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  • prkprkprk
    Loved the movie, don't understand why so many people seem to hate it.

    The ending was absolutely excellent.

    Remember that Alien had many unsolved questions, and nowadays we consider that film a classic.
  • Sir laughter
    It's less that it has unanswered questions, and more that the characters are stupid, The movie itself is stupid and makes no sense and that it's such a waste of such incredible vistas.
  • SpeedyEric
    Ridley Scott said in a recent interview that there are alot of unanswered question, and plans to make a sequel.
  • Robotrix
    NOW he tells us?
  • Vedli  - What?
    Wait, a sequel to Prometheus? Isn't that just Alien?

    EDIT: But hey maybe it'll be fun. James Cameron's Prometheuses
  • PixelJustice  - ACTUALLY
    Actually, this movie is making reference to the fact that nearly every religion, more inparticular the sumerian/ babylonian recorded in their history beings coming from space and creating man. Every religion since has retold these stories and through the differences in language have different names. Even the bible describes fallen angels coming to earth and breeding with men, creating the Nephilim, a race of giants.
    This being said, this movies plot is based around archaeologists finding cave paintings from over 35,000 years ago, showing this same encounter, which predates our earliest known cultures by atleast 25,000 years. This painting giving the location of their home, which in the plot of this movie, they have the technology now to reach. So they set out in search of those who created us through DNA manipulation long ago.

    Now, how it connects to Alien. the being sitting in the giant chair on the large circular platform that depicted the universe. This is the same scene from alien 1 where the scientists enter the unknown ship to investigate. They find the large beings corpse (still wearing the helmet needed to operate the machine he is in, the ship) with his chest bursted open. This is due to the Giant facehugger in Prometheus that impregnants the giant being at the end. Assuming the creation would then have made more (i.e the giant found in alien 1, clearly not the same giant but dying of a parallel fate.) The ship crashes at the end and becomes the wreckage explored in Alien 1.

    In the end of prometheus it shows us the first version of the alien, created by breeding with the giant. Killed by the very weapon his kind had created in order to kill us. Implying we were a creation in need of destroying in their eyes.

    So actually this movie made sense in a lot of ways, it just takes some knowledge of our history and the source material that influenced the movie.
  • Hush
    The alien at the end is NOT the first alien. So many people keep saying it's the first alien, or a proto-alien. Watch the movie again. In the room with the big head you can see the mural with the alien on it, which means the engineers already know about it and fear or worship it.
    Then theres the ceiling of the room (that changed after the atmosphere changed) which showed pictures of alien hands holding an egg (http://www.prometheus- movie.com/media/ concept026.jpg)

    And then theres the fact that the Derelict in Alien on LV-426 was thousands of years old, and the engineer on that ship that was chestbusted was fossilized. So they obviously created the aliens a long time ago.
  • PixelJustice
    dude i agree with you. I know that that wasn't the same alien found with his chest bursted, i said it was a parralel, giving insight to what happened in alien 1. And Yes, I am not saying they created the Aliens, I'm saying they weaponized them from something else, meant for man. And being in a mural doesn't mean they worship it, or that it existed before them, the fact it appeared could also logically imply it was their creation, and had intentions for it.
    A lifeform so perfect, it rebelled on its father. It could not be contained and never will, which is the whole point of the alien series.

    and again by created it, i mean from a pre-existing lifeform

    I admit I mispoke though, I thought i had corrected what i wrote when i put in brackets it was not the same exact scenario, they are not even on the same planet, I know that lol I mispoke in that sentence directly after, What i meant as implied by the sentence before it was the wreckage paralleled the one in alien 1.
    so again I agree with you.
  • Sir laughter  - >.>
    Why did you reply to me, I'm not disputing the "answers" that are given, I just think that this isn't a good movie.
  • PixelJustice
    you said the movie made no sense so I was trying to help you make sense of it. Because I don't think it was a waste of talent and was an ambitious attempt at relating our own history into the history of the Alien. In doing so showed the human nature of asking Why, and realising that the creators made and manipulated the Alien just as they did mankind.
    While explaining our origins and the alien still leaves for interpretation who made our creators, and if you were expecting a blockbuster summer film to explain to you what God is and why he created us, you were set up to fail before you entered the theatre.

    And if you are wondering why I am replying once again, it is because the first word of your last message started with the word "why".
    So congratulations on being human
  • Sir laughter
    I say that it doesn't make sense, not because I don't understand the plot and such (it's actually quite simple btw), but because the entire story is set into action by stupid people and even further back, because there is a fallacy in the logic surronding the engineers "creating" us.
  • HanSK
    Human stupidity has been a major force throughout the history of mankind

    if you refuse to accept that, you are just as stupid
  • Childaeus
    I'm sorry that you seem so offended by all this, but why are you getting so hostile over defending this movie?

    Claiming that the characters being too stupid or unprofessional/cautious in their areas, leaving few people for intellectual discussion in a movie that's supposed to be asking intellectually stimulating questions, is not a valid complaint because humans can be stupid and they have been in recorded history? Really?
  • snoofulus
    Yeah, but in a FILM, unless it's specifically about human stupidity, or set in a very realistic, life like environment, characters acting stupid all of a sudden is what we call an IDIOT PLOT - which is (unless in camp or comedy) most of the time a FLAW and a CHEAP PLOT DEVICE.

    Take your pretentious "oh that's how life is" somewhere else, and welcome to film criticism.
  • HanSK

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is an intelligent person!
  • marcus202
    You need to stop watching Ancient Aliens and reading books by washed up college delinquents turned to fantasy writers. In NO Sumerian/Babylonian/ Judaian text does it mention beings from space coming and creating man. If you are referring to Zecharia Stichin's translation of Sumerian tablets, these have widely known to have been mistranslated by him, establishing him as a fraud and the entire "theory" his Annunaki (space people)created mankind as pure fantasy.

    The bible....again if I need to remind you how many times this thing has been edited, translated, re-translated, etc etc...then jesus fucking christ man read a god damn real book about history. The story you are referring to comes from the book of Genesis. Genesis is a collection of stories pulled from ancient Hebrew texts, mostly from the Torah, but other sources were used as well (Just like the bible the Torah leaves out many important narratives, because too much information is dangerous...you dont want stupid people not listening to everything you have to say). Depending on what verse you are reading Nephilim has many different meanings...from sons of god, to giants, to warriors, to philistines....what you need to understand is that language was used very different 2000 years ago. Words/symbols/and stories had more elaborate meanings to them than what they literally were representing. It is easily understandable why modern day morons will take these literal translations as "proof" that some foreign presences was involved.

    This movie was stupid, maybe not to the average person and maybe not to the retards of this world...but it was still stupid to those who have a real understanding of history/philosophy/ mythology/story-telling/ movie-making...

    An easy way to remedy this affliction you appear to have is to read some books about ancient cultures and their language. 1 book that I can recommend that will really help is called "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" by Manly P. Hall
  • snoofulus
    The visual link to Alien 1 is indeed good info, even if not particularly hidden - after all, Scott cited that as the reason for making Prom in the first place.
    He found that none of the sequels bothered addressing that exoskeleton thing, so he decided to make something up.

    The knowledge of history isn't required here at all, LOL. They explain the thing with the cace paintings perfectly well in the film - it coulf've been completely made up, and still made complete sense within the plot.
    If it's based on real findings, that just makes it more intriguing.
  • HanSK
    It makes about as much sense as Alien did, and the characters are about as Stupid

    It's the same as with the damn Star Wars prequels
    People are unable to take-off their nostalgia goggles and see the original for what it is

    If a new installment makes the same mistakes as the original, people will claim that it's the only one to have done those mistakes

    Man, do I hate fanbrats
  • snoofulus
    The prequels are much worse than Prometheus.
    The mistakes done in the originals (the spontaneous retcons excluded) were by far not as severe as in the prequels.

    The stupidities in Alien by far not as bad as in Prometheus.
  • TodReynard43
    When I walked out of the theatre, I was disappointed and hated it. But the more I thought about the movie, the more I actually found that I liked it.

    This movie is not meant to set up the events of 'Alien'. It's not even technically a prequel; it's a separate story in the same universe that predates the events of 'Alien', and bears little to no influence on the action of that movie.

    The movie didn't need to answer questions - Sci-Fi movies don't need to explain everything, nor should they. If that were so, then everyone must adore the Star Wars prequels.
  • Haon
    Oh, yeah? I can't wait to see how "Blade Runner 2" manages to convey the same power the first one had even though it's a prequel, or not.
  • HanSK

    glad to see another person that was smart enough to get it
  • snoofulus
    FALSE DICHOTOMY. Full stop.

    Btw, the prequels did leave holes open... quite a few of them. ROFL.
  • AlucardsQuest
    @prkprkprk Watch Spoony's review... (http:// spoonyexperiment.com/ 2012/06/08/vlog-6-8-12- prometheus/) then you'll understand.

    That said, thank you Doug for giving this movie an honest review! Btw, Prometheus is missing an 'h' in the Bum Review.
  • Srhodes
    I think the point is that sometimes we WANT unanswered questions. What he's saying here is that it's not just ambiguity, but clear that they WANT to provide answers... but are intent on making you wait. The original Alien was designed to be ambiguous. This one is designed to leave unanswered questions in hopes you'll sit down and watch the next one. The original Alien there was no actual "intent" for a sequel. It just kind of happened. But horror is usually better when you don't get that many answers.
  • knightsintodreams  - ME TOO!!
    i adore this movie. Like i keep saying, i could watch a short film on a bored android in space. it was so watchable, we're killing time watching him kill time.
    i think this movie will be like Blade Runner. In time people will come to love it.
  • HanSK
    amen to that
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - "The answers lie out there... on the island." "FU
    Sounds like "Lost"
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - Yousa never gonna believe it.
    Oh, my gosh. I can't believe I posted that comment yesterday.
    I wasn't able to watch Doug's review last night. I can't believe he made that comparison.
  • cvrpapc
    because some people care about things like:

    -character development
    -good use of symbolism
    -good use of your actors

    etc etc etc etc etc
  • HanSK
    in other words, they have poor taste
    therefore they should be wiped from our gene-pool
  • HanSK
    it's because people are stupid sheep who need to have everything explained to them
  • Afrowolf  - why i hate this movie
    the people in this movie is stupid and deserve to die
    biologist always checks for germs and not only dangerouse gasses
    the sudden change of personallity why well because the script says so
    and some very painfull dialog
    yes it has great visuals but great effects do not make a good movie
    the movie is extremly predictable i could have told you from the start in what order the people would die
    also you feel almost nothing for the crew other than they are there to die you never get invested in them
    the shocks was so predictable that i knew when all of them came
    the geolog who maps the cave is the one that gets lost
    the couple we know they are going to die but he doenst tell his girlfriend that he loves more than anything that he has been infected and could have killed everybody on the ship with the infection
    and these are just a few complaints
  • TheZombieMan
    Well my biggest problem with the movie was tha the ending was contradictory to the first movie, SPOILERS when the crew from the Nostromo found the ship they found the space jocky in his chair with a hole in its chest. The ending to Promtheus the space jockey was not in his chair when the alien burst out and the way it's burst out it ripped its whole body open rather than just burst out the chest.
  • billyjo316
    yeahhh i missed the bum good job
  • tencowbrigade
    I thought about seeing this movie but went to see Snow White and the Huntsman instead.

    Judging from the review, I might have chosen wisely.
  • HanSK
    If it was possible to post a face-palm picture, I would

    You just admitted to the equivalent of choosing to watch Twilight willingly

    you should be ashamed of yourself
  • SomePunk
    just see the film anyway, instead of taking one guys word for it. hell, i saw spoony's review, went to the movie, and came out actually thinking it was okay. Doug's smart, but he isnt always right, he just has his opinions...and he doesnt know how to spell
  • ShadowHawk
    One of the first bum reviews I've seen it was hilarious
  • Haon
    I saw it. Was sort of mid-ground between Brad's review and Noah and Mathew's. Liked it, but not a masterpiece like other people are calling it. Glad to see you felt the same way. Guy Pearce's old age makeup was shit.
  • Travoltron
    Doug is right on with this and people would be wise to listen to him. And the writer of LOST did indeed write this movie, hence the incoherence. Like Lost & X-Files, things just happen and are never followed up on or explained. I don't know if I'm allowed to give spoilers, so that's all I'll say. Except that you should be prepared for one of the "answers" to be "HULK SMASH!!!!"
  • Cirrra  - I liked it
    Sounds like you still had expectations, Doug. ;) I've read the complaints, and saw it just today, and am a little baffled, and amused, truth be told. :)

    "It was disgustingly simple"? Yeah, I've heard it so disappointing that it wasn't smart and epic and thought provoking...

    And I got it. I really hope Ridley Scott is enjoying some irony here.

    Here's what I got out of the themes and the story, and why I think it's good:


    You learned exactly what the Space Jockey was. Indeed, our creator. War-mongering, violent, covetous, aggressive, dispassionate, and encroaching on other worlds, using them up. Ripping up the very DNA of life to create what they feel they need at the time.

    Disappointed? Why? Why be so afraid that the answer would be so "disgustingly simple"?

    Yes, I suppose it would be disappointing to see with your own eyes that the Being you assumed was somehow "superior" and "enlightened" turned out to be everything that was the worst in yourself. That was exactly the horror that I saw in Shaw's eyes, and exactly what would drive her to say, "Yes, the answer to 'why' does matter, and I deserve to hear it."

    And yet...that darkness you face may inspire you to act differently than your creator might. The Captain and Shaw, in particular here, with Vickers acting the voice of fear and self-centered delusion that is common when people panic or break under pressure.

    Isn't this a theme in every Alien movie? Corporations are greedy, humans are invasive, companies sacrifice the little guy to get what they want, worlds are disposable.

    It fits perfectly. It's an excellent movie, and Ridley Scott kept it true to the mythos.
  • PixelJustice
    Thank you, someone else who gets how this movie fits into the series. It was actually quite a refreshing take on it, expanding on the origins instead of making another Alien is born and kills everyone scenario. I've loved the series since I was a child and after seeing over the recent years, AVP, avpr and Alien resurrection, the series desperately needed something like this.
  • Bussani
    I sort of have to disagree with your assessment here, Doug. Maybe the build up to the movie for me was just different, resulting in a difference in expectations. When I first heard about Prometheus, I didn't know it was a "prequel" to Alien. When I first saw a trailer for it, I wasn't even sure it was set in the Alien universe. It was only when I saw the Space Jockey--sorry, "Engineer" ship that I realized there might be some sort of connection. I think I managed to avoid the hype, and apart from knowing it being a film by Ridley Scott, I wasn't particularly hyped when I arrived at the cinema.

    I guess what I'm saying is that I didn't expect this film to end in a way that would directly lead into Alien. By the sounds of what the creators have said, I don't think they ever intended it to do that, either. So where did this idea come from? Is it just something fans started to assume, or were there trailers and things I missed leading up to it that gave such an impression?

    From what I've heard, this film wasn't designed with sequels in mind. It leaves questions unanswered, but it does so on purpose to give the audience things to wonder about. I've seen it compared to Blade Runner in that regard, although I'm definitely not saying the two are comparable in more ways than that. And from what I've heard, if this film does get a sequel, it will distance itself even further from the Alien franchise, so anyone expecting the Prometheus story to ever lead into Alien is probably going to end up disappointed.

    In short, this film didn't leave me frustrated--in fact, it answered questions I've had since I was a kid, such as who the Engineers were--but at the same time, it wasn't perfect. I completely agree that the characters just weren't as memorable and likeable as those in Alien and Aliens. Maybe there were scenes left on the cutting room floor that would have established them better? If so, I'll cross my fingers and hope that some day I'll see some sort of extended edition.
  • cb2sin  - To those who were hyped for some questions to be a
    I believe Ridley Scott said himself that while Prometheus was within the same universe as the Alien movies, it wasn't going to really serve as a direct prequel towards Alien. If anything I see it as sort of a prequel/spin-off thing going on.

    Personally I do not agree with most of Doug's opinion on this movie but to each their own. Wonderful reviews nonetheless. :>
  • Macgregor91  - Really liked it
    I agree about some of the stereotypical characters. I liked the captain and Shaw, but I especially loved David, I was cheering for him the whole way. I really loved the atmosphere and setting which gave me nostalgic memories from Alien and Aliens. What was really cool was how Scott made so little into so big; by that I mean there was one ship with 17 crew and an alien base/ship with (spoilers?) few life forms, and Scott was able to make it epic.

    As for plot, yes, there were some holes that didn't make sense. Yes, there were major questions not answered, but at least I got some which is better than nothing so I was ok with it. All in all I really liked this movie and would love for an expansion to this memorable world.
  • Bgeas12
    The movie wasn't terrible or anything like that. It just felt so incredibly basic and sequel-based that I couldn't enjoy it nearly as much as Alien or Aliens...
  • ninjadnice  - Damn Good to see the Bum Again!
    This was very super hilarious! Makes me want to see the movie even though you did point out the writers weren't daring or creative enough to come up with a good answer to the questions brought up... That said at least the visuals look amazing and the quick synopsis you gave has given me hope that the movie won't be as boring as I thought it would be. Hope to see more from the Bum, and someone give him a nickle or something.
  • cubs2084
    Not every story needs to spell out all the answers. A little mystery is ok. I'm not sure why most people have a problem with this.
  • Guild Navigator
    Some moments really leave you "...and?". Overall a decent movie. Just not one of this year's best.
  • Nalvic
    I wasn't a fan of the Alien franchise, but I had some hopes for this. It was disappointing. I actually thought the pacing was really bad after the 'build-up' transitions into a 'conclusion.'
  • frotality
    theres a big difference between leaving some mystery and not having any sort of narrative resolution.

    this movie blows. its like battlestar galactica, introducing heavy themes and mysteries as a blatant attempt to keep your interest with no plans of actually exploring any issues or resolving anything because at that point they already have your money/ratings. the one saving grace was magneto as a peter o'toole fanboy the whole movie.
  • Fantasgasmic
    Not being nitpicky, but you misspelled Prometheus on the title card; "Prometeus"
  • Orastella
    I know he's known for his spelling errors, but maybe just maybe it was intentional. Like how they spelled it Antropaphagus instead of anthropaphagus for that movie the Cinema Snob covered.
  • Safari
    It was a good movie covered in a lot of shit. When it tried to be an alien movie it did a good job, but when it tried to be an existential philisophical exploration of creation it sucked. My big problem with it was it's heavy handed and rather simple points on the meaning of life and faith. No one watched any of the alien movies to see the director intellectually masturbate over the deep meanings of existence. Especially not a shallow puddle like Scott. The cast in the alien movies were out to do their mission, and to survive when the shit hit the fan. Mysteries and information was discovered as the chase came about.
  • SpeedyEric
    I enjoyed watching Prometheus, and I plan to see it again in 3-D. It's like Alien if it was made in this century.
  • medicalvampire
    What frustrated me the most was how idiotic the characters behaved in their situation, save David. These weren't miners caught off-guard by an alien relic they didn't know anything about, or marines who were in over their heads; these people were presumably all talented scientists Weyland handpicked. And yet they do some of the most bone-headed things I've ever seen. For example, the biologist (Whatshisname) and the archeologist (ScottishWhatshisname).
  • Vayl  - What questions from Alien weren't answered?
    I was pretty hyped to see this. I actually stayed away from trailers as I didn't want it to be spoiled, so I wasn't really sure about what to expect. But honestly, it didn't disappoint me. I just had a few disagreements, or confusions about this review:

    -As far as tying and leading into the original Alien film, I can't see how Prometheus failed in this regard. It showed us where the derelict ship came from, where the aliens, including the space jockey came from, and what happened to them, for the most part. Those were pretty much the biggest mysteries of the franchise, and this film answered them pretty clearly. There were several other questions this film created, which were answered, but some of them weren't so obvious.

    -What this film did, was that for every answer it gave, it created a new question, and I'm kind of glad it did. The Alien series has always thrived on its sense of mystery, and I was really worried that this film was going to ruin that. I really don't think this film necessarily needs a sequel, or at least a direct one. It's easy to see how this leads into the original Alien film, so unless it goes off in its own direction, it doesn't seem necessary to tie things up.

    -Admittedly, I was kind of mixed on the characters. For every interesting character, there was one throw away character. I guess it's one of those glass half full or empty things.
  • aberry89
    I really enjoyed the movie, but I really enjoyed LOST. I am a just a stupid viewer, or am I able to sit back and enjoy the ride?

    I think people miss the main theme that runs through this movie. Creators hating their creations and creations hating their creators. It explains a lot of motivations behind the characters. I recommend reading this review > http:// cavalorn.livejournal.com/ 584135.html

    It reveals a lot really interesting themes and symbols throughout the movie.
  • GomJabber11
    I know I'm in a minority when I say this, but I like all the Alien movies. (except the AVP movies, those don't count)
  • Captain Wow
    Speaking on behalf of the few people who haven't seen Alien and aren't overly familiar with the old movies, I found this one to be pretty engaging, (as Doug said, due to the world and atmosphere the film had), and I'm now more interested than ever in the franchise.
  • Athos187
    go watch the 1st and 2nd films captain wow. they have the same level of atmosphere but with a much, much better payoff at the end

    this review is spot on, the protagonist is no ripley and by the end you just dont care
  • SickBritKid
    What? No "Snow White and the Huntsman" review? Or Battleship? I'd've loved to see you snark at those.
  • qazox
    First third of the movie: Made sense
    Second third of the movie: Made sense
    Third third of the movie: NO FREAKING SENSE.

    I think Damien Lindhoff (sic); accidently had a few pages from LOST thrown into the last third of the movie.

    Also who knew that:

    Human + "engineer sperm"= squid and
    Squid + "engineer" = Xenomorph.
  • Cruellica
    I have to disagree with a lot you said there Doug.

    First off, the movie was never meant to be an exact prequel to Alien. It started off that way, but then it became a whole different thing, just set in the same universe. The Engineers are the same beings you saw dead in Alien, but that does not mean it was to set up Alien.

    Secondly, the planet is not even the same. The planet in Alien was LV426 and the one in Prometheus was LV223.

    Anyway, check out this interview here: http://www.movies.com/ movie-news/ridley-scott- prometheus-interview/ 8232

    Personally, I thought the movie was fantastic and the best Sci-Fi horror movie since Pitch Black. I do agree about the lack of character development, but honestly, I knew they were going to die to begin with, so I could care less about them anyway. I never really cared for anyone in the original movies either outside of Bishop, so it never bothered me. I got an HR Giger orgasm though, and that is what I wanted most of all.

    As for the ending, Ridley even stated before that he wants to do two more movies, because it is impossible to tell everything in a single movie. If there is a third movie, it would then connect everything with Alien. However, it isn't like Alien ever answered everything, and the only disappointment really comes from everyone expecting it to lead into Alien, which it is not supposed to.
  • NostalgiaKid1
    People keep bitching about the "stupid" characters, but that's what the film is about basically: humanity's naivete when it comes to "our creator". That's why they didn't have many weapons and why they only sent 17 people on a mission to make contact with our makers. It's symbolic, not shoddy writing.
    P.S. There were some characters in the original Alien that weren't very memorable. Really, name someone in Alien besides Kane, Ash, and Ripley off the top of your head and NOT looking it up on Wikipedia.
  • ahak
    there's a difference between naive/curious and just plain stupid.
  • BooRat  - Prometheus:
    Ok I just saw this today finally and I'm sadden to report myself that I gotta agree with Lewis,Spoony and you on this one more than Brad! The movie was visually beautiful and was very well made, but the story was very, VERY flawed!
    The plot is a lot different than I was expecting! From the earlier trailers and what little was given away I was thinking one of 2 possibilities! 1.) it was going to be a prequel to Scott's original cut of Alien in that how the xenomorph operated was a lot different than what was established in the sequel. In that it wasn't a hive species in how it reproduced, but it cocooned other species and turned them into eggs which needed another human to act as a host for the facehugger/chestburster which would've been fine and all, but I was more into the hive and queen set up. 2.) it was going to have a very similar setup as the 1st Aline in that the crew go down to that planet and find that temple/ship and bring one of those canisters on board their ship and it releases some sort of virus and slowly mutates 1-3 of the crewmembers into like proto-xenomorph and it be like Alien in that these people are trapped on a ship on a planet that is hostile with these mutant/alien hybrids trying to kill them and maybe at the end it's reviewed they're turning into either the Xenomorphs themselves. And, the Space Jockeys were just humans in weird looking space suit or the mutated crew-members! You know what I mean like a better version of those 90-00s space horror movies they made like Super Nova(2000) or those deep sea horror/sci-fi movies like Sphere(1998) or even like the Species franchise!
    And, I'm kind of even more sadden to say this movie kind of ruins the origin idea of the Xenomorphs for me. Mostly because it made more sense for them to be a race of hive-like creatures that breed by using host that they take a little DNA from to adapt for their new environment. If they were engineered by the Jockeys/Engineers I'd hoped it wouldn't have been so muddled and confusing. I was hoping if they did go the rout that the movie was set in the same universe as the Alien movie but wasn't about the Xenos that it be just hinted at that the Jockeys probably made more than one kind of weapon on that LV-426 planet, but apparently all they were doing on that planet was making those canisters of that Black-Alien-Death-Ooze! Which purpose and effects confused me... At one point it decays a person or alien away into a pool of pure genetic material and the next time we see it used it mutates worms into Alien-Penis-Cobras and a guy into a violent hydrocephalus superman with sperm strong enough it can impregnate a woman that is completely sterile! It actually reminded me more of how the alien/virus/whatever you'd call it in the Thing movies worked or that Black-Alien-DNA-Ooze from the 2nd "Species" movie that turns the astronaut guy into a male of that... species! If anyone remembers those movies they'll know what I'm tal...
  • BooRat  - Prometheus: 2
    If anyone remembers those movies they'll know what I'm talking about!
    The Jockeys were a disappointment too. I was hoping if anything we'd never get a clear look at their true faces to keep a little mystery about them or if they did show their faces they looked maybe more alien than just being 10ft tall with completely white skin. Also that brings up the opening of the movie. So they were the alien race that fertilized life onto Earth billions of years ago and all life here can be traced back to them having one guy drink the Black-Ooze and melting his genes down and releasing it into the water... so shouldn't that DNA test, they done on the ship in the movie and says that the Jockey's DNA matches humans, say it has genetic markers in-common with all life on Earth from amoebas to zebras and even plants!?
    The Proto-Xenomorph at the end was a let down as well... I might've actually forgiven some things if an actually Xenomorph-Chestburster came out of that Jockey at the end. But comparing that thing to a xenomorph is like comparing an iguana to a crocodile! They have a lot of things in common but they totally different things!
    Also this movie had one flaw that really ruins a movie for me is none of the characters I liked... hell I out right hated most of them which isn't good as it makes me happy to see them die not shocked or scared. The only likable characters was David the android( I'm convince if the whole movie was just him taking care of the ship and his other daily jobs on-board the ship the 2 years it took them to get from Earth to LV-426 it'd been a better watch) and the Captain(and his likability began to wain when he suddenly goes from the guy that drives the ship and makes safety calls to the guy that's aware the company is evil and must be stopped like he's been a member of some group trying to stop them). The only other character they could've made that'd been more likable is if they got pet of some sort on board like another cat, a dog, or a monkey!
    The worse character was Noomi Rapace's as she came off as selfriteous and terrible at her job. As Spoony put it she's not a good scientist since most choices she(and all the other scientist) make have ZER0 logic behind it! Like removing your helmet just because the air reads as breathable... that just meant it had no poison in the air not that it wasn't full of deadly alien germs! The one guy who was suppose to be a geologist, but from the way he looked and talked(the whole badly used line from the 1st Alien) I just thought he was another hillbilly member of the ship's work crew, made no sense! Like Spoony up there put it he and the other nerdy guy, who did at least look like he might be a scientist, where freaked out by a long dead headless Jockey but one of them(the nerdy one who wasn't high he wasn't the one smoking at all) starts to instantly start screwing with what amounts to a freaking alien cobra! There is no excuse for that unless they were ...
  • BooRat  - Prometheus: 3
    There is no excuse for that unless they were trying to say it was hypnotizing him some how(just based on him saying how "beautiful" it was... it was literally a scrotum that opened up into a cobra's hood), but that just might be coming up with an excuse for them. Also most people I know in real life would be more than happy if we some how found any proof of alien life... it could just be an alien's toilet seat on Mars, but the one guy in the show gets so mopey to the point of drinking because he didn't get to talk to any aliens with-in his 1st what 15 hours on the planet!? That dude's an asshole and if anything I blame him more for most of the bad stuff that happened in the movie. They landed on the planet were their all of 5mins and the Captain guy said they only had a few hours of daylight left they should wait til morning before doing anything, but nope they need to go inside that day, and what happens? They get 2 guys lost(granted one of them had a mapping thing with him) and killed, and almost got himself and his girlfriend killed in a storm that was blowing razor-sharp bits of rock around!
    And finally Guy Pierce! Why hire a guy in his 30s to play a man in his I guess 90s to 120s if you're not going to have a scene of him as a young man with in the movie somewhere?! Even then it doesn't make a lot of sense to have a guy that young playing that role! It's made more sense if they hired him to play Weyland in the promotional stuff for the movie like those viral marking things and then get a real old man actor to play him in his later years! I knew what was going to happen in the movie thanks to this review and wiki but I was sort of expecting Weyland to inject himself with that Black-Alien-Death-Ooze and de-age back to his younger self since that stuffs effects seem to range into whatever direction the script says and then he mutates into a monster and dies! That's probably been in a better movie though! Hell he looked more like the Judge character from "Nothing But Trouble"!
    As I said before this reminds me more of one of those 90-early 00s sci-fi horror films that came out like once or twice a year like the last big example is like "Pandorium" a few years ago I think or "Super Nova"!

    Crap! I just realized that it wasn't LV-426, but LV-223... which is good and bad as it means this might not have been the actual origins of the Xenos but it's still asking the audience to know a lot of crap!
  • TerminalSanity
    To be perfectly honest with you the whole lifecycle of the Xenomorphs makes so much more sense as an engineered bioweapon. As a naturally occurring species they would a genetic dead end in short order as they readily wipe out their host species and then have no means of seeking new planets and hosts to propagate themselves doomed to slowly die out barring chance alien host encounters. The only real problems I have with the space jockeys creating the xenomorphs as bioweapons are One: why did they need such bio-weapons? and Second why specialize in bio-weapons they clearly had such little control over? I mean its obvious they knew these things could blow up in their face they developed them off their home world that very reason. Even people IRL stay historically far away from bio-weapons for the most part for that very reason. It would be like making nuclear weapons knowing full-well you couldn't control when they would detonate.
  • BooRat
    True but on their home planet they might not be the only species! Remember there is always a bigger fish! Or something that controls their population like something that eats them or their eggs!
    Well if they hadn't played up the Jockeys as being this all know and soooooo more advanced race in every way than humans the answer could be they made them for the same reasons humans wanta use them as weapons.
    But I do agree with the whole idea of why make something you can'tr control completely!? It'd be like having a nuke that can go off at any random time!
  • PZilla
    I seem to be the only person that is on the middle with the film. I liked it. Wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either. It was at least better than Alien 3, Resurrection, and those damned AVP films.
  • Robotrix
    I'm with you....

    It was a very well-made film done from a mediocre script.
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