Bum Reviews - Wreck-It Ralph

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Doug's Review
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  • Darkcloud1111
    After that Bum Review, I want to see this movie even more.
  • Tenshizen
    You should want to see it! It's amazing!
  • SonicnutNC
    After hearing that Sonic was in it for a little bit, i REALLY want to see it!
  • cbot1
    thought it was a great movie, 8/10.
  • Kano
    Could you please stop saying "and stuff like that" all the time? It gets pretty annoying fast.
  • JimmyboneD
    What review were you watching? I think during the second half he said "and stuff" only once.
  • SlyDante
    Great review, great film! Honestly, as Doug pretty much points out, the film's only real flaws lie more in the marketing than the actual film. I mean, it's kind of awkward to see a giant cardboard standee with the villain from Altered Beast & then see him for about one minute in the film with no lines.

    Then again, these are the people who thought "Well, clearly the reason Mars Needs Moms lost $100 million was because of the word 'Mars', & not because it was a mediocre movie that wasn't memorable in any way. So no more 'M' word!!" =P

    But nonetheless, those disappoints couldn't stop Wreck-It Ralph from being one of my favorite films this year, hell no. ^_^
  • ReckoningReviewer
    That was a great set of reviews. At first I thought you were at a convention, but since it's a new house, I'm interested to see how this turns out in your other videos.
  • RayFan9876
    I was a bit unsure about how well this would turn out, and honestly, I didn't have very high expectations at all, mainly because I knew that the marketing would probably show most of the moments with the game characters. It's a shame too, like you said, they could have really made a tribute to gamers at the end; the firs thing that comes to mind is the end of Shrek.

    I do especially like the fact that it takes itself seriously. Character development is one of my favourite things in a movie, so again, I'm glad they have likeable personalities. I haven't seen it yet, so I'll take this a good sign and a big motivator.

    The only thing I might complain about though is that I'm getting a little tired of the way Disney/Pixar consistently use the same style for virtually every movie they do. It's too smooth and matte looking, it would be nice to see some grit, if even just a little.
  • ReckoningReviewer
    Well that was a nice set of reviews. I thought you were at a convention in your own review Doug, but since you moved I wonder how interesting that will be for Demo Reel and the other shows.
  • Silverviper2134
    I have to say, I do love seeing Doug do a review again. I mean, I don't mind the Nostalgia Critic being gone, but I would love to see Doug occasionally do reviews as himself, just give his own opinion on movies, both old and recent.

    As for Wreck-It-Ralph, I wouldn't say it's one of the best movies I've ever seen, but it's one of the best movies I've seen in a while.

    I also love the fact that Doug didn't find Vanellope extremely annoying, since it seems like everyone else who I've seen a review for this movie from, they hated her. I mean, she was annoying, but no more than a kid would be in most movies. And at least she was somewhat sympathetic.

    Also, here are six words to describe the ending of the film, that I don't think will spoil anything if you haven't seen it: "Candy-coated harbringers of the apocolypse".
  • alexalberto81  - Since when can Chester afford a room?
    Whoever paid for a room for Chester must be a nice person... and Chester doesn't return the favor by doing a review in front of that audience??? BAD CHESTER!!! BAD!!!
  • tecpaocelotl
    If he gets a room, does that not make him a bum?
  • GryffinDarkBreed
    I think the colored shirt coordinating with the backgrown is better than to have a complementing color. That would be hard to look at for an extended time.
  • timmyjingoro  - Denial, Denial
    "too much change"??

    so that's your excuse of coping with the criticism? yeah, if you wanna believe that. demo reel was crap. change hasn't always ended well in history, bro. you might wanna reconsider feeling too confident about keeping your fans. i gave constructive criticism on the demo reel vid and all, but if you're gonna remain in denial like this, instead of improving it, i'm afraid i'm ditching you after years of being a fan.

    i'll probably be hit with responses like "go on, we won't miss you" from the yes-men. very well then. regular people will leave coz NC's dead and demo reel sucks. yes-men will eventually leave coz they'll get bored and find something else to occupy themselves with. cya when the website tanks.

  • Dore
    Nobody cares.

    -Signed everybody everywhere.
  • ToruKun1
    Is that a Dan Spivey icon?
  • cvrpapc
    Well I'm not as hopeless or immature as you are, but I understand your point.

    I am confident that Doug has seen what people are saying and I'm sure he's taking it into consideration. If not, then people will jump ship to the next thing.

    I'm not sure if he's taking a swipe by taking the windows 8 approach of shoving it down our throats until we get used to the new content? That may work for MS but that shit ain't gunna fly here.

    I wish the dude would focus on demo reel and make it fucken amazing. Shit I would wait biweekly for a quality episodic series that makes me laugh. I may even pay for it if its worth it. But so far the content just doesn't rise beyond your average youtube video.
  • Moreno X  - to timmyjingoro
    Okay, bye. And don't bother come back to us yes-men crowd while we give Doug considerable suggestions, ideas, and give him opinionated criticisms about his work on Demo Reel and such.

    Since you can't handle to be an average viewer who is free to speak his mind yet respectful to point out proper criticisms about Critics' contents, then you're not fit to stay any longer here to watch these people's work and take time to read reasonable people's comments.

    So bye, bye and don't let us get started to respond you with "go on, we won't miss you". Instead, we'll tell you to laugh and grow fat elsewhere like a douchebag with his pig-tail between his legs. We don't feel sorry for you and look back when we all tank along with this website. Won't be fun with you around to come down with us. Oh well.

    BYE :D
  • Principal Snyder
    I saw the movie last Sunday and I think you got the film right Doug. It wasn't on Toy Story's level, but it was a great movie with a solid character driven narrative. One thing though. You said at the end that you were rambling about Wreck-it-Ralph. I'm kinda surprised because I thought your standards for something being called rambling were higher. I've seen your take-down of Breaking Dawn Part 1. That is some professional rambling.
  • Killsteal_Wolf
    A Siskel and Ebert esque show huh? Sounds interesting I must say. What should it be called? Walker and Walker?
  • HankMan
    Being PG makes Sarah Silverman SOOOOOOOOOOO much more bearable!
  • TiredGuy
    Not a surprise that Brad had a much more harsh opinion than Doug. When I myself was thinking about after watching, I immediately thought of the review of Lilo & Stitch in Disneycember. Vividly creative setting and concept, extremely likable characters, but obscured by a kind of cliche attention-grabbing comic relief character for parts of it. I actually was not annoyed by Sarah Silverman, and I appreciated the humor to her, but I agree with the Snob that eventually it becomes her story with Ralph helping out.

    I understand the complaints that the scope feels a bit underwhelming; in a property like this, it was dangerously easy to go batshit crazy and fill it with fanboy love of video games to cloud up actual storytelling, and I think they pulled it off. I have my fingers crossed that a second Disney Reniassance is right around the corner, but the very existance, let alone success, of Reck-It Ralph proves in might not be the Disney I remember (Not in a bad way, just one that had to adjust to a different industry vibe). Also, wasn't "Paperman" really great?
  • Fiang
    I love how your Bum Review's plot kind of mirrored that of Wreck it Ralph's. It was cute.
  • Semudara
    The bum review was nothing special, but your real review did a VERY good job of describing the movie. I was thinking of making my own Wreck-It Ralph review, but now it's clear that I don't have to. Great work!

    I'll miss the straight-up Doug reviews, but hopefully the Doug & Rob reviews will be just as good. I know you're trying a LOT of new things, and I hope that people will be patient and understanding (but still provide constructive feedback) while you get your sea legs, instead of making snap-judgments or just leaping blindly to your defense. Fortunately, I'm sure most of the commenters here are capable of that!
  • petah11  - Secretly depressing world
    Anyone else notice what an awful retirement plan there is for these videogame characters? Game gets unplugged, you go homeless and begging. Neatly tied up in the end, but what happens to all the other unplugged characters. I mean, Area 51 ain't gonna be welcome in Fix-it Felix and Areosmith is going to have to resort to 8-bit plasma donations.
  • Rexaura888
    Disney's CG films seem to do really well when they hit the big screen, though the only three I can think of off the top of my head are Meet the Robinsons, Tangled, and Wreck-it-Ralph, all of which I really like.
    I never saw Vanellope as a "glitch", even though they call her that. From a gamer's standpoint, she seems to be more of a Beta character, much like Honey the Cat of "Sonic the Fighters". She's like those hidden things hackers find in the game's source code that show off some hidden rooms, unfinished weapons, or character models that weren't included in the main game due to programming problems or time constraints and left unfinished. In the case of Vanellope, her being incomplete in terms of coding means that not only is she shunned for being different and "lesser" compared to the other characters, but it also means that she has a few glitches. However, maybe it's just me.
  • JadedJada
    There was also Chicken Little...we don't really talk about Chicken Little...
  • AlucardsQuest

    I was thinking the same thing, that she was a Reptile from Mortal Kombat like character, (whom started as a glitch) but she was the main character of the game, and the King went into the system and removed her from play as well as everyone's memories of her. It's not clear where the glitch comes from, or why it won't let her leave, but perhaps it's because of the King's tampering.
  • Bloodrealm
    I believe it's called "dummied-out data".
  • 80sGuy  - Thanks Doug
    Thanks Doug for putting myself and my good friend Miles in one of your videos! I love how you include your fans in your projects whenever you go to a convention. Youmacon was a lot of fun, please keep being you; the funny, charismatic, creative, and friendly guy whom nerds and geeks everywhere can relate to on one level or another. Thanks for the autograph on my copy of "Short Circuit"! Take care, Doug. You rock!

  • SRanger1071  - Seriously?
    First Nostalgia Critic has HIS mental breakdown right before kicking the bucket. Then That Guy disappears without a trace. Now you're giving the Bum a mental breakdown? If you don't want to do any more reviews, then just quit cold turkey, let us know to not expect them anymore, and work on Demo Reel.
  • SRanger1071  - Wait
    Tapper's a real game? Or do you mean the thing that happened IN Tapper relating to a character from a game that already exists?
  • AlucardsQuest
    http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=Yy5j0L6o6ns
  • Semudara
    Yes, it's a real game.
  • ohe
    Bum is having a...


    And gosh darn it, this video is lacking of a one Mr. ... Dominic. Of the O'Dominics, I guess.

    The movie pans out like a VG Confessions story anyway.
  • CJ-1
    I literally said, "OHMYGOD,this is the GREATEST (videogame) movie I've ever seen in my life!!!" when the movie ended!
  • JadedJada
    I have to say, I was thrilled to hear you give praise to the vastly underrated Jane Lynch, who, indeed, was hilarious as usual. That woman deserves so much better than "Glee"...

    What surprised me, however, was that you gave no mention whatsoever of Sarah Silverman, who plays Venelope! It's odd because I could have sworn you mentioned in another video that you really liked her...
  • Fangheart
    you moved again? .....why? what was wrong with your old house? that house looked kinda cool based on how much of it we saw, and we saw a lot! we saw it go into space for crying out loud!

    yeah, of course the Copyrighted characters aren't in it for very long, didn't you hear about how all the companies who owned them kept arguing with each other and kept telling Disney to do this, do that, make my character bigger, make my character cooler, make my character better than theirs, blah blah blah. I think it's pretty impressive that they got as much as they did, but then again, this is the very growing media empire that is Disney we're talking about...

    also, nice Linkara cameo!
  • DylanS
    I think he moved again because he showed his house in some of his reviews, including To Boldly Flee. My guess is people figured out where he lived and went to bug him for autographs 24/7.
  • ohe
    I maintain that Wreck-It-Ralph is original only in the technical sense. It relies on the same pull of the license name as, say, Lorax and what have you. Only maybe half a step up from those for not bastardising the beloved original characters. They're treating video games in general just the same way those some movies treat their characters, it's just that because they can't buy rights to video games per se, they opt to have cameos by the characters that iconize it.

    Sonics and Marios are effectively there to prove to the audience that the 'video games' of the movie are the quote unquote "real" video games, just like the Avengers in the movie The avengers are the "real" Avengers.

    Personally I find this demand for genuineness in products that by definition are imaginary pretty pathetic, with both the producers and the audience. It all comes down to the Hero's Journey anyway, so why are people so infatuated with fangasming over the aesthetic correctness of having their imaginary friends be their "real" imaginary friends?
  • James Picard  - That Avengers comment doesn't make sense
    How does that link work in any way? The Avengers were all put in there because a) they were all Avengers in the comics and b) it was MEANT to be a team-up. The video game characters in Wreck-It Ralph were there for jokes or references. But all of the Avengers contributed to the film. So no, they weren't just played to be 'genuine', they were in there because the Avengers ARE a super-hero team, and they were NOT there for cameos. There's a huge difference.
  • Semudara
    Riiiight... so that's why Toy Story has actual licensed toys such as Barbie. It's not like it just works with the concept or something, NO, it must be because the movies can't stand on their own merits.

    Or maybe... just maybe... you're making some kind of issue where there is none.
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