Pop Song Reviews - The Top Ten Best Hit Songs of 2012

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  • VampireApple
    The movie High School does exist. It was filmed in my old high school. It was... interesting? Adrien Brody was in it.

    Also, to me, Some Nights is about theatre. I listened to it almost non-stop during a particularly bad show I was stage managing. Its my favorite song on that album.
  • CheesecakeSeptember
    Hello person who lives/lived in the same town as me and went to Parker High School (isn't it now a middle school?).

    Most of the songs on this list I hadn't heard on the radio once. Even the Kesha song which surprises me since Kesha is playing constantly on the radio up here.

    I love Lights. I blast it whenever it's on the radio. :)

    I hated that "We are Young" song with a passion. My god did they play that on every station at every time during the day for MONTHS. I couldn't escape it. I hated the first time I heard it and my opinion just got worse the more I heard it. But the song you put on this list, I actually like. This is probably the second time ever hearing it, but I like it.
  • elwenaduialloth
    Except that the movie in question is not the 2010 move High School with Adrien Brody. It is called Mac and Devin Go to High School and stars Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa as the main actors. Wrap your brain around that for a second.
  • Monkey_D._Deadpool
    It's not about something because you want it to be.
  • akarlpana
    Love uuuu Todd
  • TheRealSolitair
    A little over a year ago I first caught on to Todd's show with his Worst of 2011 video. He's inspired me to take pop music more seriously, give rap a chance, and just get more into music, period.

    A few days ago I decided that I would make my own list of my ten favorite songs that charted on Billboard, seeing if I could beat Todd to the punch. But since I don't have a job revolving around pop music, it slipped my priorities. I still don't know what the exact contents of the list are, though I'm pretty sure the Gotye, fun., and Ellie Goulding songs from the video are making it on there, though I prefer the version of Some Nights without the autotune warbling. What the fuck was that supposed to be?

    I'm also really liking "Take a Little Ride" by Jason Aldean, for the surprisingly awesome guitar, and "So Good" by B.o.B., for pretty much the same reason Todd loved "Nothing on You" back in 2010.

    Also, in regards to "N***** in Paris" and "It's Time," I've heard other songs from those same albums that I much prefer over the ones you ultimately selected, though those songs probably didn't qualify for the list. "No Church in the Wild" is absolutely amazing, and I don't want to hear anyone else bitch about it being on the trailer for the Great Gatsby movie anymore. "Radioactive" ended up being more immediately gripping to me than "It's Time," though the effect will likely be lost on anyone who isn't a fan of nuclear apocalypse fiction. And I also prefer the song you brought up, "Daylight" by Matt and Kim. It's catchy, bouncy, happy, and it never fails to put a smile on my face when I listen to it.

    Oh, and accusations of musicians ripping off the songs of other musicians get tossed around so frequently that I just don't fucking care anymore. So I totally agree with you on that front.
  • VincentDawn
    On of Todd's favorite songs is about a woman who is uncontrollably attracted to a man who plays piano in the dark.

    I wonder why that is...
  • Pooky1991
    Thinking of it I am a little shocked Climax isn't on here because it is an amazing slow song. Usually I'm not too fond of overly slow songs, but Climax drew me in.
  • Sazare
    I was expecting "Climax" to be number one. That song seems so much better than "Take Care" to me and probably better than anything else on this list. I'm also disappointed that songs like "Young, Wild, and Free," "I Cry," and "It's Time" (a blatant ripoff of "Daylight" and also incredibly empty) make it onto the list while "Call Me Maybe," one of the best unadulterated pop songs in recent memory did not. I realize Todd didn't like it, but that's because he has no soul. I mean, for christ's sake, it even topped the annual Pazz 'n Jop this year.

    Happy to see Ellie Goulding, Ke$ha, and fun. on here, though.
  • PurpleTiger
    Geez, goodness forbid he have a different opinion of music than you.
  • Sazare
    And heaven forbid I disagree with them, right? These comment sections are here for a reason, you know. They're not just for endless circlejerking about how great and right Todd always is, you know.
  • Rallinale
    You are allowed to disagree with him, but do you really think saying Todd has no soul for not liking "Call Me Maybe" is a right thing?
  • jz1337
    Not if you're in college with people who don't know there are other party songs out there.

    And dear god the Somebody I used to know dubstep remixes need to die in a fire.
  • kerrigan
    there is only 2 dubstep remixes of that song, and neither of them were played on this video. I do not think you know what dubstep is
  • LikaLaruku
    If Todd or anyone else wants to know, just go over to "Digitally Imported," & try one of their dozens of differently genred electronic music stations.

    DI helped me get through the bleak pop music period of the late 90s.

    Dubstep does nothing for me though; too slow, not "happy" & "sugar rush" enough.
  • MusiCal
    I'm growing so much thigh hair. I think it's because I feel so happy. You made me so happy, Todd.
  • wasneeplus
    I must admit I like this list less than last years. I think Kes$ha isn't as bad as Katy Perry and I like that Gotye (who's name you're still mispronouncing) is on it, but most other songs I don't know / don'care about.
  • Furrama
    Every time I heard a Gotye remix I died a little.


    You didn't like DJ Earworm's mix this year? BLASPHEMY! Well, no, your opinion. I shall respect.

    But seriously, I really dug his remix this year.
  • JCubbs
    wait wait, wait. your attempting to say there were other songs than Gangnam style in 2012?
  • PlayMp1
    You may have noticed Somebody that I Used to Know being up on the charts for the entire first half of the year. As I recall, Gangnam Style didn't even get to #1, and if it did, it wasn't for very long. STIUTK was at number one for weeks.
  • 4EFH517
    I love your Year's Best Roundups. Even when I don't agree with you, I always look forward to your choices and connect your love of good grooves no matter how the hipsters may hate. (As you said in Entry #3: UNH!)

    Something I enjoy about your countdowns is when you don't announce right away which song is taking the slot. With other Channel Awesomers going "Number 11: This One!" or "Number 4: That One!", I love being kept in suspense as you give an intro that makes me go "Where are you going with this?" Prime example with #2: what is this Robyn stuff you're going on about OOOOOH YOU MARVELOUS SHIT.

    And congrats to Ke$ha for making the list. I always felt about her the way you said you feel about Katy Perry, and I'm glad you connected back to that. For me, right here, right now, the bridge to "C'Mon" is stuck in my head and giving me goosebumps.
  • Comrade Cat
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for bashing those awful, awful versions of "Somebody That I Used To Know" that have drums. Grrrrr I hate those! It's meant to be drumless!

    Curious that you can tolerate Bruno Mars' grunting white disliking Cher Lloyd's. They're pretty much used for the same purpose.

    Also, no mention of how "Some Nights" borrows from Simon and Garfunkel's "Cecilia?" It's pretty obvious, still a great song though and would be in my own top 10.

    Although I would actually include Katy Perry and not Ke$ha, IMO "The One That Got Away" wipes the floor with "Die Young."
  • Sean Strife
    The reason he can tolerate Bruno Mars' grunting in "Locked Out of Heaven" and yet not in Cher Lloyd's "Want U Back" is because the grunting fits with with "Locked Out of Heaven", whereas it just sounds hilariously out of place in "Want U Back".
  • kurokotetsu
    I went to a a place to grab a couple of beers and was mesmerized by a remix of "Somebody I Used to Know"... I couldn't believe they missed the point by so much.

    It is always fun to see these videos. I don't listen to radio much (I don't own a car and public transportation where I live doesn't play much pop music in the radio) but it is always fun to see the videos and get some exposure, like getting to know "Lights", which I ran to listen when the video finished playing.

    And on "Gangnam Style" is ended being so much fun, so weird, so many parodies (the Johnson Style was the best, just be virtue of having true astronauts singing it) that it grows. It was fun pop and gave me some smiles. As did "Call Me Maybe" a sugary pop song that in contrast to a lto of what I listen to should I despise, but it just hacks my brain into forgetting everything bad (that a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader video that sold me the idea) that I was sure wasnt' going to make it.
  • The_Loremaster
    "Ok, fine, it grew on me... shut up."

    Best commentary on music EVAH!
  • OverratedRiley
    The only reason I would put Lights lower than #2 is because the radio ruined the song for me by constantly and incessantly playing it ALL the time. I completely agree that it's just so haunting but goddamn I got sick of hearing it. But that being said I really appreciate it being you're #2. I agreed with a lot of your list this year I feel like maybe my taste in music has gotten better.
  • totes_Mcgotes
    I can't disagree with anything on this list, although I like the Bassnectar remix of "Lights" a little better than the original. Also, "Call Me Maybe" is the biggest guilty pleasure song of any year, ever.
  • FlintTD  - Remixes
    As much as i know you are totally indifferent to them, Todd, I have to point out that I bought the remixes to Lights (rmx by Bassnectar) and Glad You Came (rmx Alex Gaudino). Both remixes turn up the force on the songs, fully releasing that control you talked about Lights having when the chorus hits, and releasing the emotions full force without losing too much subtlety, and fully realizing Glad You Came, powering up the music to match the vocals.

    I know you do pop, but I have to say that both of these remixes are worth checking out.
  • elknash
    Imagine Dragons must have been Enigma Rain Gods right? That's why the video is so cloudy and confusing.
  • PlayMp1
    It's a simple rearrangement, but I like the sound of Rain God Enigmas more, or perhaps Rain God's Enigma (so long as the anagram allows for punctuation).
  • Mooseifer
    I really appreciate this video for the fact that Todd and I share very different opinions of music - at least the music of today, that is - and allow me to give a chance to music I wouldn't normally listen to.

    Though the problem I have with "Young, Wild, and Free" just for it's pro-marijuana/some other drug preachy undertone & basically encompassing everything I hate about the vapid political standpoint of modern america's youth, but otherwise, this list has really opened my eyes.
  • kerrigan
    your sounding pretty preachy yourself there buddy
  • Really
    ;p we young Americans are turning AWAY from politics because we feel the govt ruined the country. just sayin' you'll see a lot more anarchy in the future.

    BTW what music did you prefer?
  • LikaLaruku
    "Libertarian was too right wing for me, so I became a Social Anarchist." -Says all liberals in the future.

    "Conservative was too left wing for me, so I just started hiring assassins to kill anyone who said something who pissed me off." -Says all the right white old republicans.
  • PlayMp1
    The entire point of the song is that they're just chilling, getting wasted. It's not even like they're doing stupid stuff while getting drunk and high, they're just hanging out, passing the bong and the bottle.

    Plus, it's goddamn Snoop Dogg. At what point in the last 25 years has he NOT been high?
  • Abusoru
    Good list of songs. There were a number of songs on the list this year that you wouldn't have seen in years past, and that's a good thing.

    One song that I'd like to throw in that I surprisingly liked was "Blown Away" by Carrie Underwood. Yeah, she's an established artist, but I thought the song was pretty good, especially taking the idea of a tornado and twist it to be an almost positive event. I like songs that are able to take recognizable symbolism and flip it on its head. As well, the lyrics were more reminiscent of older country songs. It felt nice in contrast to the country songs that do chart (aka, Hunter Hayes).
  • toSTONEiGO
    I personally think Chris Cornell's James Bond theme for Casino R was much better than Adele's.
  • Hyperglide
    It's gonna take a miracle to ever beat Goldeneye by Tina Turner.
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    According to your Blip list, this is your hundredth episode. When were we going to learn about that?
  • DMaster
    Considering that his blip account also contains hidden tracks, vlogs and commentaries, that counter isn't EXACTLY right. By my count, there's 90.
  • Circuitsoft
    I'm really glad to see Ellie Goulding on this list. I have a tendency to buy an album and listen to it until I can't stand it anymore. Sometimes that takes a few days, sometimes a week or two. Ellie's album kept me happy for several months. Then her second album kept me happy for several more months, and going back to the first one I still wasn't bored.

    As for Good Time, Carly Rae Jepsen is an okay singer, but Owl City is a fantastic producer that knows how to make her sound amazing.
  • Snugens
    I'll take the original Lights over just about ANY dubstep on any given day.
  • kerrigan
    that makes you super cool
  • fanime1  - Yay! SkyFall!
    I'm glad SkyFall got an honorable mention. There's a reason it's been my ringtone for two months and it still hasn't gotten old for me. And I'm happy Gangnam Style grew on you, since it is extremely rare for a foreign song to hit the charts. Now I can only hope my obscure and favorite Japanese band to gain some success here too...Anyway, I like some of your choices. I completely agree that I hate when they remix Goyte. Now every time I hear it on the radio, it's the remix version and they're all awful! I still refuse to like Ke$ha, though I do agree her voice is less grating. Nicki Minaj hasn't changed tho. I'm sad to say I haven't heard your number one pick, but it sounds beautiful. I was shocked when I saw who sang it, knowing you think Rhianna is washed out and Drake kinda boring.
  • Ancel De Lambert
    Rihanna looks coked out, that's not good.
  • LikaLaruku
    I was thinking she was doing a Goldie Hawn cosplay.
  • RushBoingo  - Owl City ftw
    I was hoping you would bring him up. I would have good time as number 1 purely because I am a die hard Owl Citizen and I hate most other pop (these lists do have good songs though). At the same time though it took me a long time to get used to the new sound of Owl City, and even longer to accept that he brought Jepsen in (shudders). The album he released was way better than the single alone. Also the Prince song he was thinking of was Purple Rain (confirmed in an interview). Also side note, yay Todd likes Dead Man's party, thats my second favorite song in the world.
  • mrrubino
    Didn't Miley Cyrus make us fall into this trap once before in trying to guess what song she was listening to in her tween-club?

    (And did he class the guy who won American Idol among the "indie rock"-ers? Not to snob it up, but the day one of the Sons of Mumford wins AI is the day pop music makes a major shift.)
  • doommagic
    If you ask Songfacts.com (which I regularly visit just to figure out what the hell artists meant with the lyrics in their songs at times), .fun's lead man was at least partially talking about family with "Some Nights". Though honestly, I think overall, the war theme is intentional. When I first listened to it, I saw it as from the perspective of a soldier in the Middle East away from home, especially with the mention of desert in the song. I dunno. Maybe the vocalist has a cousin or something in the military that he talked about things to a lot. Though at the same time, I'm sure some of the lyrics use some symbolism as well.

    *groans at joke over the "Police" with Bruno Mars*

    And since I've not been too into pop music this year, thanks for a few recommendations, Todd. I'll look into them and see if they catch me like they did you.
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