My Problem with Quantum of Solace

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  • brick mooncode
    For what it's worth, I've heard that Quantum improves with repeated viewings.
  • Jackass Mask
    I haven't liked either of the new Bond films. Here's a quick summation of why for both films. Really quick! Spoilers to follow.

    Casino Royale: Watch as Bond faces off with the world's most evil accountant.

    Quantum of Solace: The evil plan is to control 60% of the water rights... IN BOLIVIA! So evil!

    Yes, I know it's supposed to be realistic. But it's James Bond! The living embodiment of male fantasy. The word "realism" shouldn't even be mentioned without the person who dared to utter it being kicked in the face, strapped to a bomb and then thrown out a window that is at least 3/4 of the way up a 60-storey building.
  • TheBlackMage
    Can you please tell me how you manage to be the first commenter on just about every video that comes out on the site? By the way, La Chiffre being an accountant is a bit of a gross oversimplification don't you think?
  • Jackass Mask
    It's a superpower.

    And yes, it is an oversimplification. But, let's face it, that's what he is. He handles the villainous group's money for them. ACCOUNTANT! And, he's about as intimidating as one.

    That's the other thing that bugs me about the new films. None of the villains are intimidating.
  • Endless Mike
    As a reboot I liked the first one, because I could well imagine that bond wasnt always that son of a gun, when he was a unexperienced agent. And I thought that after this first personal bumber with the girl, he would become the "dont give a damn" always funny and life and job enyoing Senior Bond. But instead he became that super soldier with no emotions or enjoyment for his job or life in general. So it looks like he had taken the girl thing way too serious. After all, he's a OO Agent, what did he expect when they gave him the licence to kill??
  • Themonsean
    I don't even remember what QoS was even about. I just remember going "um...whats going on?"
  • itbegins2005
    My problem with Quantum of Solace is that it was tremendously convoluted, dull and colorless in appearance, and totally, unnecessarily humorless. Casino Royale was able to make the character realistic without sacrificing the fun of watching him; Solace manages to do away with BOTH qualities, giving us a revenge story starring a hero that's next to impossible to empathize with on a quest to wipe out people we don't care about for reasons that aren't made entirely clear.

    But that's just my take on it.
  • SomeRandomGeek
    I say I liked Quantum of Solace. However, I have only seen it once. Some the ridiculously stunts, the early one with the ropes, left me with a chuckling smile. But it did really, really felt like the movie went right back to the James Bond formula. I was disappointed with the movie on that point.
  • Schwarzer Ritter
    I never liked Casion Royale to begin with.
    I mean, the highlight of the movie was a poker game.
    A poker game? Normally he blows up the villains hideout, and now he plays a card game. I know that many Bond movies have gambling sequenzes but they did not last an hour.
  • SkullCap  - Oh Quantum of Solace
    I'm currently on a mission to watch all the Bond films except a few (or all, but GoldenEye) of the Brosnan films and I was a proud member of the majority that believed Casino Royale was awesome.

    Quantum of Solace? No, not even close. Gone are the gadgets of Q/John Cleese, the witty one liners, and the interesting villains (whether they are good or bad at portraying a mad man/woman). Where are the big fights at the end where Bond contacts MI6 to send in a small army of operatives to battle the henchmen of some megalomaniac in an impractical base?

    "But that's not realistic!" cries the inept. If I may quote Jackass Mask, "But it's James Bond! The living embodiment of male fantasy." Honestly, from the start of Dr. No, Bond has established himself as the amazing spy who can charm the hearts of countless women (good & bad), escape impossible odds using convenient inventions, and foil the crazy plans of even crazier individuals or an international terrorist organization (S.P.E.C.T.R.E.) It's James Bond not James Bourne. Understand Mr. Broccoli?

    A villain wants to control a majority of the water in a country? .....oh no. James Bond has many serious moments, but he balances it with his resourcefulness, inventions, and witty humor.

    What the franchise needs is to have an understanding between the realism it's now promoting balanced with remembering it's roots as an escapist film series about the British agent with amazing gadgets and inordinate amounts of charm that's admired by both allies and enemies.

    If he had the choice I guarantee you that Jason Bourne would take the jet pack rather than run. While Bourne doesn't have a jet pack, Bond does and right now it's collecting dust next to the machine gun & ejector seat Aston Martin, multi-functional briefcase, laser watch, and nerve sensor dart gun.

    Good video Welshy.
  • chrismccart
    As a friend of mine pointed out to me; you notice with QoS that they fight on every possible "terrain". The director said, pre-release, that they wanted QoS to be more exciting than CR and so shot:

    - A car chase at the beginning
    - A on-foot chase/fight w/ an assassin
    - A on-water rescue/escape
    - Then an aerial plane-battle
    - Then, finally, a stationary battle at a 'hotel'.

    I love the old bond movies (save for Roger Moore's entries, Connery FTW) and CR is awesome IMO, and though I own QoS it feels like a far weaker entry and with things still all-over-the-place with MGM and the next one, I have to say they need to hurry up with the next one because audiences have been left for a long time with the stale taste of the last one in their mouth.

    Personally, I don't mind them going for a more realistic turn, it's what audiences have come to expect for excitement. The "rush" has evolved with Bourne and Taken. I know I'm not the only one whose attention was waning come the last Brosnon entry. I think though, if you look at them, the Bond movies have been getting more and more realistic since moore's ones, with Brosnon bringing a nice balance of the old Bond with the new. CR's brutal realism was going to be on the cards sooner or later.

    Final Thought: If you want to talk realism, remember seeing this with my dad and bro (also big bond fans) and my dad laughing at that fight between the head of Quantum and Bond at the end. Both the Bond of the last movie and the Bond of the past could have kicked the crap out of the axe-wielding fool in seconds - not several minutes. It felt really cheap when it lasted ages. "Just boot him Craig, and let's have done with it!" *Sigh.*

    Well, there's always hope for the next one!
  • SkullCap  - @ chrismccart
    I've watched all the Connery films (minus "From Russia With Love") and all the Moore films; currently I'm now working my way towards Timothy Dalton and a FEW of the Brosnan films.

    Thus far my favorite Bond film is Connery's fifth film, "You Only Live Twice." THAT is a James Bond film. Ninjas, Lil' Nelly, Volcano base, and the head of S.P.E.C.T.R.E. It also hold the title for having the greatest movie posters in the entire Bond franchise. 1967/ you_only_live_twice_ver4_ xlg.html

    http:// /images/ you_only_live_twice_1967. jpg

    http:// mrmoviefiend.files.wordpr live-twice-poster.jpg? w=775

    Also check out the posters for "Thunderball" and "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"

    Still you gotta give credit to Moore's films. "The Spy Who Loved Me";"Octopussy" (The beginning has one of the funniest chase scenes I have ever seen);"The Man With The Golden Gun"; "Live and Let Die."

    However, stay away from "A View To A Kill." It has an above average villainous maniac in Christopher Walken, but also the WORST Bond girl. That was until Denise Richards in "The World Is Not Enough."
  • Welshy
    You should DEF watch Russia With Love.
  • quizzabella
    Well said Welshy. I really like Casino Royale and Daniel Craig makes a very good, *human* Bond, but the script was all over the place in Quantum Of Solace. The female characters were criminally underused in Gemma Arterton's case or just plain unlikable in Olga Kurylenkos. It seemed a bit like a "filler" film dealing with the fall out from Vesper's death. Hopefully the next installment will get things back on track.
  • spockvsegon
    I actually didn't like Casino Royale and preferred Quantum precisely because it felt more like a Bond film. I felt that the plot of Casino Royale could be summed up as, "Bond chases bad guy, Bond does something stupid and gets caught by bad guy, bigger bad guy comes along and kills current bad guy. Bond chases new bad guy. Rinse and repeat."

    Now, a friend of mine counter argued that he had to make all those mistakes in Casino to become the Bond of old, a more detached man who could kill and watch loved ones die without the same level of emotional response, and that he didn't arrive at that point until the end of Casino, giving us a character more similar to previous Bond films. Regardless, I don't like my Bond dark and gritty. I like the guy who laughs in tough situations, and I felt Quantum delivered that.
  • Valzahd
    I was largely disappointed with QOS too. For all reasons mentioned but additionally because the story went no where.

    The whole revenge plot is hinted at when the film begins and then vanishes until the very end where Bond seemed to just decide he didn't want to do it anymore with the amount of emotion equal to deciding not to have juice with his breakfast.

    The rest of the plot felt like filler. Chasing some bad guy and doing all these elaborate stunts only to find info out on some bigger plan that as we the audience DOESN'T GET TO HEAR.

    Not to mention the motives of the villain were barely threatening. Some deal involving oil or something. As if we haven't had enough secret plan concepts involving oil bouncing around for the last decade.

    All in all the events of this movie felt like they could have been summed up in the first 20 minutes of another film. They were clearly going for some exposition set up for a third movie. In all honesty it kinda killed my interest in this 'reboot' of the Bond franchise. Though I still hold some hope a third movie will be better.
  • GokuFievel  - Too BORING
    The Villain the 2nd Movie was a total bore, Stealing WATER? REALLY? OOOHHHHHH! THE HORROR!

    The 2nd Movie was BEYOND BORING!
  • mrcheaterson
    there are two sayings:
    Bond Villan
    Bond One liner
    neither of these are in QoS and barely in Casino. We've seen the "darker, grittier bond" it was called timothy dalton, people forget about those because the don't seem like bond films.
    Not to mention that Bond movies are NOT spy movies, they are spy PARODIES. they are supposed to play out with over-the-top action and acting, not punches to the face. Craig is good, but they need to remember their roots or the longest running movie franchise will die as a mediocre borne rippoff.

    And the moment QoS died for me was bond contemplating suicide in the hotel. the rape victim pantyshot was messed up, but the surrender of bond to his fate was bull****. you want realism? use the fact that someone trained like bond would NEVER GIVE UP, fight to his dieing breath, refuse to fail. not wuss out and pick the easy way.

    "...the second?"
    "Always have an escape plan."
    I miss Q...
  • SsnakeBite
    I never saw Quantum of Solace... but that video actually makes me WANT to see it. I HATED Casino Royale? Why?

    Because it's supposed to be freaking JAMES BOND. I'm sorry but this series has ALWAYS been all about over-the-top characters, plots and gadgets (Oddjob's killer hat, Jaws, Ernst Stavro Blofeld and of course Goldfinger's legendary death ray) and yet somehow making the whole thing look classy and awesome. British class at its finess.

    In Casino Royale, I don't know WHO this asshole is but he certainly isn't James Bond. He's vulgar, he's not particularly cunning, he never seems to be really sure what he's doing... he's just not all that heroic. Oh but that's supposed to make him "deeper" and "more realistic", huh? Bullshit. This James Bond is the blandest, most generic he could possibly get, and his crappy attempts at witticisms make ME ant to take that stone and smash his testicles with it. Rarely have I seen such a boring hero in a spy movie.

    As for the movie itself, it's pretty much the same. Bland, boring, uninteresting. Sorry but watching some dudes play poker for half the movie (or at least it sure felt like it) isn't exactly my definition of a thrilling spy movie. And the supposed attempt at realism make me laugh. Yeah, it sure is realistic how James, who isn't even a 00 agent by this point, can just wipe his ass with diplomatic relationships by assaulting an embassy, causing unbelievable amounts of damage culminating in AN EXPLOSION and the death of the guy he was chasing and several soldiers... and gets away with it?! He even gets hired by the MI6 as a secret agent?! Guys, HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN PUT ON TRIAL FOR THIS.

    I think that's what pisses me off the most about the movie: its attempts to make us believe it was totally realistic when it was not making any sense. I wouldn't mind if it had embraced it, like the old Bond movies did, but it didn't, so fuck it.

    Look, if I wanted a gritty, violent, pseudo-realistic action flick about a guy hired by the government to kick villains' ass, I'd watch Die Hard. At least John McClane makes me give a damn.
  • unc
    I would also add that I hated the title song for Quantum.
  • Tom Braider
    I really would have liked Quantum of Solace if the editing wasn't so f'in bad. I thought the plot wasn't that bad (except that idiotic parachute scene), the scenery also was good, especially the scene at the opera, but hell, I would just love if someone released a re-edited version, because I really couldn't tell what's going on for the most time, and even got a little nauseous. I seems like the shots have only about half a second or less. And I don't mind the song either. I didn't like it at first, but when actually hearing it before the movie in a theater it got me really hyped up. Too bad the editor failed so hard on his job.
  • leviadragon99
    That actually manages to pin down one of the vague reasons I couldn't put my finger on for why I disliked QOS...
  • Mcmadness
    Interestingly enough Casino Royale the film is probably the closest it ever got to being almost the exact same as the novel out of all other bond films based off the novels.
    In fact thats how I thought they were going to go with it, but I guess I'll just have to wait and see until Bond 23 comes along.
    And in my opinion on the reboot in general, I think it was a good idea, the bond series could have really used a good cleaning up after the disaster that was die another day.
  • spaceman300  - Bond should now be left to die
    Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace are just not Bond movies, Because everything that made a Bond movie a Bond movie has been washed away and all your left with is just another action movie :(
  • Carteeg_Struve
    What really disappointed me with QoS was after the buildup of the "first" movie, the revealed bad-guy was just so pathetic. It was like they gave all of their good ideas to CR and had nothing planned for QoS.

    Also, for CR, the fact that car flip shown was both real -not CGI- and the World Record for number of flips done (I think they actually intended to do one less than they got) frickin' rocked.
  • Shinigami
    QoS might not be very good movie but I actually think that its not totaly hopeless either. Both CR and QoS give us two totaly different kind of versions of the James Bond. Its obious that James Bond could not return to that over the top ladies man that he was before.
  • Dark Jak
    It had its flaws but i still enjoyed it. though i felt it was a pretty weak sequal to CR
  • redgrant  - There's my thoughts
    and my plug :)

    http:// /blogs/latest/entry/ redgrants-james-bond- film-rankings-7
  • ProphetTenebrae
    I fail to see how they could go so horribly wrong with Quantum of Solace - it's a James Bond film, not rocket science.

    You have your big action set pieces, a good looking girl or two and a diabolical villain who gets blowed up good.

    Not to mention that Casino Royale really portraye the threat in this film as a rebooted SPECTRE type organisation that was a real global player... so, what was their master plan? Increasing water prices in a third world country! BWHAH- wait, what?

    Of course, I think my expectations hit the floor during the first minute of the film, where the car chase was less film and more a slideshow attempting to give someone an epileptic fit. I know that pretty much everyone has the fast cut as one of their major grievances with modern film making but they could have been playing connect 4 during that chase sequence and I'd have been none the wiser, such was the state of it.

    Bond definitely reverts to nigh invulnerable killing machine mode in this one and that does seem to kind of kill the purpose of the reboot. I'm pretty sure we've never really seen Bond get the kind of physical damage that was inflicted throughout the duration of Casino Royale... and then all of a sudden he's a bleedin' Terminator.
  • Arppis
    I thought the movie was alright. But yeah, it was clear stepdown from Casino Royale, so I agree with you 100%.

    Daniel Greig is THE Bond for me.
  • fnorgen
    I thought Quantum of Solace was a kick ass action movie, but it did not feel like a James Bond movie to me. It lacked most of the stuff that made me like James Bond in the first place, like humor and charm.
    To be honest I did not care much for Casino Royale, but at least it still kind of had that James Bond feel to it.
  • Eyeshot
    Bond has indeed turned into Superman. There might be no better scene that shows this than the one where Bond snaps off a stainless steel door handle. A door handle! Of stainless steel! He just snaps it off like it was a graham cracker! WTF!!! Other than that and a few other stupid things, I liked how particularly gritty the flick was.
  • silence_dais  - Quatum of Solace
    I thought the whole point of the Bond films were a romanticised version of what actual spy lives were like: one guy saves the world from an evil mad genius of sorts that wants to take over said world. Instead of what is actually a group of individuals working together to retrieve information at any cost while also protecting their own countries info and such. So Casino Royale while having a much deeper Bond, just seemed flat on it's villain. Solace was just a mess in my opinion, they were trying to make an actual sequel for a franchise that literally doesn't do traditional sequels. So most people who went to see this one were asking questions on why he was having this flashbacks and such not knowing you had to see the one before it to understand what was going on. Plus the villain's plot of that movie was also just too bland from past villain plans. It's like you said: they tried back tracking. Only they tried to blend their back tracking of going to making James Bond a superman type character, while at the same time trying to force a continuing storyline.

    I'll be honest: I like the "superman" type character with James Bond. I also like that they tried making him more humanistic and honestly if they tried to mix that a little bit better by making it so that he doesn't just walk away from normal circumstances that would literally kill a person then I woulnd't have minded the attempt to add a continuing storyline.
  • rezaman
    Do you have any more of those exploding carrots???
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