Pop Song Reviews - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

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  • Tranquilled  - I hated this song.
    But then I heard that Breaking Bad parody and I realized the music wasn't bad. And I love Taylor's voice. Perhaps I just don't have a very romantic heart, but most of her songs are just rather useless to me.
  • Badgercheese94  - romantic?
    Nahh.. Her music isn't romantic, it's 6th grade 3 week lasting crushes-tic..
  • otakuchick45
    Exactly! And as a teen, I can tell you what the reactions to this song are if you put it on at a party. 1) OMIGOD #TEAMTAYTAY I LOVE THIS SONG! and 2) OMIGOD I HATE THIS SONG. TURN IT OFF BEFORE MY EARS BLEED.
    I have the 2nd reaction, but for some reason, without fail, I always sing along to it, if someone refuses to change the station. I think Taylor has brainwashed us.
  • Eleanor  - I totally agree with you!
    When I first heard this song, I couldn't stand it, and I thought the lyrics were anoying. But, now, I'm singing along to it, and I kind f Like it.
    I CAN'T STAND her next song, and I really hope my radio station DOES NOT PLAY IT ANY MORE!!!!!!

    On a different note, as I'm British, I would love to hear your thought on our latest exports, Boy bands The Wanted and One Direction (Who one of them is ment to be datig Taylor Swift) and Girl Band The Saturdays
  • JetstreamGW
    Eh. Still can't see it.

    I get Todd's point. I understand and probably agree with it... But I don't give a shit, the whole song just annoys the balls out of me.

    I like her old stuff better. It was fluffy, useless pop shit, but that's kinda what I"m in the mood for sometimes, and it's what her voice is actually good at.
  • PlayMp1
    I'm firmly on the side of "this is boring crap." Yes, she's being self-deprecating, fairly funny, and realistic lyrically, but it's still goddamn boring from a musical perspective.

    Think about some of the better (to me, that simply means more tolerable) pop songs from 2011. They had some legitimately really interesting things like sax solos (Edge of Glory, TGIF), totally old-school Motown style complete with REAL DRUMS and MOTHERFUCKING ROCK ORGAN (Fuck You), or sampling a goddamn Modest Mouse song (Show Goes On). This one has nothing of the sort. Mostly it just revolves around that big dumb four-chord chorus.

    That chorus in particular bugs the hell out of me. It's like the Bayformers of choruses: loud, dumb, and popular among people who don't look too hard at what they're watching/listening to. Not saying that choruses shouldn't be big and loud, but this one just rips off We Will Rock You, gives it a four-chord progression, and throws in a breakup as the lyrics.
  • Josh_47ra
    I think this song is fun, but not good. I enjoy it, but also thought it was ridiculous it was nominated for a Grammy (for best album)

    Personally I think her two best songs are 'State of Grace' and 'All too Well' which are the only two story songs on the album that are also good. I don't like the direction she is moving in though. She is becoming a little too Pop, and her most popular songs on Red are the dance beat songs like this.
  • Mr.Anderssson
    Good Lord that song at the end... if I heard it on the radio I'd have no idea it was a Taylor Swift song.
  • armagod679
    I have a soft spot for Taylor Swift. I liked all the songs off "Fearless" and I listen to them whenever I'm feeling particularly shallow and depressed.

    That said, this song is remarkably silly. While I understand that it's more genuine than the other songs, I think the lyrics are a lot stupider and the video is just as bizarre as "The Lazy Song."
  • Sgt. Swatter  - Shoot, and here I thought this was by Nicki Minaj
    I could never bring myself to listen/watch anything by Taylor Swift. So thank you, Todd, for introducing this piece of Jessica Simpson-wannabe piece of shit pop song to me. Despite my apparent hatred, I sincerely hope that she doesn't fall into the pop princess to skank syndrome.
  • jaw4ever
  • lithiumgreen
    Oh goodness gracious, her next song coming down the pipes sounds like the most horrendous thing ever conceived. And to think the song you just reviewed (won't say the title cause it's too stupid to bother typing)is actually one of the brighter spots on her latest album...

    I weep for Taylor Swift's future in the music industry, and the biz in general if it's going to rabbit hole into this kind of sugar-frosted junk (sorry, Todd, but I don't think you convinced me in appreciating this song any better than the rest of the world has). I don't hate her - honestly, I'm kinda rooting for her still even though it's been years since Kanye one-upped her in front of the whole world, but she's not giving me much to appreciate when it comes to her songwriting. All I can say to Taylor Swift: find a balance between the pop chord and the country flavor, and you'll be set. Don't go too far on either side.
  • Circuitsoft
    When I first heard this song, I thought it sounded like Avril Lavigne, but the lyrics aren't quite as poetic as she usually is.
  • Rockabore
    Let's not be cruel here, even at her selloutiest Taylor Swift still has more personality than Avril did during her whole career.
  • Coolluck
    I hate this song. I like Nicki Minaj's latest more than this. She needs to get The Civil Wars back together and work with them. Safe and Sound is the only song of Taylor Swift's that I enjoy. Mainly because the harmonies make it feel more like their song and not hers.
  • SufferGhast
    So Todd, where can I download your new single, 'Out of Salsa'? :D
  • Skifan180
    got an itchy leg is way better :D
  • Pigquet
    Hey, don't be so quick to give up. That salsa song could become a hit! I can just feel it! ;)
  • itstheblueguy
    Definitely agree. After Call Me Maybe for 2 months, I was actually glad that the next radio staple didn't sound exactly like the last 10+ piles of aggressive blandness.

    If she were singing about, like Todd said, a cartoon villain boyfriend, I probably would have found it annoying, but not only is she not, she actually let's herself be a little self-deprecating ("falling for it screaming that I'm right"). It's more about the message of when it's time to break up, and I can get behind that. (In fact, I know girls AND guys who could use it.)

    So yeah, passable song, great review.
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - Now, Taylor copies Gaga like paa, ta, ta,ta, ha ha
    (slow dramatic music)
    I'm out of salsaaaaaaa
    Can't make nachos without salsaaaaaa.
    Can't dance the cha cha!!!!
    With...out...my...saLSAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
  • EpicFish  - No
    Just no. I can't stand Taylor Swift and this is just as bad as every other garbage song she churns out. It's trite, petty, and vapid. It just sounds like every other pop song where the girl states, "this is so over, we're never getting back together" and you know by the end of the week they in fact will be back together, acting all lovey-dovey and she'll once again be trying to convince her friends that he's "The One". The whole song is just as childish and immature as Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" from 2007.
  • itstheblueguy
    I can understand not liking the song, but there's little denying that it intentionally and directly mocks everything you just accused it of being. You just sort of come across as more cynical of Taylor Swift herself than of the song.
  • TheBechtloff
    Im actually a sucker for Taylor Swift. I generally can't stand anything even remotely country but I dig her.

    That being said "We are never ever getting back together" sounds like a parody of her. I guess she's sucessful enough now she decided to stop trying.
  • dougbutcher
    George Jones: He Stoppped Loving Her Today.

    Compare and contrast.
  • Dark Jak
    Jones: Good

    Swift: Crap

    Sorry Todd, but I completely disagree with you on this one. This song is awful, one of the worst I've ever heard. The music is so phoned in you couldn't get more lazy if you tried. As for the subject matter .... its about her breaking up with a boy, same as every single other song she has done. It's a lazy cash in, and songs like "call me maybe" only exist because Swift showed everyone how easy it was to make money off this type of song. In fact I'd go as far to say that Taylor Swift and the 100 copycats out there are this decades boy band. No real talent and just the result of a studio trying to make easy cash.
  • Emradrig  - Salsa
    "without you" is such the obvious cliche rhyme for "what can I do" that I actually got whiplash when you didn't use it.

    Also, I usually hate acronyms but WANEEGBTG might actually be easier to say.
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    Other overused rhymes that drive me nuts:
    "Hands in the air" with "Just don't care"
    "Look So Fine" with "Make You Mine"
    and for the season,
    "Snow" with "Mistletoe."

    And anything that rhymes with "heart."
  • PlayMp1
    It never actually irritates me, but James Hetfield of Metallica always finds a way to work in a insane/brain rhyme. I find it rather funny.
  • MoonSagi
    Verse two of "Itchy Leg Song" has been revealed!
  • venkarl
    Can't say I particularly agree. I basically hate every Taylor Swift song I've ever heard, and this one isn't an exception. It's catchier than her others I guess, but... yeah, I still hate it.
  • Mary001
    ...You're right Todd. This song isn't the worst. But honestly, I just hate it because it's so generic and, if it weren't for the fact that my radio is playing non-stop Christmas music, the song would be drilled into my head right now.
    On a related note, my radio station isn't playing that stupid "Christmas" song by Beiber. I guess they deny its existence...much like myself.
  • Plague #11  - Wait
    Taylor actually has a song called "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"?

    And here I thought tumblr was just exaggerating for the sake of humour.
  • TheTannedOtaku  - Honestly...
    I thought Taylor WAS going for the self-awareness thing

    I'm almost positive this song IS a parody of the catty break-up songs

    I laughed when I first heard this, and looking at the video, it's even harder to believe she's trying to play the theme straight
  • Plague #11
    I wrote that comment prior to actually /listening/ to the song, and I can't say I disagree with you.
  • Skemono
    I agree with pretty much all this. I like... well, I like the verses to this song. As Todd says, the details put in them really do make it seem like a real situation and something believable. And I don't think the music's too bad.

    But that stupid, stupid chorus makes me change the channel.
  • traceace
    As someone mentioned before, my first exposure to this song was because of that Breaking Bad parody song. I tend to side with you, Todd, in that it's certainly not "good" but it's also a song that doesn't make me want to throw things. And the actual music itself is catchy enough I've found myself humming along the few times I've come across it since then, so, whatever.

    (But seriously, though, without it that parody couldn't exist and that alone makes it worth something)
  • Shiro Dragon  - Didn't even known
    I didn't known that Never Getting Back Together was a Taylor's song. When I first heard this song it was Peter Hollens' version. It wasn't until I was awaken by my radio alarm clock that I heard that song been sing by a woman voice and I still didn't known it was Taylor (mostly because I haven't listen to many of Taylor's songs)
    But when I heard the song on the radio I was thinking that Peter's version was better. He even change the talk area to say something completely different.

    P.S. If you don't known who Peter Hallens is check out Todd's earlier videos. I don't remember which but it the one that talks about musician that make music and put it up on YouTube. Watching that video got me to be a Peter fav.
  • darkgryphon42
    I hadn't heard this one, but my first reaction to hearing the clips on the review was that it's nice to hear her singing about a guy as something *other* than the OMG Perfect Prince Charming of Her LIFE! I haven't heard anything from her other than her singles so I'm sure I've got an unbalanced view. But to me, it's nice to hear her put out a single where she's showing a little backbone and a bit more valuing herself instead of just how awesome some guy is. I also agree with Todd that I get tired of "Evil Villian" breakup songs, it's nice to hear one that's more realistic. The song doesn't sound amazing, but better than a lot that's out there.
  • MichaelGrey
    Here is my issue with the song...

    The tunage is fine. It's kinda addicting in a way. I like the sing along chorus.

    But...AND THIS IS A BIG BUT...

    The narrator of the song is AAWWWWWFUUUULLL. I mean REALLY awful. She indicates no remorse, no real regret or sadness except for ONE line in the song. We get NO details about what she saw in him, there's no sense that she had anything invested in the guy...

    I mean, we can't even say the video clears her. He just looks even worse than he does! She's throwing a PARTY in celebration over how he's outta here life! And the fact that the narrator is just as awful as the person she's trying to verbally EVISCERATE is hammered in every time you hear the chorus. She isn't sympathetic. A VERY stark contrast to most of her other singles.
  • Nekolady
    I feel like you kind of missed the point. This isn't a Beyonce or even Kelly Clarkson song where they guy was a supervillain and the woman is so STRONG AND INDEPENDENT that she has no feelings on the matter as you seem in indicate. It's about a douchebag who has been leading her on for a long time, always saying he's going to change but never following through, and always getting back with her only to have the same issue again and again. I don't see anything unsympathetic about being happy about resolving to get out of that black hole of a tiresome relationship, it certainly doesn't make her an awful person!
  • AlfieTheApeMan
    I have been waiting for this review for a long time, Todd! Nice job!

    That said, I do have to disagree with your opinion. What you said about this song sounding like a parody of Taylor Swift is exactly how I felt when I first heard it. I still think that is how would best work, too. My view of Taylor Swift was that she brought a new image to country all the while keeping intact a sense of maturity that country music is known for. After hearing this, it just sounded so distant from the Taylor Swift that I first heard on the radio in 2006. It doesn't work for me.

    Also, I wish this song was more poetic. That is more of my style. Either way, you do bring up some good point, Todd. Whether or not I agree with you opinions, I still enjoy your videos. Keep up the good work!
  • SlyDante
    I've personally had a straight-up vendetta against swift ever since she made that crappy anti-bullying song "Mean". Aside from contributing to an already overstuffed market of pop songs saying "Be Yourself" (usually with an anti-bullying subtext), there was her motivation behind it.

    I, myself, was bullied all throughout high school because I was saddled with an insulting nickname. Either people called me it to tease me, or unknowingly teased me by thinking it was a genuine nickname I used. And combined with my Asperger's Syndrome, which hindered my social skills, it made for some of the saddest memories of my life.

    Swift's motivation? She got a negative review from some random dick on a blog.


    So yeah, I hate her. That being said, I kinda agree with Todd here: The lyrics are indeed much more relatable, but it still just sounds stupid in the way they're presented. Don't like it that much, but not horrible.
  • 2wingo
    Agreed, as someone who was also severely bullied, nothing sounds more hollow and meaningless than a song about bullying from someone who has never been bullied in her life.
  • magolivia  - not true
    Taylor Swift was also bullied when she was a kid.
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