Pop Song Reviews - Top Ten Worst Hit Songs of 2004

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  • whatisthisidonteven
    You know, Todd, if you keep spoiling us, we'll expect more.

    Great work.
  • RonRick  - Brillant.
    I like this a lot this is half an hour this is very entertaining to watch and I like it a lot and I wanted to say how much I liked it so thank you.
  • j.z3tto
    2004 was pretty much the year I stopped listening to pop music, so I remember most of these songs. And yeah, they were just as bad then as they are now.

    But I totally gotta agree on #1. I never really liked the guy's music, but in hindsight, that really was his "jump the shark" moment.
  • Jezzy54
    When I heard the other Chingy song on the radio, I thought it sounded like he was saying "I'm tired of looking like a turd". Apparently he wasn't.
  • Ohsha  - Chingy Can't Help the Way he was Born
    That art novea titlecard's the coolest you've'd.

    Todd doesn't've los cajones to tell a girl, "tonight I'm fucking you".

    Jessica was popular b/c she was hot. Shame sexiness is no longer a requirement for clear channel to hype a chick.

    Folks didn't start saying Nickelback was the worst band ever 'til they'd already falled into obscurity. I hated "photograph" but "Figured you Out" was no worse than other bad radio-rock like Nirvana and Ac/dc.

    I remember when Sean Paul was featured on every other song on the radio. I hated his gibberish jamaican accent from the first I heard it.

    A horribly bland song. You can blame the producer who coerced Hoobastank into making it. Their first album, closer to the style they wanted, was whine-rock like Linkin Park but better than this shit.

    Nelly couldn't even rhyme in the chorus. Didn't even use words, like the Hot Boys.

    Nice Boondocks clip.

    #s 5, 3, 2
    I don't remember these songs.

    Girls LOVED this song. Seemed like every girl I knew wanted to sing/dance to this song and "My Neck, My Back".

    Todd, obviously you should've included a There Will be Blood clip. It's obligatory.

    Eminem started getting bad with "The Real Slim Shady". It started a trend, continued in "My Band", "Guess Who's Back" and peaking with "Just Lose it" where Marshall annoyed rather than provoked.
  • HeyYouWhatDoYaSee?
    The difference between "The Real Slim Shady", "My Band" and "Guess Who's Back" to "Just Lose it" is, that those songs actually work as over the top funny made music. The problem of "Just Lose it" wasn't only the boring beat as well as the mediocre at best rapping by Eminem, it was the poorly implemented try to be funny without doing something. It's completely based on over used dated references. The lyrics also doesn't really seem throughout.

    Also, Nirvana never supposed to be radio-rock. The never tried to be mainstream, the mainstream come to them, which is a little but important point. Only "Nevermind" could ever be described as radio-friendly. Their other albums, where as far away from radio-rock as possible, especially "in utero". Or would you really describe songs like "tourettes" or "radio friendly unity shifters" as radio friendly? Don't know much about AC/DC, 'cause I'm not very interested in them.
  • vonPeterhof
    Wow, that takes me back. Not only do I remember six of the songs (and all of the artists), I actually recall kinda liking five of them! Milkshake is the only one I disliked pretty much since the first time I heard it, though the overplay certainly helped turn that dislike into hatred. I quit pop music a couple of years later.
  • jycool
    Wait. Milkshake was suppose to be a serious song? I'm not asking that sarcastically or jokingly.
  • KumafromArgentina
    The guy from Hoobstank seems like a young John Cussack, only gayer
  • AceTygra82
    Dude! Are you a homophobe? What makes you think all gays are awful sucky singers? ;-)
  • megadeath
    dude rock is still alive you just have to look outside the pop charts and look into the rock charts once in a while
  • TheAngryAnimeAddict
    "Why won't the Reason go away"
    Well, Honestly, I think it's due to to the fact that the song is played at every Christian Summer Camp (yeah those exist) during the talent show. Usually interpretive dance, thinking the song is talking about the relationship between Christians and God..... =p

    Yyyyyeaaaaah people are dumb.
  • commenter314159  - I don't remember these songs at all
    Finally my terrible memory comes in handy.
  • ToruKun1
    2004 will always hold a special place in my heart simply because it's the year I started REALLY paying attention to mainstream music instead of just listening to the video game/anime soundtrack mix CDs my friends burned for me...and I hate to say this but Chingy's Jackpot was the first rap album I ever bought. It actually got me into hip-hop and I actually liked that fucking One Call Away song.

    I need to go scrub myself.
  • otakursed666
    Call me a heathen, but I think Nickelback's about as inoffensive as Creed or Linkin Park. And as for the lyrics, I find the literal interpretation needlessly harsh. "Not right now" due to being in an emotional maelstrom is something I think many could relate to. Could just be me. And re: Lose It, I find it appealing that a rap artist could engage in both self deprecating humor and spin out a melancholic tale, Toy Soldiers, on the consequences of being a major player in Hip-Hop. At least it's not more pro-hate shit like he'd engaged in early in his career.
  • MrKingOfWin  - I beg to differ
    I liked his earlier work, and Todd himself said that he liked it, it might not appeal to you, but from an altogether quality standpoint, Just Lose It is FAR worse than Kill You or Just Don't Give a Fuck
    Todd claimed Eminem was supposed to be "angry" and he couldn't believe "Just Lose It". Like Eminem wasn't doing comedy 4 years prior with "My Name Is" and "The Real Slim Shady".
  • jjramsey
    I pretty much agree with you about Nickelback. My reaction to them is, "Eh, it sounds kinda okay (shrug)" Also, if Chad Kroeger had really sounded like he was singing out of his butt, wouldn't his voice sound more like, well, a fart?
  • constantinople
    Well, this list certainly proves that I had godawful taste in music when I was twelve or thirteen. I remember liking some of these songs, or at least trying to meet them halfway. Well, you live and learn.
  • armagod679
    It's okay. Who didn't have awful taste in music at age 12?
  • MrKingOfWin
    GOD I hate #1, it really makes me cringe, great list!
  • Zagardal  - great video as always
    "The Reason" should have been higher, god I hate that song. Keep it up man, love your work.
  • dennett316  - But....but I liked Just Lose It.
    3) Jadakiss, never heard of him until now, but fuck that guy. Seriously, fuck him and his stupid self for promoting dumbass ignorance and idiotic conspiracy theories about the US government killing it's own citizens on 9/11. What a prick.

    2) Kind of surprised you didn't mention the response from Frankee called Fuck You Right Back. You did mention coming back to it though, so no doubt it'll be mentioned in the eventual review.

    1) As I said in the title of my post, I liked Just Lose It. I know it's far from his best, but I just find it stupidly catchy. I know his previous high standards explain the top position in terms of your disappointment, but I truly think that Jadakiss abortion deserves the top spot. Oh well, never mind, great video Todd, as always.
  • Ohsha  - Building 7
    A. There was a war game on 9/11 running a scenario in which terrorists flew hijacked planes into the WTC.

    B. America has air-monitoring services on standby to scramble jets and shoot down hijacked planes.

    Knowing these facts, it's clear men high in the federal government co-ordinates the towers fall, confusing relevant agencies with a near-identical wargame and delaying any reaction until it was too late.

    You can get the facts and adjust your interpretation accordingly but given your taste in tv I'm sure you'll stick to material that reinforces your beliefs, making your head feel comfortable in your ass.
  • bleunt
    A. So?

    B. So?
  • poisontongue
    Talking about picking facts that reinforce your beliefs...

    Does it feel comfortable up there? Nice and humid in that cramped little space?
  • bleunt
    The funny thing about Todd using Lupe Fiasco as a better alternative to Jada, is that Lupe also questions 9/11 and the WTC attack in his songs. I wonder why Todd thinks he's less dumb.
  • katwalk
    I was trying to think "what did I listen to in 2004" and then I realized
    2004 is when I got fed up with the radio and stopped listening to current music. I have no knowledge of music from 2004-2007 as 2007 was when I started working in hairdressing salons who played the top 40 station.
    I vaguely remember the milkshake song just because it grew a meme, and the nickleback song, but that is probably because I had heard other nickleback songs.
  • Moon Spirit  - Nostalgia for me, with a hint of pain
    Well, I remember 2004 vividly because I was a junior in high school, and I remember a lot of these songs. And god, ugh...

    10. I don't care much about Jessica, but yeah, I do remember she had a show with Nick, and she mistakes tuna for chicken. And for this song, I don't know about this because I don't think I've ever heard of it.

    9. AHHH!!!! Nickelback! Kill it with fire!!!! No but seriously, I hate this band with a passion. The only song I know of theirs that I can tolerate was the one that became WWE Raw's theme song for awhile.

    8. Meh, I kind of like this song. I don't care much about the keyboarding in this song as I did with every other dance song those years. This was the beginning of the end for my taste in hip hop, and I still do not regret liking this song.

    7. Man, this was the only song I know out of this band, and I don't think I ever heard another song from them again. I can see why, even though I still have this song. I don't deny that this song is kind of to my liking, but that's the way of a one hit wonder I suppose.

    6. I forgotten about Chingy! I only know a few of his songs, which of course is "Right Thurr." God, had such fun times saying "there" into "thurr." I guess he's gone now.

    5. I never heard of Lloyd, nor do I care, but shock of all shock, he's still big and I still don't give two shits about him.

    4. Ha! I don't like this song either. I only like the X-Press remix of this song. That remix was so much better.

    3. I'm not a big fan of Jadakiss, but god, I would such an idiot if I actually heard this song and actually liked it. I really liked rap with a message in their songs, but this is just terrible. Seriously. DMX was a better messenger, and he didn't say a lot with the song "Who We Be"

    2. Holy shit! I remember this guy and this song, and I forgotten about his existence this whole time. I only remember the radio friendly version, but I never knew how dirty this song was. God, I thought this was a deep romantic song, only to find out it had a very mean spirited message 8 years later.....god I'm old.

    1. Yup. Yup. I love Eminem's music with all my heart, and this was the song that pretty much sealed his fate. Encore was definitely his worst album, ever! Believe me! I own every single album of his from solos to his group D12, and when I listen to them, I listen to them throughout because they were so awesome. Then this album came, with songs containing actual poop sounds, puking at the thought of an ex, bullies being "big wienies," a stab at Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and a lot of very forgettable songs. Hell, I bet Eminem facepalmed just for even remembering this shit fest.
  • OverratedRiley
    Ok I'll preface this statement with saying that in 2004 I was a moody little punk ass 12 year old girl. So Nickelback was honestly the best thing for me to listen to because it wasn't pop music and I was trying so hard not to be like any other girl.

    It's been 8 years though, I'm 20 and much less of a butt and I STILL don't understand where all this hate for Nickelback comes from. I'm sorry I freaking LOVE 'Someday', there are many songs by them that I do really like. Like "The Reason", I don't have a problem with it but I absolutely see how it could get on someone's nerves for it's pretentious whiny-ness; "Milkshake" I understand is a piece of shit song when you only think of it as a song, but as a comedic expression, it's great. But I don't get why Nickelback gets hate. I'm not even defending it, I just don't understand where it comes from.
  • Jonas87
    Back in 2004 I wasn't even listening to music, I only started 4 years ago when I was 21. I think that is why I can't tell good music from bad.
  • Rieev  - Is it wrong to love Nickleback?
    While I'm pretty okay with the rest of the list (and I heavily agree with #4), I have to say- what's with all the Nickleback bashing? Seriously, I love their songs and while everyone can have their opinions, it baffles me how they can be considered the 'worst' band. I've actually been ridiculed for liking Nickleback once! Seriously...

    Maybe I just have a bad taste in music? *shrug* Oh well.
    I love Nickelback too. It's just that when a group has the unmitigated gall to be normal and appeal to normal people, that is seen as bad in a youth oriented industry and the genre of Rock and Roll which is supposed to be rebellious. But the indication that the Nickelback listeners are A-okay is that after a decade, Nickelback is still as popular as ever.
  • poisontongue
    Probably because:

    A) All their songs sound the same.
    B) All their singles rehash the same dull "rockstar" themes now.
    C) They are generic, boring, untalented, and forgettable.

    Shit sells, what can I say? The American populace isn't known for being quality savants. Twilight's popular, for goodness sake, and a Twilight fan-fiction.
  • EarthboundXE
    I have no idea why people hate Nickelback either, and call them the "worst band of all time".

    I'm not a fan, and I don't listen to them, but of what I've heard, they sound fine.
  • keniakittykat
    I don't get it either, I've always loved Nickleback. Yes, their songs sound similar, but is that bad?
    I have yet to find a song of them that I hate. I think their lyrics are good and a bit poetic.
    I just can relate is all.
  • fanis01
    you aren't alone. Nickelback has made good music. I guess people are just critical. but I must say someday does suck in my opinion.
  • athehun11
    Milkshake means tits, I don't see how that's not obvious. Were you purposely being obtuse on that one, as a joke, perhaps?
  • TheTannedOtaku
    I hope it was a joke...didn't he say in another video he knew Milkshake wasn't literally about milkshakes?

    I always thought it was catchy...

    The Reason is my guilty pleasure
  • athehun11
    Now that you mention it, I think I vaguely remember that being mentioned. In that case, my bad.

    And lol, guilty pleasures are such a confusing thing. I remember one of mine was that blue song by Eiffel 65. I'm still not sure why I like that one...
  • FishEyenoMiko
    "Maybe he sold her dog and slept with her friends."

    Well... better than the other way around.

    "I'm gonna fill out your March Madness bracket."

    Oh, Todd! [blush!]

    "Just lose it [obnoxious Pee-Wee laugh]"

    You keep doing that, M, and I'M gonna lose it...
  • Fyrsiel
    I honestly can't understand why Nickelback is getting so much hate...! They're not great, not by far; frankly, I just find them kind of... blah, and extremely generic. But not as god awful as everyone keeps claiming, eesh...! Perhaps I just haven't listened to enough of their songs. There are one or two that I liked. Otherwise, eh, they're more or less just forgettable and harmless. _xD I just don't get all the blatant seething hate...!

    And now reading other comments above mine, I see others are wondering the same. xD Heh.
  • rushfan2112  - response to 4:44
    why yes it does sound like screaming children
  • Jael
    Oh God.... my middle school years have come back to haunt me! Damnit Todd!
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    You're banished to the Shadow Realm for making me feel that old.
  • ladydiskette
    I admit, I like "Someday" and "Saving Me" but his latest work after "Photograph" is so glutterally aweful. Let's face it, he is no Eddie Vedder.
  • Mikemaniax
    Wow. I remember hearing most of these songs every fucking day of my senior year of high school. Just wow, did music suck in 2004. And it's gotten exponentially worse ever since. Now I'm gonna go back to some good music and listen to Tame Impala.
  • Romanticide
    I actually thank the heavens I missed many of those songs. Half of the years I was living on france and I didn't have tv, so most of the music I heard was either from the french mainstream radio (which seemed to adore Usher... uggh) or the internet. Many of those songs I never heard of until today.

    Still I remember the reason sounding A LOT everywhere when I returned. Mtv fucking adored that song, their next video "same direction" which recicled most of the video (with exception of the chick) I enjoyed more XD

    And man, Eminem was really bad that year... real bad... D:
  • laughterandcandy
    Just when I thought I couldn't (love) agree with you any more, you find a way. I never liked Milkshake. I also heard it so many times. It wasn't until I heard that song covered by Goodnight Nurse, and liked it, before I realized I hated the original. It just makes me...cringe. The only places I can think of that she's talking about are her tits or lower...Image. Do not want. Thank you.

    I admit to liking The Reason, but yes, I can't deny the vagueness of the lyrics, which makes it harder to connect to. And overall making it just a cop out apology song.

    I also admit to...not getting the hate on Nickelback, why they are the worst. Mediocre, I could see. But the worst band ever? I can see that they recycle songs, that they sound the same. But...I like a hand full of them. I've been trying to find out why people hate them, so I guess my journey continues. Maybe someday.

    I almost feel like I need to apologize for remembering Chingy. Although maybe only because an episode of George Lopez featured him once. And I do remember Eamon's song...the censored version, of course. Wow hearing that years later, he sounds like one of those dumbass, whiny wannabe gangsters that I can't stand...

    And I remember that Jessica Simpson song. She does seem awkward doing those Christina Aguilera interlude noises.

    Ahhh young tween self, you knew Just Lose It was a terrible song and you were right. I'm so proud of you.
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