Welshy Reviews: Saw Retrospective Part 4 (Saw III)

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  • NJHatter
    Oh noes! This site has to wait another week for the next part? ..oh well. Least it's a friday to look forward to.

    Odd enough, I usualy see the Saw series from the halloween airings on Syfy. Weird how normal TV allows such horrible things.

    Also, is it just me, or do other people feel a curiosity when looking at these traps and wondering the how the body will react and how bad the pain that is inflicted truely hurts?
  • Archedgar
    I need to get those dvds.

    Tobin Bell + Shawny Smith commentary must be pure gold.
  • EpicFish
    Argh! It's taking forever waiting for these videos to be uploaded! You're doing it on purpose aren't ya Welshy?! Getting me hooked on this retrospective and then slowing it all to a grinding hault so I have to watch every single movie to pass the time while I wait! Well you know what? ...Yeah I fell for it. I'm going to watch all the Saw movies just because your videos have shown them to be more than the torture porn shlock I first believed them to be.

    All joking aside, I really am enjoying these videos Welshy and I do intend to watch all the Saw movies, beginning tonight if I have to, because I do have some questions I want to ask and already have a certain mindset about Saw V-VII that I would like to get your opinion on, though I'm sure it'll be brought up in later videos, but I want to watch those movies first to see if my hypothesis is correct.
  • Trenchcoat Rifle  - You've made me buy the first five movies
    Thanks to you I'm watching the next two before you review them.
  • Overlookers
    Matt, please mention Trick r Treat in your Saw 4 review
  • Mwezzi
    When I saw the first of these reviews I decided to sit down and watch the rest (I'd only seen Saw I at that point). To be honest, I didn't enjoy the films after Saw III much at all despite some interesting character work and plot because the style just felt like it was playing to mass audience and stereotypes rather than staying true to the original work (and I DESPISED Hoffman's character and the acting behind it). It sort of reminded me of the dissolving of the Hellraiser movies from the artwork of the original to the mess of the third film onward, so I'll be interested to see you case for liking the others.
  • Ctu
    strangely I saw this video a week before it was uploaded give or take
  • zepolmas  - RE: Who's TGWTG
    That guy with the glasses is the weirdo who does the Q&A bit.
    NC is part of the plothole and is now "as a god" in this derpy little universe we know and love.
    You must settle for being Welshy.
    Trust me, yer better off than a LOT of people on this site.

  • Sgt. Swatter
    You guys do know you can look at his Blip for new videos? Interesting review and retrospectives.
  • Stickfigure
    Commentaries take movies to such a great level. I love that you include information about the cast and crew.

    On your list of Jigsaw talents, would he qualify as an amateur surgeon? He manages to plant keys in people's heads etc. without injuring their actual eye etc.
  • Welshy
    There is a reason I've not included those in this talents :) Saw 7 will explain why :)
  • TooMuchFreeTime  - Hey woah, wait a minute!
    Disclaimer: these retrospectives are my only source of knowledge for the series.

    That said...

    So Jigsaw was responsible for Jeff's son getting killed? How? And why??? That means the only reason Jeff is an obsessed revenge seeker in the FIRST place is because of Jigsaw's actions. Did he somehow know what Jeff would become that way?


    And what about the people Jeff was supposed to forgive? Did Jigsaw decide they deserved to be a part of his games? So far his victims have at least been given a chance to save themselves, but these people were given no way out on their own.

    He doesn't condone murder, ok fine I get what he means he gives people a chance (though I refer you to my above statement). But if he puts their lives in Jeff's hands and he fails does that mean it doesn't count as murder kuz Jeff failed his test?

    One last question how did he even know this family before the incident? His other victims had records of one sort or another, but what about them?

    There are a few other little things but it would be hard to get into them without repeating myself too much. So I'll just sum up with WTF???

    Edit: I rewatched parts of the video and I realize I'm a tad off on a couple things but for the most part my points still stand so I'll just leave this.
  • Welshy
    The family connection is revealed in Saw 7 but Jigsaw did not and was not responsible for any child deaths. His line 'responsible for the loss of your child' meant in the way that Jeff had lost his daughter and Jigsaw had her sealed away. Her fate is revealed in Saw 5.
  • TooMuchFreeTime
    Yeah, thanks I realized the daughter thing after. But thanks for clearing the rest up (or at least letting me know it will be).
  • Axel Osbourne
    I did like Saw 3 more than 2, mainly for the focus on Jigsaw and Amanda's twisted relationship (I honestly wouldn't mind a whole movie of just that) sadly, next came Saw 4 (But'll I'll save than rant until next time) And Welshy, I'm a little shocked to hear the revelation about yourself you dropped in this video: I knew you had problems with depression, but I didn't know it went that far. I sincerely hope you're doing better these days.
  • Clow
    And now we end on the last saw I had seen... I'm honestly a horror based wimp, but I'm also fascinated by the genre, so stuff like this is actually prefer to watching it xp.

    Though now you have me worried Welshy.... I mean your okay right? It sounds like the negative stuff you were speaking of was in your past.. but still. I've never done anything, not really.. but I do have friends who have, but you a strong network of friends it seems, so I'm glad for that
  • ladydiskette
    Awww, poor little Monkey Rob, such a sweet brave little guy to go through those demonstrations for us fans.

    *gives him banana milk and cookies*

    Don't mind me, I have a affinity for cute little animal plushies.
  • Shobogan
    Adoring your retrospectives, as always. I love seeing you analyse these characters. And I might need to take you up on buying those editions.

    And - I'd like to thank you, for sharing that revelation. It's always sort of...nice, in a strange sort of way, to know you aren't alone when you've gone through that. Especially when it's someone you admire, who's come through it.

    So...thanks, and I know it doesn't mean much from some internet stranger but I'm really glad you're doing better.
  • Fishpaw  - Thank you!
    I wanted to pop in and applaud, with full standing ovation, your insight into and sensitive acknowledgement concerning Amanda's coping mechanism.

    It's an aspect of the human condition that I've personally struggled with since puberty hit me like a freight train in 1984. Amanda's character is one of the primary reasons the original Saw trilogy hit me as hard and deeply as it did. Even if that's not what they were going for, Shawnee did an amazing job. Of course, I also share your crush for her ever since Silver Spoons. (Relax, she's 2 years older than I am)

    Anyway, for what it's worth, I just thought I'd thank you for having the courage to come out publicly, on camera, and speak openly of something so deeply personal.
  • panman92
    Great review Welshy! I watched Saws I-V when I was around 16 or 17, and while I did really like Saw I and II, Saw III was the only one that really got to me emotionally.

    Sure I cringed at the gore and found interest in the psychological aspects of the rest of the films, but Saw III managed to scar me. I actually felt pretty depressed for a few days after watching it, and I think that shows how well the characters were portrayed and developed in this one.

    The only thing I found somewhat iffy was that the people in the traps whom Jeff had to save had no control over whether they would live or die - I don't really see that as fitting well with Jigsaw's ideology. Although, in Saw I when we see Amanda in the bear claw trap she does have to get the key out of a living person, killing him in the process if I recall correctly. So maybe it does fit with Jigsaw's idea of the "game" after all.
  • Hydrassas
    This is going to sound weird but I've met your double, he used to live in this town about 6 years ago and his name was Nick Welsh.

    I don't have any photos of him and I lost contact with him after he got into drugs and went off the deep end.

    I'd have put this in a PM but I don't know how to do that on this site and nor do I know how to contact you privately.

    Just figured you may be interested to know that.
  • ColeYote

    (Undecided if turned on or freaked out)
  • Cirrra
    I'm very impressed with your presentation of this series. :) I love to hear you discuss story, character development, and film direction (something I once did with horror movies with my sister but not for a long time as no one I know seems to like horror movies...).

    As I said at the Intro, you've got me for the rest.

    That's all I wanted to say. Looking forward to the next part.
  • PlasticLion  - this site keeps killing my comments
    So I'm going to try to be brief.

    I can't suspend disbelief when I watch these movies because they all have twists that I'm supposed to be looking for as I watch them. I can't pay attention and not pay attention at the same time. I can't ignore the plot holes while I trying to pay attention to the plot points. I can't do both.
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  • snoofulus
    So hey, just a question I'd like to ask - Welshy calls Jigsaw a "psychopath" for believing that he does the right thing.

    I've seen this term used in this sense a few times before, including by Bible critics when characterizing God's self-righteous, vindictive character.
    Someone who seems to be capable of empathy, and is really determined to do the right thing, to teach others to behave the right way, but his morals are completely twisted, and he doesn't respect his subjects' boundaries which he chooses to define according to his own moral views.

    In an interesting way, all of us follow this basic model when trying to "think for ourselves" what's right, who has a right and who's entitled to what etc., instead of just following society's morals - but obviously, this one's is WAY removed from the humanistic ideal, so far that... he's basically a crazy person.

    But... that's not really what "psychopath" means. A psychopath is someone who's competely incapable of having (emotional) empathy or feeling remorse, views people more or less as objects, and uses all of them to his own advantage, or entertainment.
    Additional characteristics connected with psychopathy are the ability to act, charm and manipulate (having learned how to adapt from early age), a seek for thrills and lack of fear, and a huge ego to fill the city.

    They often use absurd excuses and blame others for their wrongdoings, but basically they just feel entitled to anything they want; they're said to "play by their own rules", but those rules aren't tied to morals, or bettering/enhancing others' lives for the sake of it.

    Those are the traits of real life psychopathy repeated anywhere you look.
    So... what would that make Jigsaw? One could say "fanatic" or "knight templar" or something like that, but those seem to apply more to organizations (a lot of such people in an echo chamber, basically) - what would be the right word for an individual showing these patterns?

    Anton Chigurh seems to fit nicely, although his "rules" don't seem to have dick to do with doing anything for other people - and when looked at closely, kinda really appear to stem from his glib sense of self-importance, vindictiveness and sadism.

    So I'd be interested in that...
  • Sharkerbob
    Maybe "sociopath" is the more accurate term?
  • jhoberston
    He has part 5 on his Blip which he posted on the beginning of the month. I'm putting the over/under for him posting part 6 at Oct. 31. My money is on the over...
  • Sharkerbob
    This is why I love retrospectives like these. There are some series I really have no time or deep enough interest to play, read, or watch, but seeing an overview of a series like this, from someone who can really enjoy and analyze the film/book/game/whatever, gives me an appreciation for it.

    Horror isn't really my thing, and especially not these sorts of gore fests. As such I always dismissed the SAW series off hand as its own brand of gore schlock. Unfair, I know, but there are so many bad franchises out there, one starts to just assume the worst. Anyway, while I'm still not going to watch these films, this retrospective has given me real appreciation for the story and characters. Good job.
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