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  • hippiegirl88  - wow: first to comment
    This has never happened before haha:

    I'm not much of a pop song person but I really like the Todd in the Shadows reviews.

    Plus Chris Brown is a horrible person and I love Todd for pointing out how awful what he did is.
  • VoltVixen
    I really hope that this is the video that you were able to get all your stuff about Chris Brown off your chest on. I can understand being outraged by his character. But remember not to exhaust your energy on someone who barely even learned anything to begin with.

    Although, if you ask me....Being what the celebrity and music industry is, I think it was all one big publicity stunt. All of it. More crap for the tabloids, and more crap for people to just eat up.

    I like your videos, though, Todd.
  • Devilfish
    Yeah, because if everything is a cynical stunt by the entertainment industry, we don't have to do a thing! And doing nothing is easier than doing something!

    Dude, if you don't care, fine, I can see why, but that was the lamest excuse ever.
  • Fac3lessJo3
    soooooo... he's not worth the energy!
  • sunnywow
    It's sad that the society allows such shameless character to exist.
    Chris Brown is a awful human being, but people made him this way, and that's the real pathetic part. Tons of people making excuses for him without taking any responsibility of what they say, the Grammy, the fact that Rihanna's collaborating with him...I don't see why this guy would stop, he's obviously having a huge success being the jerk he is.

    excuse me if my english is not good, I'm from Asia. I really like your videos Todd! I'm looking forward to every one of them :)
  • PlayMp1
    Don't worry - your English is actually very good, and that's coming from someone who is very particular about their grammar and spelling.
  • Kasai
    It's a little strange to have a pop song review less about the song and more about the singer, but any Chris Brown hatred being expressed is always welcome no matter what.

    And I admit I was a little surprised to have found out you were the one running the trollingchrisbrown tumblr.
  • bassbait
    Here's my troll comment for Chris Brown -

    Sorry, I can't look at you now... my whole face is swollen.
  • ladydiskette
    Shit, what did Kermit ever do to derserve such scutiny!?! D:
  • sprezzatura
    Well... he did have a Terminator style rampage on one of Paw's videos...
  • Jegsimmons
    holy shit.....Todd is the man.
  • Lossthief
    At first I was a little wary about Todd eschewing his general format for this review, but damn if it didn't work. Really, this WAS the topic that needed to be brought up, rather than focusing on the song itself.

    Good on ya Todd for doing this.
  • Snugens
    maybe its the blood draining from my brain, but I love you Chr-
  • PlayMp1
    Damn. I haven't seen justified, righteous anger like this since the last time PZ Myers eviscerated a misogynist. Fuck yeah, Todd.
  • OniQ
    *claps* Somebody has to start the slow clap. Todd, I love you. I am so following TCB on Tumblr now.
  • Reliena
    Yeah I just got back from the TCB Tumblr too!... Todd, you're my fucking hero
  • Moon Spirit
    Now what I came here for, but this is even better. And this is why I don't listen to pop music anymore: pop music fans are just sheep, not man/woman.

    As for me, the only Chris Brown song I liked is his first one single, "Run It." That's it.
  • silence_dais  - Thankyou Todd
    Honestly I wasn't expecting this. I am so going to tumbler now just to find this site. I agree, it might be best to just let go if Chris Brown was generally sorry but he's not and people know it (except for die hard fans apparently). His career is still going and I'll even admit I like a few of his songs when their actually something that isn't about trashing women and gratifying how much of a "god send" he is.
  • Swamphunter  - CM Punk is straight edge. Always has been...
    Always will.

    That means that CM Punk has never taken anything along the lines of illegal drugs or steroids.

    Chris Brown is the definition of a jabroni. He needs to know his role and shut his mouth.
  • Yeahwhatever
    Agreed. I think that really proved something else new on top of all the critisisms already heaped on Chris Brown.... He's an ignorant dumbass.

    Out of EVERY SINGLE WRESTLER that he could have accused to be on steroids, he picks the ONE NOTABLE STRAIGHT EDGE WRESTLER, who has NEVER stopped taking about his life-goal to never take a single drug.

    CM Punk has gone through multiple surgeries and has done so WITHOUT even anesthesia. Let me clarify... CM Punk has had his body operated on and he was lucid, and awake the entire time, and dealing with every single ounce of pain from the surgery completely due to his own strength of willpower just for the sake of not allowing a single drop of medical drugs into his body.

    That alone, makes CM Punk more of a man than Chris Brown will ever be.
  • Not Shelley Duvall  - o_O
    ...wow, really? CM Punk is...very incredibly strong (and I don't mean in the muscly way). Surgery with no anesthesia...yeah, he is more manly than any other man I can think of at this moment.
  • colourcodedchaos
    Because rejecting medical advances makes you more of a man.

    Yeah, I get what you're saying about how this CM Post-Dub Skifflecore or whatever (I could not give less of a shit about wrestling with considerable effort and a tanker full of Imodium) being an admirable figure for not taking drugs, and don't think for a moment that I'm defending that feckless little mingeweevil Brown, but declining anaesthesia isn't straight-edge. It's just stupid.

    Plus, it makes the doctors' jobs a shit-ton more difficult. Let's say that CM Polka needs him some really big invasive surgery - a lung transplant, for instance - and he declines anaesthetics because it's wrong and not straight-edge (I must reiterate: it isn't and he's daft to think it is). You've got some poor surgeon having to slice this guy open while he's conscious and remove one of his lungs, then put another lung back in. Surgical stitching is finicky-ass work, and it'd be even harder with a heavily-built man thrashing around like all hell because he was not anaesthetised when you cut him open and took out one of his lungs.

    That's something JIGSAW would do.

    Again, caveat, I'm not defending Chris Brown and I'm not implying that the man needs to be defended except by a lawyer who can bleed the little gullquim dry. I'm just pointing out that rejecting modern medicine, anaesthetics in particular, on the grounds that "ONOEZ DRUGZ R BAAAAAAD" is reprehensible in its own right. Not to the same degree, but it still is.

    Back on topic, Chris Brown should be left in a room with a group of really militant feminists and a barrow-load of bricks.
  • Steve the Pocket
    Indeed. In the words of Homer Simpson, I think CM Punk is confusing drugs with "DRUUUUUUUGS".
  • bogususer  - Jabronis

    Your use of the term Jabroni brings back memories. In the early 70's the Marine Corps sent me to Millington, TN for school. Every Monday night I went to the wrestling matches at the Mid-South Coliseum with a very large sailor named Duckworth. The main attraction was to cheer loudly for the bad guys and then watch the crowd reaction to our cheering.

    The local heel was a very young Jerry "The King" Lawlor, who constantly referred to the local fans as Jabronis. Neither Duckworth nor I knew exactly what a Jabroni was until one night when a middle-aged couple strolled into the coliseum together, apparently straight from the fields of West Memphis, Arkansas. Papa was soda straw skinny with striped pants, plaid shirt and an old pair of shit kickers (with shit). Mama had her own gravitational field, a brightly colored mumu and shit kickers (with shit).

    Duckworth and I spotted them at the same time, then looked at each other and commented "Jabronis" in unison. Chris Brown's the first actual Jabroni I've seen since then.
  • Set Abomine
    Chris Brown is quite possibly the most vile human being alive.

    The only people who are worse than him are his idiot fans who actually think that spousal abuse is acceptable and even excusable because they think that he's "hot"

    Personally I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire.
  • Sesu  - @ Set Abomine
    I would piss on him, you know how hard it is to put out a flaming Chris Brown? :p
  • Sylveria
    I tie half of Chris Brown's continued popularity directly to Twilight. We have all these tweens that think abuse = love cause of that series and who's better than a wealthy, famous abuser with great abs?

    The other half is that black kids will cling to and support any black artist regardless of how vile they are purely cause they're black.
  • LDSocrates
    Yeah, kinda hard not to see the connection between the Twilight craze and race here. Misogynistic, abusive fantasy + racial solidarity = supporting a man who savagely beat his girlfriend and wanting to have his children.
  • Moreno X  - responds to LDSocrates

    Yeah, I guess Chris Brown fans don't see that's harmful to beat up a girl and then trying to learn his mistake by throwing chairs and naysaying rudely and immaturely..... They sure don't see this as a reality check-up for their stupidity on defending their "victim" for our issues about him. How dare we talk bad about their idol Chris Brown and his morals!


    *two more facepalms*
  • Devilfish
    Wow. Racist AND sexist. Well done. I guess that explains why everyone who plays GTA goes out to beat prostitutes with a bat too.
  • Cagey
    What a nice mix of random Twilight hate (Twilight didn't invent the idea of abuse as love, it's actually a fairly old one) hate and unnecessary racism. Because it's only black kids who are letting Chris Brown get away with being an unrepentant douche, right? Not as if the mostly white-run music industry is the one facilitating his return to the top, right? Not like white people buy rap and hip-hop music in large numbers, right? Oh, and as we know, white people never let white musicians who've been guilty of abuse get away with it, right? They never sweep it under the rug. Certainly not Glen Campbell or Lennon, right? It's not like the video even included a list of mostly white guys who have done horrible things, right? It's not like Charlie Sheen was paid ridiculous amounts of money and on a highly watched and successful TV show despite a long history of abusing women? But of course, when white people continue to support white artists and actors who are monstrous and harmful towards women, it's not an example of them expressing racial solidarity. But when *black people* do it, it is and needs to be pointed out by all the little armchair theorists at home that are just itching for another chance to pathologize black people's behavior. You know, this is why I find so much of this Chris Brown hate so icky. I could fully jump on the train with this stuff if it didn't feel like a fair bit of this finger-wagging was just an excuse for some people to not so subtly go "typical black people".
  • Ogiga99
    What the fuck! People are Draco in Leather Pantsing Chris Brown? What has this world come to?
  • Steve the Pocket
    What the fuck! People are throwing around TV Tropes article titles like they were common figures of speech? What has this world come to?
  • Kurodius  - Everyone fire up your twitters
    I think everyone in this comment section should tweet the link to this video to Chris Brown's twitter account.

    I know he probably wouldn't watch it, but if he did his reaction would be legendary.

    Also if he reacts at all then viewership of Todd and the site as a whole would spike.
  • JonHimself
    If you want to see hilarious examples of trolling Chris Brown, check out WWE Hall of Famer The Iron Sheik's Twitter.

    During the Grammys, Iron Sheik was posting something hilarious about Brown every few minutes. He still makes jokes about Brown (and even some about Rhianna).
  • DarkenedWolfEye
    Whoa. Rarely have I seen such an outburst of hatred from you, Todd.
    Don't get me wrong; hate is good when directed toward the right things. Just ... I really wasn't expecting that.
    Also, how can anyone defend the character of a man who hospitalized someone? How is it our society has become so obsessed with its pop culture icons that they'd deny such a vicious thing?
    Abusive people generally do have reasons for acting the way they do - but they are never good ones, and their only excusable if he was really trying to change.
  • thenikkumanchan
    You took the words right out of my mouth, Toddness. And maaaaaaaan~ I told myself I wouldn't join Tumblr and I may have to because of you. Thanks.
  • Coffinfeeder  - I hate to say it, but...
    After this episode, I think I'm done with Todd's show. It's bad enough that he flies into a Chris Brown tirade every other episode, but now he's doing entire episodes devoted to it? Sorry, but this is getting into Family Guy season 7 territory.

    Todd, you seem like a cool guy so I won't insult your intelligence by just mindlessly praising you like these sheep. Please go back to being funny.
  • LDSocrates
    If you don't like his stuff anymore, that's your business. But don't call everyone else here sheep just because they don't like the same things you do. That just makes you look like a total twat.
  • Coffinfeeder
    The sheep thing may have been a little harsh, but you get my point. Anyone who posts an unpopular opinion on this site gets the "LOL TROLL" treatment, so I might as well act like a troll.
  • rockybalboa211
    This one episode of his show though shouldn't make you stop from watching him. I mean, I didn't like this episode, yet I find all his other work/reviews to be fantastic!
  • Semudara
    There is no reason to act like a troll, ever. Yes, the nega-trolls can be a real pain, but they're not nearly as common on this website as the regular trolls make them out to be.

    Expressing an unpopular opinion with the golden rule in mind is the most admirable thing you could do. I think Gandhi said something about "the change you want to see in the world", and it wasn't "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em".
  • TragicGuineaPig
    Or you could be a better person by actually articulating your thoughts in a civil, cordial manner, and by being prepared to defend against any criticisms with fair logical arguments. At least then, if people still don't like it, you can walk away vindicated because you didn't act like a troll.

    But if you do act like a troll, don't complain when people treat you like a troll.
  • totes_Mcgotes
    Let me guess, you're on Team Breezy?
  • Coffinfeeder
    I don't even know what the fuck "Team Breezy" is. I watch these reviews for a quick laugh, not because I give a shit about any of this.

    That's pretty much why this video pissed me off. Aside from a few moments, it really wasn't funny. I was just a long, overplayed tirade about something I couldn't give two fucks about. He could've at least advertised this as a Chris Brown rant. Oh, and thanks for proving my sheep comment right.
  • TheDogSannin
    Team Breezy? Sounds like they're part of a spastic colon support group, not a fan club.

    Though, Chris Brown IS a skid mark in the boxers of humanity, so it's appropriate to associate him with a bowel problem.
  • singitjohnny
    I have seen every single one of Todd's videos, multiple times. He doesn't talk about Chris Brown nearly as much as you seem to think he does.

    The only time that he talks about Chris Brown is when it's relevant: i.e., if it's a Chris Brown song, a song that Chris Brown is somehow featured in, or if Chris Brown has a particularly significant role in recent pop culture, such as when he was featured on/received a Grammy. And the reason why he brings up this particular *aspect* of Chris Brown's fame/personality/ character is because it really is the part that elicits the most discussion. Chris Brown is, ultimately, a despicable, unapologetic, narcissistic man-child with a bland and uninteresting singing career that is utterly interchangeable with every other R&B singer of his peer group. The despicable, unapologetic, narcissistic man-child feature of Chris Brown comes first, and "he's an R&B singer" comes second. Maybe if Chris Brown was a better musician, artist, songwriter, singer, *something*, the subject would be more varied.

    I think Todd is perfectly justified in featuring the most prominent aspect of Chris Brown's existence whenever the subject of Chris Brown comes up but, if you want to stop watching the videos of a very entertaining individual because you don't like something he talks about *when that subject is relevant*, fine. I suppose that makes sense in your head, even if it doesn't really make sense in my own.
  • Yeahwhatever
    Go back to being funny? You mean like THIS video, which was far and away the most hilarious fucking thing he's probably ever released?

    Yeah, fuck you. I'm sure Todd really fucking cares if a crybaby asshole like you gets his butt-hurt because his mere opinion isn't to your liking.

    I'm sure Todd In The Shadows spends all of his time now crying that Coffinfeeder isn't watching.

    Please go back to not commenting on this site. Because you didn't prove anyone as sheep. But you proved that you're a whiny little bitch, who cares enough to cry yourself to sleep about a video and act like a self-absorbed pussy about something that clearly bothers you enough to get your panties twisted up about.

    No one made you watch the video. You're just being a pointless sobby little infant, and you know it.
  • Coffinfeeder
    I appreciate your support *insert eyeroll*, but after reading over this again, I realize I might have overreacted. This was a kneejerk response, posted immediately after I watched the video. I just felt like it needed to be said.

    I won't quit watching Todd's reviews but I do hope he doesn't continue in this direction.
  • Devils Advocate  - Calm down for Christs sake.
    First of all, Todd is a CRITIC! his job is to take somebody elses work and either reccomend or in most cases shit all over it. so when somebody else does it to him its wrong? isnt that a wee bit hypocritical? secondly, while im a fan of this show too your reaction blatently proved his point. " OH you think ill love his stuff no matter what? that im a sheep in a flock? well ill have you know, i DO love everything he does and am going to praise everything and shit on the first guy to say anything negative." that guy did EXACTLY what todd does. he gave his negative opinion on sombody elses work. you had a knee jerk fanboy reaction. im a fanboy for shit too but lets see this for what it realy is and calm down.
  • sofakingoo  - bad pub is still pub... however, ANTI-BREEZY 2012!
    the more people pay attention, positive or negative, the more his ego expands. fans and troll still make his follows and comments go up the same. in the end, that's all that matters to him.

    remember the whole "block justin bieber" app for your comp, someone should develop that app for chris brown and team breezy. block all mentions, images, videos, EVERYTHING!

    todd, rather than using your internet celebrity to troll this fool, you should use it to ask your fans for that app to be made for everything... computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.

    tumblr and twitter only makes you statistic. lets get this fool out of everywhere! sorta like an anti-kony 2012 campaign.
  • 1nfinite_Cros5  - I encourage everyone smart to
    Sign up for Twitter, Youtube, whatever and actually bring reasonable debates against CB supporters. I'm aware that there really are smart people out there who wish they can do something, but can't think of anything. Well, if we can outnumber any the amount of stupid people, and prove it, I'd say we'd fulfill Todd's goal here.

    The point is the stupid people never go away. They'll always exist. But we can always reduce their numbers or make them a minority. Let's say we get enough smart people to outnumber them 3:1. We'd bring down the stupidity level and suppress them with incredibility and bring up intelligent, thoughtful people.

    Who's with me?
  • YouAskedForIt
    Damn, you brought the heat on this guy. I can't really think of comparisons, but this is more in the direction of how I feel about him. My own possible reservations aside, I just couldn't stand the way the media went off on this. It's really the sanctity of internet comments and their IRL counterparts that kind of get to me, but I tend to pool certain artists' fans in the same pool as I do for such internet commentators.

    It'd be exposing to explain my thoughts on this video too much. What he did was more than wrong, I'll eat lunch tomorrow, even if I happen to think of it between then.
  • Moreno X
    Todd, dude, I may not have a twitter account and even I do, I would not participate of wasting my time to trash that piece of garbage Chris Brown because, quite frankly, he did it to himself since that time happened. And as far as I'm concern, I think you need to let go of giving that boy so much attention, he dosen't deserve it anyway.

    He was trash day one and he'll perhaps be trash for a long time till he has nothing more to back-talk against you and all those who hated his actions. In all fairness, Chris Brown will always be a vile person who, as you said it yourself and I totally agree with you, hasn't learn from his mistake. His recent hot-headed naysaying attitude like throwing chairs, shouting nonsense, crying and yelling, blah blah blah is something that it is best to leave him be and never give him more to act more of a douchebag than he already is.

    Look I'm not defending him (who would defend him exactly?), just saying that based of his attacks getting to be more personal and even, there's no telling that he will have the nerve to find you here (or on twitter) and starts harassing you and your close fans and friends, and we can see why he's doing this lately. Even after this past Grammys. This video really sums up my appreciation towards your boldness and reason though Todd. What really boils down is that no matter what that selfish boy says and does just so he can cease his "mistake", he should know sooner or later this incident that he caused will always come back and more people out there - interviewers and hosts - would want to ask those tough questions; seeing if he "really" learn his lesson. Right now, he's doing a great job of setting himself on fire and cooking within.

    Later Todd, and look out for yourself.
  • Lithiumpop
    As much as I love listening to you tear into Chris Brown because quite frankly he deserves it, wasn't there supposed to be a song review somewhere in there?

    At any rate, I 'm definitely following the tumblr now. I also don't understand the fans who are outright denying it happened when even Chris Brown is saying he did it. I mean, there's denial and then there's aggressive, willful ignorance.
  • Yeahwhatever
    "wasn't there supposed to be a song review somewhere in there?"

    And there was. It was 8 seconds of a song review. About as much time as was needed on it.
  • ArtticWitchica
    You just got yourself a new watcher on Tumblr.

    It's really a sad day when Fox news Anchors are badasses just because they troll someone even worse XD
  • rockybalboa211
    We were not there though. I mean, Chris pleaded self defense and stated that Rihanna punched him multiple times as he was driving the car. I can't fault Chris for fighting back if Rihanna was the one to start the altercation. I can fault him for taking it too far, yet that could be because he snapped mentally or because of "temporary insanity". Yet, I agree with you that Chris isn't the greatest role model or singer in my opinion.

    Going with your example of Michael Jackson. Even if the things that the kid said in 1993 were true (even though there is no evidence of said incident), Michael did a lot of good in other kid's lives. I mean, he helped a lot of kids who underwent horrible childhood abuse (Example - Dave Dave was a kid who was set on fire by his father while he was sleeping, yet he later on said that his friendship with Michael Jackson helped him greatly as he was growing up, and Example - Michael Fleming's mother threw him off a bridge, yet he survived. Michael Jackson gave a substantial amount of money for his college fund and dedicated his song "Childhood" to his brother who didn't survive) and associated himself with many different Charities. Do these good deeds absolve him of the crime, if he committed it? No, but it shows that this person is at least trying to gain forgiveness in the public eye. Chris Brown, on the other hand, really hasn't done anything like Michael Jackson or Michael Vick to get that forgiveness from the public.
  • EpicFish
    You're not helping any by also being one of the people to say, "But we weren't there so we don't know what really happened". So even though you don't agree that he should in no way be a role model to anyone, you're STILL going to use the pathetic excuse of "I can't fault Chris Brown if Rihanna started the whole thing". Did you pay attention to what Todd said about that? THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE FOUND IN THE POLICE REPORT OR STATED BY CHRIS BROWN OR RIHANNA THEMSELVES THAT SHE STARTED THE ALTERCATION. So basically you're saying that while Chris Brown MIGHT have "gone too far" that Rihanna STILL deserved to be beaten if she started the fight. It seems people need to go back and re-read the police report because it's said the whole thing started over a text Rihanna found on Chris's phone from another woman that was proof that he had been having an affair when, up to that point, he had been telling Rihanna that he hadn't.

    What kind of fucked up logic is THAT?! No woman should be beaten EVER for any reason!!! And the fact that people actually make excuses for that lowlife fucktard just makes me physically sick to my stomach! The reason why I will never forgive him for what he did and why I will never let it go, is because that little prick doesn't deserve forgiveness especially when he has shown absolutely no remorse for what he did and turns into a sniveling little immature cockbite when he sees people haven't "grown-up and moved on". Really Chris Brown? Fucking really?! You know what? Rihanna is no better because all she's done is proven how much of an idiot and hypocrite she is for "forgiving" him and agreeing to collaborate with him. I don't buy any bullshit excuse of "well it's her record label making her do that". No, I believe Rihanna is smart enough to say, "I don't give a fuck what you say or do, I'm not working with a man that physically assaulted me". She should have NEVER forgiven him for what he did because that kind of thing CANNOT be forgiven. All she is doing is reenforcing the message that, "it's totally okay to beat your woman within a near inch of her life because she'll eventually forgive you because she loves you".

    Ugh. I'm not apologizing for my rant but I applaud you Todd for making this video. You have said what I have been saying about that little turd-mongler for the last three and a half years. Hopefully because you're in a position of influence, people will actually listen and start being more vocal towards Chris Brown and his brown-nosing Team Breezy. Also, am offically following you on Tumblr.
  • Tabbi-Katt
    So... it's not okay to think women ever deserve to be beaten, but it's okay to think that they're "an idiot and hypocrite" for moving on from something they never asked for?

    Rihanna can do whatever she wants. Forcing her into being a role model and example is just as horrible as the people who said she somehow deserved what happened to her.
  • Yeahwhatever
    Yes. It is okay to think Rhianna is an idiot and a hypocrite for coming back to a man that nearly killed her.

    Because she is.

    If she really wants to "put it behind her" she can simply move on and never talk to him again.

    She didn't do that. Therefore she is an idiot and a hypocrite.

    Maybe she can do what she wants. Although in this case, it's like saying someone can flirt with suicide if they want, because there's every chance in the world that Rhianna's stupidity and hypocrisy will get her killed at the hands of a violent, unrepentant, physically abuse douchebag.
  • rockybalboa211
    I don't excuse Brown for what he did to Rihanna, but I do believe that if Rihanna had started the incident that Brown had every right to defend himself (Chris Brown pleaded that it was a case of self defense). Everyone (men and women) should have the right to self defense. I cannot fault Chris for self-defense, yet I can fault him for his "self defense" turning into brutal physical assault (excessive force). In my opinion, this might be considered wrong by many, equality must be shown in such instances. Overall, I wish the best for both Rihanna and Chris Brown. I hope that they both live long and prosper. :D
  • Wombatkidd
    Look, I believe in gender equality as much as the next guy. Hell, a lot more than the next guy actually. I believe in complete gender equality pretty violently, to use the exact wrong word. I don't see a man hitting a woman as a worse or better thing than a woman hitting a man or a man hitting a man.

    So, yes, if she punched him in the face (there's no evidence she did anything though, btw), he had a right to hit her back to get her to stop. But there's a concept called "equal force." Once he had things on his side and it was no longer a fight, it was time to stop. *Even if* she did start it, continuing to beat on someone until you've collapsed their skull, choking them, and biting them is not self defence! It's not "temporary insanity" or "snapping," he just continued to beat her because he was mad and she couldn't stop him. There is no excuse for that. And his unwillingness to accept the fact that he did something wrong makes him a complete monster.
  • dennett316
    Yes you can, and you should blame him for "fighting" back. If she hit him, pull the car over and call the Police...you don't punch and choke her into submission, at least a real man wouldn't.

    A real man would only strike an attacking woman if he had zero other options....he had plenty. He chose to sustain a beating and terrorize a person who was far weaker than he. He is filth.
  • S_Pac_3:16
    I wish I can take Chris Brown and his stupid dilutional fan base and trap them all inside a 20 foot tall electric fence with me and grab an AK-47 and shoot them all down.
    Then pile their carcasses up, douse them in gasoline and set them all on fire!

    I am not a fan of Rihanna either...and the fact that she forgives him and goes back to Chris solidifies that. I mean, c'mon! If some dude smashed me through the window and threatened to kill me, I would not forgive him...EVER!
  • Cagey
    Are you an abuse victim? Do you understand the psychology of being in an abusive relationship? No, you don't? Then you can't speculate on what you would or wouldn't do. There's a reason Todd displayed tact in not trying to judge Rihanna's choices. You should try to do the same.
  • Yeahwhatever
    He's speaking for himself and what he would do if he was in Rihanna's place.

    And I agree with him. It takes strength of will to break from an abusive relationship and I think it proves that she has none. I think that's more than worth losing respect over. By that same token though, i'm sure Rhianna will live with a little lost respect.

    ....but she might not live that long if she does something as illogical and stupid as forgiving someone who can just nearly kill her again.
  • ColbyJ
    You cant blame a victim, you have to let them make their own choices in life.
  • ellthom
    wow this wasn’t much of a review more of a roast... and not a friendly roast either, we're talking about cooking Chris Brown alive and then leaving the evidence for everyone too see

    Cant blame you though, Todd, his success makes me rage too, I just cant understand it at all, he isn’t that good, if anything he’s sooo average, and I am being nice :P
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Dan O: FI - Asian Girlz

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CJ: Invasion of the Bee Girls

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MikeJ: NerdQuest to CA

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SJwaC: Hallown in Disneyland

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Ask Lovecraft: Apology

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BGP: Man vs Robot

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RC: Goin off w Muse #8

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Snob Riffs: Jerky Turkey

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Il Neige: PokeRap

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BGP: Zelda Thanksgiving

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Calluna: Fragile Dreams P2

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TNChick: Pumpkt Finale

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SC: Magic Boy & The Room

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WMR: Naruto Thanksgiving

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Lucky 6: Bottom of the Bottle

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Happy Viking: Noble Beast

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Brad: Turkish First Blood

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MikeJ: Wild Things Foursome

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Shark Movies: Bitemare Before

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Phelous: BZ - Super Hereoes

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Horror Guru: Pumpkinhead

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BSG: Kung Kwon Todd

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Ask Lovecraft: Homage

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AWD: DreamGear Part 3

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NC: WYNKA - Planes, Trains &

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Bum: HG - Mockingjay P1

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Yomarz: Farcry 3 - Blood Dragon

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SF Debris: Dr Who - Blink

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FB: Mr Turner & Nativity 3

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ChaosD1: MMO - FFXIV

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Shaun K: UG - To Be Continued

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TNChick: Pump 23 - Another

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Linkara: Avengers #1

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Dom Reviews: Homeworld 2

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RR: Cloudkicker

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Animerica: Tokyo Majin, Part 2

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GW: Leeroy Jenkins

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Best for a Buck: Gunpoint

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Ask Lovecraft: Tatoos

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TNChick: Pump 22 There's No

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BB: UnAmazing Spiderman2

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