Alice in Wonderland

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  • vash145
    :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
  • Apathetic One
    [b]Gotta pass on this one..Not only am I already tired of 3-D, I'm tired of Tim Burton... :pinch: [/b]
  • QuestionTheMajority
    Agreed. Both have outlived their 15 minutes of fame. I've had no interest in this movie and now I know to stay far away from it.

    On another note, maybe you should cut the "Spoilers!" joke from now on, Doug. It got old fast and if people don't expect spoilers when watching a movie review, then they sort of have it coming to them.
  • Shadow_Nature  - DUMB
    I won't say that every film that Tim Burton has ever made is a master piece, but to say he has outlived his 15 minutes of fame is ridiculous because in my eyes his first truly great film was made in 1989 with 'Batman' and then I would say his last great film was made 2007 with 'Sweeney Todd' and I don't think 28 years of directing equals '15 minutes of fame'.
  • RocMegamanX
    That's actually 18 years.

    1989+28 would equal "2017".
  • Shadow_Nature
    He started directing before 1989.
  • kittypryde12
    Oh, yes, Sweeney Todd was AMAZING!
  • luvira
    Tim Burton and Alice in Wonderland has been over-rated lately, but Tim Burton did make some great stuff (like The Nightmare Before Christmas, well before it got latched on to and raped by pseudo-emo kids) and still does in my opinion, plus he's been around for quite a while, not like he just had one hit and then disappeared.
    Alice in Wonderland has also been just as painfully exploited and overdone. Especially by gothic lolita and macabre "artists". Some are good, but whenever lesser people start to jump on the bandwagon it kills it. I love these things too, but sometimes how shallow it gets is embarrassing.

    "Just like Japan, they steal our style but we steal their technology"
    LOL :lol: :lol: :lol: So much truth in that.
  • RaiderRich2001
    OMG This is the GREATEST Bum Review I've ever seen in my LIFE!
  • djsn525h1t5r
    Knew it, knew it, knew it.

    I knew you were going to see that, I just knew it.

    Plus I knew you were going to use a Pugsy joke.

    Don Bluth's Dragon Lairs 2: The Time Warp.

    The Mad Hatter looks more like what Willy Wonka could of look like in the remake.
  • Bill_M
    Now the duo of Burton and Depp are said to be working on Wizard of Oz. That'll be a trip.
  • deadpool merc
    Really? Are they just obsess of making remake and sequels to classic stories?
  • danethefurry
    I won't watch it. I don't know why they have to ruin classics...
  • LuciusMadgloom  - well sequels do this
    I liked it, however tell me what ever you want,but that was a sequel... and my memory might be wrong but I think the Mad Hatter did a simular dance in the original cartoon
  • LordDarkrai
    he's not making a version of the Wizard of Oz.
  • argella1300
    they already did a prequel. it's called Wicked, and it has Kristen Chenoweth as Glinda and Idina Menzel as Elphaba
  • kittypryde12
    ... Broadway musical. And they're not doing it anymore.
  • midij
    the only thing left is to guess which one will be with the daddy-issues. I bet on scarecrow!!
  • LuciusMadgloom  - I'm betting on the lion :P
    sth like "lions supposed to be brave but you're a wuss my son"
  • 0dd1
    I thought they were doing "Sleeping Beauty" from Maleficent's point of view next?
  • Highonlollypops
    i read a rumor somewhere that they were thinking of casting Angelina Jolie for the role... :evil:
  • deadpool merc
    Who didn't think the BUM was review this one?

    Alice in Wonderland was THE animated disney movie to feel like being on drugs. And now a sequel to make it in live action. That would be the ultimate mindfuck for him.

    And couldn't agree more on how stupid it was.
  • AtelierMink
    I wanna go see this movie but I'm afraid that I'll keep comparing it American Magee's Alice since you mentioned it at the end. Love that game, kinda sounds like they took some ideas from it (the whole deal with the Jabberwocky and defeating the Red Queen) which makes me curious...
    Also, break dancing Hatter? :0
  • BloodySharpie
    The Hatter does a little break dance because he mentioned earlier in the movie he would do this one specific dance once the White Queen was made ruler of Wonderland again.

    Back on topic, I actually wasn't expecting the Bum to know about [i]American McGee's Alice[/i]. He is right about the film; it looks good, but it's really disappointing.
  • EmperorG  - You're correct sir
    To me this movie, from what the Bum explained, tried to follow American Mcgee's game rather than the original Lewis Caroll books, Disney classic or live action movies.
    The differences....
    -The game's story actually made sense with its dark plot.
    -The characters were way freakier than this version tried to make them.
    -Mcgee's Red Queen's control over Wonderland is more believable than Burton's big headed midget.
    -The game's way better than the movie in my opinion. Not because of the blood and gore, but because it made more sense to me.

    I'll still give it a look somehow. Maybe a DVD rental at best, since I'm an Alice in Wonderland fan.

    P.S. I too was surprised that the Bum was aware of "American Mcgee's Alice".
  • BroadwayPunk
    Who says I'm not on drugs?

    Anyway, the comment on the bottom of the final slide was spot on. I thought the movie made too much sense... and not enough at the same time.

    Good review, though.
  • The History Buff
    I have a quick question. Do you go to the cinema as the bum? Just a thought.
  • 0dd1
    Boy would that be a sight to see. And some pretty hardcore dedication to your art.
  • Chol Yerlow
    Reference to American McGee's Alice FTW!!!!
  • Gregdawg
    Tim Burton is the Stephen King of "children's movies". I always was scared by his movies as a kid...and they still scare me somewhat now. lol
  • Banjoeman
    Thanks for the review.
  • WebVidAddict
    yeah that's what i don't get about this movie and you said it perfectly

    How do you turn Alice in Wonderland into Narnia. That's taking Lewis Carroll and turning it into CS Lewis.
  • Kane19  - AHHHH
    Ah it's Tim Burton run AWAY!
  • danethefurry
    I can't believe people thought this movie was for kids! It's not. It is a movie based off of Through the looking glass: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Look it up sometime. Fantastic book.
  • CloudHiro
    ah, so it was baised more on the novels than the cartoony disney movie. good to hear! The novel was a bit darker than the disney movie. guess I'll give it a watch.
  • 9_6
    They put epic "lord of narnia" battles and an underground resistance story into alice in wonderland? Really?
  • Meiriona
    Let me say this very carefully; it's set AFTER the NOVELS.

    And ANYWAY, there were some epic battles in Through The Looking Glass, Alice just watched them was all, wasn't a part.

    But even then, Alice began the game as a pawn for the White Queen, and worked her way up, becoming a knight and eventually, Queen herself.

    So a lot of this has plenty of basis in the novels, and fits with a continuation, from what I hear.
  • Ryguy987  - Nice!
    Also, I'm surprised you know about "American McGee's Alice". Having being someone who has not only played the game but has also beaten it and owns it, I can say that it's a great game with a very good and well realized story (in my opinion, at least).

    Overall, good episode. Look forward for future ones!
  • ORCACommander
    I just saw this today as a matter of fact and was disappointed. Best done part was the Cheshire Cat.
  • Highonlollypops
    i agree! i thought the cat was so cute! stephen fry gets the best roles... :whistle:
  • Ghostkit07  - Break Dancing Bums.
    "You know! For kids!"

    On a serious note, I'm really glad, if not suprised that Bum reviewed this one. The world needs more break dancing bum critics.
  • Deus
    Fun fact
    the original story behind Alice in wonderland was written by a pedophile and Alice was one of his victims (more or less) =p
  • TJN9
    He was not raping children or anything, he just photographed them and cared for them. He did photograph naked girls sometimes, but Alice was not one. He did go on boat rides and such with her alone, but nothing god awful creepy.
  • QuestionTheMajority
    He was a pedophile, however. Though, sadly, that was more "acceptable" at the time. It was common for older men to love (and I DO mean "love") little girls and nobody thought twice about it.
  • Yankeepunk3000
    yea that sounds beyond horrible. taking pictures and all that. yea im sure he did not do anything to her? BS come on the guy was a peda!
  • A.I. Jester
    Well, I'm just gunna say my piece. I saw it, and I loved it. This movie wasn't based off the original Disney movie, but more based off the books. If I remember correctly, there was a bit of war going on between the Red and White Queens in Through the Looking Glass.

    Still, you mentioned American McGee and I agree. XD
  • Meiriona
    It wasn't so much a war as, well, a Chess Game. But yeah, there was a conflict between them in Looking Glass.
  • The Trooper  - Sweet
    Great job! This was a strange movie to review wasn't it? Perfect material for a Bum Review!
  • Veridian Lupine  - i absolutly love the Alice concept
    True, if you have read the old Lewis Caroll stories, you'll see those really weren't for kids as they were pretty mentally disabled, violent, had no real story and sounded like it was written by someone who was on drugs (well they kinda were). It was more meant to be a kind of mockery to the old Victorian era and how things were meant to be taken. sort of like sophisticated parody.

    American McGee took this concept and made it well, in my opinion Better by taking on the concept that wonderland was all in Alice's mind and it became a broken down manifestation of a mental disorder brought on through traumatic events in young Alice's past.

    [b]all in all, the story of Alice has no story, so you can take the concept and do whatever you want with it. [/b]

    I haven't seen it yet, but from what i hear a lot of people complain that Alice rely has no personality in this, or just doesn't react to much of whats going on, well in fact that's how Alice is meant to be. if you look back, all the Alice's from Carol, to Disney and even McGee, Alice bares a take on the whole world with a very detached and/or uncommon point of view to how one would normally react to such a chain of events.

    so I'm not trying to say its a good movie or story, i haven't seen it yet. So i cant say.

    but hopefully it doesn't just turn out to be somethign people automatically want to hate without giving it some thought or even a small chance. just because people like it for its appearance or story, or because they think it doesn't match up to what They feel Alice should be like.

    i also just want to add, that I'm not trying to make anyone like the movie, hell love it hate it i don't care. that's you. I'll proly like it, Critic thought it was stupid, the next guy who posts will proly hate every second of it.

    so what, i just hope it doesn't turn into another avatar were people are chastised for liking it. and those who hate it feel like society is just a pile of shit. i say, fuck it enjoy the ride and leave everybody else alone. lovers and haters alike.
  • TJN9
    Good thoughts, man. I prefer the original book cause I'm into craziness but am not a heavy action or horror fan. Anyway, so right with you can bring your own mind to the story cause it's so odd, I just like it without much story and Alice going through something she doesn't understand, like the reader. It's makes you feel like you're Alice.
  • Glittercrust
    No, Veridian, to say that the Alice books weren't for kids is missing the mark quite widely. They were very specifically and explicitly written for children. Alice In Wonderland was first conceived as an improvised story given to Alice Liddel and her sisters. All the dark elements, all the satire, is simply an honesty and a faith in the ability of a child to handle concepts beyond what many adults would admit. There is also a lot of satirisation of inane lessons from the period which demonstrate a certain amount of contempt towards what the status quo considered appropriate for children at the time.
  • murpux
    too long, did not read.

    and those that did not like movie it was most likely because you were expecting "alice in wonderland", not "through the looking glass"

  • jz1337
    funny i don't remember the red queen and the queen of hearts being the same person, or any of the characters from wonderland other than march hare and mad hatter being in it.

    So your claim that people who did not like it weren't expecting "through the looking glass" confuses me a bit.
  • 13secondstomidnight  - Just a small thought...
    I know this is really late to be commenting on this, but the little voice in my head was telling me to, even if you don't happen to read the following wall of text.

    That was not through the looking glass. For one thing... a resistance movement? Alice coming back as an adult? Errr... okay. However, a few problems:
    - they expanded Jaberwocky from a poem into a fucking plot point without understanding the poem itself (fail #1)
    - secondly they left out the lion and the unicorn (fail #2)
    - thirdly they turned tweedle dee and tweedle dum into two-second comic relief characters and left out the in-depth poetry they [i]could[/i] have turned into a major plot point (fail #3)
    - fourth, they didn't allude to the variable state of reality or the skewed metaphor for imaginary numbers (fail #4)
    - and finally, but not least, they missed the entire point of the Alice stories (fail #5).

    Yes. Well, that's just what the voice in my head was telling me. Now I have to go, the pink elephant is talking my ear off about having tea on the rings of Saturn.
  • Krayorik
    So they were kinda like The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy of their time?
  • gfresh06
    Now I understand the mixed opinions. Huh.

    So, I had sort of expected this to be Through the Looking Glass.
  • Parafernalia
    I feel kinda bad, because every Bum review nowadays I just skip to the end to see what Doug actually thought about the movie. Still gonna go see it though huge Tim Burton fan.
  • KungFuMan
    He had a good point though: why didn't they all just pull a super-size-me moment and squish the enemy? Seriously that would've solved their problem with 99% less jaborwock slaying.
  • theSnark
    Because then their opponents would do the same thing, thus making growing bigger moot.
  • redpoet2  - Seriously?!
    Am I like the ONLY one who actually LIKED this movie? :0

    Seriously, every where I go I hear people say how bad it was, or how stupid it was.

    Were they watching the same movie I was? :dry:

    Anyway, I knew the Bum would review it, and I knew it'd be a funny one... just wish someone was on my side... :unsure:
  • Mizu Takishima
    Don't worry, I liked it too. Dunno how valid my opinion is though seeing as how I don't get out much, let alone actually watch movies. :confused:
  • thestopmotionguy
    dont worry i liked it too
    but im not a critic in any way
    favorite charecters were the cat and march hare :P
  • Yankeepunk3000
    No i actually loved it and so did the people I saw it with. were even going to see it agian. I love Tim Burton movies because he always reaches a new weird that People can love. I have to diss-agree with the Bum on this one, not sure what his exact taste in movies are, but some movies are good some are bad, it's really anyones point of view. I thought it was well done and good cast of acting. But I saw people had mix raections. some liked it others didnt, its still number one hit in the box office 3 weeks in a row so obvously somethings good about it.
  • kittypryde12
    It's okay, I loved it!

    And to the Bum: I loved this movie but I can't help but agree.
  • LLon
    Burton ruin another classic?

  • Sploich
    This is the first Tim Burton film I've ever outright hated when I walked out. It's a GORGEOUS film, but the script was just awful. It reminded me of Disney's other big stupid action adventure family movie, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Kid goes into a fantasy world and has to fight a battle with an underground resistance. Both films are long, boring, and downright idiotic at times. I'm gonna go watch Planet of the Apes. At least that movie had some decent comedy in it.
  • sardns
    yeah, I thought it was just an ok movie (not worth going to the midnight premiere and getting only three hours of sleep).
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