Top Ten 9th Doctor Moments or Scenes

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  • ThoseKidsWithTheComics
    Never really watched this show, but I like your videos so I checked this top 10 out.
  • CoconutWarrior
    oh I would highly recommend you start with the 9th Doctor episodes, they're really brilliant.
  • FilmC0llect0r
    They are absolutely FANTASTIC! ^^
  • e33laf
    Though he often gets overshadowed by David Tennant, (who I will admit is my absolute favourite Doctor of the NuWho era) Christopher Eccleston’s take on The Doctor was utterly brilliant. In fact, I still think it's a shame that he only had such a short run, because I would have loved to see where he'd have taken 9's character if he had continued on longer. Despite this however, there's no doubt in my mind that he left his own unique mark on the series.

    *Sigh* Watching this makes me want to go and watch Series One all over again.

    P.S. If it were me making a list, I would have to add Rose and The Doctor dancing together. Not only is it an irresistibly sweet little moment between the two of them, but it serves as the perfect coda to the sheer joy of the “Just this once Rose, everybody lives!!” speech. Even now that scene remains one my favourite moments in the entire series.
  • Themonsean
    Nice to meat you Rose. Run for your life!
    Has to be one of my fav quotes ever. I kind of wish the 9th Doctor could have stuck around for a bit longer but I understand they needed to introduce the concept of regeneration and the best time for that was the end of the first season.
    Just this once, everybody lives! also one of my fav quotes.
  • mcmuffin315  - He was good
    Personally I loved him when I first saw him but I got to stop liking him after I saw David's doctor...but thats just me. I'm not saying one or the other but to me I like the style smith and tenant play him in much better
  • ScreechTheMighty
    Dude. I love the Ninth Doctor. He's my favorite doctor. Yes, I said it. I LIKE NINE BETTER THAN TEN. AND I AM PROUD OF THIS FACT.


    You left off one of the best doctor moments though! In the first episode, when Rose asks him who he is, and he says this:

    "It's like when you're a kid. The first time they tell you that the world's turning and you just can't quite believe it 'cause everything looks like it's standin' still. I can feel it. The turn of the Earth. The ground beneath our feet is spinnin' at 1,000 miles an hour and the entire planet is hurtling around the sun at 67,000 miles an hour, and I can feel it. We're fallin' through space, you and me, clinging to the skin of this tiny little world, and if we let go... That's who I am."

    Love that scene.

    That and the Everyone Lives speech he gives in the TARDIS, which sort of proves Santa is real. He was a Time Lord, though, not a fat guy with a beard. Christmas just got awesome'd. :)
  • moonloon
    I, too, like Nine better than Ten. Really bizarre that we have to state that like we're saying something completely unbelievable.

    And I agree, I would've placed that "Turn of the Earth" speech in my personal countdown. Also: the "Live a fantastic life" speech given by the Doctor's hologram when Rose gets sent back to earth. Nine was really good at speeches, I think.

    But I totally agree with Welshy's choice of number one. The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances arch was my favorite storyline until "Blink" came along, all for the "Everybody Lives" moment.
  • OtakuMan28  - The Connection
    It's actually rather funny that your favorite episodes are "The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances" and "Blink" because both of those episodes share one very common, and important, factor:

    Both of those episodes were written by Stephen Moffat.

    Yes, the same Stephen Moffat who took the reins from Russell T. Davies after the 10th regenerated into the 11th. Clearly, Moffat had proven himself as a brilliant Doctor Who writer, and had done stories for the show that won major accolades. And after watching the first season of Matt Smith's tenure, I can safely say that Russell definitely passed the torch to good, and very capable, hands.

    Also, I have to say that the "Everybody Lives" choice for #1 was an excellent choice. You would think that the old Doctors, 1-8, always got by with everybody living by the end of the episode, but if you look back far enough, you realize that many of the episodes had numerous casualties. Even the black and white ones!

    So to see the Doctor's joy unbridled joy when he realizes that even if just that one time, he was able to make sure that everyone lived. Truly spectacular.
  • moonloon
    I honestly hadn't even noticed that my favorite stories were written by Moffat!

    I guess that explains why my love of Doctor Who was rekindled with the Eleventh Doctor's appearance, after Moffat had taken over. For a while, I was nearing indifference to Doctor Who (it probably didn't help that there was a huge gap between seasons; out of sight, out of mind and all that) but when I watched "The Eleventh Hour" I was sold all over again.
  • Dreyden  - Eccelston
    I've just gotten through the second season of Dr. Who and so far, unlike the opinions of many I've talked to, I prefer Eccelston's Doctor to Tennant's. Not to say Tennant does a bad job, he's quite fantastic really, but Eccelston just embodied the Doctor perfectly to me.

    Don't get the hate on Rose, but to each their own.
  • unc
    I liked the bit where he meets the dalek for the first time.
  • WillCatholic
    Hard for me to disagree on anything you put here, Welshy, as it is your opinion and I think you got the important things down.

    Personally, I would have included the Doctor dancing with Rose, and also one of my favorite moments, the Doctor taunting the chained-up Dalek in "Dalek"; for both Eccleston's performance and the introduction of the Dalek overall. Oh, and the Doctor in the Big Brother house.

    Also, I forgive you for hating Rose. ;)
  • voodoobaby  - i miss him already
    I just started watching doctor who(thank you netfilx) and just finished the first season about a day ago. While i knew it was coming i was still really sad to see him go. I always hear 10th doctor love but rarely 9th doctor love.
    I'm sure i will like New doctor,new to me anyway, but i will miss Eccleston. I found him witty and really able to make the emotional moments hit home to me. Also i completely agree with your number 1. Those episodes are my favorites and it really was nice to see everyone live for once.

    I'm only two episodes in to the season 2 so i may have to skip the next list when you post it. sorry!
  • MrTpug  - Nailed it
    You did it correctly sir. From the beginning I was waiting for "Everybody lives." Then when it was number 1 I nerdgazimed! Very good sir
  • zerosozha  - Nice list
    I agree with most of your list and your reasons given.

    My personal favorite moment would be when the Doctor meets the Dahlek for the first time. The Doctor experiences fear, joy, anger, and sadness all in a span of a few minutes, and Eccleston pulls it off wonderfully.
  • FallingStar  - Just want to add one thing
    I do agree that the 9th Doctor is very underrated....But what I want to add is from the same episode as your number 1 pick.

    Doctor: "Don't Drop the Banana!"
    Jack: "Why?"
    Doctor: "It is a good source of potassium!"

  • s.z.ichigo
    Fantastic list. Nine was my favorite, though I've yet to see eleven.
    I'd hardly change a thing about the list. I'd move his confrontation with the last Dalek much higher, as that moment really carried a lot of weight.
    I would have had to add this scene to the list as well: watch?v=lrI_0oI6hg8

    I really enjoy your videos, Welshy, especially the Dr. Who related videos. Keep up the good work.
  • toastalchemist
    The 9th Doctor definitely deserves more love. What I like best about the 9th Doctor is that he doesn't look the part. When you think of Doctor Who you imagine someone smaller with less of a physical presence. At least that's what I think of. I may be biased though, because the 2005 series was my first.

    By the way, what's with the hate on Rose? She was far from perfect. She was a little bland, but I enjoyed her character.
  • trlkly
    He's got a video about it.
  • Eruvadhril
    Fantastic list. Eccleston has such an acting range and just threw himself into this part so completely that he's always a joy to watch.

    Ohh, the regeneration scene! I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry... God, everything that was right about this regeneration was done WRONG about Tennant's. All twenty teeth-grindingly, self-indulgently awful minutes of it.
  • SkullCap  - Ah Billie Piper,
    I was never a huge fan of her character. She was always crying and inconsiderate of those around her. She rarely learned from her mistakes like preventing her father's death.

    While she was a good actress in the series she played the part of a perpetual damsel in distress or hunched over crying, crying, or crying about her problems/feelings. It was always about her woes.

    Martha Jones and Donna went through enormous character development, but Rose remained the same whimpering little lamb.

    Yes, I'm aware of the MASSIVE thumbs down I will be receiving. I can already FEEL the down votes.

    Apart from the seething dislike I'll get from fans of Rose Tyler, great video Welshy.

    (Looking forward to 10th Doctor, Tennet is my favorite)
  • TheYetti
    I get where everyone's coming from but I think Rose's character was stronger than people give her credit for.

    On the case of character development. Yes there is a very little amount. But this was a new series and it needed a likable heroine. Hence she needed to seem almost perfect. But I would suggest watching the first episode of serise one again, followed by the last. In that episode, she's more than willing to let the living plastic go on its way and shes interested mildly in the doctor. But in the last episode, she can't bear to just sit by and let the Doctor fend for himself.

    On the damsel note. I don't by it. She gets saved by the doctor about as much as any other normal human in that show. But she shows her cunning and inventiveness on more than one occasion. Like the Satan Pit. She pretty much acts as a general the whole episode, in a fight against the ultimate evil.

    While I don't agree with you about Rose, I'm still a doctor fan and we've gotta stick together eh? So I wont be a down voting douche :)
  • Rurik
    Eh, I liked Rose, but I can see why some wouldn't. Martha on the other hand annoyed me, she always seemed too head over heels for the Doctor to me. Donna, to date, is probably my favourite companion. She wasn't just some doe eyed little girl along for the ride, if she disagreed with the Doctor she didn't just sit there, she'd slap him in the face and tell him about it.
  • Master Metallic
    I wouldn't go so far as to say that I LIKED Rose, but I was more indifferent to her. On one hand, I did enjoy that she made it so the exposition made sense in the context of the show and she did help humanize the doctor. On the other hand, she's a complete and total bitch to her family. By the time I watched a few episodes into Tennet's run, I was starting to look forward to her going away.
  • Rurik
    In her defence, Jackie wasn't exactly the best mother you could ask for. "Oh that's nice that your place of employment was blown up, now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go hit on this strange fellow who followed you home."
  • Master Metallic
    Sure Jackie needed someone to chew her out, but that doesn't excuse Rose's treatment of Mickey. Hell, she more or less abandoned (without even breaking up with the poor guy) Mickey and tried to start a romantic relationship with Adam, Jack and the damn Doctor himself!
  • Rurik
    Yeah, but unlike K9, that particular tindog was an idiot, so I can't really blame her. And after what happened with her father, there's probably a psychological reason for her preferring Jack and the Doctor, both of whom are nearly immortal, less chance of losing them. Granted, she could have handled it a bit better, give him a ring when she's not busy fighting Daleks or gassy aliens to say "Sorry Mickey the Idiot, found myself a new man. Good luck finding a new girlfriend!"
  • gardengxc
    What about bananas are good?
  • moonsknight
    Like most people I find it hard to disagree with any of the spots on this list. Eccleston was a fantastic Doctor and I don't think many other actors could have pulled off the wonderful array of emotions he was able to show us.

    Personally I would have added the scene from the end of "The Long Game" when The Doctor just leaves Adam back on Earth after Adam tries to mess with the time-stream. It perfectly shows that you just don't mess with The Doctor, especially when he was nice enough to let you take a trip with him.

    You don't have to apologize for the hate of Rose either. I hated her too just because when she was around the show was so much more about her than it was The Doctor. Not to mention she was about as bland as a character could get.
  • Frakes
    In 2004 if someone told me that they were bring back Doctor Who I would have said, "That PBS show? There is no way that is going to succeed!"

    Too much going against it. I thought the old generation of nerds would have a fit because it wasn't 'their' Doctor Who. And this generation is surrounded by sci-fi shows so how could they possibly make a premise as silly as Doctor Who stand out?

    But they pulled it off with equal part great writing and an amazing Eccleston leading the way.

    I would have personally put the regeneration as number one. Regeneration had not even been brought up in the reboot before but in that two minutes he was able to get all the new fans to understand it and realize the ramifications of what it means all with the drama of this Doctor saying his goodbye to Rose. That is an amazing feat and those creators need to thank their lucky stars they got an actor like Eccleston to reboot this series.
  • TheManeatingchicken  - Completely Agree
    I started watching the series on Netflix and fell in love with Eccleston's character. Tennant while good just doesn't hold the same charm for me. As or Rose I honestly liked her at first but especially in season two she was just a love interest and didn't have the same spunk she did before.

    So far I'm liking her replacement but as a newcomer I have to ask: Do they always ship-tease the doctor and his assistant?
  • RedCoyote  - Not always
    I can't speak for the older series but with the new Doctor Who, they don't always have the companion/assistant become a romantic interest. They did it with Rose and then they kind of do it with Martha (you'll soon see what happens there) but when Donna came around, the Doctor was insistant that his companion just be a friend and Donna's not remotely romantically interested in him. With the Eleventh, they kinda-sorta play up a romatic angle but it does get subverted and it''s hard for me to explain without giving away details. I'll just say that the writer in a behind-the-scenes clip said what he was going for, made a very good point but I personally felt he fell a tiny bit short, but only that.

    To the creator's credit, though, even when they have a companion fall for the Doctor or develop feelings, it feels like a new dynamic. For example, Rose took awhile to warm up to the Doctor and when she did, they were mutually intersted. Martha falls pretty quick but when she realizes how she feels, the Doctor's not ready to move on.
  • Kari
    Not always. In the old series, each companion and the Doctor had a different vibe. He's traveled with probable romantic interests, co-workers, relatives, friends, and annoyances.

    (My biggest problem with Rose isn't even her fault- it's her fans saying she's the one true love (TM) of the Doctor, which just isn't so.)
  • MustacheSetToStun
    Does anybody have a good place to start with this show? I really wanna watch it but IDK if I wanna watch all 40 something years of it (give or take).
  • TheYetti
    If you want to start with the 9th doctor thats pretty decent. Its really good about not leaving you in the dark. If you find something you don't understand, I'd just wiki it but honestly I started with the 9th doctor and I never had to look anything up.
  • SuccubusYuri
    To be safe, I'd recommend starting with the relaunch, it has the most bearing on the series canon if you intend to stick with the show and watch Matt Smith's stuff on broadcast. So series 1 from 2005, it's pretty self contained, you really don't NEED to watch the earlier stuff except as lore and for fun.

    If however, you are a genre person and can deal with the campy sci-fi special effects and sets of the 60s and 70s, I would strongly recommend some of the Tom Baker stuff, like Genesis of the Daleks, The Deadly Assassin, even Face of Evil, all play with some of the big series themes.

    Barring those options, I suppose you could always start with "Love and Monsters", because the show can only get better after that XD
  • yourworstnightmare
    Start with the 9th Doctor. It can be hard to get your hands on Classic Doctor episodes anyway. Some of them are on Youtube, but far from all.
  • Kari
    Actually, Netflix is your friend. They are absolutely awash in classic Doctor.
  • OtakuMan28  - My friend Rob...
    The new Doctor Who premiered during the closing years of my time in college. One evening, I went over to the college residence of one of my friends and I brought with me a recording of the first episode of the new series. (On VHS no less!)

    My friend was a sci-fi geek. He did Tabletop role playing games, made his own chain mail, has seen countless sci-fi shows, but he had NEVER seen Doctor Who.

    I couldn't exactly explain it to him, but in 2005, we sat down, him and our friends together, and watched the first episode of Eccleston's Doctor. My friend, he was blown away. Of all the science fiction and sci-fi he had consumed in his lifetime, Doctor Who was something that really knocked his socks off.

    He LOVED the part where the Doctor tells Rose to run for her life. Even going so far as to incorporating that quote into one of his tabletop games later on. Even though there was 26 years and a TV movie's worth of history leading up to Eccleston's beginning, the first episode of the new Doctor Who was an excellent starting point, promising many new, and great episodes and with an already fulfilled promise of multiple older episodes already out there in the wild.

    So if you want to start from the 9th Doctor, you would be in an excellent position to start. And when you want, you can always look back to the older episodes for more.
  • TheYetti
    I really do miss the 9th doctor. He had this sort of awesome balance of dark and light in him that really heightened the drama at points. I have to say I really miss him.

    Perfect first moment. I kinda teared up when he said "Everybody lives!", the look on his face was so incredible.
  • NetMonster  - Cassandra
    I'm one of those "purists" when it comes to Cassandra. It's bad enough that the Doctor lets her die, but they just had to juxtapose him against a kinder companion who asks him to help her... it just drives home that even after what she had done, Cassandra COULD be forgiven and saved, and the Doctor simply wasn't good enough to make that choice.
  • Kari
    Well, previous Doctors had made similar choices, though. So while you might not agree with it, and maybe you're not the kind of person who could stand there and watch someone die regardless of their actions- he IS. And has been. Admirable? Maybe not. In character? Yes.
  • SuccubusYuri
    Something I was surprised you didn't talk about, but #4, the best part of that scene, I think, is when the Doctor realizes that the Daleks have gone insane, and he brings them back inside the TARDIS. I am frankly still chilled at that image where he's laying his head on the door as the Daleks just blast away at his shield and he just closes his eyes, it's a far cry from his reaction in "Dalek" and really solidifies the character arc for me.
  • Rurik
    I would have put the introduction of the Doctor and Rose a little higher on the list, but I couldn't agree more about the Doctor Dances. To me, everything about that scene was perfect, not only is it my favourite Doctor Nine scene, it's my favourite Doctor scene full stop. It never fails to put me in tears, no matter how many times I've seen the episode.
  • The_Awesometeer
    I really want to watch this show but I am a completist and want to watch all of it from doctor one to doctor whatever
  • OtakuMan28  - Oh dear...
    Well that's going to be an awfully difficult task. You see, many of the episodes for Doctors 1 and 2 have gone missing / as in no records of their existence still exist in video form.

    For whatever reason, copies of these episodes seemingly vanished and quite possibly are lost in time forever.

    BUT, there are SOME work arounds. First, all of the first generation episodes have been novelized at one point or another in time, especially the early episodes. Whether they cut that out at some point, I'm not sure, but if you can locate a Used Book Shop, definitely seek it out.

    Second, while some episodes lack video, the audio records of the episodes are still in tact. So you can hear, but not watch. Some enterprising individuals have been working on restoring these episodes in a way by animating them. Look up "Big Finish Productions" and "The Invasion" for an example.

    Good Luck.
  • Whisky Tango Foxtrot
    Sorry, but unless you've got a TARDIS of your own that's going to be impossible.

    A lot of the early episodes of the series are lost. The audio tracks still exist so you can listen to them as if they were a radio play, but if you want to watch them as they were meant to be seen you're out of luck.
  • ChicagosMindfreak
    Great list. All my friends do not like Eccelston and of the three Doctors I've experienced, he's my least favorite. However, I still think he's great.

    Honorable mention should go to every scene where he stops Capt. Jack from flirting. They've got really good chemistry with each other.
  • Master Metallic
    Personally, I'd have replaced him saving Rose in Parting of the Ways with him saving Jack in The Doctor Dances..... Granted, that would probably already count under Everybody Lives. I think its great how he was just dancing with Rose on the TARDIS while Jack is dumbfounded that he was being rescued.

    Also, Boom Town was such a mediocre episode, but the dinner scene is still one of my favorite moments of the season and a half I've seen of Doctor Who.
  • Kaiju-Z
    That was great, Welshy : D I loved the list.
  • Seraphem
    it really is a shame he only got one season. out of the three "modern" Doctors...I really can't pick a favorite, they're all amazing, though 11 has by far the best leitmotif.

    Over all nice list, and yes EVERYBODY LIVES! Is just one of the greatest moments in all of Doctor Who, not just for 9.
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