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Doug's Review
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  • TheTannedOtaku
    Yes! Been waiting all weekend for this!
    I acted exactly like the bum when I left the theater

    "If Michael Bay wasn't a horny neanderthal"
  • Darkcloud1111
    It kind of does make sense. I mean if he is always angry, he can control his anger instead of always suppressing it. So maybe that gives him some level of control over the Hulk
  • Captain Wow
    True story. That was my thought.
  • Trekker4747
    Good writing? Good characterization? Good comedy? Doug, that's Joss Whedon.
  • UchaNekome
    Yeah and you see little to none of his handy-work in this movie. Trust me. This is his BEST MOVIE YET!
  • Elicard
    I hope you meant that sarcastically, Nekome. A blend of supernatural and sci-fi; use of shaky-cam that feels smooth and not disruptive of the action; witty dialogue that feels genuinely owned by the characters; tough, strong female roles (both Scarlett Johansson and Cobie Smulders); a very likeable character suddenly and unexpectedly dies... All trademarks of Joss Whedon, and every single one was used in The Avengers.

    Totally agree with you that it was his best movie yet, though, and that's mostly due to the fact that he was just a perfect fit to lead this project...
  • drumlip
    I went in expecting very little, and I was completely blown away. This movie kicked astronomical amounts of ass.
  • Eddie The Lightbringer

    That's how I reacted when I left the theater
  • Indy
    Wait... Doug and Chester are the exact same person?!?!?! OH MY GOD MY MIND HAS BEEN BLOWN!!!!!
  • Mrcool210  - WTF?
    so let me see if i got this straight, this film isnt great because you didnt grow up with the avengers, That is a bullshit excuse. plus you can't compare this movie to Dark Knight, they are nothing alike whatsoever, i didnt think you were one of those nolanites sucking the dark knights dick 24/7. Plus pay attention to the film if you want to review it, Loki's motivation is obvious, he thinks humans were meant for it and he wants to defy destiny to defeat his brother. I really thought you were gonna hate this movie. Oh well, at least ill wait until the amazing spider-man comes out, where you will obviously bitch that OOOh SPIDER-MAN SHOULDNT MAKE JOKES HE SHOULD BE DARK AND BROODING LIKE BATMAN. FUCK YOU DOUG
  • rosenrot234
    He said the movie was good....
  • Quantum Wolf
    I can see where he's getting at though. Doug is comparing it to the Dark Knight.

    For the most part, NO OTHER comic book movie except Nolan's other Batman's works should even be compared to it because the Dark Knight is a whole other beast.
  • SpeedyEric
    The Marvel Cinematic Universe is to Marvel what The Dark Knight Trilogy is to DC.
  • Quantum Wolf
    Wait what? In what sense? If in terms of making ungodly amounts of cash I can see the similarity, but that's about it.
  • ohe
    In the sense of obsessively putting things in categories and making shallow comparisons? The biggest movie escapade of a big comic book company versus another.
  • Lady Critique  - Mrcool210
    Geez guy calm down. I think that's why Doug said that he was going to give two perspectives on the film. One as a critic and the other as just HIS personal opinion. Also I don't think he was necessarily comparing it to the Dark Knight, I think he was just saying how some people might react to one movie in comparison to the other.

    PS. Loved the Avengers, and though I love the guy who plays Loki, he did seem a little vague with his reasons even though we all know why he was trying to take over earth. I guess it was the way Loki expressed his reasons for wanting to rule the world was what seemed vague not necessarily his motivation.
  • ladydiskette
    lol @ 00:37 - Doug, you are breaking character! Focus! FOCUS!
  • Frakes
    When anyone ever says 'so let me get this straight...' you can always replace that with 'I am going to ignore every thing you said except for these few out of context words and pretend that is all you said while I rant.'

    Or you can replace it with 'I stop all videos right where the person says something I don't agree with. For I do not need to hear any explanation of your opinion. Once your opinion differs from mine I have judged you. Now let me rant on about why you clearly are the douchbag even though it is clear that the douchbag is I."

    But that all gets a little wordy so people just stick with the 'so let me get this straight...'.

    Ok you troll, Doug clearly said at least three times that because he didn't grow up with the Avengers he didn't have the excitement that other people did. Never once did he claim it wasn't a great movie.

    And you know that. I am not going to bother correcting you or make believe that you misunderstood the video. This is all intentional.

    You made that statement because you are a sad individual who wants to ruffle people's feathers for a moment of attention. And now you got it. How sad and pathetic is your life that you have to go trolling and have people yell at you just so you feel like your life has a bit of worth?
  • zombiflower
    Calm the fuck down...
  • totes_Mcgotes
    Quit whining, he said it was a great movie.
  • Hyperior
    Wow Mr.cool210's that is a fanboy cry baby freakout if I ever heard one. He gave a fair review and said he liked it but he didn't grow up with the Avengers and I can relate. I didn't grow up with the Avenger either. Kindly explain why just because you worship the ground the Avengers walk on he should as well?
    Personally I thought it was a fair review and I applaud him for not acting like a fanboy that falls to his knees before the almighty Avengers movie.
  • UchaNekome
    GEEZE! WTH! Dude he was giving a personal opinion. Actually Spiderman IS more brooding in the new one. And he said the movie was great. (In fact he wished all of his childhood movies could be this epic.) Your right about the Loki part though, but he's not that familier with the character. Loki doesn't care about the world he just wants to piss his brother off...And he does...BADLY! He underestimated them all and that was his downfall. But Doug sees this from a non-fan perspective. Not everyone will get Loki's true intent. Please understand that he just ment the Dark Knight is for everyone and The Avengers is for people who are fans of action Sy-Fi, Fun, adventure, and comics. That's what he ment. No need to be so offensive...
  • AbsoluteVirtue  - STFU!!! troll
    Did you even listen to the review? God, it's judgmental people like you that make me sick to my stomach. Quit being a bitchy troll just because someone is not on your Avengers bandwagon to the point of insanity. Go be miserable somewhere else. Get laid or something and get that bug out of your ass.
  • erix881  - Exactly on Lokis Motive
    What people don't get about Loki is that he does it of this self proclamation that humans are have too much freedom and should be controlled.
  • Lordmatt48  - FUCKING BLIND!!!?!?!?!?
    I'm sorry, you did watch the review right?

    Oh hey look, out of context post meant to be a reply.....awkward.....
  • LordNifty
    Wait until the Bum sees the sequel to "The Dark Knight"!
  • Tanaie
    Yeah, just saw Avengers a couple of hours ago. I was pleasantly surprised by what I witnessed. I had not seen ANY of the other movies leading up to this, and was still able to follow along and enjoy it. The story wasn't exactly that deep, but at least it gave us what we wanted, pure amazing awesome slaughtering of aliens. Fuck yes.

    That's all I really wanted. At least from this movie.

    Nonetheless, I agree with you.
    It's definitely not the most amazing movie of all time.
    But for what it was, it did a pretty great job.
  • Quantum Wolf
    I guess I can understand why Doug would not be as invested as others would, but here's the odd thing; During the 90's, around the time Doug grew up, there was practically NOTHING, BARELY nothing, on anything Avengers related. So I don't get that all too much. Even some of my friends who are X-Men fans more than Avengers fans really love this movie. But hey, Doug's opinion is Doug's opinion and I respect that. I just personally felt Doug's reasoning for not getting as behind it is a bit weak.

    Yeah, the way I took the "always angry" line is that what Bruce is talking about is "repressed" anger. Which explains why he can voluntarily transform and be in control.

    As for Spider-Man and Wolverine being in the next one...HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAno . Marvel Heroes may battle and be victorious against great threats. But they can never defeat the dreadful evil that is studio lawyers.

    As for the Dark Knight comparisons, yeah, I couldn't get on that either. They're two COMPLETELY different movies. And let's face it, if every comic book movie was like the Dark Knight, it would become boring. To quote Doug from his TMNT review:

    "Wow, remember when these guys used to be fun? This was before every superhero had to be dark and brooding 24/7. Seriously lighten up!"
  • LikaLaruku
    You mean the Bum was NC all along? I feel so tricked!
  • mumbls
    watch the review of Child's Play with Phelous.
  • Romeomoon  - Thumbs Up!
    I never grew up with the Avengers team, either. However, I liked learning about these characters (through both the movies and the animated TV series). Knew about the Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man, but Hawkeye and Black Widow were new for me.
  • rosenrot234
    Think most of my excitement after this movie was just the joy of seeing a fun movie again. It's been awhile for me. I'm not even that super into comic books. I knew the basics from the video games.

    Also.....sad but true I might as well be in Loki's fangirl army that might've helped.

    I like to think that if you go out of the movie theater and think to yourself "I am totally getting this on blu ray" then it was good. Just my thoughts. Going to see it again on friday, considering the prices to going to the movies these days it's worth it anyway.

    On the opinion Doug had on the movie being "basic" I agree. But then again I don't think every movie needs to have a million sub plots with all the twists and turns. An example being the sequels to the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It felt like a nice basic movie just cranked up to 11. Regardless of being a comic fan or not.
  • Mothmouth
    Oh sweet, a Bum Review of The Avengers movie, and a day after I went to see that.

    Which kicked ass, by the way. I'm probably going to watch the other movies in order later (Well, at least all the ones I didn't finish or watch properly), and then watch this movie again, 'cause it's that good.
  • Ankou
    Movie was awesome. Though i really didn't care fore the black widow. They honestly could have done without her or at least replace her with an useful female hero, like The Wasp. Oh man, i would have loved to see The Wasp kick some major ass in this movie. But hey maybe in the sequel we'll get to see new characters. My fingers are crossed for Black Panther and the Wasp
  • ScutigeraColeoptrata
    While Christopher Nolan really emphasized the realism and morality play stories that Batman is about, The Avengers, smartly, doesn't try to be gritty or realistic, but, as you say, loves the fact that it's a comic book and gives fans of comic books exactly what they want to see. Here's hoping it sets the new standard for what these films can be.
  • SpeedyEric
    Damn, this movie is 23 different flavors of awesome. Great character development, comic inspired story, amazing effects, esquisite cinematography, excelent surround sound, perfect direction, excellent tention, extraordinary funny moments, heart pownding music, and a comic book store full of other stuff.

    This is so far the best movie to be released in 2012. I knew The Avengers was gonna be good, but I didn't expect it to be ...THIS good. And YES, I was also those nerdy people who know that the aliens are called the Chitari (The Ultimate Marvel Universe's name of the Skrull), Thanos (The purple face version of Darkseid), and the quick Life Model Decoy mentioning from Tony Stark.

    I also compare the climax to that of the one from the Transformers Trilogy, which I still love to watch. (But don't get me wrong. The Avengers really upped the ante).

    For a long time, I've been imagining a major movie crossover event that probably wouldn't be made, and Marvel Studios has made that dream come true.

    4 years was worth the wait, and hopefully the same would go for "The Dark Knight Rises."

    It's great to hear your thoughts on this masterpiece, Doug. If you hated this film as you have with District 9 and Avatar, I would have hunted you down, Hulk out, pound you into the ground, and call you a puny critic while walking away.
  • BooRat  - Part 1 (SE)
    Awesome I just saw the Avengers today and it was awesome!
    I loved every minute! My only complaints are few and far between.My only plot convenient problem which is a nitpick to me was the fact why did all the aliens just suddenly drop dead when their mother ship was destroyed? I think that'd made the ending more interesting that even after they shut the portal down there was still like a few dozen aliens trapped on Earth. That'd been a perfect set up for a spinoff movie for SHIELD of them still mopping up aliens and alien tech on the streets of New York. Think of it like District 9 mixed in with the Marvel universe! It's just kind of convenient for all those creatures to be dead and all their technology is basically useless!
    One other thing but this is a compliment to the movie to me and it is taken strait from the Ultimates comics! Is the kind of post-9/11 style new coverage after the invasion and destruction of the city! You see the prayer services and memorials on the TVs. Bay tried to do stuff like that in his Transformers movies and it was very poorly handled!
    Well the thing with the Hulk being out of control the 1st time and being in control the 2nd time was either one of 2 possibilities; 1.) Loki's staff was still effecting his mind when he transformed and Banner couldn't manage to control the Hulk. Or, 2.) something that does happen in the comics that is hard to explain in a way that just isn't an exposition dump as even the comics have to flat out explain in the caption boxes and that is Banner can control the Hulk if he intentionally transforms like he did in the final fight, but if he is caught off guard and transforms like being shot or stabbed or is in like a car wreck or his life is in immediate danger he'll transform and the Hulk is fully in control and is like a beast. Because there have been stories of Hulk being in Joe Fix-It(Grey-Hulk) form which is intelligent and thinking but if he gets to worked up and angry he'll turn into regular Savage Green Hulk! I think a better way they could've shown this was if when that explosion happened that sent Banner and Black Widow flying threw that window if when he landed he had like a large piece of that glass or one of those pipes stuck threw him and he panicked and transformed! That said i loved how Hulk killed that giant Space Dragon with one punch! Also I loved how Hulk moved in this movie in all the other versions Hulk kind of walked up right like a human but in this he walked and moved a lot more like a Gorilla! He looked like if he wasn't leaping every where he'd knuckledrag!
    I do gotta admit they did Black Widow really well in giving hints at her background! I do hope they do a prequel story for her and Hawkeye's origins! Maybe mix in Winter Soldier!
    Oh, as for Shadowy Council of People in Poorly Lit Rooms Who Run the World I do agree as they had secondary characters from all the other movies one of them should've been like General ...
  • BooRat  - part 2
    should've been like General Ross!
    That said does anyone else think that waitress(at the end Capt saved and was on the news) was maybe Sharon Carter! A non-SHIELD agent version of her?
    I also did notice the different scenes from what was in the trailers! mostly in that they used different takes from the movie in the trailers like how Tony said the line, " A genius billionaire playboy philanthropist." in the commercials it was more jokey and sarcastically delivered but in the movie he said it more spitefully because he and all the other characters at the time were being effected by Loki's spear!
    I'd love to own Hawkeye's Quiver!
    Thanos the Mad Titan an immortal alien that's basically a demi-god that is literally in love with the embodiment of Death in the Marvel universe! That's why he smiles when he's told "fighting the humans is like courting death itself"... Yeah some one leaked that scene to Youtube and I saw it! So the next movie will probably be based off of Infinity Gauntlet, but hopefully better as I don't like Adam Warlock as a character and he's basically the main protagonist of that arc! Or, a version of Infinity Gauntlet with the Cosmic Cube in its place as it's power has been established!
    I was hoping Red Skull would've been in the movie too as it was a spoiler leak awhile back that said he was going to be helping Loki... well the spoiler thing was like 50% correct it said the plot was Loki trades the Cube to Thanos for control of his army which would be the Chitari(Ultimate Skrulls basically) which was 100% correct for the most part but this spoiler also said that Red Skull was the 2nd in command of this army as Loki discovered him while he was in space and that at the end Thanos shows up during the invasion and betrays Loki and Loki helps the Avengers defeat him and blah, blah Red Skull escapes leaving it open for him to return in the next Captain America movie... well that didn't happen so I'm still not sure when or how Red Skull can return! Also the rumored stinger for the movie at that time was Hank Pym being introduced as a scientist being brought in by SHIELD to work on something!
  • SpeedyEric  - BooRat
    The Chitari soldiers shutting down after the mothership was destroyed just reminded me of Anakin Skywalker destroying the droid control ship.
  • BooRat
    Yeah it's an easy way to stop an invasion for movies but I like the idea of there still being a few aliens left alive on Earth for like a scene of them still mopping up after the invasion in later movies. Or the idea of some one stealing the tech from the aliens!
  • Kylekillgannon
    I actually thought what was interesting about the plot is that it subtly showed that Loki really wasn't in control of the situation. At all. He didn't know what he really wanted, and didn't know what he was actually going to get.
  • Dust
    Agreed, I started thinking about it walking out of the cinema. He was too obsessed with revenge, and planning a complex strategy to enact it, that he just got swept along without any plans for after.

    He probably knew it too, since he had nothing left but to challenge Hulk to a fist-fight.
  • BooRat  - KKG
    Also he was scared shitless of what would happened if he failed!
  • archer1949  - I don't know....
    I found The Dark Knight's attempts at philosophy and moralizing to be a bit muddled and pretentious, ESPECIALLY at the end.

    Plus, the Nolan Batman movies weren't really superhero movies at all. They were crime dramas with costumes. No basis for comparison.

    I didn't grow up with the Avengers, either. When I started reading comics as a kid in the late 1980's, the Avengers franchise was a mess of second tier characters and also rans. The creative teams came and went with the tides.

    It was a bad time for the title and Marvel in general. The Avengers really never hit my radar until I was in college in the late 90's and early 00's with the classic Busiek/Perez run.

    So the overwhelmingly positive response I had to this movie wasn't from nostalgia. It was just THAT GOOD.

    Oh, and the Whedon factor also helped. He's THE BOSS. I hope he does future Avengers movies. I would love to see his take on Wasp and Ms. Marvel, to keep these things from becoming a total sausage fest.
  • Quantum Wolf
    I'm glad someone else wants Ms Marvel in. Wasp (and Ant-Man) pretty much need to be shoe-ins too. They ARE part of the original Avengers after all.

    Heck, with the way the secret ending's set up, Ms Marvel and her origins with the Kree is perfect.
  • McKnackus I

    I wasn't really much of an Avengers fan either. Actually, I knew jack-beans about all of the characters involved before their respective movies came out. I didn't even know Iron Man was a thing until his movies.

    That said, the movies did such a good job with those characters that I found myself an instant fan of them, and thus, even without nostalgia, I freakin' loved every second of this movie. It helps that I am a huge fan of action comedies, and this one plays it perfectly. There are scenes in this movie that weren't even meant to be funny that made me laugh.

    Things like Thor fighting Iron Man, and actually putting up a fight even though he looks like a normal guy (especially when he grips Iron Man's arm and it dents the armor.) Then later on, the Hulk is trying to lift Thor's hammer, but can't. It's those little things that make this movie for me, and the banter and bouncing all the characters do between each other. This really is a rag-tag team movie on steroids, and it's amazing.
  • Gundam4ever
    This is the best movie I have ever seen.
  • Stoic
    You really kept your critic goggles on for this on NC, and I'm glad of that.

    Yeah, the last act really pays off nicely. The action is really well done. This is the kind of movie Bay wish he could do.

    But yeah, this movie really doesn't have much to say, and story-wise, I don't think it makes much sense, especially the second act, where Loki is captured.

    I wish you'd commented on the 3D though, NC.
  • lordrandyx
    i hated this movie .-.
  • dougbutcher  - Think Loki Man
    After the beating it took at the box office, they are changing the name of the number two movie to "Think Loki Man."
  • AlucardsQuest
    What the hell are you talking about?
  • StrawberryZealot  - Called It
    I predicted he would take off the wig and be himself telling everyone to see the movie right after he says "This is the greatest movie I ever seen in my life!" XD
  • Guild Navigator
    I swear to this day that I'll never get tired of the OF COURSE! joke...

    Where is Spoony's review? I haven't seen one of his megarant reviews in ages.

    These two yahoos at the theater would not shut up about how Antman had to be there,that Nathan Fillion should've been Antman,blah,blah,blah.

    Did Ancient Greeks did the same,I wonder? Have huge geek fights about how it was impossible for Hercules divert the course of a river or how Belerophont would totally own Perseus in a fight?
  • jonathan4554
    bum reviews 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • SkullCap  - How I got into the Avengers
    I bought a Marvel Guide to the Avengers years ago when I was rediscovering comic books.

    I read the back-story of the characters so I could be caught up on the the vast history. Now it is definitely flawed. A huge reason is that some of the most obscure villains get placement in the book while top-tier villains like Thanos, the Mad Titan are briefly mentioned in other hero bio pages.

    I have yet to read the story arc about the Infinity Gauntlet and other associated stories so they're on the list now. I'm looking forward to seeing an Avengers 2 in a few years.

    Doug, I can honestly say I have never seen an Avengers show or read the comics when I was young so for me I was introduced to them through that a few years before Ironman came out. Therefore, I went in without the nostalgia glasses and I truly saw the film for how brilliant it was in terms of humor, drama, writing, characterization, and action. A fantastic way to start the summer movie season.
  • Guild Navigator
    I swear to this day that I'll never get tired of the OF COURSE! joke...

    Where is Spoony's review? I haven't seen one of his megarant reviews in ages.

    These two yahoos behind us at the theater would not shut up about how Antman had to be there,that Nathan Fillion should've been Antman,blah,blah,blah.

    Did Ancient Greeks did the same,I wonder? Have huge geek fights about how it was impossible for Hercules divert the course of a river or how Belerophont would totally own Perseus in a fight?
  • DayWalker B.
    Very nice reviews, Doug. I agree with most of what you said.

    This is a great action film, no doubt about it. But two things I didn't like: First, as Doug already commented on, a couple of scenes definitely feel rushed or unexplained. Second, I never felt like Loki and his alien army were a serious threat to the Avengers when they got together. I want a villain to be challenging for the 'good guys' because otherwise there's not enough suspense.

    But still, everybody who likes action movies should go see it. And I'm pretty sure they will, making this movie a huge commercial success.
    I'm looking forward to the sequel!
  • SleepyNamekian  - Sequel = Badass villain
    I think that the main villain for the sequel of avengers will be challenging enough ;)If you already know who that'll be :) They picked the BIG guy right for the second movie :D
  • DayWalker B.  - @SleepyNamekian
    Yeah, I know. That's one of the reasons I'm mildly hyped for the sequel. :)
    Now they just need to keep the quality of writing, characters, and action to make the next Avengers movie just as good or better than this one.
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