Pop Song Reviews - Whistle by Flo Rida

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  • LikaLaruku
    Can you play that Duel Disc baby, Duel Disc baby, let me know. Girl I'm gonna show you how to duel it, & we can play real slow. We can put our decks together, & I'll let you go first. Can you play that Duel Disc baby, duel me baby, here we go.

    I'm betting you like gamers, & I'm betting you love cheat mode. & I'm betting you like girls, the yaoi girls who love Little Kuriboh.

    You can't cheat if you wanna get fame, even though that's how Kaiba plays the game. Get on a blimp & we'll duel over Zeebrugge. & we'll watch 3 Bakuras duel 2 Yugis.
  • TheGamerAmongstUs  - (Brooklyn Accent engage)
    (Sniff) That was beaudifal... I gotta wype a tear from my aye...

    (Brooklyn Accent disengage)

    Great review, Todd! And I liked the Yu-gi-ohification; makes the lyrics make much more sense, LikaLaruku.
  • Ohsha
    He's fat for a guy who takes his shirt off.

    .fun (on their first album) and gotye have made a lot of good not poppy music, making their popularity a sign of good popular taste, like MGMt's good sales. But Call me maybe girl you're already back to crap.

    Todd talks about "flo rida finding good hooks" as if he makes his own music.

    "catchy" is a euphemism for repetitive.
  • Vismutti
    You just won the Internet. Congratulations.
  • Undertaker91
    omg that was just awesome. hilarious parody, especially considering im a huge Yugioh fan
  • tommygun888
    little koriboh should make that
  • Amykins
    Flo, if your girl can give you a BJ while making a whistling motion...um...that's not exactly complimenting your manhood, is it?
  • Scorpio-Kitty
    Awesome was waiting for a new reveiw!
  • cdude13
    This is a horrible song...I hate to say that the whistling is really damn catchy tho
  • BaltoStephenWinter  - Am I pondering, or am I just trolling?
    In today's world one cannot listen to a song out of curiosity without making the said song more popular.

    Whenever someone looks up a song on youtube that person is added to the number of hits the video/song gets. The higher the hits, the more popular it is; at least according to the internet. The logic behind this is flawed. How are you supposed to determine how people feel about a song based on the number of views a video gets? Personal opinion is taken out of the equation all together.

    For example; Rebecca Black's Friday.
    I'm convinced that the number of views the video got was not because people found the song to be good. I personally think it was because people wanted to find out how bad the song/video actually was.

    Is the popularity of a song based entirely on the hits or downloads a song gets? No, it's not. Eventually the popularity of a song declines because people stop viewing/listening to it once they realize how bad the song actually is or they replace that song with another one. We can all hope that the new song is better than the previous one.
  • PlayMp1
    A decent judge would be the ratio of likes and dislikes on YouTube, or the star rating on other sites. To use your Friday example, Friday had a disproportionately high number of dislikes, numbering in the hundreds of thousands before the original video was taken down.

    Unfortunately, not everyone has a YouTube account, so a song can have tens of millions of views and only a hundred thousand dislikes.
  • Moon Spirit
    Yes it's catchy, but the bad catchy, like Macarena catchy. Plus, this song's flow doesn't match a party hit. It's so slow.

    Furthermore, some of the only ones I know that fit better: Walk Like an Egyptian.
  • accelgors
    I think this is the worst song of the year. I hate it way more than you do, and you already dislike it. :Y
  • ImAFermata_HoldMe  - God damn whistle!
    That whistle is a constant thorn in my side... err.. head...

    Btw, this is definitely one of those songs that I would IMMEDIATELY change the radio station on.

    When you played the other Flo Rida songs, I definitely recognized the songs but completely forgot, until now, that he did them.. And they are still terrible, either way.
  • ladydiskette
    I am never going to look at the Andy Griffith theme song the same way again.

    Not even the song "Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide" from Pinocchio makes the concept of whistling any better now. >_>
  • catbot158  - Aw yeah!
    Sexual innuendos to the max!

    Ugh, another damn Richie Rich song about getting high, drunk, and slammed, all during a beautiful day at the beach, all complete by a warm sunset, and an erotic dance party till you black out. Yes, that is what the population wants, folks. Not songs that sound and feel revolutionary or different, but another clone of the same crap that we've been brainwashed into submission for.
    And maybe I'm wrong. Maybe some sort of new sound or new type of music will start getting popular, and it will sound pleasant to the ears.
    But by the time that happens, I'll have loss my hearing from old age. Goodie.
    Feel bad for ya, Todd. Actually, I always do. You seem like a nice guy. You don't need to suffer through all this. XD
  • Scorpio-Kitty
    Have to agree the chorus is veru catch but this was the first time I saw the lyrics...This song is not that great but Todd always seems to change my mind I can't listen to call me maybe anymore without thinking "This is silly"
  • CC*  - nice
    wow this is low on the list of flo-rida songs,for the reasons you mentioned

    *insert joke about lindsay blowing todd's whistle here* (mainly because i'm to afraid of the possible outcomes myself)
  • therooster  - songs that make you pray for death
    Cher Lloyd - Want U Back, it is inevitable
  • Imtolazytocomupwitaname
    I don't actually think this is all that terrible. Then again, the only artist I've never been able to stand is Justin Beiber. I've even been able to stand Double Take's Hot Problems, which I didn't actually mind. Didn't like it, didn't care about it.
    Then again, I have a huge resistance to terrible things. I sat through Alvin and the Chipmunk's the Squeekuel without even a headache or anything.
  • Ellie Bee
    It's music like this that made me stop listening to mainstream radio.
  • BoomKrakatoa
    And once again, I am amazed at how often you have been updating, recently. Keep going! Your stuff is great!


    Head for the hills! It's a blow job song! Dear God, how this song got so damned popular is beyond me.
  • keniakittykat
    the melody is nice, but the lyrics disgust me.
  • armagod679
    The first time I heard this song was in the car... with my mother... driving to my all-girl's school...

    I don't think there is any way to redeem this song. But we all got a good laugh out of Todd!
  • IMChewbacca
    I was wondering how long it would take you to get to this awful song.
  • americo-russian-nerd
    Dear Todd,
    Thank you. (This isn't just for this review for for all of them). Before I started watching your reviews, I listened to most of these popular songs to fit in and even thought they were good. I still think some of them are good, but most, I realized were idiotic cacaphonies. You changed my opinion about them. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I did not even realize that I was listening to horrible CRAP. (seriously this isn't sarcasm).
    -A grateful person
  • TheTannedOtaku
    I don't think the whistling is catchy...maybe because I can't whistle...(?)

    But yeah, awful song that makes LMFAO seem clever and creative
  • BlueRoseEmbers  - THANK YOOOOOOUUUUU!
    I HATE this song! if I hear this song while drive I change to the oldies station ( I mean older than my mama, oldies station)

    This is the one review I wanted to see SO bad but wished there were subtitles so I could avoid hearing that thing. GAAAAHHH!!!!

    I pray to bob that I never hear a kid sing this, so wrong, so very very (to infinity power) wrong.

    Thank you so much Todd for reviewing this, now I too must hit myself with a plastic bat in order to forget this..."song".

  • atypicaloracle
    Hey, why not put a song about a blowjob on a Kidz Bop album. They put "Hey Ya" on a Kidz Bop album.

    "Don't wanna meet your momma/just wanna make you cumma/I'm just bein' honest." Yeah, that one.

    This song travels through a black hole of mediocrity to emerge as something that actually does stand out - for how incredibly stupid and lame it is.
  • Dooickouski
    I must say, it feels like these are coming out more often and I am VERY happy about that! :D
  • LoadingPleaseWait
    When I first heard this song a few days ago, I was under the impression that "whistling" was actually a metaphor for KISSING, not giving a blow job.

    But now that I've actually had the lyrics "translated" for me (cause face it, Flo Rida raps in some sort of half-deciphered dead language), I feel positively unclean.

    I used to think the song was just mindless and stupid...now I feel like it falls somewhere along the spectrum between scuzzy and downright creepy. Yech. Go crawl back in your hole, Flo Rida.
  • PlayMp1
    Oh look. Another four chord song.

    Why? Why is every standard pop/hip-pop (poppy hip-hop) a four chord song these days?
  • CyborgPrince
    Saying "blow my whistle, baby" isn't attractive at all. It sounds like something a 15 year old douchebag who thinks he's cool would say to a girl.

    Unfortunately, that whistle hook is catchy. I sometimes just start whistling it at random. DAMN YOU, FLO RIDA!!! DAMN YOUUUUUUU!!!!
  • PlayMp1
    It's not hard to be catchy when you abuse the I V vi IV chord progression.

    Give me an hour with that and Fruity Loops and I could write half of modern pop.
  • CyborgPrince
    Kinda displays the sad situation music is in, doesn't it?
  • PlayMp1
    No, I don't think music is in a sad situation at all, actually. You see, the pop charts only represent the bullshit that flows to the top. They're not at all representative of the state of music or innovation.

    What has happened over the past 15 or so years with the advent of the Internet and its Big Bang-like growth (explosive isn't huge enough to describe going from a few universities and the military to a third of the population) is music has become increasingly compartmentalized. Instead of people rallying around a single song or artist and driving them to the top, as in times past, people latch onto a *genre* or *style.*

    An immediately obvious example: dubstep. I hate you, you might hate it, but dubstep is a case study in how this compartmentalization has gone. In just a couple of short years, dubstep has gone from just some weird offshoot of British grime to possibly the most popular genre in electronic music - and yet, you don't really see much dubstep on the charts. Yeah, Skrillex occasionally gets up there, and a few songs also get some dubstep sections (wubwubwub!), but it's not representative of how popular it is at all.

    What has happened is a mass diversification of music that at once creates far more, diverse (to be redundant) artists and types of music while also preventing them from rising to be huge hits. You're not going to see anything but this sort of pop on the top 40 charts anymore, but the underground is now where most people find and listen to music.
  • Steve the Pocket
    So what you're saying is that these songs on the top 40 charts aren't really "popular" in the traditional sense? They just happen to be popular with the tiny segment of the population that still listens to mainstream radio stations?
  • PlayMp1
    Exactly. If I talk to a given person, they'll have a set of random genres with random, semi-obscure artists from that genre. A couple will name a pop song or two they like, but very few are the people driving these songs to the top.

    Occasionally, there's songs that we seem to rally around for a long period of time. The mega hits of this years are where this is happening, because they have mass appeal to people beyond the top 40. I'm a metal head and jazz musician, and *I* liked We Are Young and Somebody That I Used To Know (though my favorite pop song is still Fuck You for being a 60s funk/soul track that somehow got popular in 2011). Otherwise, it's just those people whose radios are stuck on the pop station are driving pop music.

    I think music will be just fine, we just have to support the bands we do like.
  • theseventhdoctor
    I had a feeling this one would show up sooner or later. This is one of my least favourite songs ever.
  • adorablesystems
    Hey, wasn't this a DDR song at one point? At least there it sounded like the singer knew it was an innuendo.
  • The Guy that Died in MM Zero 1
    Don't know about DDR, but there's a DJ Alligator song that Flo Rida seems to be ripping off here: which used the line "Blow my wistle, Baby" or Bitch in the original version.. yeah, not exactly subtle..

    P.S. I got a CD with the radio version, when I was 9, so yeah I can totally see this one beeing on Kids Bop
  • ADDLibrarian  - THANK YOU
    YES! Someone else remembers that this song was already done- The Whistle Song by DJ Aligator. And yes it was in DDR.
    http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=YLCfGwdi_2Y
  • Seikjo  - I hate this song
    Why? Why do I hate this song? Because. I. Can. Not. Whistle. Really.
    I really can not whistle, no one has been able to help me, and this song is throwing it in my face! Wait... this is about oral sex? Uhhh....
  • EternityEyes
    It really is a shame, because if it had different lyrics, it WOULD have been a fun walking-in-the-sun song. Somebody get on that. Even Similish would be an improvement.

    Also, the Zelda game gets you 100 awesome points. :)
  • Hinatachan360
    Oh, yeah, this would be a million times better in Simlish. Right there on the pop station on Sims radio. I would totally play it at my Sims' graduation parties.
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