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  • Vyers
    "Line from Star Trek 2" and "Awkward retread" was pretty much the same problems I had with it.

    How much can the new movies still borrow from Wrath of Khan?

    They already did the Kobayashi Maru bit in New Trek 1, did Khan in New Trek 2, so I think we're due a Genesis weapon in New Trek 3.
  • Archane
    They don't have to do that. The tie-in Video Game for the movie had the Vulcans working on the Genesis device. I'm so not even kidding go watch Angry Joe's review of it to see.
  • TheGodEmperor
    Quiet, Midboss :P

    But ya, that was done in the game that's supposed to be between the first and second movie that came out (that sucked).
  • Schmavid
    Actually if the Klingons are the villains in Star Trek 3 as it looks we could have a Kruge in a larger role looking for the Genesis device that Carol Marcus has just finished building. I'm seeing very little originality in these movies.
  • lordmanda2
    Fortunately I don't like the original Star Trek and have never seen Wrath of Khan so I personally really liked this movie :)
    ...ah, I already see the angry trekkies getting their torches and pitchforks!
  • Zorro4k6
    I'm with you. I was never really a fan of Star Trek. Even though I could have been at some point I think starting around the time Next Generation was on. Anyway, I wasn't really a Trek fan, however I do enjoy the world of Star Trek and both of the Abram's films. I didn't see Wrath of Khan, however I do know from other fans that it was Spock who died in it. Resulting in the most famous line Shatner said in that film. So I thought it was a great parallel in this new one to reverse it.

    Overall, I still stand by with what I said after the movie was over. I think the movie is awesome and I'm sure my Dad, who has been a Trek fan since the original show, will love it as well.
  • TheIrrehensibleTJ
    Slightly wrong on a point there, the famous yelling of "KHAN" happened a good hour before Spock's death when Kirk and Khan were having a rather intense war of words over the communicators.
  • Archane
    I think your missing the point. It's like saying you never saw Star Wars but that makes Star Chaser a good film even though it ripped it off.

    You remember that movie I hope. The one The Critic and Sage did a review on, with robot Ass play.

    That's kinda the real point. Even if you like the movie, does it really make it good if it had to rip off another movie that considered a classic or great even by non-Star Trek fans. Hell does it make any movie good if it's ripping another movie off word for word, scene by scene.
  • AndreaAnonymous
    "Look out! A guy that sounds like Scar from the Lion King! Aaaahhhh!!!!" That is actually scarily accurate for Benedict Cumberbatch in this movie. XD
  • Plutoburns  - Saw it
    Decent popcorn flick. Ending was eh. Villian was good. They need to stop REMAKING star trek and actually adding to the universe.
  • ZackNero03
    I liked it, Cumberbatch gave a great performance and no one can say he did terrible in it
  • AndreaAnonymous
    My dad thought he was terrible. I think it's a combination of the fact that he looks nothing like Ricardo Montalban and didn't convey what he believed the character was, and just a little resentment over the fact that I constantly play Sherlock episodes almost every day when we're downstairs working in the office.
    Needless to say, I quite passionately disagree. Not to knock Montalban, because he was very good too, but I loved Benedict's performance, just seeing him in action, doing what he does best. And my God is he gorgeous...
  • Brandon182  - Time to cause an argument.
    I freaking loved this movie. I've seen it twice already. It's my favorite film of the year so far. And yes, the movie has problems. I was having too much fun to care, though.
  • firefly4f4
    Screw it, I still LOVED this film!
  • richtv
    Nice to hear you say change again. The darkness refers to Kirk's quest for revenge, irony. I don't plan on seeing this.
  • Garland
    Did you make a Prince Bride Reference?
  • AndreaAnonymous
    "There's a big difference between being mostly dead, and all dead." It's very fitting. XD
  • Schizoid
    My friend said the exact same thing when they froze Kirk. Though, if they had 72 other superhumans why did they need Kahn specifically?

    And I thought JJ did turn down the lens flares for this movie. They were much more prominent in the first movie. Very annoying when the Admiral beamed his daughter over though. Between video games and movies lens flares are getting ridiculous. How do we have them when, technically, we're not looking through lenses? Hell, even eyeglass lenses currently are treated to reduce and nearly eliminate lens flare!
  • SRanger1071  - No Christopher Lloyd joke?
    Still considering seeing this in theaters. But . . . seriously, no Christopher Lloyd joke? Especially considering what you said about this just retreading the other Star Trek movies?
  • Samuraiko  - "Star Trek: Wrath of the Message Boards"
    HA! :D

    That and the "maybe I could tell what the darkness was if they turned down the lens flares." Absolutely made my night! :D

    (Can't wait to see the Sibling Rivalry of this!)
  • Xorte-Renshe  - It wasn't that bad
    I actually think it was perfectly fine. Because this is a time-travel/alternate reality story, all the unavoidable events and people from the original Star Treks will still have to be dealt with. This includes Khan, the Doomsday Machine, the Borg (especially since the events of "Enterprise" weren't changed in the reboot), possibly Species 8472, Q, Warp fields causing spacial rifts, the Nexus, perhaps the Terran Empire mirror reality, et cetera...
    Abrams chose to tackle Khan early, and that's not a bad thing. They would have had to have gotten to him eventually. They cant just ignore important elements of the Star Trek lore (speaking of which: Data and Lore will one day have to be introduced, so long as the timeline goes on that long.)

    Also, John Harrison (Khan) didn't feel, look, or sound like Khan at all. So, this idea that people say they knew he was obviously going to be Khan -without seeing any spoilers for it online first- is rather ridiculous. The thought had crossed my mind as I was watching the film, but I rejected it out of logic. But, when he mentioned being a "genetically advanced human" half way through the movie, that is when I realised he was.

    Personally, I would have liked Khan to have been a "good guy" in this reboot. Khan and Kirk left on seemingly "good" terms in the original series, but only after feeling like he was basically betrayed by Starfleet, like they put him on that unstable planet and left him to die on purpose, did Khan come back for revenge in Wrath of Khan. Thus, it is quite likely that Khan could have been an ally to Kirk in this reboot, so long as they gained mutual respect for each other. It's unfortunate that they didn't go that rout. But, having Kirk and Spock switch places was actually a good idea as far as I'm concerned. True, the thing with Khan's blood reviving the Tribble and Kirk was stupid. They should have found another way to have him revived (since the Genesis project wasn't started yet by this point, as Carol Marcus was too busy giving fanservice and being hit-on by McCoy to do any scientific research).
  • ice-storm1196  - About using Khan's blood
    I actually have a theory about why McCoy wanted to use Khan's blood. Well, two. At one point in the movie they said that to try and wake up any of the other people could cause severe damage to them if they didn't have the proper codes, so that might have been an issue--trying to defrost someone, their blood might be difficult to use, etc, so, theory one, is Practicality.
    Theory two, is that McCoy was sort of protecting Spock. After his initial rage and grief subsided, he'd feel incredibly guilty after killing Khan. By saying Khan was the only thing to save Kirk, he saved Spock the guilt of having basically murdered someone, even if that person was essentially a murderer himself.
  • nemo3590
    I agree with Xorte. I was hoping that Khan would turn out to be a legitimate good guy (or at least an antihero) this time around, just to shake things up.

    All the fans were waiting for and expecting his sudden but inevitable betrayal, and instead of standing our expectations on their heads, Abrams gave us exactly that.

    I would have greatly preferred a more "grey" Khan, who is sort of a Chaotic Good character like Kirk, except with a bit more savagery.

    Instead we got predictable, which is fine, but a little disappointing.
  • venkarl
    Yeah, the film's biggest problem is that it's trying to be Wrath of Khan and... hell, if we wanted Wrath of Khan we'd watch Wrath of Khan; it's not like you're going to be able to top the undisputed best movie in the Star Trek franchise.

    The scene where they turned Spock's death scene around with Kirk COULD have been really cool, if it were in a movie that wasn't packed to the rafters with Wrath of Khan references already (and if they didn't pussy out and undo it a couple of scenes later). But yeah... the way they did it, it was just another idea that was done better in the movie they were shamelessly copying.

    All in all, even though I more or less liked the last one, I thought this one was pretty lame.
  • christhefishhunter  - forward into darkness
    i know what the darkness was. about half way through the movie the projector gave out and we had do wait in the dark for the repair guy to fix it.
  • Eclaire  - The Whole Message
    Great Bum Review as always. I loved this movie (awkward Wrath rehash and all). I do have to say though, I did turn to my brother as soon as we left the theater and said, "Y'know the whole message of the movie was J.J. Abrams patting us all on the heads and saying soothingly, 'Don't worry Star Wars fan...I've got it all under control. See?"

    I mean, there were scenes that just felt straight up lifted from the Star Wars formula (not that this is the first time this has happened in an Abrams movie). For instance ***SPOILERS!!!*** When Scotty goes poking around Jupiter and first finds Admiral Marcus' Dreadnought-class behemoth, I wanted to scream out, "Are they building the Death Star?!!"

    Seriously, did J.J. Abrams slip off his toilet while standing on it to hang a clock, bumping his head on the sink, causing some kind of identity disorder where he's convinced he's the three-part lovechild of Spielberg, Kershner, and Lucas? I mean, I'm not complaining...I'm just a little worried about the dude's sanity.

    P.S. Would it kill him to hold on a single shot for longer than .4 seconds? Parts of this movie made me a little nauseous...which makes me sound like an 80 year old grandmother, but there it is.
  • Tsamples
    So Star Wars owns the rights to spaceships with big guns? If I wanted to go to war with the Klingons, which *SPOILERS!!!* the Admiral has a complete mad-on for, the first thing I'd do is build a spaceship with big guns to match the Klingons MASSIVE WAR FLEET... but that's just me.
  • Eclaire  - Post, Post Scrip
    So, P.P.S. The only other thing that really bothered me about the movie that, the more time that passes since actually being in the theater, continues to grate:

    In what was a blatant and pointless fan-service Nimoy insert, when Spock decides to "phone a friend" by placing a super long-distance call to New Vulcan to talk to himself(ish), Spock Prime is all like, "You know I can't tell you anything about anything or the whole Universe might collapse and whatnot...oh, but that Khan guy is super bad news, so watch out!" What does nuSpock do with this information? Wait for it.... NOTHING! He. Does. Nothing!

    God forbid he take six seconds to Comm Kirk and say, "Head's up, Original Recipe Spock says that dude you're hanging with is the WORST." Kirk's smart enough not to actually trust Khan in the first place, but still...way to be completely useless Spock!
  • Semudara
    Were you paying attention? Yes, he didn't tell Kirk, but he made preparations. He got Khan's people out of the torpedoes and weaponized them to use against Khan. If he hadn't been expecting Khan's betrayal, he wouldn't have been able and ready to save Kirk and blow up Khan's ship, pretty much saving the day.
  • Tsamples
    I guess "being higher rank than Kirk" IS the new red shirt trope, because if it wasn't those two nobodies that went down on Kronos should have been blown away in seconds! They were A) wearing red shirts B) on an away team and C) not previously established characters, which should equal dead dead DEAD! Maybe Abrams just doesn't know about the trope...
  • GokuFievel32  - Been waiting
    Been waiting ALL WEEK for this Bum Review!

    I knew you point out the villain surrendering in the MIDDLE THE FILM!? AGAIN!? I didn't mind the Star Trek 2 Referrences but what's going on with the villian getting caught on purpose in movies these days? Yes that was cool at first but now it's predictible!
  • Miniature
    Technically they did kind of have Kahn by the balls there, whether they knew it or not. If they fired the torpedoes, regardless of whether or not he died, the other genetically enhanced humans would be screwed. He probably didn't know enough about any of them to predict if Sulu would follow through on his promise, or if they would bargain for the return of Kirk, so he decided not to risk it.

    There's a possibility he wanted a war between the Klingons and the Federation as much as the Admiral did, but he wasn't willing to lose his crew to start it.
  • Loneheart
    Wow, poor Chester is even more broke then ever! there wasn't even two pennies to jangle together.
  • Eyeshot
    One reviewer said this movie is just so much glorified fan fiction. It sure sounds like it does.

    Paramount is not getting my money!
  • DarkenedWolfEye
    Aww, dude, don't deprive yourself of this movie just because of what the reviewers say. See for yourself whether this (admittedly fanficy) ending works for you. Worked for me just fine; whether it was a good idea is of course up for debate, but they followed through with it very well.
  • Miniature
    I liked that Kahn was Methodical and Ruthless, unlike Nero who was just batshit crazy. Screw that guy.

    I suppose mostly two things bothered me about the film.

    The first is that Kahn's blood just automatically revives sick or dead tissue. Now, it might, at a stretch, make sense if it only worked with *human* tissue, but it even worked on a freaking Tribble. If it is that nonspecific this means it could potentially revive bloodborne pathogens and parasites. What advantage would that be? Good luck suffering from chronic immortal ringworm.

    The second complaint I have is that Kahn didn't see the torpedo detonation thing coming a mile away. It certainly must have taken considerable time to remove the stasis pods from 72 torpedoes and then arm them all for detonation. And even if it didn't take very much time, that was still pretty predictable.

    But I suppose that falls into the conundrum of writing for a character who is smarter than you are, and actually figuring out a believable mistake they could make. Sometimes you just can't.
  • ice-storm1196
    I think, when it comes to the torpedo thing, and him not seeing it--I could understand that. He thought that he had the crew of the enterprise by the short and curly's. He didn't consider that they might double cross them. He had their captain, and two of their crew--friends, 'family' in his words. He was planning on blowing them up anyway. And his whole goal in the movie was to get his crew, his FAMILY back. It is entirely understandable that a man, who had spent years trying to get the one thing back that mattered most to him, the one thing that still made sense, might jump the gun a little bit in his eagerness. If his goal wasn't emotion-based, then, yeah, his mistake would be ridiculous. But he is fulled by emotion--by a desire for revenge, and a desire for belonging, and a desire to be with family. So I totally get why he might not have seen that coming.

    Though I agree that the magic blood thing was a stretch.
  • Trilaanus
    I liked the movie. As to the problems people have had with it borrowing too much from Star Trek II it IS an alternate Star Trek history story and alternate history stories are often characterized by reusing the same scenes from the main history but with different variations both major and minor. Therefore any similarities should have been expected, which means the film can't be blamed for having them.

    Also...I liked Cumberbatch's Khan better than Montalban's. Montalban's was too easy to defeat as, even though he was of "superior intellect" for his time, he was no match for Kirk who was as intelligent or more so naturally. As they say, Khan played 2-D Chess in a 3-D Chess world. Cumberbatch's Khan was a much tougher s.o.b, too.
  • mask-and-mirror
    I'm a fan of Star Trek in general, but the original series hasn't aged well in many ways. I loved this movie. The alternative continuity is intriguing and frankly, this reboot is so, so much better than the original.
  • qazox
    I guess I'm one of the few that geeked out and didn't care that they flipped the characters in the "death scene". I thought it was done well and was a good homage to the original Star Trek Sequel, along with the ToS shoutouts to Original Timeline events. The Klingons I actually liked as a better interpretation of them; as they actually look alien now.

    That being said, I hope the 3rd one goes off in it's own unique corner instead of a re-hash of ToS plots.
  • mask-and-mirror
    I was hoping there'd be a Doug review as well.
  • DCainberry  - It's an Alternate Universe...
    Which is why I loved the film. Same characters, different circumstances. I don't think it was a slap in the face, I thought it was Abrams expanding on what happened from the 2009 movie. Khan's introduction was great, and the fact that he remains alive gives even more potential to any sequels since he could return. Honestly, this film had a far deeper and better plot that Wrath of Khan, which arguably is only remembered for Kirk yelling and Spock dying.

    But that's just me...
  • Mantastic  - A big disappointment
    Aside from almost completely betraying what Star Trek is about, the movie is a giant mess of "too much-ism". There's shit constantly going on that's edited so fast and furious that you never get a moment to take in what's going on, or think too much. Its like Star Trek: Michael Bay Edition.

    On top of that, its just really stupid. Ships warp from Earth to Kronos in the blink of an eye (not possible), ships fight in warp and spin out like a car on a slippery road, the scene where the ships crash to Earth defies all scientific knowledge and rules (and on top of that, the Enterprise makes it past the atmosphere without incinerating, which they were all afraid would happen, hence Kirk sacrificing himself.....for nothing), etc.

    Khan, as a villain, was completely wasted and retconned from a darker skinnined man of Indian race to a pasty British guy.

    Oh yeah, and the Enterprise never fires a single shot despitr everything blowing up.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid!
  • PixelRelated  - Really?
    You are complaining that ships can't warp from Kronos to Earth in a blink of an eye? Seriously? A warp drive (scientifically speaking) would be placing an object into a field of negative energy which means that you are going faster than the speed of light and could theoretically be going at any speed that is faster than light.

    Also... it wasn't a blink of an eye. It was several minutes.

    The spinning out of control actually does make sense (once again) because if one thruster is giving more force than the other (due to damage) then it will cause the ship to spin. Also an explosion is going slightly adjust the ships course, so when a ship is getting blown to pieces it is definitely going to be spinning some.

    The reason why Kirk sacrificed his life is so that THEY WOULDN'T CRASH! The atmosphere had a little bit to do about it, but if Kirk hadn't died then they would've crashed and died.

    Khan being different was because this is a slightly different universe and it was to make the movie unique from the original.

    Sorry, but your arguments are pretty invalid except for the Enterprise never firing. Though if you don't like the ending I can understand that, but personally I liked it.
  • Lieju
    Warp drive still doesn't mean you can go from place to place instantly.

    The way the universe is established, Kronos is not such a short trek away.

    And if they can beam stuff directly to Kronos, any war would be pretty quickly over. Just beam a bunch of explosives to the planet, don't even have to leave Earth.

    Klingon's defenses really suck.
  • ArtticWitchica
    I really liked the movie. Yeah I face palmed at the whole Spock going "Khan!" Part, and my mom was even more face-palming because she is a trekker and Wrath of Khan is her favorite Start Trek Film.

    But we both enjoyed it. I think it was because Cumberbatch was fantastic... if it had been another weaker actor we would have probably disliked it more.

    I'm also happy that the third one isn't going to be "The Search for Kirk" XD
  • Irenesharda
    I loved the movie, but I agree that the 3rd act could have been redone. They could have taken a whole new path with Kahn.

    I would have actually enjoyed it if Peter Weller stayed the main villain as a twist to the story and Kahn helps Kirk to defeat him before escaping with his frozen crew telling Kirk let's hope they never meet again.(You know they will, but you can end it there.)

    Basically Kahn was more of a side villain or even an anti-hero who just wanted his crew back after being forced to work for Admiral Marcus. They really could have changed his character after the reboot and done something different.

    The actors were good and Cumberbatch was absolutely brilliant as always. He played a different Kahn than the original and I liked that.

    Where the original Kahn seemed to have a superiority complex, this rebooted Kahn seemed more blase about it. The fact that's he's superior is simply a fact of nature as if just saying that the sky is blue, he doesn't lord it over people, or even has to say much, it simply just exudes from his being.
  • Mousy Voice
    KAAAAAAAUUUUUUN! Oh wait, since this is in response to Star Trek: Into the Darkness...J.J. AAAAAAAAAAABRAAAAAAAAAAAA MS!
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