One Hit Wonderland - Unbelievable by EMF

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  • Mandalf The Beige
    Geez, it's been a long time since I've heard this song. Thanks for making me feel like a kid again Todd!
  • JBCBlank
    I forgot about this song's existence O.O
  • Jegsimmons
    Quick question....why so much love for nirvana who pretty much killed rock and roll and is in hindsight annoying, whiney and not nearly as good as the bands the members later went to?

    Aside from that, nice review. Very informative and i finally found out who sang that song.
    Who'd of thought it was these guys?
  • DarkenedWolfEye
    Oh Jesus, dude, crawl into your bunker and stay there. All the music nerds who watch this show are probably aiming a nuke at your house right now.
    Also, it's "Who'd have thought it was these guys?" or "Who would've thought it was these guys" not "of".
  • Dakota The Mad  - Re:DarkenedWolfEye
    Wait. There's probably more than one nuke aiming at him? Crap. I'll go disable mine.
  • kyren0  - Rock and Roll
    I hate it when people use Rock and Roll to describe Rock, when it's a distinctly different genre that pretty much died around the time that Elvis died
  • PlayMp1
    I'm from Washington.

    We just get copies of Nevermind when we're born around here.
  • wasneeplus
    "why so much love for nirvana"

    Because they're awesome. Nirvana were pretty much the saviors of mainstream rock music in the early nineties. It was hype, yes, but there's a lot more to them. Nirvana songs are well written and have the hooks to keep you listening. Plus Kurt Cobain is the single greatest vocalist in punk rock history.

    I never bought into the Foo Fighters I'm afraid, simply because, no matter how much I tried, I couldn't stop comparing them to Nirvana, a comparison they absolutely lose. To quote a well known (and much despised) music blog "everyone who hates (Nevermind) today is just trying to be cool, and needs to try harder"
  • AutoAxpert
    No, they're not awesome. They're waaay overvalued and yes, they killed rock music. Sure, they gave it more mainstream visibility but that doesn't mean they were actually that good. Every song sounds basically the same. Their lyrics were nonsensical and everybody liked them because they sounded oh so much sad and rebellious.
    What really bothers me, though, it's the fact that every alternative rock band after that just tried to be "the New Nirvana", and never tried to add anything to the formula.
    Uh, and of course if someone doesn't like it he must be trying to be cool. They can't think that they're overrated and shallow because everybody else doesn't think so. And the Sun orbits around the Earth.
  • Lou280
    "Their lyrics were nonsensical"

    Last I remember the Beatles had a ton of songs that were nonsensical yet still have a strong appeal to people like "I am the walrus", "Tomorrow never knows", "Hey bulldog" and "Helter Skelter".
  • Bloodrealm
    I was amazed when I found out that the "Nirvana" everyone raved about and praised over all else were the ones that made the god-awful, unintelligible "bluh-bluh bluuh bluuuh... BLAH-BLAH BLAH BLAAAH!!! bluh-bluh bluuh bluuuh... BLAH-BLAH BLAH BLAAAH!!!" noise I always heard growing up.
  • wage124
    oh i don't know about that. I never thought "polly" a song about a girl kidnapped, raped and threatened by a blowtorch who only escaped her captors by flirting with one of the guards and "Pennyroyal tea" a song about drug addiction, fame and abortion sound anything a like at all!

    That's just my opinion, at least.
  • guilmon182
    Maybe he likes Nirvana? You ever think of that?
  • AceTygra82
    There is one thing Nirvana did for sure. They finally killed off all those awful cheesy hair bands.

    BTW a good episode for ONE HIT WONDERLAND

    Steel heart "Angel eyes (I will never let you go.)" A song and a band that were basically one of the final gasps of the hair band era. I remember that song being a hit just a few months before "Smells like teen sprit" exploded.
  • doublewhat  - didn't kill rock, brought it back to it's core
    No they didn't kill it. They brought it back to it's core. Grunge is a mix of post hardcore punk, doom metal(Black Sabbath sound),classic rock (Neil Young, Led Zeppelin), noise rock, and the blues. Grunge before Nevermind was slightly darker and heavier. Early Soundgarden reminds me of Doom Metal given a punk treatment. It's mellow and not extremely heavy, but still dark. It's classic rock made dark. A heavy dark grunge band is Alice In Change. Pearl Jam is the most bluesy sounding of the big 4 grunge bands. Grunge took away all the excess. But if want a true savior of rock, then it's Metallica and Pantera followed by Sepultura and White Zombie. These bands made metal and hard rock truly modern and mainstream in the nineties.

    Faith No More's album after the Real Thing (the one with Epic single), Angel Dust, was considered dark. It is now considered to be an alt-metal/rock classic.
  • Austincovello
    Because Kurt Cobain died. If he hadn't, we'd have been looking back at Nirvana by now and asked, "Why the fuck did we ever listen to this shit?" And the fact that they still get airplay nearly 20 years after they broke up on contemporary rock stations is a testament not to their greatness, but the stagnation of the rock industry.
  • Zapetheen
    They made an impact, be it positive or negative. My best friend's dad loved Nirvana so much that her name is Nirvana backwards (Anavrin).
  • kushtaka78
    You forgot that the lead singer took money from Kraft Foods to re-record the song into "Cumb-believable" for a commercial. pFjctVBg6K8
  • EpicFish
    Yeah, kinda surprised he didn't touch upon that.

    Also, I think it would make for a great episode (retrospective?) if Todd talked about Nirvana and just why they happened to kill a bunch of other artists careers.
  • rocklobster
    I actually bought Schubert Dip, the album Unbelievable came from. It was ok. There were some great tracks, like Children and the big hit, but yeah the band came out way too late. Yeah you folks have no idea how much Nirvana changed the landscape.
  • rocklobster  - Good song
    Yeah you right. Nirvana really did kill futures.
  • herrkommisar0809020  - nice
    It is nice to see something on Madchester which is my favourite genre shame none of those guys got hits over here, as far as I know. Yeah grunge did kill a lot of good bands not just British ones but a lot of the 80's college rock crowd, shame.
  • Emilie Bennett
    What, no mention of a version made for Kraft Crumbles?
  • devin1125  - Great Review
    You should do a one hit wonderland on Randy Newman
  • PIE!
    Considering that he's won two Academy Awards, three Emmys, six Grammy Awards, and is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I think he's far from a one hit wonder.
  • alexthed
    No mention of how this song got away with using the F-bomb on the radio because everyone thought that line was unintelligible?
    I have been waiting for this review, Todd. Regardless of the lack of a Crumbelievable mention, well done. I always love your insight. That and I loled so hard when you were explaining the "meaning" behind EMF's name.
  • venkarl
    I do wish this style had had a longer heyday than it did. Whenever I hear a song like this one I find it interesting to listen to. Yeah, "Unbelievable" didn't have much substance, but I wonder what kind of music we might have ended up with if these kinds of artists had more time to tap into the genre's full potential.
  • Spacedin
    I don't remember this song AT ALL and seeing as I was probably in kindergarten at the time...that's not much of a surprise. :p
  • RushBoingo
    Well, the first year and a half might have sucked for the pop charts, but there were highlights, like the fact that They Might Be Giants was the biggest Indie Band at the time, and also, one band that did do better with a darker album was Oingo Boingo, as there sound grew more similar each and every album, sales and interest went down, but for their last album, they switched from alternative synth rock to a darker grungy alternative sound with less synth, though they lost some old fans, they actually scored a couple of slots on the alternative charts. Would love to see you do a one hit wonderland on Oingo Boingo, problem is the highest they charted was with Weird Science which only reached #45 on the charts, so probably no chance.
  • LikaLaruku
    1990-1995 had great Adult Alternative & Dance music. Hip-hop was comical, innocent, & catchy.

    1996, pop singers like Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, & Whitney Houston either changed greatly or I developed a sudden intolerance for Contemporary R&B, Pop, & Soul simultaniously.

    1998 was when the shit really hit the fan.
    ------------------------- ----------------------
    I'd initially never heard of EMF & thought that Unbelievable was by Fatboy Slim. Think about it...How different do the vocalists really sound from eachother?
  • psyckid008
    "1990-1995... Hip-hop was comical, innocent, & catchy. "

    Are you out of your mind? Those were the years when guys like Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, and The Notorious B.I.G. really really started effecting the hip-hop landscape. Your comments are usually insanely idiotic and nauseatingly drenched in nostalgic idealism, but this one left me speechless.
  • Th3-_-UnKnOw
    Ok a band called THC and it doesn't mean weed. What could it possible stand for? (I know I'm putting way too much thought into a joke but I think this would be a fun mental challenge)




    Ok not as much fun as I thought it would be but at least I gave my brain a good, bizarre work out.
  • LikaLaruku
    Toy Head Cuarters. Pun on THQ.

    Twenty Honduran Cigars.

    Thyme Hickory Chicken.

    Tony Has Cancer.

    The History Channel.

    Tender Humping Care.
  • Bloodrealm
    Tuscan Halitosis Cougars

    Twice-Hefted Cucumbers

    Two-Hundred Cannibals

    Towering Helium Crustaceans
  • paulja
    There actually is--or was--a band in Japan called THC!! which put out albums with names like "Time Has Come," "Teens Hate Chains," and "Tribal Hearts Calling." Truth is stranger than fiction.
  • FishEyenoMiko
    So, their big hit was "Unbelievable", they did a song called "I Believe" and they did a cover of "I'm a Believer"? I'm sensing a pattern...
  • nkfencer
    I was as surprised as you, sort of want to see who else covered that song to look at their failed careers.
  • Soupy
    God I love Todd's videos.

    Keep 'em coming :-)
  • wage124
    oooo should totally do a retrospective on nirvana...
    I love 'em and it would be nice to hear your opinion!!!!
  • JehuTron
    Barley remember this song, maybe because I didn't hear it alot, okay, I heard it once in a commercial and that's it, okay? -_-

    the Madchester scene sounds pretty interesting, though.

    Now, do Right Said Fred. :D
  • motormind
    Well, I think now it's about time you talked about the New Radicals, who had this one hit called "You Get What You Give".
  • ladydiskette
    I usually heard about this song usually through commercial jingles and music compilation ads mostly always that "You're Unbelievable-WOAH" part without never really knowing how the rest of the lyrics went.

    Also this may have been a case where I was more familiar with the song than the band, I had no idea who did this until this review came out.
  • JehuTron  - @ladydiskette
    Same here.
  • Bloodrealm
    Same here. I hear the rest in this review, and think "My god, that guy's voice is awful, and his accent is so thick it's like he isn't even singing, just speaking." I think the titular line is the only thing actually sung in that song.
  • icedrake402
    Right now, I think this is my favourite series on the site. Funny, but at the same time, it's really fascinating how music I thought was just throwaway actually has some really interesting stories behind it, in both the stories of the artists, and the window it gives into periods & genres of music. Keep up the good work. :)
  • Viewer
    If shows like yours would still exist on TV, it wouldn't be the dying media.

    You might just be the most proffesional of all the TGWTG reviewers, right up there with the Brows guy. Really.

    Infotainment at its best.
  • Viewer
    What's that band he mentioned? Sinead O'Connor , Jesus Jones and... The Laws? The Lolz? The Laz? Can't understand the word.
  • FuryOfFirestorm
    The La's. Their biggest hit was "There She Goes", which was made popular when it was covered by Sixpence None The Richer in 1999. Even though it sounds like a love song about a girl, some people think it's about getting fucked up on heroin.
  • joelkazoo
    Was that Tiny Tim doing the cover at the end?
  • Critic From The Future
    I'm getting pretty bored with OHW, I'd much prefer a new pop song review.
  • EclipseII  - Actually... "Sad But True."
    A big misconception about the early nineties is that Nirvana killed a lot of eighties acts. Truthfully... Metallica did. Not a lot of people know or give Metallica credit, but the Black Album came out the same year as "Nevermind." It sold almost twice as many copies (7 million where Nirvana only sold 4 million), the songs received more air play and more shows were sold out.
  • Steve the Pocket
    But did it kill the public's interest in other genres? I rather doubt it, seeing as metal was already around and well-established by that point and didn't really get any more popular because of Metallica. Heck, as far as I know, Metallica was the only really successful metal band of the decade. (No, "nu-metal" does not count.)
  • doublewhat  - Pantera
  • doublewhat  - truth
    Thank you.
  • Delirio
    "To quote a well known (and much despised) music blog "everyone who hates (Nevermind) today is just trying to be cool, and needs to try harder""

    I think Nirvana might be one of the most overhyped (Im not saying overrated cause they werent actually very critically acclaimed as far as I know) band that ever existed. Both Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic (sp?) were pretty mediocre musicians. The songwriting was good, I give them that. Although I think they might have stolen a few things from other musicians (e.g. Come as you are riff stolen from Killing Joke's "Eighties"). They didnt bring anything new either. I think there are way more influencal bands from that era, like Sonic Youth, Soundgarden, Mudhoney or Black Flag, just to name a few. All Nirvana did was make Grunge more mainstream (there were a lot of better grunge bands like aforementioned Soundgarden and Mudhoney or Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam).
    Personally, I always found Cobains singing too weepy and angsty. Thats one reason I cant listen to a lot of so-called emo bands (why ist called that I will never understand since most good songs convey some sort of emotion). I guess Nirvana actually is the most well-known emo band. But that and of course Cobains suicide are probably the main reasons they got so big. And yes, I dont think he was murdered and I think most of those theories are quite ridiculous. I guess its pretty ironic that Cobain became something he actually always tried to avoid.

    There are valid reasons to hate (might be a Little strong word, lets just say not like) the band, even if you are a fan of alternative music.

    Everytime I read something like that about Nirvana I have to say something about it, dont even know why. Sorry about the rant ^^

    On topic (Todds video): I still hear this song once or twice a year on the radio and I never knew anything about the band, so thanks for the heads-up Todd. The Little bit of the "darker" record actually sounded kind of interesting, I might check that out. Great video, I hope you do more One Hit Wonderlands, I really like those (that doesnt mean that I dont like your other videos, I just dont really listen to pop music and therefor actually have no idea about it). Keep up the good work TITS.
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