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Doug's Review
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  • Darkcloud1111
    This is on of the greatest movies I've ever seen in my life, but I still like The Dark Knight better
  • Pinkwerewolf2
    I think people fell into the hype machine with this movie. It's/..... really not that good. Here are 70 reasons why: http://www.imdb.com/ title/tt1345836/board/ nest/202245927
  • Itchy
    Seriously. I have never before read a review fueled by so much pointless hate. Yet he starts it by saying "i wanted to love it" like that would give more truth to his words. Since i stopped reading after the eight reason ill just point out a few things.

    [SPOILER]No one checked under the bags because the people bringing the prisoners were supposed to be trusted. Im not even going to comment the ProTip lol. How does he know what kind of aircraft the turrurist were using... they seemed quite well equipped. Bane didn't try to cover up the attack, he wanted them to think the doctor died in it.[/SPOILER]

    Etc. The entire review is filled with logical fallacies. Lets all hate and look kewel
  • lastlife0726
    Yeah I know. For someone who wanted to like it, he nitpicked it to death. I can honestly see these being Douchy McNitpick complaints. "There relationship wasn't evolved enough to have dinner together. ASSFUCK!" You see! it fits in much better with him. I thought this movie wasn't as good as DK, but it was definitly worthy of concluding the Nolan Trilogy.
  • snoofulus
    So you go in "wanting to love it", and then are prevented from that because there's stupid things in the movie that annoy you.

    What's so hard to understand about that?

    The plane thing may be justified, maybe there's a few other things he wasn't correct on, but overall he was quite right.
  • TheAwesomefroggy  - Overrated
    I think The Avengers is WAY too fucking overrated. You?
  • Katze
    Apparently first to vote.

    By far the greatest movie of my 24 years of living. It created a Trilogy and proved that a trilogy can begin well and end fantastically.
  • thewonderer  - Baffled
    Opinions are Opinions, but I simply don't understand how you can like Amazing Spider-Man so much and dislike this. Not going to go into why I really didn't like TASM, but I mean come on. This one is just so much more complex, ambitious, and unique.

    The Dark Knight was my favorite movie of all time, and despite the flaws that this new one does have, I find it has replaced it. The drama, the stakes, the characters, THE ENDING, the meaning, the themes all were tied up by the end. Some may have been quickly done but no film series is perfect.

    I've heard this be called the Return of Jedi of Batman and I agree and disagree.

    Still, loved this movie to death, 9.5/10 for me. Loved it so much
  • Animeking1108
    God forbid someone doesn't conform and get on their knees to suck Chris Nolan's dick. I liked Transformers 3, and you didn't hear me complain.
  • thewonderer
    And then theres this strange assertion. Not understanding someone who doesn't like Chris Nolans films makes you his bitch apparently. No, all his films are well made. You don't have to like them, but they are better than AT LEAST 75% of crap in hollywood today. So set your standards high if you want, I don't understand it. Sue me
  • Linklex7
    Nolan films are better than 75% of what's in Hollywood today . . . to YOU!!!! Not everyone is going to agree with you. While I love the Nolan Batman movies I don't think they are the great movies out there, actually I still prefer the Burton movies. Don't mean I love the Nolan movie any less. However what I understand is that my opinion will differ from yours and everyone else. Believe it or not, there's a fan out there right now who probably thinks Batman Forever or Batman & Robin are the greatest Batman films ever. That fan isn't me, but that would be his opinion that he's entitled to.
  • devils_advocate_92
    And by the same token, people are allowed to argue against Doug on the points for why they disagree with him. Arguments are only invalid when they resort to inulting the opponent personally... y'know, calling them someone's bitch, for example.
  • Pinkwerewolf2
    I think people are conditioned to like this movie because they think that people will think them 'stupid' and 'not getting the genius' of the reality' that this movie claims to have. It's a bad movie. Don't feel bad for realizing this.
  • Itchy
    Not a Batman fan. Went to the movie. Liked it very much. Many friends didn't even come to the movie because they didn't like the previous movie. Don't think they are stupid. Don't think you have to be smart to get the "genius of the reality" that i don't think the movie CLAIMS to have considering you go to the cinema to watch a man in a bat suit going around the city in a giant flying machine chased by the police. Stop making people think they are conformist for liking a movie thus twisting their opinion.
  • Linklex7
    It's his opinion. Doug has the right to like whatever movie he likes better than whatever movie he's comparing it too. Not everyone is going to have the same taste as you, my friend. Actually, I'm on your side in that I thought The Dark Knight Rises was better than Amazing Spider-Man. As for the "Return of the Jedi" of Batman, I love that comment cause Return is my favorite Star Wars movie. Though to me, my favorite will always be the original 80's Tim Burton Batman movie, though I still love Nolan's films as well.
  • Reaper00140
    really? you don't understand? he gives very detailed explanations as to why he doesn't like the film and you still don't get it? I mean, yeah I liked the film too but you can't deny the gaping plot holes and under explored characters. being a fan doesn't mean denying the flaws especially when they're this obvious. M

    aybe you can forgive the flaws but doug simply couldn't. there's really not much to be confused about.
  • trlkly
    No, he didn't. That's the problem. He said he didn't care about the characters. That's his gripe. But that's not a flaw in movie--that's a flaw in him. A flaw in the movie would be telling us why he didn't care.

    He does a lot of this--saying he didn't understand something. That tells us nothing. What we need to know is, if you did understand it, does it make sense?

    And I know a lot of that is because he's trying to not give spoilers. But still, there's ample room in his explanations to still not understand why he didn't like the movie.

    And I say this as someone who hasn't seen it, and just came here to get a spoiler-free review so I could decide if I cared to get spoiled or if I'll actually go see it. And his review did nothing to help me decide this.
  • Reaper00140
    He did explain. Or were you not paying attention?

    1)He explains for characters that the movie just didn't give enough focus to truly get him invested in most of the cast. What more is there to say about that that isn't spoilers?

    2) "If you did understand it, does it make sense?" this question alone is a bit contradictory. If you understand something then it makes sense to you. There are various plot points that didn't make sense to doug therefore he doesn't understand them(and for good reason, there are alot of plot holes)... Furthermore, how is he supposed to tell if they'll make sense to others if they didn't make sense to him?
  • Obsidian
    Nolan's Batfilms are pretentious. They want to be more than they are. I say this as someone who honestly enjoyed Batman Begins and TDK, but the movies have the entire air of being ashamed of being comic book movies. They are Batman films only because they have to be, Nolan films that just happen to involve Batman. No element or aspect of the films is crucial to having Batman in them. You could remove every Batman related element from the film, and just make it about a rich dude who goes vigilante, and the film would not be affected in the slightest. That is a serious flaw in the movie, that hurts it substantially, and affects many people's ability to enjoy the film. By contrast, Avengers & Amazing Spider-Man are what they are: quintessentially comic book movies. Both films could be nothing else than what they are, and the plots of both, ASM especially, require them to be based on the comics. Changing the characters would make the movies unworkable. That makes a big difference.

    The DKR films are Nolan movies with Batman. They want to be something else than what they are. The Marvel films like Amazing Spider-Man don't. They don't pretend to be something other than what they are, but rather embrace their nature with gusto. And that plays a big part in why people consider them superior films to Nolan's. The lack the pretensions is a major point in ASM, Avengers, and the other Marvel films favor.
  • WillRyan  - I fail to see your point...
    Wanting to do something realistic, gritty, and different with a comic book character(s) in different ways than it's been done before according to one's own film-making style is inherently pretentious.........wait, what?
  • Pickles666
    Wow, I normally just watch these reviews but I had to create an account just to reply to your comment. Thank god someone else has their head on their shoulders, you pretty much said word for word what I've been saying about this trilogy for years! I was quite stunned by the first Nolan batman film. I thought it was okay but I didn't understand why a film about a guy that dresses up as a bat could take itself so seriously. This negativity swelled as the trilogy progressed. Basically I totally agree with what you're saying, when you remove the comic element from a comic book film, it just becomes a run of the mill action film, it was like watching an episode of 24 with a transformer car. When I go to see batman I want to see the joker poison the city through cosmetics or the Riddler torturing people in death traps, something unique. Imagine if I went to see Spider man and the lizard was just a guy with a bad skin condition (as a giant lizard isn't realistic enough) and spider man had to go around defusing bombs and then got depression for half the film. You'd say no, that's not what it's about. Apologies this went on for so long.
  • Dancing_Satyr
    Am I the only one who feels like Pickles666 is one of those fake accounts made just to reinforce ones post? I mean, the I created this account just to show support to you transcendentally awesome post? Either its a fake or a sad, sad person.

    As for the film... the truth is, its twists were all actually laid out for us to figure out in advance, EVEN if you're not a comic fan, and that is a good way to handle a twist in my book (that is, not the way Shamalayan, Bay or the saw movies handle them). Yes, even Talia being who she actually is. I mean, Bane has a lot of info on Bruce that he could only have gotten from Fox, Alfred or Talia... guess who isn't unconditionally loyal in this list.

    Twists aside, I liked how they handled bane, he is actually miles better than his comic or animated counterparts. Not to mention his voice and speech pattern were by itself quite entertaining to hear (not really goofy per se). The focus on the police force was quite well handled and I liked Robins arc in the story. To tell the truth, the policeman origin works much better than the circus/street urchin/whatever the-hell-the-other-five- or-so-robins-were. And Catwoman herself was very well handled (not calling her Catwoman a single time and not making her a crazy cat lady probably helped).

    And while on one hand it felt like cheating having Batman survive his heroic sacrifice, on the other hand it was also clever and seemed like something the Batman would figure out how to handle. I mean, it is symbolic, the Bat had to die to become a symbol, but not necessarily Bruce Wayne. He had no business ending up with Catwoman though, the chemistry was hinted at but... not to that degree.
  • Semudara
    I like your comment... except for the first part. Your accusation has no grounds, is personally insulting, and seems to imply that the opinion being agreed with is so worthless and wrong that no REAL person would actually agree with it.

    By the way, I happen to agree with it. And in case you're wondering, yes, I'm a separate person with a mind of my own.
  • Red Hood
    Little note:

    You might want to let people know that you'll be talking about spoilers before you post your message
  • Red Hood

    I absolutely love Nolans Batman movies

    But I have to agree with you here

    Dark Knight was excellent, but it didn't feel completely like a Batman movie
  • Lotus Prince
    "Opinions are Opinions, but I simply don't understand how you can like Amazing Spider-Man so much and dislike this. Not going to go into why I really didn't like TASM, but I mean come on. This one is just so much more complex, ambitious, and unique."

    There were a lot of plot elements that I just couldn't get behind. The ending seemed really contrived. Bane knew EVERYTHING. He had Gordon's letter somehow (seriously, what the hell). Bane was everywhere at once. His plan was more over the top than the Joker's, and it was somehow executed flawlessly, without anyone noticing a single part of it.

    Bane himself was a ton of fun, and I loved Catwoman as well, but this movie definitely came off as the weakest of the three to me. It was fun to watch, but I wouldn't go see it in theaters again.

    Also, I actually did prefer Amazing Spiderman.
  • CassnassXXL  - I never thought I'd create an account here, but I

    Yes, the plan did indeed seem too convenient at times, but didn't they get the letter from searching him in the sewers?

    I did have some gripes with the movie, and the scene where a certain person was briefly revealed to be the boy wonder was a little pointless, bane and batman's voices were goofy, and I thought they could have let batman die at the end.

    I respect Doug's opinions, however, I do have to ask....How did you fail to see the motives of the villains? The city's so called "peace" was in itself built on lies and corruption, the rich were still vastly empowered in comparison to the poor (as it is almost anywhere, really.), AND to top it off Talia had a personal vendetta against batman.
    Some other things I felt he was a bit picky about. (the batwing thingy, for example)

    But I have to admit, I could see where you were coming from on many of your points.

    I think the movie was a little bit better than the first, but worse than the second one. The writing was still pretty much the same standard, it had a nice twist, and it was just overall entertaining to watch, basically.

    To those calling it pretentious, saying FOR A FACT (which can be noted by your wording, as you state; "Nolans film's ARE pretentious", instead of just saying something like: "I thought they seemed pretentious" or "they just felt pretentious to me") that they "want to be more than they are". YOU think they were ashamed of being comic book movies, all I and most other people see is a more gritty version of the dark knight in comparison to Burton's films.
    I, personally, like both versions of the caped crusader, and I hope (much like AVGN) that they mix the two interpretations together when they eventually decide to make another movie.
  • Itchy
    [Spoiler] He takes the letter from Gordon when they drag him in the sewers. There is a moment when the camera zooms in showing Bane's hand take the letter from Gordon's jacket. Then they show Bane reading it and I'm sure that if he didn't have a steroid injecting mask on his face that you would see a satisfied smirk on his face indicating he will use it later to aid his own cause.
    DKR is not complex. It's just long and bleak. I felt every one of the minutes in this movie.

    Avengers and Spidey were a breeze. They felt like 80 or 90 minutes even though it they were over two hours.
  • snoofulus
    Maybe because it was more ambitious, and sort of didn't live up to that ambition?
  • kay9  - WOW!
    Your impression of Bane was spot on! Hilarious as usual!
  • The_Masked_Donut
    It's funny, your "meh" reaction to this is how I felt about "The Avengers". Still, to each their own.
  • andcriggs
    I thought that the stakes were extremely high in this movie and I cared about Batman foiling he villains' plan. It's interesting that you found this one boring because you also found Transformers 3 boring and there are some parallels in the general narrative. While "Rises" is worlds better than Transformers they both share the occupation of a city and end of civilization premise.
  • Guild Navigator
    This movie is gloomy as Hell,no kidding...

    WEll,the bum review was...nothing like the TDK review 4 years ago.
  • TheTannedOtaku
    Glad it wasn't just me who thought that, I wanted to cry my eyes out at the end...instead I saw The Amazing Spider Man to even out my mood
  • Semudara
    Wait...at the end? Most of the movie was bleak, but I thought the ending was just bloody awesome.
  • samtaholo
    Had to register just to say I agree with Doug's review completely on this. As someone who also loved The Dark Knight, I found TDKR underwhelming. Thanks for giving an honest and thoughtful opinion of the movie.
  • AlphaNoodle  - SPOILERS
    I thought the reason why Bruce secluded himself was because of Rachel's death, his only connection to a normal life. He said that to Alfred at least in this film. Also I felt their motivation was mostly for vengeance, Ban follows Talia because he's in love with her, and Talia is mad because he killed her father. I agree with you about the about the second film's relevance. I also felt Batman was easy to understand; it wasn't that bad. Overall though, I understand your problems with the film, however after watching it, I really thought it was a good film, but to each his own.

    The biggest disagreement is with the escape, I personally felt it was a big moment in the film, at least I felt it. And there aren't guards in the prison because the punishment is just being in there, if you escape they would let you go. At least that's what I thought about that part.
  • Caveboy0
    yeah exactly. the point of the prison is hope. insight, but unobtainable. its not really a prison anymore. not what it once was. now it's limbo its punishment. i think Doug went harsh and simplified a lot of the film.

    Still i agree in part with him again i think he's being harsh he admits he's harsh and glosses over the movies deeper moments. And honestly his recommendation sounded like "people who like dumb movies will like this"

    he was also kind of afraid of how we would react. To me i'm not nearly in his boat. I think the individual parts of the film were great, but not as a whole it didn't really mix well. I was invested, but a lot of the parts could have been better.


    it sounded like Doug really didn't like Blake/Robin storyline and him taking over. Or maybe its just the happy ending for bruce i don't know. I'd like to talk to him about that because I really loved that part of the story. he was the best character he had a lot of back story and the way he connected with Bruce. I'm a huge Robin fan so that was really really great to see. Bruce probably really should have died leaving the legacy behind for Blake.


    Okay back to what people can read. I am actually more in disagreement with his comments about TDK ending. What the hell that haws one of the greatest endings I've ever seen. bullshit? if they found out what Harvey did they would have had an easy case to get out all the people he's put away on early parole. The possibility of technicality is huge. He killed Maroni himself the legal ramifications would have been horrible and Gotham would have seen their real hope for a better future fall in front of their eyes. Yes it was a lie and the weight of it matters, but the context of Batman taking the blame and becoming the villain so that they can still have their hero. I thought it was a phenomenal ending. I thought it really changed what we expect a hero to be. It was a statement against the Joker.

    I guess that is what i really have to say.
  • DWP102589  - Oh Come ON!
    Doug, I loved TDKR, but I can totally understand and respect your opinion on it (and I suspect that many others will agree with you). But SERIOUSLY... you didn't know about Talhia Al Ghul!

    They out rightly state that she's meant to be Ra's Al Ghul's daughter and that her real name was Talhia.

    Talhia Al Ghul was prominently featured in the animated series, and has been a major character in the Batman comics for decades. A role that has greatly increased in recent years.

    This movie, as a finale to Batman Begins, would naturally have her as the main villian, and they portray her rather accurately to the comics.

    You really mustn't have been paying attention to get that, this should be in the F**k Ups Hall of Fame
  • Count Krory
    Ok, Talia was not portrayed accurately to the comics. Talia in the comics is an anti-villian who's loyalty is to whomever benefits her own goals at the moment, and who often fights against her father because she desires his power/ She like Bruce better.

    She is not a giggling evil remorseless psychopath who would kill millions for revenge. She also had nothing to do with Bane. In the film, Bane's comics backstory was given to Talia to do a stupid twist that anyone who's read the comics saw a mile away.
  • Linklex7
    It's just a movie, technically most of the Nolan villains aren't portrayed too accurately compared to their comic counterparts, but are still entertaining.
  • DWP102589
    Okay, sorry. I meant "fairly accurate" for Chris Nolan's Batman. They were bound to be differences from the get-go, but not as many as I came to expect by now.

    P.S. I still think that her reveal was a great twist because I fully accepted the idea that Chris Nolan made Bane Ra's Al Ghul's son, it seemed like something he would do.
  • pinky75910
    Featured prominently? She was in three eps, and she was only called "Talia" never by her full name. Not to mention the fact that she's completely out of character here. As always, whether Doug knew who she was or not, unless you're a Batman junkie and "did the homework" no, you would not have known or cared who she was.
  • Caveboy0
    i thought it was rather inaccurate. first of all the League of Assassins has an entirely different function in the comics than in the films. Also Talia truly loves Bruce. In the film it was a lie.
  • Reaper00140  - seriously?
    You have to keep in mind that doug isn't a comic book fan. You also need to keep in mind that he probably hasn't seen the animated series for YEARS. Talia didn't even appear that much from what I remember so of course he didn't remember her.
  • samtaholo
    However, Bane had a British accent, not a Russian one.
  • samtaholo
    @DWP102589: I'm pretty sure that Doug meant that Batman and the audience didn't know who Talia was, not that Doug himself had never heard of her.
  • DWP102589

    Sorry, I loved the Bum Review, I think it might be his funniest one yet, but that one part really irked me.
  • Axel Osbourne
    I have to say this was the funniest Bum Review I've seen in awhile. As for the movie, I sadley have to agree with you: While I won't go as far as to say it sucked, I just thought it was bit of a letdown. Now, I never expected it to live up to The Dark Knight (one of my favorite movies ever) but after going to such lenghts to be realistic and dark, this one felt at times, well, a little cartoony. (which might have worked in another movie, or even another Batman movie, but here just felt wrong) And Bane was just awful, every time I heard him speak I started laughing. And speaking of vocies, I know people have a problem with Bale's voice, but it honestly never bothered me, until now where it almost seemed to becoming self-parody. Hathaway was meh: not bad, but wrong for this part completly, and a little boring. (Feel free to hate me, Welshy) Though in her defence, the character wasn't written very well. (Yeah we all know Nolan's not know for his female characters)

    Also, and this is nitpicky, but there is a reason we've never seen Batman fight in the daytime in any of the movies, just saying.

    Still, it's not bad, I just don't think it was good either.
  • MchaelTheGreat
    Thanks for the review doug, ive been waiting to hear your opinion on this one for a while.

    Im a -huge- batman fan, and would agree with most of what you said, it was really muddled, and all over the shop.

    it didnt have the motion of the ocean, it hit it too hard and too fast, but i am going to see it again, because they really did nail certain elements of batman, such as bane etc, but a lot of what Wayne did really did go against what Batman would really do, such as... giving up. it almost didnt feel like a batman movie, but i think thats because we were spoiled by BB and TDK. its a decent enough end, but not really as good as it needed to be.
  • Zoids  - The TRUE villain. *SPOILERS*
    This will contain spoilers as to the end of the movie. Stop reading now if you havent seen the movie yet.

    Doug. As a fan of the series and batman in general I feel that the true villain was just a tip of the hat to the invested Batman fan. Talia al Ghul the daughter of Ra's al Ghul is a large incredible villain. Over all the years of Batman comics, Throughout the universes Bruce Wayne ended up with two girls( That I know of right now) and those two are Selina Kyle, and
    Talia. Talia and Bruce were supposed to have a child together and were engaged.
    When you look at Talia with all the other major comic book villains, Her position in the Secret Society is rather high up and important. So in this movie when she was revealed to be Talia I nearly screamed in the theater.

    You do have a few arguments here however I think we should wait to see the DVD to see what the deleted scenes hold. These scenes might fill in a few of these holes.
    I for one enjoyed the movie. Im hoping that the make their own form of Nightwing movie from this.
  • nightwingfan87
    Omg, yes, a Nightwing movie would be awesome!! Sorry, my name probably gives that away X3
  • HankMan  - I'm sorry but...
    ...Fear of dying is NOT going to make a twelve year old girl jump farther than a fully grown man.

    ...Batman should NOT have a more defined cleavage than Catwoman.

    ...Bane's dub-in SUCKED! I could understand him perfectly FINE in the original trailer, cept I actually had to THINK about what he was saying for a second (and heaven forbid audiences should have to use their brains during a movie.) And I never bought the whole "cultured/ brute contrast with his character for a minute.

    ...Naming Gordon-Levitt's character Robin was the STUPIDEST nod to the Batman comics EVER.

    But you know what? I still liked this movie.
  • Storm Kensho
    I loved the comics nod to Robin, personally. I especially loved the ending where it's implied that Blake takes up Wayne's cowl. It's a nod to when Dick Grayson took up the cowl when it appeared Batman was slain by Darkseid in Final Crisis.
  • Truxillogical
    Actually, I think Blake is more a nod to Tim Drake than Dick Grayson, given that he does a lot of detective work, and lost his folks in the same order and...well, he had a lot more of Tim's seriousness to him.
  • Linklex7
    Hearing Bane's voice doesn't require "thinking". Don't try to come across like some hipster movie critic. I actually enjoyed the dubbed in voice.
  • Storm Kensho
    See, I think you missed at least one major point the movie made, Doug:

    That massive peacetime and lack of corruption was built upon a lie, and is a lie on that sort of scale worth the peace it brings about? Guys like Orwell and books like the Hunger Games have shown us those sorts of situations.

    Looking at it from Bane's perspective, prior to the big reveal, he sees Gotham as the same old stinking cesspit because the only means of "purifying" it was to skimp on justice and build upon a horrible lie.

    When it turns out Talia was the REAL bad guy, she simply says that she's destroying Gotham because she wanted to finish what her father started, disregarding the reason he wanted to destroy Gotham in the first place. Personally, I don't think Ra's would have tried to destroy Gotham in the beginning of this movie, but Talia shows that she cares nothing for the Greater Good like her father did.
  • pinky75910
    If Ras was going to destroy Gotham in Movie 1, then we never would've seen this Gotham to destroy now.

    And really? They ONLY reason Bane wants to destroy the city is cause they told ONE lie, that HE only learned about from Gordon's dumb speech that Bane accidentally intercepted?
  • Danakaz  - Bane's motivation
    Bane doesn't know of the Lie till he's a good bit into his plan and Gordon is dragged to his hideout, where he gets the speech Gordon had written telling the truth. So for a good part of his planning and execution, as far as he knows, the peace is "sound".
  • davie06
    I really didn't like this movie. I didn't like Catwoman, I didn't like Bane and much like the last movie I really didn't like Batman. The only thing I did like about this movie was Joseph Gordon-Levitt, for me he was the only person in this film who put out a good performance (other then Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman but they weren't in this one much). Anne Hathaway as Catwoman was just silly with her little bad girl voice, she far too much of a Disney princess to be taken seriously in this role. Bane's voice was so stupid every time he talked I couldn't stop myself from giggling, some how this dude was more over the top then the talking lizard and the norse god. The ending didn't bother me so much (I was just happy it was over) but the "big twist" was so poorly executed and there's plot holes all over the damn place....this movie sucked.
  • jesterthemad  - shit
    The movie is Shit
  • Pinkwerewolf2
    Yes. Yes it is. It insults the intelligence of the fans and general public.
  • Storm Kensho
    Doug, in regards to Batman getting back to Gotham:

    The last time we heard the bomb's detonation, it was at 21 days.

    When Bruce gets back to Gotham, it's less than a day. So he obviously took some time having to get back.
  • Mirico  - This movie blew
    Bane didn't use venom. That is one of the main things that define Bane. It would be like if they put the Joker in Black face.

    The plot with the bomb was terrible.
    We created this fusion reactor, but it could be turned into a weapon so lets leave it assembled, because plot device.

    The batcave sucked. Hey lets have these platforms that lift out of the water for no reason other than it kinda looks cool. BTW I think that's why Bruce walks with the cane he slipped on the wet Batcave floor.

    Anyone else think that "Bat" was a dumb name for the helicopter thing? I mean if it follower the usual naming scheme for batman vehicles it would be The Bat Bat.
  • BooRat  - Mirico
    It's weird to me I thought of a Nolan realist Bane a little after The Dark Knight came out and in my head I pictured a large muscular man like a body builder size that shot up like a junkie and that'd been a really cool and dark and realist form for Bane... I still think that! Just make Venom a steroid that has properties like meth or heroin. You don't need to make it give him super human abilities just make it something he's addicted to and the reason he's so bulky. I think that's still more believable than a gas mask with painkillers.
  • WillRyan
    Venom was not a defining characteristic of Bane. It was what made him into a madman and was one of his major character flaws, was his dependence on and addiction to the drug.

    You can have your opinion about the bat cave. That's whatever.

    The fusion reactor was created for the means of renewable energy...something that's being pursued right now in real life...something that which, if it actually existed, would be a goldmine...how is this a dumb plot device?

    Yeah, the Bat name was kinda lame, but all in all dude, think before you flame. You sound like you just want to criticize without any intelligent thought.
  • hunyuu
    I'm sorry but I just have to talk about this because it was one of the things that really bugged me a lot in this movie.
    The fusion reactor was indeed a dumb plot device because the science behind it was COMPLETELY WRONG! If you know anything about the current attempts being done on fusion you will realize that the "core"(which there really is no fuel core in real life) is WAAAAAAAY too small in comparison to the buildings made for laser and magnetic confinement fusion. Also the fuel for fusion are hydrogen isotopes which might be flammable but wouldn't explode and even if they did it's such a small amount that it wouldn't really cause much harm. Also taking the fuel core out of the reactor makes it unstable and thus it will explode?....seriously?! you need energy to start and keep a fusion reaction going! if you were to take this "core" out of the reactor nothing should happen because there is no power to actually make the fusion reaction happen!

    In summary, what was depicted in the movie is NOT how fusion work. This wouldn't be such a big problem if the movie wasn't trying to portray a "realistic" Batman but all I keep hearing from hardcore fans is that "This is Batman in the real world" and then they come up with stuff like this. Interestingly enough if I complain about how unrealistic it is those same people will reply with "it's a comic book movie!". Seriously make up your mind!

    Overall I didn't really enjoy this movie because of its plot and I just thought the movie dragged on waaaaay too long. I did however love the acting and thought the characters were presented pretty well even if they did change their back stories (so I've read) and they made up a completely new character that was apparently psychic because he knew Bruce Wayne was Batman because he "saw it in his eyes"...
  • Semudara
    I agree that Bane lacked a lot of what defines him to most fans. It would be like if the Joker was completely devoid of clown-themed weapons and gimmicks...oh, wait.
  • Echosaxe  - i agree
    Yeah i was bummed out at the end of this movie i really i had a lot of bones to pick with it. One being Blake's first name that part bugged me so much... If you saw the movie you'll know what i mean it was stupid. Also after the 2nd movie 8 years goes by and Bruce just sat in his mansion the whole time!

    I look forward to buying the trilogy boxset but man im so glad i didnt go into this movie hyped.

    How did batman make it back to Gotham?
  • SpeedyEric  - Q: How did batman make it back to Gotham?
    A:Bruce Wayne has friends in high places. For example, that skyhook team Batman hired in The Dark Knight when he was bringing Lou from Hong Kong back to Gotham?
  • Storm Kensho
    I liked the happy ending for the Dark Knight Rises.

    Considering the total shit we see Batman go through in this series and him having to get his ass kicked only to get right back up and keep fighting because he's, well, Batman...

    It was good to see him happy, legitimately happy, and having a possible future. That was Alfred's entire point with him near the middle of the movie: Batman was destroying Bruce Wayne because Batman was supernatural while Bruce Wayne was still a man. And to see Bruce Wayne get a happy ending, as opposed to the bleak-as-shit bittersweet ending that Michael Keaton's Batman went through in Batman and Batman Returns...

    It was heartwarming.
  • SpeedyEric
    Right next to The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises is my favorite movie to come out in 2012. A perfect ending to a perfect trilogy based on one of the greatest superheroes of all time.

    I really love the ending. The best ending to a Batman film since Begins.
  • Storm Kensho
    Same as you.

    I put Avengers above Dark Knight, but I put Rises on an equal level to the Avengers.

    They both have their problems but by god were they awesome.
  • Hawki
    I'm with Doug here. I found it to be "okay" but as highlighted, the plot, among other things, is weak. And rushed. Kind of like 'Batman Begins' in that it feels like two movies. Easily the weakest installment in the trilogy IMO.

    Great point on how it feels like it marginalizes TDK as well.
  • BooRat
    I'm still sad to say I haven't seen the movie yet but I already know what happens for the most part in the movie and that woman who is the real main villain of the movie is Thalia Al Ghoul! The daughter of Ra's Al Ghoul! In the comics she's a big deal and from what of her they did in the movie I've learned I'm not sure if I like what they did with her. As in the comics she and Bruce have a son together the current Robin in the comics actually! In the comics to me at leas tit depends on who writes her she's not really a villain as much as an anti-villain! She's deadly loyal to her father but she does show signs of not being a complete psycho bent on mass murder... all the time!

    from what all I've also heard of the movie you're not to far off this time critic but most of the die hard fans seem to love this movie! But as I said I haven't made my choice yet til I actually see it myself!
    But I do agree with Brad Jones a lot on some things like how the did "Robin" in the movie! I'd liked it better if he was actually Azreal or if his real name was actually reveal to be a Robin from the comic's actual name not a person who's name is really Robin! That was the actual plan in the Burtin movies was having Robin being an actually kid named Robin so he'd be using his real name as his hero identity!
  • SpeedyEric
    I highly recommend you see it.
  • criticschool101  - Nitpicks GALORE!!!
    Doug, I was the one that started the applause in the theater, I am sorry. But in all honesty, I think the movie was good. But my God, I feel like Douchey Mc. Nitpick right now. There was so much stupid stuff like Bane's accent, the whole Robin thing, and do I have to say anything about Batman's voice. I just had a fun time with the action, I just found the Nolan films to be difficult to follow, and thats why I like the Burton films more. I have to say unlike Batman Begins or The Dark Knight which I still love both of them, I fidgeted around a lot, but with this one the action had me glued to my seat. Overall, still great movie.
  • SpeedyEric
    I was also the first one in the theatre at the midnight premire to clap my hands and give a big "WOOHOO" at the very micro-second the end credits started to roll.
  • wiouds
    I did not like the climax and the actions parts because they just seem so phone in.

    It felt like they said it is a Batman movie so they need fight so just took a single shot to get the actions.
  • LimeGreenSquid
    I felt the entire Batman Begins series underwhelming.
  • Twolynx  - I see it...
    District 9 Bum review flashbacks...all coming back now...

    Okay but seriously I loved this film and a lot of the stuff you say you missed is actually explained in the movie. (Kyle in a male prison so she won't escape...again.) I didn't have high standards for this because if you do that, disappointment is inevitable. I know people who didn't like the movie and to each his/her own. But I usually try to find ways to improve a movie if I wasn't too fond of it but I couldn't for this (without making the movie over 3 hours).

    Anne Hathaway stole the show for me. IDK why some people (Not you, Doug) are thinking that because she's younger she didn't work. I think she was just fine.

    And Bane actually intimidated me very much. The Venom thing is whatever. I like that we have a great contrast to the joker's mental games with a physical threat who is also very intelligent. And with hearing Batman's voice for 2 films I was able to understand Bane just fine. I guess my ears are more used to thick foreign accents.
  • Semudara
    I had the benefit of not being hyped either. It helps that I'm really not crazy about The Dark Knight. Best comic book movie ever? Hahaha, no. Not by a long shot.

    I really enjoyed this movie, nitpicks be damned. Every film has its problems, and I agree that this one had more than most, but it compensated by being a fine spectacle and a satisfying close to an equally flawed but commendable trilogy.
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