Ep 13: "Like a G6"

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  • TheFandango
    Just from the opening, even your mad piano skills can't make this song sound good, Todd. Also, I love the Requiem Mass montage at the end.
  • kurokotetsu
    Sorry to be a pretentious ass, but there was no Requiem Mass montage in the video. That was Carl Orff's Carmina Burana, a 20th century musicalisation of medival poems collected under the same name. It is indeed the most famous part of this work, "O Fortuna" (which content isn't Satanic, it seems to be about fate), although it seems that Todd cut it short of the ending which to me seems too grandious for the tone that is usually associated with this work. I also believe it is one of the responsibles of ominous Latin Chants in todays media.

    Well, that was a great video. I do not hear to pop music at all, so this makes me laugh and informs me of the hits at the same time, so I can even talk like I know something. Thanks Todd.
  • TheFandango
    Yeah, for some reason my brain always confuses Verdi's Requiem Mass with Orff's Carmina Burana. It's funny because I've heard both many, many, many times.
  • kurokotetsu
    Weird. Especially because Verdi's Requiem is just an opera disguised as a requiem with a lot of solo parts (one notices Verdi's preference for the genre quite heavily), while Carmina Burana is very coral. But I've done sillier mistakes.
  • Devilfish
    Lyrically, you can do a lot worse than O Fortuna when it comes to end-of-the-world-stuff. It is about fate, and mostly about how it sucks. Some choice lyrics:

    - Fate [...] is now against me.
    - Fate, monstrous and empty, [...] you are malevolent.
    - Everyone weep with me.

    Sounds about right. Poor Todd.

  • Kaos  - Yuck.
    This song should be a little more "Like a G6" and not exist.
  • Chris P Bacon
    Well now that Pontiac is shutting down the band itself is going to be like a G6 and not be around for much longer.
  • demoversi
    Ke$ha is contagious. There is a Ke$ha contagion. My word.
  • JesuOtaku
    I always did think she had a disease or two...BAdumTISH! =D
  • e33laf
    I'll give you my very best golf claps for that one :)

    As for the song, it sounds like it was composed using only the pre-programmed sounds found on a toy keyboard.
  • droppingpenny  - There is a G6!
    G6 is slang for the Gulfstream G650 - a business jet. So the plane you see in the video is most probably a G6(50). Here is a picture http://bit.ly/bSrb5y
  • crowleyswhitehorse
    Yeah supposedly some people incorrectly refer to several jets as "G6" - from the Gulfstream G500 to G650. I'm guessing it's just because of the pop culture recognition of the previous Gulfstream IV and V. However, since there is no plane actually called Gulfstream VI, Todd is technically correct - G6 doesn't exist.
  • HimuraKenshinX
    Random trivia I picked up googling this. The jet they have in the video isn't even a G6(50). It's a G4. >.
  • droppingpenny
    Sorry, I probably gave these people too much credit. (-.-)
  • AbsolutEmperor  - I think it is car?
    Pontiac G6
  • AbsolutEmperor  - I take that back!
    my previous comment that I wrote is a mistake for not watch the dawn whole video
  • mrrubino
    But the question: Did Dev mean the car when she sang it?
  • Tranquilled  - Awesome review!
    Too bad the song actually sucks. Sometimes I enjoy parts of the songs you review. But you're so awesome this is the best (slightly early) birthday present I've gotten in a while.
  • Adrenal Lynn
    This was the first time I didn't wholeheartedly enjoy the piano opening, not from any fault of your own but the sheer displeasure and grating, dull tone this music has.

    When I first heard this song in my cafeteria, I did think, "Oh, this has GOT to end up on Todd's to-do list!" Lo' and behold. =)
  • wolfgrl1492
    This review was awesome! Thank you for finally reviewing this song. It annoys me greatly.

    And I just want to say, there is such a thing as a G6 plane. It's a business jet. But that doesn't really matter, since the group thinks they made it up.
  • SailorCardKnight
    How weird...every time I think "Gee, I wonder if Todd put out a new video, surely hes put a new one out by now." sure enough, its a day you actually put a new video out. I must be psychic...

    *one viewing later*

    As a avid listener off all foreign music from outside the US, namely Japanese music (mostly due because of my love of anime), I also find it sad how Asian musicians aren't very well recognized here. I've heard some really great stuff over the years, but when whenever I try and get someone to listen to some of the great stuff i've heard (even those who claim they love all music), they automatically hate it just cause its in Japanese and not in English. Sad.

    As for the video itself, great as ever, the ending cracked me up. Maybe all this bad pop music really is by the devil *evil laugh*.

    Now excuse me while I go listen to some Ayumi Hamasaki to get this stupid song out of my head...
  • Zulu25  - Well...........
    The reason your friends might hate is because its in another language? So how can they truly connect to the music if they dont event know what the songs about?
  • SailorCardKnight
    I've always been a believer that music is a medium with the power to transcend the language barrier and can be enjoyed by all, whether you can understand it or not. Its not like a movie, TV show, or book where you need to know whats being said to fully understand whats happening and enjoy it.

    I've heard of/seen folks from Europe and Japan rockin' out to songs in English...and they have no idea what the hell they are saying.
    Meanwhile I do the same. I sing along to songs by Blümchen...and I don't understand a single word of the German language.

    Just cause you don't understand what a song is saying doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. As long as it sounds cool, or has a catchy tune, that's all that's really needed, right?
  • Zulu25
    LOL (my comment wasn't very popular)thats actually the case for me as well.I hardly ever pay attention to the lyrics of a song and go by the beat only. I was shocked when I paid attention to the lyrics to the song "Explosive" by Dr.Dre,its really dirty. Im just saying that its not the case for everyone, and that maybe your friends or others need more than just a catchy tune.
  • SailorCardKnight
    Well most of my friends are anime nerds too and also like Japanese music, so I'm good there, its just my non-nerd friends/family/people I run into. And yeah, I think that too, but it just bugs me when people don't even wanna try and listen to it and dismiss just cause its in another language.

    That's like instantly hating some random foreign person you meet on the street just cause you don't understand them, when they are really a fun person to hang out with.


    Well, I have gotten a few good comments over the years among the many haters. (ex "This sounds cool. What is it?") So there is hope and I keep trying...
  • sprezzatura
    I think you've got an excellent point there, SailorCard. Take opera- that's respected in Western circles, and most of that's in Latin, Italian,or German, so they really have no reason to not give Japanese music a shot lol.

    Besides, if people regularly sit through such incomprehensible lyrics as "sippin' on sizzurp" and "bluffin' with my muffin," they should definitely be able to sit through something in Japanese! ;)
  • YetAnotherGuyWithGlasses
    About the other language thing - a few years ago, my (Russian) sister-in-law asked me to write down the lyrics (in English) to a rap song called "Happy Birthday" because a lot of people in Russia phone their local radio to request it for someone's birthday.

    Now, both she and my wife speak English pretty well, and she knew there was something about the lyrics that didn't fit with the song being used like that.

    And she was right.
  • LikaLaruku
    I don't listen to much music in English (which is my only fluent language) & when I do, I've actually lost the ability to hear "English," enabling the song to be about whatever I want it to be about.
  • moonloon
    I would love if I could find some Japanese music that I'd actually like, but most of the stuff people keep telling me to listen to is tinny, poppish, and grating on my nerves and my eardrums.

    I actually would prefer stuff that sounded more like "Ue o muite aruko" (hilariously re-titled "Sukiyaki" to English audiences) - the song by Kyu Sakamoto that topped the charts in the early 60s, mentioned in the video. You know. Songs that don't involve a ridiculous amount of screeching guitars, actually has a melody that I find nice to listen to, etc.

    So, don't lump all the people who don't listen to foreign music into one "you just don't like it because it's foreign" category. Also: if you have any music to recommend to me, please do. xD
  • Midori
    I have a really strange eclectic taste, and I only know Japanese artists because I am teaching myself the language but here are a few I like:

    Natsumi Kiyoura (she's singing a song from an anime, but I just like the song because she has an amazing voice).

    http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=JdWMH1XGX30

    Worlds End Girlfriend (Dont listen to if you hate postrock/classical/tiny bit of electonica)

    http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=JdWMH1XGX30

    Soil and Pimp are a Jazz group:

    http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=kKGPTL-7sD8

    I am sure there are a lot smarter more cultured people who know more than me about Asian music, but I figured I'd give my two cents.

    @Todd: Great video Todd! I always enjoy your stuff. Is there a Todd fangirl club I can sign up for?
  • kurokotetsu
    You lady, win. Natsumi Kiyoura, while I don't know much, sings Tabi no Tochuu, which is a beatiful song.

    And people MUST listen to Soil & PIMP Sessions. They are freaking awesome and their death jazz can be heard as jazz and even as club music. Form the energetic Avalanche and Summer Goddess, to the much more mellow MY FOOLISH HEART (both songs, crazy on earth and cray in mind), or even some with "metal" influences like Hollow. Their Death jazz is always energetic and full of virtuosism form the performers.

    In a "popier" group, the "group" Dead Girl Monster was nice, but I only know songs from the anime Angel Beats.
  • SailorCardKnight
    Oh boy, thats gonna be tough....I think alot of the Japanese stuff I like might be like that, as well as nothing like "Sukiyaki" (oh we funny Americans). When I usually recommend Japanese music to to people, I try and pick something out thats similar in style to artists they currently like but only with Japanese lyrics instead.

    Alright lets try this, no garuntees here though if you'll like them all...

    Asian Kung-Fu Generation, and High and Mighty Color might be good (HMC is very metal-like in ways, so if you like metal...) There's also YUI, who I think sounds like a pre-country Michelle Branch (I have a copy of Spirt Room which I listen to regularly...and like it. Deal with it). Then maybe Do As Infinity. All these artists rely more on real instruments than electronic ones, and all have a rock-like sound rather than pop (although DaI has more of pop/rock sound).

    If you love dark techno-like music, and want something unusual and off the beaten path: Aural Vampire. Be warned, this group isn't for everyone, it took me several listens before I went from "WTH? Sounds trippy..." to "This is awsome!" Plus I like weird techno music so..meh.

    If your daring, and willing to try venturing into the anime soundtrack genre: Yuki Kajiura and Yoko Kanno, both are talented composers. Yuki's music sounds absolutely beautiful, and Yoko is very clever in blending a variety of styles (she did the soundtrack for Cowboy Bebop).

    Some samples: (as its best if someone points out some sample tracks when it comes to anime OSTs)

    Yuki Kajiura - http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=KyXXwzPvUBk and this http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=zJ-CLKqFScg

    Yoko Kanno - http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=0bOhI-P6de4 and this http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=PneJzBpki-U

    I'll leave it at that. Just be thankful I'm not suggesting stuff like Perfume or Morning Musume, as they would most certainly fall under what you *don't* want.
  • YetAnotherGuyWithGlasses
    I think Frankie Lane or Acker Bilk did a cover of "Ue o muite aruko".

    Yeah, I listened to some weird stuff when I was a kid and before I got into radio and these plastic discs called "45s" and "33s".
  • BatOtaku13
    i'll raise you one asian kung fu generation song to get G6 out of my head.
  • SailorCardKnight
    You and me both buddy. *rasies glass/busts out iPod and listens to Rewrite*
  • Ohkikaze
    i totally agree.
    and the lyrics are mostly the strong point of the japanese songs i like. its not like im fluent in japanese (yet) but if i really like the melody i sure go the extra mile of looking for a translation.

    And nothing like Supercell to get this shit out of my head^^
  • That_One_Other_Guy
    Oh god. That description you gave of the song existing so college girls could grind against guys for the profile pictures... you're pretty much right on. I'm experiencing this every damn day

    If there's one song I know I'm going to hear seeping through the walls of my dorm room. it's this damn thing. Well... it's either that or SHOTS SHOTS SHOTSSHOTSSHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS

    *Blows brains out*
  • Trinab
    Hah! I actually like this song in a horrifying way. The secret part of me that enjoys trance/house stuff can get a good jive to it. But damn are the lyrics stupid.

    Great use of Carmina Burana at the end there.
  • atoli
    Haha, I love trance music~ /dodges vegetables

    I don't really mind this song. It's kind of catchy. When it comes up (for some reason) on Pandora, I don't immediately skip it haha. But, I don't really like it either... I guess it's just one of those songs, y'know?
  • EarthboundXE
    God I hate autotune!!! Seems almost every song you review has this autotune crap.

    Is it so hard just to actually sing? Or is that the point, none of these people actually can sing?
  • WiiStation360
    Obviously none of these people can actually sing.
  • PutridBeing
    If you want to get technical Chthonic is another band who recently made music history by being the first band from Asia (Taiwan) to play at Ozzfest 2007.
  • HedonisteEgoiste
    Oh man...

    Thanks for this Todd. That song is so painfully bad.

    I remember being at work and hearing a radio dj getting a request for this song from some construction guys who wanted to get excited about work. I thought to myself "How the hell does ANYONE get excited about work with shit like this playing in their ears?"
  • cdelaroacha
    I think the line 3 6 refers to the song sippin' on sizzurp by 3 6 mafia. I like the 666 idea, but I'm pretty sure its 36 mafia
  • Loneranger11  - 3 6 Mafia
    Yeah that's what I thought too. It would make sense as purple drank is favoured in southern rap, which is where the 3 6 Mafia fall.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    Let's see now, who could it be?

    http:// scottfmathews.files.wordp ress.com/2009/09/ church_lady.jpg
  • Stray
    Awesome video as always. The ending was by far the funniest part XD

    I seriously hate "Like A G6." Every aspect of the song is so fucking annoying. Every time it comes on the radio, I immediately turn it to something else (usually classical to drown out the sheer horribleness of it). But yah, "G6" = Repetitive, annoying, and downright idiotic.
  • jacktchance
    Nice Wallpaper you got there Todd.

    Also, as an Asian American. I apologize on behalf of everyone associated with this terrible song.
  • H2O
    Well you definitely look black...
  • steveosk8s  - this isn't trance or house >_>
    it's just basic electro. simple 808 work.
  • ChaosChaser  - Todd, have you heard Cibo Matto?
    Two Japanese women from NYC, Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori, who released two albums as Cibo Matto. Each produced solo album(s) after the band disbanded in 2001, and Miho Hatori was the first voice of Noodles in Gorillaz. Cibo Matto is one of the *few* pop groups that I love--I'd thought they'd be right up your alley, Todd!
  • Skillet78  - No Asian Musicians? Nonsense!
    Some of my favorite musicians are Asian.
    The music of men like Kenji Yamamoto (Metroid Prime), Koji Kondo (Mario, Legend of Zelda, Starfox), Junichi Masuda (Pokemon), Motoi Sakuraba(Tales of Symphonia), Junichi Takagi (Soul Caliber 2) were practically all I listened to for a good half of my life.
    Just because the facile slice of music that calls itself "pop" isn't filled with Asians, doesn't mean they don't dominate the better genres.

    Oh, and re: 666/12:55
    Revelations 14:8
    "She[Babylon] has made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.”
  • PublicEnemy
    ...yknow he's talkin about the american pop charts right?

    In that regard, he's right, there arent really any asians in the US pop charts
  • PublicEnemy
    careful when you say "oriental." If you use the word to refer to people (as opposed to inanimate objects) the word can be considered offensive. Unless you really are Asian lol

    Still, funny review, I cant believe that this is no. 1 in the nation right now
  • Tsubasaga
    wow tha songs was bad just bad i think i'll need listen jam project to erase the memory for that thing.

    Good video and it funny the last part.
  • DawnWarrior
    I keep hearing this stupid song on the radio during my commute. I give it chance after chance to interest me before I change the station. I could get into the song, the instrumentation isn't bad, except the lyrics suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
  • Brogan_RB
    This is the one time I've ever disagreed with you. Sometime I need a shitty song, and this fits my bill! Oh well, still a great review.
  • gunzero
  • Foxer35
    There is also John Myung from Dream Theater. Although considering the public doesn't care much for Dream Theater beyond their few contributions to the Guitar Hero/Rock Band games, he may not count.
  • Roflauncher
    I care about dream theater, I didn't learn about them through guitar hero/rock band/hannah montana guitar game either!
  • bagastoga
    Although he may not count, John Myung is a fucking monster at playing bass and the Chapman stick. And he plays acoustic guitars too! (check out The Silent Man from Awake)
  • darthjoey  - #1s
    Do you go by Billboard or iTunes for #1s? iTunes tends to have other stuff sell well too. Like Glee is at the top right now, although it did knock off Ke$ha, who had knocked off Taylor Swift. Plus, either of those are based on people who actually buy music or listen to the radio. Who listens to the radio anymore?
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