Into Darkness." I had a real fun experiance seeing Man of Steel twice already. The brand new , modern day origin story that still holds the concept of what makes Superman the legend he is, the designs (especially those of Krypton and everything else that's Kryptonian), the cinematography, the lighting, and the characters all helped make this film worth watching.
  • cellversesfrieza  - Wow
    Wow. Doug, I am a huge fan and normaly agree with your opinion, but it this case you could not be more wrong. It was an awesome movie. I am glad they skipped his childhood and only showed the parts that were relevant. Although I didn't know Krpton had dragons.
  • psychotherapist317
    He looks like Zod but sounds like Marvin the Martian.
  • SpeedyEric
    All he needs now is an Illudium Pu-36 Explosive Space Modulator, and he'll be all set.
  • dougputhoff  - Dang it!
    You beat me to it!
  • ohe
    That's because he's speaking with the intonation for just the "kneel!" shout the entire time.
  • felipenzo
    sorry, guys... i saw it last friday... it sucked... that's the cold truth
  • felipenzo
    this another "phantom menace effect"
  • The Dubya  - RE: felipenzo
    Oh dear God you're right...this is TOTALLY the Phantom Menace. Flat, passive, bland performances that only have expository cliches to deliver that's almost begrudgingly put in just so we have an excuse to get to super-CGI'd mindless action sequences. And a legion of fanboys in mass denial over the fact that this movie sucked as much as it did.

    The next decade's RLM is going to get sooooo Internet Famous when he takes a look back on this and tears it apart...
  • SpeedyEric
    No, that's a cold "opinion," and everyone has their right to one.

    Oh, and would everyone stop comparing anything to everything with Star Wars Episode I?
  • felipenzo
    when i made that phantom menace reference i was talking about the fans, not the movies... I think we all wanted this movie to be good... we needed to be good cause we want more superman material but the fact is that is faaaaar from being the master piece that we was waiting for... that's my opinion at least (sorry for my english, is not my native lenguaje)
  • AbsoluteVirtue  - Whatever
    Whatever, I enjoyed it and I'm not alone in that opinion.
  • trlkly
    And people enjoyed the Phantom Menace too, right after it came out. People enjoyed Superman Returns right after it came out. Your opinion will change.
  • cellversesfrieza  - Maybe I shouldn't compare movies, but
    It makes no sense to me that a movie like Iron Man 3, which was really weak, gets nothing but great reviews and Man of Steel, which was awesome, gets mixed reviews. Confused.
  • SpeedyEric
    I agree. Critics are becoming too critical nowadays. As much as I like Iron Man 3, Man of Steel really tops it.
  • The Dubya
    Critics are being critical.....critics...ar e being...too...critical... .CRITICS ARE BEING...

    And these are fans of Man Of Steel, ladies and gentlemen. Remember this, non-believers. If this doesn't say it all, I don't know what will. Holy crap on a stick...
  • Solid Mario the Hedgehog
    Poorly phrased it, but he's right. Critics nowadays, even great ones like Doug, act too judgmental about a film without much substance, as if they feel they would earn more respect.
  • The Dubya
    So they judge too harshly on films without much substance?

    .....once again, fans of Man of Steel, ladies and gentlemen.
  • Dust
    Didn't you hear? It's okay to be lazy with the script if you distract people with CGI.
  • Semudara
    Exactly! CGi makes up for everything else.

    Who cares if the story was decent or not? Stuff blew up, yay!
  • yogster190
    I usualy agree with doug............but we're on totaly difrent ends of the spectrum on this one. I loved this movie
  • yoyomoboman
    I am completely stunned by all the bad reviews this movie is getting. The problems critics are listing are things I honestly cannot see. I strongly feel that critics should give this a second watch. I'm tired of this notion where Batman is the only serious superhero movie thats allowed to exist, and Superman has to be as lighthearted as a balloon. The Christopher Reeve days are over. They've BEEN over. The character has changed.... evolved. Get over it.
  • SpeedyEric
    It's like the critics were expection the classic Silver Age Superman they grew up with along with seeing in the Christopher Reeve movies. All I have to say to them is this: "Welcome to the 21st century."
  • Carteeg_Struve
    Exactly. People need to realize that standards over time have changed. Just because a movie is a piece of shit, it doesn't mean it's not deserving of high praise.
  • Licantro
    Well, I liked the movie, more than I should?
    The thing is, unlike Transformers in the big spectacle of cities being destroyed, in MoS I actually cared for the characters and I knew exactly what was always going on. The shaky cam didn't bother me that much, it wasn't nearly as terrible as The Hunger Games or Harry Potter 8 pt1.

    I didn't see any problem with Perry or Lois roles, at all. She was portrayed as an smart person, a trait Lois certainly has. But probably while She could easily had a crush on Clark for what he did early on, I was not convinced he could fell in love in return so easily.

    I liked many parts of the film, I loved the beginning and how Krypton was portrayed. And I even would have been ok with a more chronological story when he arrives to earth, still I liked the Flashbacks.

    But yes, more time to breath within action scenes would've been better. More time developing the becoming of Clark into Superman, how he decides suddenly he can fly after putting on the suit for the firs time? I probably blinked during the film, but how he knew about that ship in Arctic? Was Pa' Kent really need o die saving a dog?

    The one thing I'll acknowledge is the fact that I saw many way for Superman to prevent Zod of burning some random people with laser eyes.... like, fly away?

    In the en I really enjoyed the movie, flawed but too damn fun to pass I'd say. A better edited film could've made wonders to this film. And you know, Cavil did a wonderful job as Superman. 8/10
  • SatMornRejects
    Even fake critics hate this movie. Wow.
  • DevilMayhem666
    Its gotten mostly mixed to positive reviews. Most critics don't hate it.
  • NeoAnderson  - Too bad
    Doug, it's too bad you didn't like it. It seems you went in with some expectations and they weren't met. I get the feeling you like the Marvel cinematic universe a lot and have made a point to compare everything comic book related to that as of late. Too bad. If you didn't like this film then it's hard for me to find any value in what you have to say about other films. So long.
  • Samuraiko
    Oh, I was so hoping you were going to do this!

    (And I'll have you know, the entire time I was watching "Man of Steel", I swear I kept wondering when you were going to crop up onscreen. That, and I kept humming "Distraction".)

    Personally, I thought it was okay - not great, not bad. I've seen worse. And totally looking forward to your Sibling Rivalry review! :D
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