Artist's Alley #4

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  • cjetson95  - Huh...
    Today I was thinking, "There hasn't been a new one of these in a while."
  • Gethenian
    These artists are all fantastic! Thanks for sharing them. :)
  • disneypunk10
    OMG OMG OMG!!!! Doug thank you so much for showing my buttons! I glad you liked them. EVERY CONVENTION I SEE YOU AT YOU WILL GET BUTTONS FROM ME! I HAVE MADE IT SO!!!!

    Thanks again! I'm really glad you liked them!

    And if Linkara sees this, I hope you liked your buttons too!
  • Gethenian

    are adorable.

    My wife and I have decreed that it is so.

    Also, I have been collecting TGWTG fan artists. May I know your website/DevArt address? And do you have Skype or Twitter?
  • disneypunk10
    Dwaaa! *blushy*

    My DA is http:// disneypunk10.deviantart.c om/ The buttons have no site at the moment so I couldn't give Doug one but I'm working on it!
  • saint23thomas
    You really must add your own spaces to URLs, or the site does it on its own... and seems to do so with the purposeful intent of making the poster look like a fool.
  • aunt_zelda
    I was so happy to see your girlfriend in this!
    And I'm so happy that you found the Treehouse because of that con.
  • projoe719srise
    When I see this videos I can tell that if I was there in person I would end up leaveing with half the art work shown and an empty wallat starting with the #1 dad Darth Vader simply amazing work shown here
  • elektro
    Thanks for featuring my artwork. I've watched this series since the beginning, and since I knew you'd be at the con, it was a great opportunity to show my stuff.

    (For those who want to know, my web address in the video was psychwardcomic.bravehost. com)
  • Archangelxiii
    if i had any talent at art this would be cool to get into.
  • SpeedyEric
    I think the Explodint Peacock should be the next Rachel.

    1:09- I NEED that Darth Vader badge.

    3:01- (drooling)

    A color-blind artist? ...Now I've seen everything.
  • elektro
    It's not that unusual to see a color-blind artist. I am too.

    Zibaricon's stuff is great, too.
  • Kitsunefan
    You are such a great guy, not only do you make tons of awesome videos but you go and support artist like this , great work
  • Thammuz
    You should offer some of these artists a deal, aside from the shoutout.

    Many of them already do channel awesome related stuff, why not let them sell their products through awesome store? You get part of the profits on the channel awesome stuff and they get to sell their original material through you, making it more accessible.

    You should think about it, you'd add a whole lot of interesting articles to the store and help talented artists make a name for themselves.
  • Cephalopod
    I love Artist's Alleys. They might even be my favorite thing on this site.
  • jalford
    Thanx again for promoting the AA, NC!
  • akkuma420
    I'll be your twin baby.... (wink)

  • TheAwesomeTRex
    What's with these people's hats!
  • IchiGojita
    MY... MY... GOD... GOD... GOD!!!

    it's about time someone gave the spotlight to the humble fan artist. I met an awesome fan artist at GEN_CON when it was still in Milwaukee. this chick did the perfect Sid Vicious anime re-render. she air brushed it on the back of my jacket, at an amazing price so I didn't mind giving her a tip 8^P
    is Daisho Con happening again next year? where is it at... and don't say Wisconsin, I lives here. Cons are to geeks what Phish shows are to hippies. free thought, free exchange and a mass interaction kindred spirits.

    support free exchange when and where ever you can
  • DeadSid  - Daishocon Video Game Chair
    Daisho con will happen again next year. We are working on the date but the location is still the same. Stevens Point Wisconsin at the Ramada. We got a lot of ideas this upcoming year. Including a new story project. We love our artists and hope to see a lot of you again next year! (and I won't be doing the Daisho comic this year so the product should look a bit better lol)
  • saint23thomas
    Doug should really post a list of links under these videos. Then, we wouldn't have stop the video, repeatedly,just to type out the url for each artist we want to check out.
  • saint23thomas  - However
    Since, Doug didn't make one, I did.

    scuttlebutt-inc [DOT] com
    cubecrazy2 [DOT] deviantart [DOT] com
    megoomba [DOT] deviantart [DOT] com
    psychwardcomic [DOT] bravehost [DOT] com
    melisom [DOT] fruitballons [DOT] com
    soseiru [DOT] deviantart [DOT] com
    rabidangelfox [DOT] deviantart [DOT] com
    mythicphoenix [DOT] deviantart [DOT] com
    apeliotus [DOT] deviantart [DOT] com
    irie-mangastudios [DOT] deviantart [DOT] com
    shiiso-tikku [DOT] deviantart [DOT] com
    chou-ling [DOT] deviantart [DOT] com
    kaskachan [DOT] deviantart [DOT] com
    rain-arc [DOT] com
    artfoundry87 [DOT] deviantart [DOT] com
    xigencystudios [DOT] com
    kefka750 [DOT] deviantart [DOT] com
    zibaricon [DOT] org
    holylancer9 [DOT] deviantart [DOT] com
    neko-yasha [DOT] deviantart [DOT] com
    issa-chan [DOT] deviantart [DOT] com
    nozomi-neko [DOT] deviantart [DOT] com

    I used this odd notation because this comment system seems to randomly insert spaces into actual URLs.
  • megoomba  - Thank-you!
    *waves frantically* HELLO!! Megzie/megoomba here. Thank-you SO MUCH for featuring me in your video! It was so fun to meet you at the con and I'm lad you liked my costume! And thanks again for all the laughs! Hope to see you at another con some time soon!
  • Dead Planet
    I wish she had a twin too.

    Yay, another Artists Alley :D

    This one was really good, it seemed to be longer that the other ones (?) which I liked.

    I really liked how the first people you talked to gave some tips about the AA, very helpful for me... as Im really considering expanding the cons I go to selling :)
  • criticalchap
    These always get me jealous.
  • Meguzara
    I hate watching these, well i mean i like them, but i want to be an artist like these people, but i have no talent, and no matter how much i try, i can't seem to get better, :( oh well better not bore people with my mid life crisis..........
  • ShadowWing Tronix
    I want that picture of Ed and Ein. It's just too cute.
  • sentry245
    Toph Beifong Vs The Weeping Angels. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite as awesome as that!
  • Hichcoot
    How come that the people that are into anime always draw the same stuff? I mean a lot of peple even have the same style!

    Tips to get money selling drawings

    1 Have a generic looking anime style
    2 Draw Chibis
    4 Profit!

    Still, some of the artists in this one were really amazing!
  • disneypunk10
    Its called economics. When there is a demand for something (ie an anime or specific character), in order to make a profit, artist have to draw what there is a demand for. If an artist shows up at an ANIME convention with a unique style and has nothing but original stuff, they wont make any money.

    Supply and Demand my friend.
  • Hichcoot
    Yeah but also I'm talking about people outside conventions, you just gotta take a look to devaintart and see how many people draw the exact same stuff, the exact same ideas with almost the same style!
  • nickreaper
    Why were there only two people who weren't anime artists? For something called "Artist's Alley" it sure focuses on only one type of art. I didn't see one painting the whole video. God forbid a sculpture.
  • elektro
    Because it was at an ANIME convention, that's why. Anime conventions show off anime artists.
  • Ohsha
    If I commisioned someone to make an image for me I'd probably commision anti-fan or some other artist on gfxartist, cg-society, massive black, conceptart, and/or who makes images for a living(comics, movies, videogames). Alex Ross even talked prices for a commission from him in an issue of Wizard. It'd be hundreds of dollars but if you're going to pay for art...

    What's the webcomic's name? Nvm mind. Thanks for holding up the card b/c she said that too fast.

    Rain Arc looks the most pro.

    Some of Megoomba's stuff looks like it could be a still from an anime movie :)

    Holylancer has a better sense of gray values.

    Nozomi-Neko's the cutest artist.

    You notice with those two black guys the female characters get bigger breasts (particularly the second guy).
  • megoomba
    @hichcoot It takes a lot more talent and hard work to make a living off of making an selling art. Even anime art. It may all look the same to you, but it's by no means an easy task to find and perfect a style enough to make money off of...

    @nickreaper because this was an ANIME convention. "Artist Alley" is what most anime conventions call their art section.

    @Ohsha Thanks very much
  • spade75
    Schizomania –noun
    1. Someone who believes cartoons are real. Worse then Schizophrenia and mania, mostly because it ruins cartoons for everyone else. It never hurts to think like a Schizomaniac from time to time, sorta like a psychopath ;)

    I'm spade and I'm a caveman (mate, feed, kill, repeat)
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