Episode 65

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  • BrazenlyGeek  - Long Time Viewer, First Time Commenter
    Loved the Mickey Mouse rant... and that hand dream? Oh dear... So strange.
  • Extreme-Madness  - Creepy!!!
    Speaking of that hand dream ... it was a picture of a naked bald Neanderthal?! weird and bizarre, I did not expect that (:-()
  • 1dkv  - QUESTION TIME!
    Which is worse, Ignorance or Apathy?


    Can a Jedi lightsaber cut through Superman?
  • ailenfromn  - Going to die
    I paused the thing to read it now I'm going to lem
  • HilBethJay
    Well, looks like we're going to Lem together.
  • ailenfromn
    What's the sound of one hand clapping.
    Who anikins father from star wars
    I am music that comes from the heart what am I.
  • Pigquet  - Now this is the kinda Mickey Mouse I'm talkin' abo
    "I am gonna kill you! I'm gonna find your family! You think I don't have power?! I have so much power! I am a MOUSE! I am a mouse that can TALK! I am a mouse that wears ONLY PANTS! Only pants with two yellow buttons! I am UNSTOPPABLE! I wear GLOVES! White gloves that serve no purpose! Well, one purpose: when I kill people with them, they can't identify--"

    THAT killed me! And I'm still laughing so much inside. I didn't think your Mickey Mouse could get any funnier, and then we get that! Geez, why do good Disney characters turned evil give me so much joy? Ahhhh, who cares? It was friggin' hilarious! Thank you for this experience.
  • Sriseru
    Dude, watch some of the earliest cartoons with Mickey Mouse and you'll realize that he didn't turn evil, he just got better at hiding it.

    Also, question time:

    How can you know whether you are dreaming or awake.
  • Mides
    Dude. Totem.
  • Roadking719
    JUST Amazingly funny! especially the mickey mouse rant. lol!
  • FullofQuestions
    Oh my. I will never look at Mickey Mouse the same way again. Thank you for ruining my childhood, ATG :P

    How can I make friends with Neo-Nazis if I'm a Jewish lesbian?

    Who or what will make the world end in 2012? Will it be you?
  • Oliver Clark
    Do you wanna run this ship?

    Well, you can't.
  • ChobinoftheFunk
    Totally. Friggen. Worth. It.

    What is the meaning of life?

    Have you ever been so far as to want to do look more like?

    You say there's no such thing as a stupid question until you ask it. What if you, That Guy, are the one asking it?

    Are you secretly an Asian man?

    Related to the above, does that mean you're a ninja?

    Were you frozen today?
  • Robert the Kid
    I'm really glad you read one of my questions. Fantastic show.
  • JRodHacker
    I have a problem! I have stolen Crystal Pepsi from the Cinema Snob, and I think he may try to kill me for it. Do you think he'll fall for the evidence I planted framing YOU for this crime?
  • CartoonFireworks
    Funny, Titty Titty Bang Bang was also the name of one of the deaths on 1000 Ways to Die, when a girl got faulty breast implants that were really water baloons, and when she got on a plane her boobs grew and grew until they exploded. It was HILARIOUS!!!!oneone11!!!

    ...Maybe I am going to hell. o.O
  • Dore
    I have a question...if the Libyans didn't kill you.

    What do you do for an encore?
  • Jezzy54
    Why don't you answer questions quoted from movies, TV, etc. anymore?
  • Majin47
    Yeah, I thought this show involved forced drug use, rape, and Libyans.
  • Valhawk
    Why is it that the first question you are asked is a very good question, but the others are not.
  • SkullCap
    They say, "Don't hate the player, hate the Game," but shouldn't the players be at least held responsible for continually playing the game?

    If He-man has the power then what does that leave us?

    Can you dig it? Can you dig it? CAAAAAAN YOOOOOUU DIG IIIIIT???

    In Dungeons & Dragons, where did Snails send his friends to?
  • I Am a Man
    Fantastic. I always look forward to these.

    Why do fools fall in love?

    If a tree fall in the forest, is it safe to assume a Canadian cut it down?

    Are you my Mommy?

    You look like the Nostalgia Critic. Any relation?
  • ichithe
    pants with two yellow buttons. hell yeah
  • Sci
    Can you snap into a Slimjim?
    Also, I'd like some of that medicine...for research purpose that is.
  • iamnotincompliance
    I'm pretty sure I was going to Lem anyway. I regret nothing.
  • weckar
    You do a pretty neat Marty =)

    Q: We all know the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is 42. Can you name all questions that aren't that question?
  • CrazyEmoOtaku
    why do you hate me? is because i'm mexican, isn't it?
  • Walther
    Frickin Awesome!!
    ..And I'm going to Lem..

    If it's called Lem, does that mean lemmings are the ruler of that place?
    Will I be tortured with strange Disney Movies?
    And what was that cup with the German flagge you distroyed in the beginning of the clip?
  • Grumpy-Celt
    I am so going to steal copies of those porn flicks.
  • sarutobifreak
    since you were assaulted by Libyan terrorists, am i correct in assuming that you went to that party the Libyan rebels and NATO forces threw when they overthrew Muammar Gaddafi?
  • ezm
    why is it that bad guys never win?

    a red car and a blue car have a race but all red wants to do is suff his face should red go on a diet?

    if you hit me at 80 mph theres an 80% chance i'll die if you hit me at 30 theres an 80% chance i'll live why are you trying to hit me

    wanna hug?
  • AussieDragoon  - Two questions?
    Where did you get bullet-proof liquor bottle?


    Why does Pluto get treated like a real dog when Goofy gets to drive around in a car and play golf with mickey?
  • Adaminator1  - Questions!
    Are you the god of rock?

    Why is there a Purple People Eater in my kitchen?

    Did god listen to trailer music while creating your life?

    I'm asking you this question, but if you answer this question in your video, I don't know you're going to answer the question. Does this mean I'm sending the question into the future?

    Where's my time traveling DeLorean?

    Did Hitler ever get out of the closet?

    Why is the TARDIS bigger on the inside?

    What did you put in my lunch today?!

    Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a girl?

    Would a female Duke Nukem have tits of steel?

    If everything is a figment of your imagination, then does that make you God? If so, can I please have a thousand dollars?

    When's the next video coming out? Why are you pointing a gun at me? Why am I suddenly feeling regretful that I asked that question?

    Have you spooned with spoony?

    Do you want that bear?

    Why does your breath smell like motor oil?

    Is there a piano in your room? Do you get someone to play that music for every episode? Why do we never see this person?

    Are you my mommy?

    Do you like short shorts?

    Shaken, or stirred?

    What's the square root of my pie? Can I eat it?

    If I ask a stupid question, will I get a stupid answer?

    Why are you looking at me like that?

    Is this your pipe? Can I have it?

    What medications are you on, and can I have some?

    Are you a robot?

    Has this question been asked before?

    Why are you always in the same place? Is it too much of a trouble to move the piano for your theme music?

    Will you be my religion?
  • dmh3000
    I paused. I'm going to Lem.
  • Hiroko
    I'll meet you there. :(
  • Zeldy
    Where can I get indestructible bottles like the ones you have?
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