Drive By

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  • TheTannedOtaku
    This song is, bad high weird...
  • Taufiq91
    is Train trying to appeal to the West Coast African American Community?

    First "Hey Soul Sister" and now "Drive By"?

    Did they just pull their song titles from "The Gangsta Rap Title Generator"?
  • Ohsha  - Baggage
    Talk about their "artistic roots" is bullshit. A band getting radio play just means their producers have Clear Channel connections.

    The hefty bag line could've been about how big his love is. You can't fit it in a little bag. But i'm sure it's an ad.

    Better writing would name the street he was on, to give us some flavor text, some feeling for the setting.

    Her moving wouldn't necessarily have anything to do with him. It's just his egocentric narrative that the meaning of her action was a response to her feelings for him.

    He never says the girl he saw was in fact the same one as that chick he fucked. So it could be his obsession with the first chick is so strong it extends to his later relationships.
  • Ophios  - appeal to the african american community?
    oh god, I hope he isn't trying to get that done with that "deep fried chicken" line from drops of jupiter... that would be wrong :(
  • ladydiskette
    "My love for you went viral"

    I could only imagine (or what I fear) is that it means they made a sex tape and it ended up on the internet.

    Not very romantic at all.
  • A-welCruiz
    I'm glad there's someone else out there that can't stand Coldplay. I was stating to think I was the only one.
  • Ohsha
    Most folks don't like soft rock.
  • PlayMp1
    You would think that would be the case, but it most definitely is not here in my area. I have trouble finding people who don't like Coldplay.
  • Gigakoops
    I do like 90's-2000's Train. Their new stuff is crap, though.
  • Menace
    hey Todd you should review Andre 3000's tv series class of 3000. btw did you see secret agent bob's depiction of chris brown as a superhero? freakin' hilarious.
  • Pollitin
    Now Ne-Yo want to make a cartoon for Cartoon Network as well...
  • Mmoslayer324  - I second this
    I second this
  • Rithirh
    When he says his love went viral, it makes me think the sex tape was posted online or something. Yeah, Train sex scandel... That's just a terrifying mental image.
  • Fantastic Chick
    That's what I thought to. Or maybe that he changed his relationship status on Facebook.
  • DanceNerd
    Yep... One of those songs that comes on the radio that I never finish listening to because I desperately try to find a different station.
  • LaCapitana
    Is the chorus from another song? I feel like I've heard it before.

    Awesome review!
  • Karmaslaugh
    All I could think with the viral line, was that he gave her an STD, which isn't very nice at all
  • CotterpinDoozer  - Awkward conversation...
    I was thinking the same thing. He's desperately looking for this girl 'cause he had an STD, and thinks she may need to go to a clinic and get checked out. But he's also really into her, which would be an upward swing of a downward spiral.

    This review had a lot of laugh out loud funny moments for me. I haven't heard any of Train's latest stuff, but I've never been much of a fan and, apparently, I'm not missing out on anything. Great review!
  • Furrama
    Heavy duty garbage bags are good for putting clothes in if you're moving or storing in your house.


    I can't hate on Train. I don't own anything they've ever done mind you, but I can't hate them. The stuff is too dang catchy to ignore. Deep fried chicken sticking up for you. Can you imagine?
  • LaCapitana
    Todd bashes songs I like all the time, but I still find his reviews hilarious. I think it speaks for his skill as a critic.
  • some-other-guy-with-glasses  - I didn't hate this song either...until now...
    Let me explain: I'm not some blind fanboy of Todd's who will change his opinion of a song he likes that Todd thrashes; I like many songs Todd has reviewed, including (but not limited to) Cooler Than Me, Club Can't Handle Me, Give Me Everything, If I Die Young, Jar Of Hearts, and yes, even the much-maligned The Lazy Song.

    But with this review, there have now been two occasions where Todd's review has painted a song in a whole new light for me. The first being, oddly enough, Hey Soul Sister. I never LIKED it per se, but I didn't hate it either until the review.

    Although I will say this much: Train is more than capable of making good music. I like Drops Of Jupiter, Calling All Angels, Ordinary, and believe it or not, my favorite Train song came off the same album as HSS: Save Me San Francisco, which was actually my favorite song of last year. Thankfully, Todd only played it in the background for a second and didn't have anything bad to say about it in the review. Not that it would have changed my opinion, but still...

    Anyway, Train CAN be good. But it comes and goes.
  • Yeahwhatever
    Immortal Dreamer: "But I actually liked this song."

    Then you should probably start seriously reconsidering your tastes.
  • thecomment
    My best friend and her boyfriend have made this their "song." WHY GOG WHY
  • nuygima
    I would re-evaluate that friendship tbh.
  • Fantastic Chick
    And I thought a now ex-friend of mine who slow-danced to "Grenade" by Bruno Mars said questionable things.
  • Nature of Causality
    I admit, I like Train generally. They're fun and I'm a sucker for songs that reference places around the bay area. But... yeah, this one was pretty bad.

    On the other hand, I also love things that make me laugh and now this song always will. It's a win-win for me.
  • Buhwaa33
  • Hakajin
    I like this song, despite the stupid lyrics. The beat and the melody are catchy. And I think "Soul Sister" was supposed to be kind of goofy and dorky... though by now I'm sick of hearing that one.

    But yeah, this song definitely has stupid lyrics. At the part about the hefty bag, I couldn't help but think of that part in "Family Guy" where Peter tells Meg to use a hefty bag instead of a condom if she has a guy over. Ew. Loved your review, as always!
  • Lim
    H2G2 reference? Yay!

    Anyhow, Adult Alternative always was a confusing catch-all of a genre for me, because the AA station in my area would play Johnny Cash, then Live, then Reel Big FIsh, and then some local folk group before going to commercial and coming back with The Grateful Dead, David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails. And that was if the DJ wasn't in an odd mood. I swear I heard "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts" one day. And they would play the full version of "Alice's Restaurant" every Thanksgiving. I'm guessing so whoever was working could grab a food coma nap.

    The station was taken over by ClearChannel, and became a classic rock-ish station. And judging by what I heard here today, I'm almost glad.
  • ImmortalDreamer
    Don't get me wrong, Train can't write lyrics for crap, but this song is just so catchy.
  • rideronthestorm  - Just... No
    Todd, as a reviewer on this site you suck, plain and simple. You are by far the biggest waste of time on this site and I've seen Linkara review a star trek comic. Listen to some good music for as change ( like ANY rock)and come back with some reviews actually worth watching. Until then, take you're undeserved sense of musical superiority and disappear into the shadows
  • LaCapitana
    You're the one watching reviewers you apparently hate. Who's the one who's wasting time now?
  • trlkly
    Rock is not pop. And his show is about BAD songs. That's the point. If you don't like it, that's your problem.

    And what is it that makes people think these types of "reviews" are acceptable? Do you really think you're saying anything other than "I hate you and am completely ignorant about what you do"?
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    I guess I have to hate Todd now...some random guy I don't know said so.
  • singitjohnny
    How on earth do you see Todd reviewing crappy songs and going, "This song is crappy", and get "Todd thinks the modern pop songs he reviews are superior to rock music"?

    That shows a lack of understanding of this show specifically, and online reviewing generally. Everyone knows that, 99% of the time, you can be assured that the reviewer does NOT like whatever thing is in the subject line, so why would you think that Todd does?
  • Tactlesscat
    Then why the fuck are you watching them if you dislike them, jack ass? Like I watch reviews on here I don't like because they seem like train-wrecks, or they'll be something I care about and am then disappointed by, but holy shit man you just seem spiteful for zero reason.
  • Fantastic Chick
    Yes, reviewing bad pop songs is more of a waste of time than watching the first two minutes of this review, and then telling someone they suck.
    Also, while rock is generally better than pop, saying "ANY rock" music is good? Yeah, some of the worst music I've heard falls under rock.

    So take YOUR undeserved sense of superiority and just disappear.
  • Cheshire Kitten
    I don't really care about nonsensical lyrics, so I think this song's okay. Good video.
  • pharmmajor
    Fucking... hate... Train.
  • FishEyenoMiko
    "At least he didn't do that elongated syllable thing. There's a trend that needs to die..."

    Don't mean "die-ie-ie-ie"?
  • LaCapitana
    I wish there were a like button....
  • Bloodrealm  - 3 repetitions? Not enough!
    No, he doesn't mean "die-ie-ie-ie" because you need to repeat the same syllable at LEAST five times! What he REALLY means is "die-ie-ie-ie-ie-ie"!

    ... And yes, I despise that "elongated syllable thing", too.
  • Dark Paladin
    It's been a year since the last one, but have you thought about uploading any new hidden tracks? Those are fun to watch.
  • toonlink49
    Is it me, or was music (overall) better in the 80's/90's. I'm not saying music today is bad but I just can't stand most of the songs that play on the radio nowadays.
  • Niall
    I wouldn't say music has necesarily got worse since the 90's, but I have noticed a lot of good musicians nowadays seem to be successful without even bothering to get any of their music in the singles charts, and the stuff that does get into the singles charts has become a lot less diverse.

    I imagine the internet's impact on the music industry is the cause of this, since people can find and buy new music a lot eaier now, any music aimed towards a niche market doesn't need the assistance of the big labels anymore.
  • CheftoniFTW
    You are aware that there are more definitions to "hefty" such as big, large, durable, strong.
    I was thinking you were gonna talk about how pathetic the song's chorus was (Which it is) due to feeble rhymes and padding out the song " my-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y love" But whatever, now I'M nitpicking.
    Point is, this isn't the worst review you've done, and I legitimately like your reviews, but using up half the review just pointing this one verse which wasn't really out of line. (Also, it should've been obvious that PitBull was paid by Kodak to advertise their product. It's kind of what pays a music video.)
    Anyways, overall, was ok. But spending half the video to harp over this one word is kind of weak. Looking forward to next reviews.
  • Cassiekins
    Personally, I thought the weakest point of the review was his critique of the opening lines.

    Getting hung up on the fact that he knew the street seemed a bit...much to me.
  • Flaregun
    I disagree. Saying you saw someone "on a street I knew" is just a really weird, awkward, unneeded, entirely pointless detail, and when you open your song with a line like that you just stumble & fall right on your face right out of the gate. And then he follows that up by using "Déjà vu" incorrectly to describe something that is manifestly *not* déjà vu (which I'm sure fellow Adult Alternative artist Alanis Morissette would find pretty ironic).
  • Fuzzy Necromancer
    XD I am amuse, good sir, by your Alanis Morissette parallel.
  • trlkly
    Yeah, but none of those other hefty bags would be described as two-ply. It's clearly a garbage bag reference.
  • RectilinearPropagation
    Well duh, those definitions of the word hefty is exactly why they're called Hefty bags.

    Even *if* you decide that he was saying 'hefty' and not 'Hefty' it's still a stupid line and it means no one involved realized that it sounds like he's referring to a specific brand of trash bags. That's actually worse. In fact, if it were any other artist/group I'd say there's no way they didn't realize that.

    Since this song includes the line "My love for you went viral" I have to admit it's possible they didn't catch how wrong the Hefty bag line sounded either.
  • Veran
    I got some lyrics:

    "That guy Kony
    Rides a Pony
    that's a phony
    who owns a Sony
    eats macaroni
    with Corleoni
    in Sierra Leoni"

    *strums something on guitar*

    "insert more lyrics here"

    Very few people listen to the lyrics. Or care about them. If it sounds good, it gets popular.
  • bassbait
    "If it sounds good, it gets popular" is one of the more backwards statements I've heard in some time. Most pop music sounds terrible in multiple ways. Tons of non-popular musicians sound amazing.

    I know you probably didn't mean much by that statement, but stuff doesn't get popular because it sounds good. It gets popular because a bunch of executives carefully select the best looking "musicians", carefully select songs for them to play that will get popular, and then market the crap out of them. There are exceptions, but not many.
  • thedudewiththePS3
    That's what I have been thinking to. Normally I don't listen to the radio, but when I do I'm baffeled by the bad lyrics, but the music is always okay. The artists must have noticed this and have stopped putting effort in their lyrics. Which is a shame, because mainstream music isn't allowed to have deep subjects anymore.
  • goingtoStIves  - ...
    I had no idea he was saying "hefty bag." My immediate thought upon learning that, though, was the usefulness of garbage bags in hiding bodies. Maybe it was a clever threat? I dunno; I'm in between medications right now, so you'll all have to excuse me.
  • Cassiekins
    I think this is one of those songs that you feel 'eh' about at first, but then you listen to it because it's the only thing that's on or because they play it on the radio a dozen times in one hour and then you find yourself bobbing your head to the music and singing along to the chorus.

    I mean...I'd bet money that almost everyone who watched this review at least has the "this is not a drive by-y-y-y-y!" part stuck in their head right now XD;

    But the catchy tune is really all this song has going for it. Though...once you think about it...the part about it not being a drive by is technically true. Of course, there are a host of other things it couldn't have been. A bank robbery...a game of cricket...a poodle...lots of things.
  • MissAshley
    . . .I sometimes say "groovy" and I'm only 30. >_>
  • Dark Paladin
    Impressions of Bruce Campbell do not count.
  • Adtack
    Heart attack man by the Beastie Boys also has a hefty bag reference...
  • bassbait
    Thank you for pointing out that Beastie Boys are amazing and Train sucks. Because no matter what you implied with that statement, Beastie Boys become more awesome every second.
  • Mad-Eye Louie  - Thank you, Todd.
    That ending made me genuinely laugh for the first time in a long time. Let's hope I don't fall for Train ever again (yeah, never knew they were behind so many of the weird songs I like).
  • Lone Wolf
    Sounds like a stalker, a stalker who wants to kill her, that's what he wants the hefty bad for, to dispose the body.
  • Fantastic Chick
    Oh! And by "drive by", he means shooting her. So he's saying "This isn't a drive by, I'm going to properly kill you by stabbing you multiple times.
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