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  • August M.
    It was good but I enjoyed the Raimi films much more.

    Gwen Stacy and her father were my favorite characters and had the best moments. As for action, aside from the fight in the school, the others were not so good.

    What killed this movie was the weak third act where many plot-points were drop in order to expand it on sequels(Hate that method).

    Overall it's still enjoyable but Raimi did it better.
  • joethulhu
    You're actually the first person I've seen say they prefer the Raimi films. I mean, my memory of them is hazy at best, and I remember enjoying them, but I just felt like this was much better quality. Don't get me wrong. Sam Raimi's a great director... Just not the right one for Spider-Man, in my opinion.

    I liked the action, too. The school was definitely the best one, but I felt like the others were pretty good too. I can't compare them to the Raimi films, because, well, I don't remember much about the action.

    I didn't really see any plot points dropped either. It seemed like everything that wasn't directly referenced in the third act has barely had anything happening with it beforehand, and obviously this film was going to have sequels, and they seemed from the start to be parts of large arcs following afterwards.

    Of course you're not wrong about any of it. I just didn't see some of the problems you did. And who knows, maybe if I went back and watched the Raimi films again I would enjoy them more than this one (at least the first two... The third one I remember, and don't want to see it again).
  • August M.
    I re-watch the Raimi films after leaving the theater and I'd enjoyed them even more than the last time I watched them(Two years ago).

    As for plot points that were drop, the two biggest ones were after the bridge scene: Spider-Man stops looking for Uncle Ben's killer and the Oscorp guy that the Lizard was after(Stops showing up after the scene). Acoording to some stills realeased before the release, The Oscorp guy was supposed to find the sewer lab and going to kill Conners and more hints of Peter's parents whereabouts or outcome were going to be reveal.
  • RyanKaufman
    Spiderman stops looking Uncle Ben's killer because, believe it or not, The Lizard is on a rampage. If you didn't notice, that's the time he stops. I think Spiderman is smart enough to realize a personal vendetta is second to a mastermind criminal rampaging through the city.

    As for the evil Indian (as Spoony puts it) he'll probably turn up later, or maybe he died in that car. Who knows? Wait for the sequel and if he's gone then he died.

    I can't believe you're trying to support the Raimi films. Tobey is great but he's so whiney and Garfield is leagues better as the character. Maybe that was a director's error but then you get to the point of Raimi not being the right director. I could say why he's not, but I believe Spoony and Doug say it best.

    Also, don't say that the Raimi films are better. Because it's not true. Gwen Stacey vs. Mary Jane? There's no competition! Mary Jane is a bitch and she almost has no thought process, just go against whatever Parker says. Also, she gets kidnapped on the drop of a dime. Stacey torches the Lizard. There's no argument here, the Raimi films are simply inferior in a vast majority of ways.

    Oh by the way, I'd rather have a character like the evil Indian vanish than an entire villain like Venom be completely rushed with 4 seconds of screen time.
  • Vayl  - Intentionally ignoring the killer
    There's another reason why Spiderman stopped hunting for Uncle Ben's killer and it ties in with what Captain Stacy was saying, and is part of his development throughout the movie. Spiderman wasn't actually helping people at first, he was just hunting a specific person. He stops hunting for the killer because he decides to focus his attention on helping others, rather than just getting his revenge. I was really glad he didn't catch the killer at the end. It seemed to be a much more meaningful statement about the character, that he was willing to put the needs of others above his own, and didn't have to be motivated by revenge.
  • XSpectreGreyX
    Except he doesn't stop looking for him. If he did, why does he still have the wanted poster of the guy? He would've thrown it away if he didn't want to find him anymore. It would've been a nice piece of symbolism.
  • minor_fifth
    Yup, seconding what Vayl says: Peter moving on from his revenge rampage wasn't a plot hole, it was a character development. It was made very clear when he realized he should be helping people instead of serving his own needs.
  • lastlife0726
    Peter's parents are dead. It wasn't a secret. They showed it when he searched their name in google. The question is what they where doing before they died.
  • XSpectreGreyX
    And the internet is truly the best source for everything.
    But honestly, yeah, I think they're dead. I think I recall Connors and Enigmatic Shadowy Man basically confirming it.
    The comics did this thing where it turned out his parents were super spies (it's as stupid as it sounds) and robots of them came back or something. Maybe this series will have them come back, if they're alive that's it.
  • carlthecritic  - I agree
    I agree with you that I liked the older films more. There were things that were better in the new version, like some of the supporting cast, but over all I felt that Andrew Garfield (as great as he is, I like him in a lot of things) does not make a good nerd in my opinion, and I don't really agree with Doug on this one, but again that's my opinion. Again, this wasn't a bad superhero film, but I just felt like it wasn't as good as the Sam Rami films.
    So you are not alone my friend.
    P.S. I also like Martin Sheen in the Newer Spider-Man, in addition to the characters you liked as well.
  • lastlife0726
    I liked the new one better. The scene where he runs off the roof towards Oscorp was beautifully done. "'FIRE!' 'AAHH! What the hell? You're not like the other Spider-Man girlfriends!'" Liked this Peter Parker better, liked Emma Stone better than Dunst. Liked the villain better than any of Raimi's. Liked the story better. Give me a reason to like Raimi's better. The problem with Raimi's films was that the movie people owned Raimi's balls, so he didn't get much freedom. I heard that they didn't let Spidey insult Green Goblin's costume because "the prop people worked hard on it!"
  • Audish
    Doug, I think you have a hole in your shirt.

    Anyway, great movie! Love the new Peter Parker, very believable!

    I don't think the bad guy had a split personality. I mean, I don't think he started out like that, his intentions were good, but a monster got inside him and took over. Thats just how I feel about, not saying thats how it is.
  • JumpingGigawatt123
    i rather enjoyed this i saw it in theaters the other day w/my dad but he didnt like it as much i give it 4/5
  • AzzyFox
    I'm completely psyched for the new Spidey film! Who cares if it's not Tobey Maguire? Spider-Man is Spider-Man.

    Regarding the confusion on the how the Lizard's mind works over Dr. Connors, it's actually the mind of a lizard warping his common sense and using the doctor's smarts to tend to his own agenda. He is the same person, but the serum that turned him into a lizard affects everything. His mind, his will, at least until it wears off. It's kind of like what Smith did in the last two Matrix films. He copied himself onto another being, and that being "became" Smith while still maintaining their previous memories. It's essentially the molding of one's way of thinking and it can't be controlled.
  • BooRat
    I have yet to see this movie as I'm out of town this weekend and can't see it but I've seen every review of it nearly and read a lot on it and I know for a fact whole scenes and subplots have been edited out. Like they actually do kind of say what's up with Peter's parents and there was a whole"Can you Read my Mind" scene but was cut for time and Connors did have a family and was shown to be a really good guy but traumatized from loosing his arm(in most comics he's a war vet). Lizard does sort of have a split personality but it's more the Lizard personality is his Id meaning pure instinct and he acts on whatever thought enters his head 1st and his rational thinking mind is at war with it.
    I still hope to see this movie soon no matter how much a lot of people seem to hate it but the right ones I trust seem to like it!
  • MihailoSRB  - ...
    *I have yet to see this movie as I'm out of town this weekend and can't see it but I've seen every review of it nearly and read a lot on it and I know for a fact whole scenes and subplots have been edited out.*

    Why would you do that, if you are planning to see it anyway?
    You don't mind spoilers? :/
  • Niru-kun
    Can't wait for the Old Vs New of this.
  • erinnthered
    It is possible that not liking the new Spiderman movie has nothing to do with Old vs New. Comparing the two doesn't make them mutually exclusive.
  • jz1337
    More like New vs Newer
  • ohe
    You really should re-record that opening line once in a while, the difference with the movie title in the audio quality is getting really jading. And you're doing the voice so well these days.
  • brickchucker19
    You know, after hearing that you're not really a big fan of Spider-Man, I believe that. You were really expecting this kind of movie to be dark and gritty? IT'S A SPIDER-MAN MOVIE! Nothing about him comes off as adult-like. He (among most superheroes) tends to come off as cheesy. Hell, his origin story alone might come off as stupid. He isn't Batman. This is why I hate how most superheroes are portrayed these days. "Everybody needs to act all like Batman or no one will take them seriously." Part of the reason I like superheroes is that they're taken out of reality and people can look up upon them while still having personality.

    And by the way, for a Movie that is supposed to be taken seriously, "The Amazing Spider-Man" had a lot of stupid moments in it. Like how you pointed out how the Lizard found out who Spider-Man really was, and a lot of other scenes that Spoony and Red Letter Media's "Half in the Bag" pointed out. I think I'll stay loyal to the original trilogy, thank you very much.
    Pete is troubled in the comics. He accidentally killed his girlfriend, his parents were killed when he was young, his best friend was killed, and his best friend's father tried to kill him, not to mention having 30 or 40 villains who want to know his identity so they can kill him and his family. Yeah, his story isn't always "cheesy". It is sometimes "gritty". Sam Raimi added the cheese.

    And Spidey doesn't act like Batman at all in this movie. He cracks jokes and talks smack in this movie. Spidey isn't a gritty or grim character, but he is in a sometimes gritty world.
  • brickchucker19  - THOOM
    Who says that aspect of the grittiness of the comic wasn't in the Raimi movies? Pretty much all the villans in the series had tried to kill him and his loved ones.

    And I wasn't saying that Spider-Man acted like Batman in this movie, I'm saing Doug's idea of Spider-Man seems to be that he should be more Batman-like.
  • GernBlanston
    I'm right there with you man. I'm shocked at the rave reviews this is getting. The pacing was terrible, the script was a huge mess, they completely botched Uncle Ben's death and robbed it of its meaning. Andrew Garfield was a good Spider-Man but he was a terrible Peter Parker. Peter Parker is not a skater who looks like he walked out of a hipster GQ shoot. Gwen Stacy had zero personality and their was nothing to their romance. Nothing about the Lizard made any lick of sense. The movie dropped plotlines left and right. Yikes, I could go on and on about what's wrong with this flick.

    This was a soulless, joyless, empty, derivative movie.

    I honestly think I saw a different movie than other people did. Because the movie I saw was downright bad.
  • Twolynx
    Wow the interweb critic opinion is SUPER widespread.

    You really enjoy it.

    Red Letter Media (specifically Half in the Bag) do NOT like this film. (calls it a jumbled mess and says that they didn't break any new ground by making this darker. paraphrasing)

    Spill Crew is split on it.

    and Me? I'm absolutely torn. I saw it with a friend of mine and we're both super into spider man. Me with the comics and shows during childhood, her more with the cartoons. And we both thought they tried a bit too hard. we initially thought it was good but not great and the problem lies with the fact that it felt to me like this wasn't a work of vision but a work of studio marketing especially with Peter (not gonna write an essay about it). But yeah if it was anything else it would be very good. But as a Spider-Man film, it was...oh God my mind's splitting apart on what to call it.
  • mcmindflayer  - It's totally split personality

    The credits scene is an absolute Magneto moment.

    If you notice, his neck is still scaly. So, I'm thinking he was talking to his.... lizard self, I guess. It's just sooooo silly.
  • Axe-Handler
    LOL I think it was the Green Goblin, actually.
  • Grendel
    I really did like this movie, though I do have a few nit-picky problems. For one, all the spiders that were in that one room, it looked like hundreds of people could become Spider-Man if they got bitten. Second, Spidy never catches the nameless thief who shoot Uncle Ben which is what forces Peter to face his short comings. And finally, when Cap. Stacy dies in the comics, he doesn't tell him to 'Stay away from Gwen.' instead he says 'Take care of Gwen' (they imply HEAVILY that Cap. Stacy knows Peter is Spider-Man).

    But other then that I really did enjoy this movie and look forward to the sequels. I also hope Sony lets Disney use Garfield as Spider-Man for appearances in other marvel films.
  • einoo
    Yeah, I've noticed that opinions are varying widely on this one - some people are saying it's just complete shit, some people are saying it's amazing, a lot of people are in between. It's kinda making me want to see it, actually, just because I'm interested in seeing something that's inspired so many completely different audience reactions.
  • Prowl
    I came back from this one and loved it. I went back a few days later to see it again, and still loved it. Then I started watching and reading reviews online and until now it seemed like everybody was hating it.

    So, it's nice to hear a review that says a lot of the same things I thought about it. I was worried about the choice of Lizard as a bad guy... and admittedly, he didn't really bring much into the movie... but Garfield's Parker/Spider-man were more than enough to carry the film.

    I've always liked Gwen more than MJ, so I'm biased, but I agree completely that the love interest was handled better here. Like you said, she has that "one line" at the end and I wanted to applaud because they were avoiding one of the biggest problems with romance subplots in super-hero movies.

    I will confess that I noticed the absence of Harry Osborn. Granted, in the comics he didn't meet Harry until college (though, he didn't meet Gwen until then, either)... but Peter felt very alone in this one. The closest to a male friend he had in the movie is Flash.

    Personally, I still enjoy the Raimi movies just fine, I just happen to think this one did a better job of capturing the characters. I'm looking forward to the sequels. Hoping for Electro (he's my favorite of the guys they haven't done) but I think Scorpion or Vulture are more likely given the established themes and I get the sense they're saving Green Goblin for the third.
  • Eyeshot
    Been waiting for this vid! I saw TAS on day one, and it gave me mixed feelings.

    The biggest plus about the movie is the portrayal of Spidey. He was always a smartass in the comics, something his fans know him and love him for. Readers understand it's his way of venting his frustrations in his civilian life, because when you're dealing with lowlifes with a mask on you feel free to run your mouth. Much of the humor in the first 3 movies came from quiet emo Peter Parker reacting to the quirkiness in the world around him; if that was how Sam Raimi and his team make humor, fine, but it's still a disservice to the character.

    What I didn't like about TAS was how the movie seems to cheat somehow. I got the feeling like the movie depended on viewers to have seen the first movies, even if just a little. Norman Osbourne, for example, had his name dropped a few times but he's never seen, and I suppose general audiences were supposed to recognize the name from the first movies (otherwise the movie would leave them scratching their heads).

    There were also a few plot points that were left hanging. Peter never got a deeper understanding of what happened to his parents, and whatever's wrong with Norman Osbourne is never revealed. At least, these seemed like unresolved, forgotten plot points when I saw the flick, because I hadn't seen the teaser scene after the initial credits. Nonetheless, it's still shoddy storytelling. If a filmmaker wants to leave story threads hanging in hopes for a sequel, that's fine, but it's better to make them into a cliffhanger that no viewer might miss.

    The Lizard is also not a very compelling villain. I had a feeling that might be the case, and my feeling was not unfounded. The Lizard is kind of like the Hulk with the man vs. monster theme going on, which makes him more of an empathetic character and less of a true villain. When Dr. Connor did a sudden 360 at the very end, it simply felt like an unsatisfying plot twist. Dr. Connor seemed to be in control of his mind as the Lizard, so why the sudden change of heart?

    The sequel, of course, might turn out to be better (like The Dark Knight). This flick is the first in a planned trilogy, and if box office sales are of any indication, future production plans will definitely come to light.

    Anyway, I'm sure Batman will be better. XD
  • Sandman-ivan  - 2 reviewers, 2 completely different opinions.
    Again, this is one of those things where I have seen two reviewers on this one.

    Movie Bob over at the Escapist posted not only one but two reviews for this movie and all he could do was insult every second of the movie... everyone disagreed with his option.

    This is why I like you Doug, your not on a high horse like him, I can trust your movie reviews because you tell it simple.
  • SkullCap
    Moviebob saw this movie and put it in front of a firing squad.

    As a former huge fan of Moviebob's (the blatant, unintelligent, and venomous insults he spews towards his fans for having a different opinion combined with those fans calling him out on his hypocrisy that he shows wore me down). I still watch him every now and then because one should listen to different opinions no matter how much you dis/agree with them. It's just the manner in which Moviebob presents his arguments or lack thereof lacing bias with grammatical adroitness to cover any shallowness of said argument.

    This too is why I like Doug's reviews. He doesn't attack people or delude himself into thinking he's a part of some holy crusade to save the moviegoing public. He's a critic who has an opinion, gives it, and moves on.
  • AlucardsQuest
    I do like the movie, but to me it's like the new DC 52... it's a soft reboot. It's a bit familiar to many of the points of the original, and is it just me or do all Spidey villains have split personalities? So I almost see this as unnecessary (and it could have just as well worked as a sequel with a few script rewrites).

    However I did say almost, as you say Gwen Stacy is a much better love interest than any Spidey gal has been before (and not some annoying damsel in distress) and I like how this Spider-man at first thinks he's doing good things only for Gwen's father to point out how selfish he's being and he learns that (although it drops his search for his uncle's killer completely). Something else is that I appreciate the actual webshooters, not because I'm some purist who thinks having natural web isn't realistic... I just like the mechanism.

    As for realism I also can go with how he's kind of a fugitive to being with, and that the costume looks like he made it as opposed to being entirely CG and shiny. As you say it does kind of remind me of the 1989 Batman movie a few times, which is a good thing. People complaining about it not being dark enough... are stupid, it's Spider-man, it doesn't get much darker than this (unless he's doing stupid things like making dumbass deals with the devil).
  • TheMr.Fritz
    I really did enjoy this one.

    Gwen Stacy. My god. Well written AND well acted. If you want to know how to write a good female character, take a few notes from here.

    And I loved the fight scene at the school. Mainly for just one reason: it was in broad daylight. Not only that, there aren't any bystanders other than Stan Lee (in probably his best cameo to date. SPOILER: he doesn't say a damn thing.)

    If you're curious about what else was good, just check out Brad Jones's review.
    Also, the way he discovered his power, on the subway train. The more I think about ASM, the more I find more and more little things that I liked. The only missteps were the "crane scene" and the scene where he threw a football into a goal post and broke it.
  • Vismutti
    Yes! A bum review! I've missed them!

    Is it bad that I've kinda begun to like Bum Reviews more than NC?

    Btw, wouldn't it be kinda funny (in a very dark way) if rather than superpowers the radioactive spider just gave him cancer?

    Watching the real review: I actually wasn't going to go see this but I think you might have changed my mind. If it really is more adult, I might give it a shot. I really liked the Dark Knight after all and I've never been a huge Batman fan, while Spiderman I rather liked as a kid (although at that time the comics were a bit too adult for me, I admit. The newer comics, not the oldies). I was pretty disappointed with the original movie adaptation. Not that I hated it but it wasn't as good as I was hoping it would be. Basically I enjoyed it okay when I saw it but never bothered to see it again. It just wasn't memorable to me.

    Now that I think about it, it might be the lack of wise-cracking, actually, that got to me. I didn't think of it at the time but I imagine that would have made it feel very not-Spidey to me.
  • coredumperror
    I don't think the whole "Property of Peter Parker" bit actually portrays Peter as being "stupid." It makes perfect sense for a high school student to put identification on his property because...you know... HIGH SCHOOL.

    Using that same camera for clandestine photography is short-sighted, sure, but easy to recognize as a simple mistake. Peter's not perfect.
  • Vismutti
    My thought exactly. It's an easy mistake to since he probably owned that camera before he became Spiderman and he probably would have forgotten that he even had that in the camera. I write my name on my stuff whenever I remember to do it but most of the time I have no idea which items I've already done it to.
  • evilest_vash
    I always thought the lizerd was just more of the primal part of Dr. Conners brain and not a split personality. Like its him but more primal.
  • Axe-Handler
    Yeah, I feel like Doug kind of missed that. Why would anyone think it's a split personality?

    He was taking a drug. The drug had effects on his mind. He went crazy as well as got addicted to said drug. They mad an antidote, he got a little better but he'll forever have a little crazy, primal urge gnawing at him, as well some permanent physical changes. It's like an addiction, and easy to understand.
    Le due anteprime sono ben coreografate.
    potevo scriverlo in inglese, ma tanto nessuno avrebbe letto o commentato il mio messaggio.

  • ThatGuyWithTheThreeHeads
    I haven't seen it yet, but Doug's review reminded me of NC's "Top 11 dumbest Spider Man moments", that ends wishing that the then announced "reboot" would take a darker and more adult turn than the first trilogy...

    And all I need to say is: well, here it is!
  • Maria Pompeo  - Cast
    I loved the new cast - but hey Doug - it wouldn't hurt to learn the names of the actors before recording...'that Garfield kid', 'the girl', 'the science guy'....come on...you're better than that.

    I digress.... :)

    great movie, great review - you have the same feeling as me to the Spiderman films.
    Hey, the guy is busy and he probably did this on the fly. I know, because I am not as busy as him, but when I record a podcast, it is time consuming to stop down and get information that you forgot to get in preparation. If you keep stopping down to look at IMDB or whatever, it could add another hour to your work time. I'm sure he is on a schedule. And we got the point.
  • PlasticFrogCG
    I loved it. But don't think I can choose between the Rami versions and the reboot. Both are so different from each other and have just as many good and bad points that I've ended up putting them on the same level.

    One thing that I can say for certain is that if the sequels stay the same quality we should finally get a GOOD Venom story!
  • Oldboy84
    In my opinion, this is just a mediocre movie. Nothing AMAZING about it.
  • TheAntWarrior
    I found it quite hard to get into it at first, but once it got rolling I did enjoy it.
    Andrew Garfield was great. Loved the wise cracks - the car thief scene was brilliant. And I like that you saw him all beat up in his every day life.
    Emma Stone was great. Having a smart, competent female lead is always a plus.
    I never really liked the original Spiderman films apart from the first one (I was eight or nine when it came out though, ha ha). Overall, I enjoyed the reboot a lot. But the bit after the credits did make it seem like there was gonna be another tedious split personality thing. I really hope the sequels don't go down that route, it's been done to death
  • minor_fifth
    I'm pretty sure it's not another personality in the cell with Conners. It was a different actor (not like when he was talking to himself earlier in the movie). I think it's a separate Spider-Man villain; the best guess I've heard so far is Electro (there was lightning and he kind of... appeared.)
  • Guild Navigator
    I went into the movie ready to hate it and found the movie to be surprisingly decent. It's no Dark Knight,but it's still worth going to the theater. The villain is a bit on the lame side,but Andy Garfield really got under the Peter Parker skin.
  • alpal95  - request
    Now we need a Bum Review of Seth MacFarlane's "Ted".
  • EtherBoo
    Just a couple of things.

    Firstly, why is there a wrapped up stop sign behind Doug in his review?

    Secondly, I get the impression, and I agree with you, that these movies are like the Batman movies. The first Batman movies with Keaton were campy, then Batman Begins came out and was completely serious.

    During the movie, I had a "pulled me out of the movie" effect while watching it. Towards the end of the movie, when Spiderman has his mask pulled off and he fights off the cops while keeping his identity secret, then Captain Stacey sees who he is, it really just pulled me out of the movie.

    Up until that point, I had forgotten I was watching a movie and was completely wrapped in it, then BOOM. Plot Device revealed.

    I knew at that point he was dead.

    Other than that, I really enjoyed it.
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