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  • BrownieParadox
    Oops, wrong avatar. :lol:
    Nice review as always!

    :woohoo: 1st comment! :woohoo:
  • Wermin  - Agreed
    I agree with Bum. It's just a "Oh look at the pretty CGI" movie.
    Next :arrow:
  • The Angry Movie Dork 2
    :0 WTF?! You call Avatar lame, I agreed with you on District 9 sucking, but boy do I disagree with you on Avatar. This movie was epic. The story may not have been that original or amazing, but the effect's were spectacular and this film is not only better then Star Wars, but every movie ever made. James Cameron has outdone himself again with this groundbreaking film!!! :angry:
  • Juki-Missi
    Keep It to yourself Dork :angry:
  • Dr. Fibonacci
    Just ignore the Dork and maybe the Dork will leave. Remember the scene from 12 Angry Men where one by one they all turn there backs on that one hateful guy and refuse to listen to his crap anymore? It's such a powerful scene. Anyhoo, let's treat the Dork like that guy and just not respond. Pretend like he doesn't exist, thumbs down his posts, and continue with your day. Besides, he may at this point be more than one person, what with the multiple names and all. This one may be a copycat. Who knows how many there are. There could be a small militia of Angry Movie Dorks. And every time we respond we bring attention to them, which is how they reproduce. Also, if you get water on them, they will also reproduce.

    Lol, Gizmo. Let's start calling the Angry Movie Dork "Gizmo."
  • PirateKing
    for the record, I thought the story of Avatar was good
  • Virgil_theBadassPoet
    The story was cliche as they come. Except for the deity being real. I thought the planet being practically sentient was an interesting plot element, but I feel they didn't do enough with it.
  • NoFeetMan
    lol Was that a Small Soldiers reference. I don't know why but I still love that movie.
  • Alllu-Man
    Geez Dr.Fibonacci Does the AngryMovieDork 2 (or in fact anyone) deserve ignoring just because of an openly giving out an opinion. I mean that whould be like someone made a rant of me just because I whould say that batman sucks ass (thats a true fact) So cut him some slack. If someone likes the movie let him have his fun with it (though I still stand by the fact that he should consider the whole ``cameron has outdone himself again┬┤┬┤ thing)
  • Numenorean
    Don't feed the trolls.
  • Nyar
    Your reasoning is equal to "I like to watch the pretty colors moving"
  • KingofKobolds
    No, it had the great moral that all humans are inherently evil and the only way to solve that is to KILL THEM ALL! :evil:
  • Xatike
    But, essentially, this is why we used to go to films in the first place was it not? We wanted to escape our lives, even if it was for a few hours. And on that front, I really and truly believe that James Cameron did a fantastic job bringing us back to the roots of film.

    It has been said that there is no such thing as an original story anymore. Something always feeds from other things.

    Take Indiana Jones. Many people LOVE this trilogy (ignoring that extra illegitimate sequel we won't mention) and will fight for it until the end. Why? Because it was really well done. Questions weren't called upon its originality. People didn't spout that there were almost DIRECT scenes that you could take from other early film action dramas such as Zorro. No, people loved it because it was a new TAKE on these things. A tribute to them.

    Avatar is a new movie that people love to hate. Especially people well trained in film, such as our critic here. Yes, the plot was simple. Yes it is similar to others like it, but isn't that what people like? Most people are comfortable with the familiar. Why did the Matrix films do so badly initially? Because the idea was completely different and really blew audiences minds. Different=bad.

    But this film stuck to conventions and turned them on their heads. It was a real pleasure to watch and I applaud James Cameron's team. There is no need to nay say others due to success.

    In short, I think that Avatar was a good film. It covered all the bases of what a movie should be, left us with a happy ending, and took us to a new and beautiful place. I hope that there are more films like that in the future, and less films with ex-wrestlers being toothfairies.
  • PirateKing
    indy 4 had it's moments (the sword fight between cate blanchette and shia lebouf
  • Drake666
    Too near the scene with the monkeys. Every scenes around that one is doomed now :|
  • LokkiLePese  - -_-;
    Dude, special effects aren't everything. We are at the LIMIT of what we can do with CGI. It's kinda like Jack Frost, It's a pretty beautiful setting but the premise sucks.

    Awesome review by the way, Bum.
  • AguyinaRPG
    The premise doesn't suck, only that it's not original. Even James Cammeron said this was a retelling of one of those movies he mentioned. I have yet to see any of those though (except Pocohantas of course) so I'm hoping this movie suprises at least a novice like me.

    Good review D- I mean Bum. Keep up that hard work and you may, one day, get your change.
  • TheEvilYoshiKiller  - For once, TAMD is right.
    :angry: Avatar was an awesome movie. While was a bit... Reminiscent... of the movies you mentioned, its action, atmosphere, and CGI were brilliant!
  • Wolftwelve
    yeah your right District 9 a original movie sucksand so does Star Wars. but Avatar a unoriginal movie is the greatest Sci-Fi ever made its way better than the greatset movie ever made. seroisly kid Avatar is better than Star Wars, have you ever seen star wars. thats the same problem with my generation of 9th graders. my generation thinks Star Wars sucks BUT movies like Sex Drive,Disaster Movie are hilarious and the best movies ever. Angry Moviedork noone likes you here. AND im not saying Avatar is bad but its not better than Star Wars. Iknow alot of people are going to give me thumbs down but i couldnt care less.
  • EatingDonuts
    sonofthatguywiththeglasse s.........or should i call you the angry movie dork 3????
  • squishymcd
  • TheEvilYoshiKiller
    District 9 is not an original movie. It's a bunch of shit. It's the premise of aliens enslaving humans turned around. Star Wars, the original three, are good, Phantom Menace was good too, but 2 and 3 were asinine. Sex Drive was stupid. Disaster Movie was shit. Avatar is better than District 9 in nearly every way.
  • VerLor
    you know what dork, fuck you :angry:
  • GalagaGuru
    The Angry Movie Dork is either a mediocre troll or he fails at teh internetz.
  • animeniac2
    >non-original or amazing

  • powermad9
    Yes. Yes yes yes. I couldn't agree more.
    Ok, I do agree that if you want a story like this, you could just go watch Dances With Wolves or Ferngully. But it's not the story that grabbed the world. And the CGI didn't have that big of a role either. There's alot more to a movie than storyline. The scenes were set up in such a way that made the movie a little more than it's credited for. That's what grabbed me. Along with the way the characters evolved during the film. Seriously, people need to stop attacking the story and CGI of this movie and look at what made it #1.

    (BTW AMD, I read that review then looked at who wrote it. I realised 'boy, was I wrong attacking this guy'.)
  • Gravemindzombie
    ....Thats sort of Dougs point, that the movie was all visuals and bad story.
  • Wandall  - asd
    2nd to this! Even though you guys don't appreciate this masterpiece, you don't need to mock it into the lowest deep in hell.
  • DaVince
    The [i]visuals[/i] were epic. The story was quite run-of-the-mill, as explained quite well by Chester here. This mean that at some point, it'll age.
  • Jegsimmons
    waaaiiitt a minute.

    how can you say District 9 sucked when it had a decent (though not the most original) plot, better character development, better acting, better special effects (Avatar had no special effects because its not "special" when its 90% of the movie)and no bullshit agenda to rub our face in.

    now actually tell me an original and good part about avatar that wasnt the cgi. You can't. Even the oscars couldn't. the only oscars its one was like best visuals or some crap no one cares about.

    and it wasnt ground breaking. Peter Jackson did what avatar did in LOTR 2...the only reason people don't do it is because its expensive.
    now seriously? Was avatar ANYTHING that anyone says except a rip off and a poor story?
  • Alllu-Man
    ...Are you serious about that out doing. I mean I'll not bash the movie before I see it, but I allready know that this movie won't beat Terminator 1,2 or Aliens. Of chorse I don't have a problem with you're opinion, but I think you should watch avatar and Terminator 2 and compair them to each other without thinking about the effects.
  • Alllu-Man
    I'm talking about AngryMovieDork
  • UFmaniac
    Why is that? Not only is this movie unoriginal, but it's long as HELL!!! The fact that you know how it's going to end from the very beginning gave it a very long feel to it. Also, the acting in the movie was no better than average, nobody giving amazing performances and leaving the characters as bland and one dimensional as they could get. Also, metaphorically speaking, the love story follows the exact same structure that Titanic does, fucking TITANIC, HIS OWN FUCKING MOVIE!!!
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - James Cameron
    I have no disagreement with you when you say Avatar does not have an original story line.
    I don't think James Cameron is getting credit for the story being original, but the new camera technology system used for making the movie. All the interviews I've seen on TV Guide stress the "NEW CAMERA SYSTEM" not how original the story is. Is James Cameron getting an award for "Most original movie of the year"?

    And in defense of James Cameron ,and other directors, there isn't much you can do now a days that is original in every aspect. Look at what's coming out at the cinema; Toy Story 3, Sherlock Holmes, Clash of the Titans, Wolf Man, The Spy Next Door, Alvin and the Chimpmunks 2, Legion, Nine(the one about the Italian director). All of these movies are somewhat of a remake of what's already been done. All the directors have done is thrown a few new aspects to a past story. Legion, is pretty much a Terminator story line mixed with God portrayed in a negative light and a bunch of evil angels. The Spy Next Door is a total remake of every military man forced to protect civilian children movies. Sherlock Holmes, the private detective who has always been extremely prideful of his system of deduction and private matters, is now, what seems to be, the British version of James Bond and Watson, the somewhat chubby sidekick, is now a man who is extremely involved with Sherlock's cases and is the muscle behind Sherlock's cases. Nine: the story of an Italian director with writers block, and how he has countless affairs with women because he claims they help him make the movies is a screen adaptation from the Broadway play. How do I know this? because I was in a production of the play as one of Quido's childhood friends at a college when I was 12. I just don't think that everything in movies can be original, and the originality I tend see is what I don't want to see, which is rated R movies that rely heavily on sex,nudity and humor that goes beyond stupid humor(cough:Will Ferrel).
    I think there is an improvement coming to the cinema, but I think we should be a little less hard on directors for not coming up with movies that are original in every single way, they have to feed their families too you know. And there really isn't much that cinema already has done. I appologize for writing so much.
  • 0dd1
    No arguments against your comment--I agree with what you said. Just one thing: James Bond IS British.
    Point still stands, though--I've never heard of a Holmes movie that portrays his story as an explosive popcorn movie or him as a sex god.
  • Sammich  - Nuh uh
    While this movie isn't that original, how many original movies can there be anymore? I'm pretty sure every idea anyone can think of has been used, and originality doesn't matter as long as it's good. And the Avatar plot is pretty good. Plus, I'm sure it's broken some CGI record, and it looks freaking realistic. Even if everything else sucked balls this movie still would of been good. What's wrong with pretty images?

    Still, even though I disagree with you, I still like you and your nonsensical ways, Bum. May Bums forever live on!

    EDIT: To the guy above me (BalltoStephenWinter), I completely agree.
  • Jegsimmons
    you can still retell a story and be original. alot of people do that. example. Lion King is based off hamlet. And its still a good movie.

    Avatar is not really retelling as much as it is ripping off and money grubbing.
  • thatgirlinthebrowncoat
    Way I see it: it's a frickin' popcorn movie. You don't see it for the plot, you see it coz it's cool. And it had a rather significant amount of cool!
  • Jegsimmons
    oh well with THAT logic To Kill A Mockingbird is the worst movie ever.
  • Transformers03
    I thought the story in Avatar was lame too.
    Though I liked it, It don't think its great.
    His equation makes sense too,
    Pretty Colors + Lame story = Pretty Lame.
  • pharmmajor
    I actually would like to see James Cameron remake the Tom & Jerry movie.

    Where can I get a blue smurfy-cat for my bald nephew who can control the wind?
  • Countdown  - Nice video but...
    I love this review. Its well done and funny, But i have to disagree. I thought avatar was a very good movie. But i agree the story isnt all that origonal but i thought it was done well. Keep up the good reviews!
  • Tacoma Yakko
    He doesn't hate all the movies he features on his videos. It's just the schtick.

    But to be honest, this movie was way more subtle about human bashing than Fern Gully. Also, I wouldn't want to be trapped in a giant hammerhead rhino stampede. That red blob filled the entire radar.
  • Lan
    The smurfycat and teddy bear alliance is going to doom mankind. :O
  • Joker Jr.
    Finally, someone who agrees with me! :D
  • Don_82
    Aw Doug! Did you really find it to be that lame? I'll admit the overall story wasn't exactly original, but I loved this movie... of course being a sucker for visual effects helps too.

    funny review as always though!
  • toboe_okami  - whoops
    i am so glad i didnt go to bed just now. I would have missed this review!!
  • BatOtaku13
    you and i are on the same page with this movie.
  • GLKnight
    Heh heh.

    I wanted to see this flick, but then I heard about Ink, and decided, "feh. I'll wait till it's on cable!"
  • crazyconnor
    I wouldn't do that dude. Even though the story is a little generic, the 3D theater experience makes it a REALLY amazing flick. It is THE coolest movie experience of the year. Seeing it on cable wouldn't do it justice.
  • Chucklesthedestroyer  - Avatar was good...
    It wasn't up to par with Cameron's other stuff, but that's comparing it to Titanic, Aliens, Terminator... It was still alright.
  • Jonathan M
    Lol..Did you just say terminator? Good one, right?
  • Mr Insert Random Color Here
    Your stock just went up a million points in my book, Chester A Bum. Strawmen and ripoffs cannot be disguised by pretty pictures. XD
  • FamilyGuyFan
    Lol once again great review Bum!!!! I didnt see avatar yet, but i bet its gonna be just like you said: pretty lame.
  • crazyconnor
    Its not. Its a really good movie. It's spotting the best visuals in cinematic history and it's beautifully directed.
  • That_One_Other_Guy
    Bahaha I love the listing of movies just like Avatar. Sums up my opinion of it perfectly.I was going to see it and then I was like 'Oh wait, I saw it back when it was Pocahontas'

    Nice review, Doug. Though something tells me I'll have to go see this with my friends anyway... just like I did 2012
  • Kimarous
    What, haven't you read "Amazon's Attack"? Bows and arrows are very effective against advanced technology!
  • AguyinaRPG
    I'm suprised Linkara hasn't already said this...
  • chickenfat222  - south park did it!
    doug, im a big fan and dont want to insult you. but at this point, anyone saying that avatar is similar to dances with wolves or any of the other films you mentioned that arent named trey parker or matt stone, is officially a DOUCHEBAG.
  • Paper_Banjokami
    Someone watches Escape to the Movies with Movie Bob. You think you could've paraphrased his line though? You like said what he said verbatim.

    Also, the 3D was the movie's selling point. If you didn't see it in 3D, then why did you bother seeing it? It was a spectacular visual experience, with a well directed, well paced, unoriginal plot. It was a pretty good movie going experience, regarding that.
  • Icy12
    Another hilarious review! But I wouldn't want to give Hollywood any ideas to remake Tom And Jerry because you know they will!!! :0
  • Skedoosh
    funny review as always, but im gonna have to disagree with you. The story was extremely generic, but when you put that story in such an incredible world that cameron has created, you really dont give a shit. The movie is more about the experience, feeling like you've visited an alien planet, not learning a lesson or captivated in a story
  • SailorCardKnight
    Man, i've been wanting to see this, just because Cameron put his plans for a Battle Angel Alita movie on hold for this instead, as well as the effects he used in this movie (as he plans to do the effects in Battle Angel the same way he made them here).

    Dammit Cameron I want my Battle Angel movie, you better give it to us now that you're done with Avatar! :angry:

  • Jaebird
    You should find a way to copyright "Smurfycat". Just putting that out there :)
  • Deimos1984rd
    Breathe Chester breathe... :lol:

    Tom and Jerry should be remade with the violence of Itchy and Scratchy. It would be fucked up but so hilarious.
  • Redbob86  - re: Avatar was good...
    [quote=Chucklesthedestroy er]It wasn't up to par with Cameron's other stuff, but that's comparing it to Titanic, Aliens, Terminator... It was still alright.[/quote]

    Actually, I'd say it's EXACTLY like every James Cameron sci-fi film. 3 groups of people (scientists, corporates, and military) are working together toward something destructive (whether realizing it or not). And just like all his other films, scientists are always noble and rational, the corporates are evil, and the military really loves to kill things without any real motive behind it.

    In Aliens, Ripley the scientist is always right, I'm not sure why she SHOULD be right considering all she did was survive an attack against one. That has SOME insight, but by no means makes you the one who should call all the shots. Weyland-Yutani is the evil corporation willing to sacrifice humans for a bio-weapons division. And the military in the movie are a bunch of cliche-slingin' mofos who don't seem particularly bright.

    In Terminator 2, the destructive goal ends up being Skynet, and unwillingly will doom mankind. Again, the scientists design it for a corporation with military contracts. And although the military and corporations aren't made prominant in the movie, once again we have the only scientist become a noble hero who just wanted to help people before the EVIL corporation and military twisted it into something that will kill billions. And ofcourse, this scientist bravely sacrifices his life to save the future.

    And in The Abyss, the scientists just want to make peace with the poor widdle water people, but the CRAZY military guys just want to nuke it. It's been a long time since I've seen The Abyss, so I can't recall any particular company, but it wouldn't surprise me there was one.

    James Cameron and his boner for scientists, his disdain for corporations, and his looking-down on the military have been used over and over throughout the years. Sure he's changed the names and backgrounds of the films, but the progression is still the same. He's basically been pulling a Legend of Zelda, remixing all the details but keeping the same damn story progression for 20 years.

    Although I did enjoy Avatar, as well as his previous films. I'm just saying the main gripe I have was his recycling method of handling the characters and story progression.
  • Yrevolob
    How does Titanic fit in this patern? :D
    But seriously though, you're right, this movie was perhaps the biggest disappointment of the year for me.
  • Remake_Trap
    Are you somehow under the impression that Titanic was a scifi film?
  • darkempress2003
    Dude, I only had to read a few lines of your comment.

    Ripley was military as well, or did you forget about the Lieutenant part?
  • crazyconnor
    Have to disagree with you Doug. Even though the story was unoriginal (copying Dances with Wolves), at least it wasn't a remake of a classic movie. It took a old concept and made it relatively new. And it's not just the visuals that make it a great movie (even though they are the best visuals I've ever seen in a movie). Avatar is one of the newest movies I've seen that completely engaged me with its writing, and given this is a 3 hour movie that's pretty impressive. There wasn't one moment where I was remembering I was watching a movie. Every scene was well directed and best of all had significance to the plot, where in a lot of 3 hour movies there are scenes that have no relevance. Also the acting is some of the most believable I've seen all year.

    Oh and all of you other posters get a fucking opinion. Just because one guy with a internet show says a movie is bad, doesn't make it bad.
  • irondrum
    :0 Wow. That was exactly what i was gonna say so thanks for having a even-headed sense to tell it like it is.
    Avatar: a emotional & visually engaging movie that takes a old dog of a storyline & shows it with some new tricks.
  • Omegatripod
    The BIG BAD MILITARY and the BIG BAD CORPORATION didn't listen to the scientists? WELL, OF COURSE THEY SHOULD HAVE! Because in all of human history, NOBODY in charge of things has EVER, EVER done ANYTHING stupid!

    Oh wait...

    http://en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/Sidoarjo_mud_flow
    http://en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/Hindenburg_disaster
    http://en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/Aberfan_disaster
    http://en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/ Centralia,_Pennsylvania
    http://en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/Watergate_scandal
    http://en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/ 2003_invasion_of_Iraq

    Say, what about all that talk about dumb things like tactics and strategy against the humans? And the whole "lower-gravity moon, therefore the smurfy cats are stronger and faster and besides they're in very good shape" thing? Pfft! A smart critic like YOU, Doug, knows to empty your head when those parts of the movie come around, so that they go in one ear and out the other!

    What's that, you say? Special effects in a movie are not a major necessity? You're so right, ESPECIALLY considering that this is a SCI-FI MOVIE! HOORAY! Go ahead, Doug, make sure that the only thing that you say about the amazing, groundbreaking, awe striking special effects is that they're just "pretty pictures"! You're my favorite critic, Doug!

    Seriously, though, Avatar's plot was a bit bland, but what were you thinking, Doug?
  • demin8891
    Maybe he was thinking that people would realize he's playing the character of Chester A. Bum and would realize this video is for shits 'n' giggles and the entertainment of his audience instead of his actual thoughts on the movie.
  • FinneganHound
    Marry me, Chester. I will take you to a warm, warm building filled with change.
  • ThatGuyFromChile
    I did enjoy this movie, despite of how un-original the story was.

    Nice bum review, like always

    PS: You know what we are waiting for, Doug... dont keep us waiting any longer...

    May the force be with you
  • Apathetic One  - LOL

    I don't know what's funnier, the review of this shitty movie, Omegatripods' pathetic attempt to flame Doug or the fact people ACTUALLY think that this movie is good.

  • crazyconnor
    This movie was good. This movie was great. Name me three things that were legitimately bad about this movie. The plot may have been unoriginal but it is still a good plot. Cameron said he was influenced by Dances with Wolves and instead of making a crappy remake like most people today, he tweeked the idea and made it his own. And other than the generic plot, what else did you not like about the plot? .... That's what I thought. That was the only thing that made the movie less than perfect.

    In short "Apathetic One -Lol", stop sucking Doug's dick and get an opinion of your own!
  • MaxJayJay
    Three bad things about this movie:
    1. The plot
    2. The characters
    3. The writing

  • crazyconnor
    What were wrong with them?

    1. The plot was still good, if not generic. There's a full hero's journey with twists along the way and still manages to put original ideas in there like a scientific explanation for the ecological networking.

    2. The characters all do their job while all getting a distinct personality, backstory and motive which is a lot more than most movies out.

    3.The writing is really good. Each scene is important to the plot, provides some form of action or exposition to make it not boring and doesn't drag on.

    What was wrong with them?
  • Dougurasu
    I have to disagree that it didn't drag on. This movie could've cut A LOT of material. It didn't need to be 3 hours long. I liked it a lot, it was truly spectacular and it had me on edge quite a few times and I definitely felt for the Na'vi and was sort of devastated that they were destroying their enormous tree. But so much was... kind of predictable and I was sort of waiting for stuff to happen.
    Like the military attacking... who HADN'T seen it coming from the beginning, or the guy and the gal falling in love. The visuals were amazing, so pretty pictures, yes, and it had more, I thought it had a good story albeit derivative, but it wasn't too bad. But in my opinion it does drag.
    (Oh and the 3D was friggin' amazing)
  • freakyfunn
    Heehee, I was laughing all the way through from "wrong Avatar", lol. I'm afraid of seeing a Tom and Jerry remake (please, just do one where they DON'T talk) but at the same time, strangely interested...

    It was a great and funny review, but I've heard some good things about this movie, and I want to see it. Thanks for this, Chester, you rock. *hands out change*
  • G-MAN Critic
    Sorry, freakyfun, but Warner Bros. IS making a NEW Tom and Jerry movie. JESUS, STOP KILLING GOOD FRANCHISES, HOLLYWOOD!
  • Zolton  - I don't get the hate at all.
    First Spooney, now Doug. How hyped up were you guys? I avoided the second trailer because the first was crap and came out of the theater (in 3D) blown away. Not the best or most original story ever, but the experience was like no other.

    Shouldn't every reviewer bring up The Hidden Fortress when discussing any adventure movie with multiple characters that share the same goal from now on?
  • tisbutafleshwound  - You are very wrong about Avatar
    "Pretty images" may be the understatement of the century. This is again, one of the very few times where I disagree with you.
  • tencoth
    hey SONOFTHATGUYWITHTHEGLASSE S it's nice to see even the mindless followers with no original opinion can escalade to further douche baggery (sarcastic :cheer: )
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