Ep 25: "Give Me Everything"

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Image art by Krin

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  • GLKnight
    Hope they expect to be given nothing after saying that to every girl in the club, cause that's what they'll be getting...
  • Virgil_theBadassPoet
    "Give me Everything" I'd be happy with just 20$ personally.
  • Ohsha
    'sfunny Lonely Island's comedy club song with Michael Bolton has a better beat than this sincere club song. DJ Afrojack sucks.
  • ladydiskette
    He is using Ryan Seacrest as a comparison for making himself sound awesome and sexy. Umm, no no, that won't work Pitbull. You see, and this is coming from a woman's perspective here, whereas Ryan Seacrest does have boyish good looks, is usually seen as the "gay friend" kind of guy some women usually have in their female circle of friends.

    If you want the comparison to work, you have to namedrop a famous person known for his absolutely ruggard sexiness, masculinity, and coolness that is admired and respected by every male gender both young and old. That is how it works.

    Also that part with Lupa was funny, good thing she wasn't carving a pound of roast beef in there or else say goodbye to Little "Todd" forever. XD LMAO
  • Taufiq91  - Oh great,
    Seriously, when will the shitty Electro House invasion of top 40 end? I'm sick of cheesy Eurodance beats with vocals by Taio Cruz and shitty rap by Pitbull.

    Let's hope that this Electro House/Dutch House trend will shoot itself on the foot and get kicked out of the Top 40 once and for all. I want something better than this.

    I mean, back in the 90's you had great electronic and dance music appearing on the Mainstream charts. You had Big Beat acts like Prodigy and Fatboy Slim, and also alot of great House remixers like Masters at Work taking tunes by Madonna and turning them into jazzy club hits which led to more great stuff like the UK Garage. And it was a great time for Drum n Bass and Trance music as well as the likes of PvD, Oakenfold, LTJ Bukem, Shy FX and Goldie making awesome tunes non stop.

    When i expected dance music to return to the charts like in the 90's, i was expecting jazz-influenced Dance music with saxophones, disco samples and amazing female vocals or DnB tunes with Amen breaks and Hip Hop vocals. I didn't expect fucking Pitbull and Taio Cruz!

    And Afrojack is overrated. He pretty much rips off Major Lazer and French electronic artists and adds shitty "bass" into it. I got sick of him the moment i hear a track by him.
  • chinlamp  - Yeah, that's not an Aussie accent Todd
    I hate that pronunciation of the word 'tonight', and I don't know anyone who hasn't found that pronunciation strange.

    I don't know what accent it is, but it ain't Aussie.

    Also, can someone tell me why the first accent people jump to when they encounter a weird sounding one is Australian?

    EDIT: This is also my first comment on the site. It took a mildly insulting insinuation that Aussies have a horrible accent to do that.

    Love your work Todd.
  • Massakre8492nd
    oooo! i've waited for this review for so long! (3 weeks but it was like forever)
  • Natnie
    I swear I'm gonna start picketing recording studios, demanding that the party end. Oh god, please, why won't it end???
  • Telesam  - That line that Ne-yo was saying
    So, great review as always. He never did point out that Ne-yo was saying in the beginning though, so I looked up the lyrics myself.

    The line is "Tonight, I will love love you, tonight". Seriously.
  • Vent
    Actually, no. It's "I want all of you tonight", or, as Neyo is apparently pronouncing it, "I wa na luv yoo tunigh"

  • Ruby Doomsday
    Aw... did Lupa regret you again? Maybe you should go star into a dog dish. :(
  • DanceNerd
    I want to thumbs up this comment so bad!
  • Moviebuff 3000
    hmmm...I don't like Pitbull,Enough Said.
  • hippiejoe
    @Tauflq91 Do some research before say stuff. Afrojack has been around since 2006 while Major Lazer has only been around since 2009. And Afrojack is aware he sounds like french electronic that why he has a track paying homage to Daft Punk on his album. If this track was just an instrumental I wouldn't mind spinning it at an event. It's not his best track but it's not his worst. Also your exceptions were way to high when you expected dane music to come back with old school instruments like that.
  • Relaxo
    *Wince* We're not off to a good start. Doing the awkward same word rhyme thing again. Heh, I guess he figures "Well, Rick Ross got some success by doing that, what's stopping me?"

    Hee, I love the reference to Feel Good Inc. :D
  • Nick4x
    Quality work, Todd. A little on the tame side, but the song didn't give you much stupidity to work with... compared to most songs you review anyway.

    Thanks for the hard work!
  • testzero
    "Search: Ryan Seacrest Fansite

    Did you mean Literally Anything Else?"

    I had to pause the video here, I was laughing out loud so damn hard.
  • IntFam
    Not gonna lie...I googled it anyway.
  • Elihn
    Haha, and I thought I had problems with my ear regarding Ne-Yos pronounciation of the word 'tonight'. xD

    I hope this awful club music will disappear from the charts as soon as possible.
    I cannot stand it anymore (Neither could I when heard this kind of music for the first time.).

    This video had me laughing out loud a lot. Thanks for the good entertainment! :D
  • php101
    Thanks, now I'm aware of all the bad stuff out there. I'm going back under my rock and staying there for another decamde!

    Just kidding.
    Actually, compared to some of the stuff you review, it wasn't too mind-numbingly terrible.
    Just... It needs completely different lyrics, and then I might even LIKE it.
  • BananaWaffle
    haha great Gorillaz reference

    thank you for another great video, i couldnt wait for this since the first time i heard this fucking song
  • Maiyrhia  - I may be in love...
    Todd, I was praying you'd rip rhis song a new one. THANK YOU SO MUCH! It's so lovely to see it gets its just desserts!
  • EEAC56
    Ne yo has a similar problem as with bruno mars: he's put's too much emotion into his songs
  • Salen
    Random Lupa Cameo! I approve. Good thing Minion and a rubber lizard are there to keep Lupa safe.
  • Shinigami
    There is so much shitty pop songs for Todd to review and more are coming so those never end.
  • Writer
    Yes, the party definitely needs to end x.x They haven't been home in waaaaaaay too long, so the food in the fridge has gone bad, and I know i'm not cleaning up their mess
  • LikaLaruku
    Don't care for the lyrics, but I love the tune, so naturally The Key of Awesome's parody is the best version of this song.

    You ever gonna do a list of "worst lyrics?" Or is there just too much shit to work with? Maybe do a crossover with RC & do some you agree on.

    It's the zombie apocalypse Todd. Bone before you grooooooaaaan.

    Did she beat you back with a deep fried lizard?

    But Lindsay Lohan doesn't have any character. I'm surprised she hasn't sued Liquid Generation.

    Ne-Yo sounds like he belongs in a South Korean boyband.

    That's not rock, rock is dead, or at least a zombie.
  • spammy
    and here i assumed Todd was just making fun of the opening line, i did not actually expect people to not understand that line. sure it's pronounced horribly and that stretching there with love is just awful but I had no problem understanding it (and English isn't even my first language).

    I absolutely do not have a clue about the whole Kodak deal. the only 2 reasons for this I could come up with are the one you mentioned already (Kodak product placement) or maybe (and this is a huge stretch) "V-J Day in Times Square" (that sailor kissing that girl photo) which is quite commonly referred to as a Kodak moment (even if it wasn't made with a Kodak).

    and I have to agree with Lika there, i enjoy the tune, make all of em shut up in the song and its pretty nice. (gonna go look for the keyofawesome one now)
  • LikaLaruku
    Key of Awesome: Making pop music better since 2009. Oh, & one of the guys is a dead ringer for an older no-glasses version of AVGN.

    Todd you should really watch their stuff, they make fun of the same stuff you do in the videos.
  • nostalgic90skid  - I love tonight tonight.
    I really hope pitbull doesn't make tomorrow.
  • singitjohnny
    I don't think the dance-electro-pop-club genre is over or ever really will be over, for the same reason why I don't think reality TV will ever be over: it's cheap. It's cheap to produce something with a repetitive generic beat and some occasional bleepy-bloopy synth noises, get some whiny R&B singer to come in for the chorus/hook, some generic rapper to come in for a few rhymes, and shove it out into the world where people who want some nonsense to dance to at their Sweet Sixteen party will buy it off iTunes and make the single shoot up the charts.

    I honestly think we're stuck with this crap for a while. I don't know what could possibly happen to change it into something better than what it is.

    On another note: The Google recommendation of "Literally anything else" for a Ryan Seacrest fansite search was the funniest thing until "We put the 'hip' in Rohypnol."
  • August M.
    Lupa's cameo was great. Todd should have been beaten to a pulp.
  • LikaLaruku
    Yeah, she went pretty light on him.
  • BaronGrackle
    This video earns a x72 multiplier bonus for referencing Lonely Island's "Jack Sparrow (featuring Michael Bolton)".




  • IntFam
    ...Dude...You win some sort of internet right there.
  • ToddInTheShadows
    This is one of my all time favorite comments.
  • trlkly
    Better lyrics than this song, that's for sure.
  • MER
    Bahh this whole song is a product placement.

    Good thing you're not listening to Kpop Todd.
  • DJJOOJ  - Whoa whoa whoa!
    Are you saying ALL K-pop is bad or just the ones with the saturated amount of auto-tune? Cuz there ARE good ones from artists such as: Shin Seung-Hun, and most ballad-pop genre. I would understand if you said K-pop in general, but if you are saying ALL? Then that's a bit overboard!
  • LikaLaruku
    I miss 90s K-pop....
  • Mz Doom
    French Bulldog puppy wins against any stupid pitbull lyrics.

    Lindsey's puppy is too cute, totally stole the video for me.
  • DirtyMinded
    Agreed! I wasn't expecting the cameo from Kali; loved how the puppy chased him out of the kitchen XD

    "I'll defend you, Lupa!" Indeed! LOL
  • EP.Pixels
    I actaully searched "ryan seacrest fansite" but I didn't see the Do you mean 'literally anything else' though.
    Please. Will this club and dance music end now?! Music's standards have dropped eversince this started.
    Ne-Yo's voice is meant for slow RnB and/or ballads
  • sprezzatura
    Hahahaha... you did it too? I was rather disappointed when it didn't work...
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