Ep 01: KeSha "BlahBlahBlah"

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  • BatDanNight
    Jeez, Ke-dollar sign-ha actually makes me physically ill. She's not attractive, she's like a Chip-ette if she became a slut. She also looks like one.

    ... So that's what 3OH!3 is. I now regret knowing what they are.
  • mrskippy
    Actually, I personally like 3OH!3 most of the time. "Don't Trust Me" wasn't really a characteristic song for them, and this...abomination was a bad career choice, but most of their songs have catchy beats and good synth work, if goofy lyrics (they are exaggerated on purpose, sort of like "I'm On A Boat," but with more subtlety).
    Try listening to "Punkb*tch" or "Chokechain" if you want to know if you really like them.
  • snickerskicker
    You have no reason to like 3OH!3 unless you're a 13 year old emo/scene girl who buys shirts from Hot Topic.
  • ThatWhiteGuy  - That GUy at the Start Of the Music Video
    The "douche master" is actually a pretty damn funny comedian. he toured with Vince Vaughn on his "Wild West" tour. I feel bad for him. On the positive side of the video, i kind of snickered at the part where Ke$ha pulled that guy's pants down and said hisdick was small
  • pharmmajor
    Excellent debut video. Welcome to the team, Todd/Kenneth.
  • trlkly
    Kenneth? That doesn't appear to be his real name or anything Who's Kenneth?
  • ThatGuyInTheHeadband
    HUNTER!! Oh wait no, it's just a new tallent, never mind.

    So we finally have a song who's lyrics are just "blah blah blah." Is the rapture going start soon, or was I already deamed a sinner?

    So that's where that song came from. I've heard it alot but never knew what it was called. Thanks for that waste of knowlage.

    Pritty good review, can't wait to see more of your stuff
  • Mariner
    I wonder if someone would think doing a G-Mod version of Todd's reviews with the Hunter from L4D/2

    Instant. Win.
  • Neo Ultra Mike
    I don't know if this is a "debut video" since he mentions he's gone over Ke$ha before. I mean Todd (aka Kenneth) has a dozen regular videos on his youtube site so this was really just his first on that guy with the glasses (It's weird when some people start on other sites usually youtube and transfer over, but not at the beginning of they're career, like Todd or JesuOtaku and you have to track they're stuff down).

    That being said I really did like this review. Eh in truth I don't really hate this song. IMHO there is sort of a weird catchiness of it, but it's not due to Ke$ha's singing or the lyrics, which are terrible, utter garbage. And the video... ugh I saw parts of "Don't Stop" on MTV Hits and she looked trampy there (espeically that one shoe look at the beginning) but this? And with those lyrics? Isn't there suppose to be a period of innoncence for pop star chicks before they go all skanky? Did Ke$ha just forget that and go "Now that I'm recording I can make it look like I'm a slut! Teehee hee!"

    So glad to see you give her a railing between the faux quitting, the pointing out of other blah blah blahs from other sources (anyone who can do an Arrested Development Refrence followed by a Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged refrence gets +5 in my book), throwing random stuff on the keyboard or saying 303 are posers while Ke$ha dosen't need to try to look whoreish. Seeing the interview on Transmission awesome made me check this guy's stuff out and it is actually pretty funny. A definite awesome addition to the team I must say.
  • otakudan
    kesha looks like she needs to take a bath
  • Sean Strife
    Kesha looks like she takes a few golden showers a day.
  • cbot1
    I LOVE YOU MAN... platonically of course.

    I'm a big fan of yours. I was watching your show since Transmission Awesome put up one of your blogs as Awesome Blog of the Week. Since then i watched for your videos every week and you're awesome.

    You're unique enough to your approach, and you make sense too!

    I'm glad you're on TGWTG now and i can't wait for the years to come of all the reviews to bad pop songs.

    btw What was that giant stuffed toy you threw?
  • Grease Daddy
    I think it was a stuffed "Tails" toy from the Sonic games
  • abaz067
    Ke$ha is the only person who can pull off 2 Girls 1 Cup by herself.
  • TriplicateGirl
    Jesus, she has more than one song!?
  • YetAnotherGuyWithGlasses
    Unfortunately, yes :(

    It is said that the end of days will begin if she releases a second album...
  • Ensiferum
    That was hilarious. Excruciatingly painful every-time the cumdumpster shit out of her mouth :X , but your comments had me laughing my ass off. Congratulations on becoming a part of TGWTG!
  • joneau261
    Glad to see you on the site, ToddintheShadows or MBI or Kenneth Munsen or whatever. I am eagerly awaiting the see what you'll review to back up my rational for never listening to pop music anymore. I actually recalled seeing an ad for this song on Youtube and thought about checking it out just to see what was with the stupid title... so glad I didn't.

    And one dumb note, did anyone notice the unfortunate acronym for "[b][size=large]T[/size] [/b]odd[b][size=large]I[/ size][/b]n[b][size=large] T[/size][/b]he[b] [size=large]S[/size][/b] hadows"? I think that's all I have to say.

    So in short: great to see you on here and I'll be certain to keep an eye out for future episodes. Congrats
  • Eric the Orange
    Will we be getting the back log of older videos? Or should I just look them up on youtube or whatever?
  • giniku
    Someone who reviews bad pop music! My fantasy. Good to have you on the team, Todd!
  • DarkSeason
    There is someone else, but he dosen´t review JUST pop music. Search for Muesproductions.
  • Nikemada
    What's the name of the italian guy at the beginning of the music video? I've seen him on Comedy Central Presents and he does NOT deserve to be associated with this garbage!

    and...i actually do like 3OH!3. I'm only 15, I'm going to like SOME recent music. but I hate that most music that isn't country or rock is now sounding more and more like techno or electronic. just because we have the technology to make music with people with no talent doesn't mean we should! thank you, very much, for pointing out what my friends can't!
  • Middleman
    What always makes me cringe about songs like this was what Todd said in his top 10 worst hits of 2009 video.

    I can't remember the direct quote but in synopsis, these are pop songs. No matter what you are listening too more people are listening to this.

    This song is popular...people request this song to be played. That just blows my mind.

    Anyways good to see you back in action. It had been awhile since your last review and I was starting to go into withdrawals.

    EDIT For horror: the youtube page (one of them) that features this song has about: 1,163,396 views...mind is still blown.
  • The RPGenius
    Not bad. You've definitely got a way with words when describing pure, utter shit. Voice-synthing for Ke$ha in this (and many other pop stars and pop songs) makes me think of the sound that the cat makes in the music synthesizer part of Mario Paint.

    (Feel free to use that one if you like it)
  • Chol Yerlow
    Well, I found another thing I like about TGWTG
  • JDAdragon666  - Funny Shit
    I never heard the song before, but I'm glad you ripped it a new 1. Just gotta ask you to update with a new video asap.
  • Pannic
    I had to sign up just for this.

    What is it with people making songs with the same titles of other, better songs?

    First there's Lady Gaga with Telephone, which share's its name with Menotti's opera, and now this, which shares its name with a George Gershwin song that is likewise infinitely more entertaining.
  • Fluffyman
    Welcome to the site.

    You had me when you made a "Bob Loblaw" reference. :)

    Honestly have never heard Ke$ha before, and I had the same reaction as you did listening to this song. I mean it seems a lot of up and coming female pop artists think that they only way of getting attention is making themselves trashy. And say what you will about Lady Gaga she is a class act compared to this chick.
  • RaiderRich2001
    To quote Spoony... this song makes my brain and my balls hurt

    Oh, and Welcome.
  • Vinny792  - I ask Ke$ha's name she said BlahBlahBlah...
    She was ugly as shit with a very flat bra."

    First Off, MY BOY TODD!! Welcome To TGWTG. Seriously congratulations dude, you are gonna have alot of fun on this site.

    Secondly I'm so F*cking glad you made a Biz Markie reference, because that's the first thing I thought of when I hear the title BlahBlahBlah. When she says "Ta ta ta talkin dat" She sounds like she's got way to much novacane kinda like that girlfriend from BioDome(Ughhh).

    BTW I like how you threw Giant Tails Plush. Do you keep him next to the giant mario Statue you had in the "Break Up" video?
    Which of course was the very first video they showed of you on Transmission Awsome. That was where I first watched you, and from then on I was hooked
  • Everwen
    Pretty cool video, welcome to the site.
  • Deimos1984rd
    Good god.....This song is now my night terror.
    Great to have you aboard TGWTG now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go postal...
  • GLKnight
    i want to kick Ke$ha in the babymaker...

    God she sucks.
  • eviljim  - Congrats...
    Been a huge fan ever since you were the Awesome Blog of the Week on Transmission Awesome.
    This song has what I call the Kiss of Death for any pop song and that is [color=red][size=large] AUTO-TUNE[/size][/color] auto-tune only works if your called Colorpulse and you remix Carl Sagan, Bill Nye, Stephen Hawking, etc into cohesive songs. Fuck auto-tune, because auto-tune= lazy/no talent. Older hip hop, pop, R&B and alternative rock bands didn't need it.
  • Ethan  - Welcome aboard, man!
    I could actually stand "Tik Tok" she is trying to at least...what's the word? Oh, yeah - "Sing." Here, she doesn't really do that. Oh, man! :X She actually makes 3OH!3 sound tolerable.

    BTW, Todd, place the blame on one Benny Blanco, the producer behind this...thing. He's worked with Britney and Katy Perry, so this is nothing new. I thought Dr. Luke had something to do with this, but he washed his hands clean of this mess (he has other sins to account for, but I'll forgive him for not being involved here).

    Nice job on your "official" first review.
    Also, as a suggestion, you may want to go after some of the producers responsible for these atrocities.

    For the record, David Guetta kicks booty (one man's opinion). The grandma in the "Love Is Gone" clip - that's all I'm saying.
  • Adrenal Lynn
    Ooooo, chills down the spine. >.o

    I'm not a hater on pop music, but this is like taking the skankiest, most untalented hooker on the street, turning on the autotune, and telling her to make it up as she goes.

    I think you'll last a good long while on TGWTG, but I wonder how Paw will take it as a new musical authority takes the stage...
  • animehater dave  - Truly a pleasure to meet you
    With that video I can tell this is going to be a beautiful entertainer/viewer relationship. ;)
  • fjern
    The problem is that blah blah blah is the best written part of the song.

    And now I will quote from two Danish rap songs:
    (translated for your pleasure)
    And even in Italy do your hear their bla bla bla.
    And even down in Poland are you hearing their bla bla bla.

    I guess, her song also makes another Danish rap song come true, Professionel Bla Bla.

    First song is from Østkyst Hustlers, the second from MC Clemens.

    What we really need is Freakazoid doing a drop-kick while screaming blahblahblah, as he did in season 1 ep 9, Relax-O-Vision.
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