Zombie Apocalypse

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  • PopCultureOtaku
    This movie wasn't to bad for syfy or asylum movie. Nice cameos too. I did wanted to say they used EMPs in Highschool of the dead anime/manga and I really like it either in that.
  • ran76
    I never understood the need to use EMPs in either. it just makes things that much more difficult for any survivors. especially if the outbreak is all over the place already, like in HotD.
  • klasmars  - z
    Nice... Great cameos from everyone..
  • bificommander
    Honestly, the combination of 'Syfy' and 'Asylum' promised this movie to be apocalyptic in more than one sense of the word. Which would have been cool actually. Something as hillariousl as Megashark vs Giant Octopus would have had a reason to exist. But this seemed more mediocre than bad to be honest. There are worse movies, and worse zombie movies, and this one falls into the boringly bad segment.

    So... props for at least comming into visual range of the competence zone, filmmakers. But next time either get closer or mess it up like before.
  • TrangleC
    Good review, although at least the Cinema Snob cameo felt a bit shoehorned in, especially since he has a cut off date and doesn't do current stuff.

    For me it is quite a coincidence that this review comes out today, because I just tried to watch this movie 2 days ago. Couldn't make it past the first few minutes though.
    It is remarkable how the Asylum and SyFy managed to make a zombie movie - the go to genre for people who want to make a watchable low budget flick - look too cheap.
    Zombie movie fans are so easy to please. Fucking up a zombie movie requires enormous amounts of ineptitude.

    That is like totally fucking up a microwaved TV dinner or a hot pocket or something like that.
  • dennett316
    re Cinema Snob, he reviewed the Mother's Day remake and has referenced countless movies outside his cut-off date in any number of reviews.
  • TragicGuineaPig
    Actually, if you did make a movie about intelligent zombies, it might actually offer something interesting and scary. Of course, what you'd end up with wouldn't exactly be zombies anymore. "I Am Legend" did something similar to that, even though the zombies really were more like vampires.
  • TrangleC  - @ TragicGuineaPig
    They should remake David Cronenberg's "Shiver". Normally I'm against remakes, but this movie would be a good candidate for one, because it has a good premise/idea, but a bad execution and is terribly dated.

    In that movie a crazy scientist crossbreeds parasitic worms with a venereal disease. People who get infected with those worms turn into "rape zombies" (as opposed to rage zombies) who keep their intelligence, their ability to talk, eat normal food, lure people into traps, drive cars aso., but turn into sexual maniacs who try to rape and infect everybody they meet and puke out parasites that slither around on the search of new hosts.

    That sounds silly at first, but the movie plays it straight (as straight as a movie from that time would, I guess) and so could a remake.

    What I like about the idea is that you'd have a kind of zombie that is intelligent and able to sustain itself (instead of starving, as a rage zombie would) while still being driven by a single minded determination to hunt down and harm uninfected people.
  • Psxpert2011
    Just by the title alone I thought i was a "over-the-top" zombie movie. Apparently I was wrong.

    "The Walking Dead" has been my favorite, down-to-earth undead apocalypse movie.
  • Mr.Anderssson
    Did you make those zombie skits making fun of the movie? Those were hilarious!
  • That SciFi Guy
    That we did, glad you liked them.
  • Semudara
    Those weren't just funny, they were impressive! At first I couldn't believe you made them just for this review. They seemed so... I don't know... professional?

    I hope to see a lot more where that came from!
  • Whiteagle  - Indeed!
    ...I actually thought those were something the Asylum cooked up during shooting, like Uwe Boll's Blubberella...

    ...What does it say about a production company when an Internet Reviewer and a half dozen people can make parody footage that seamlessly integrates with their film?
  • athehun11
    Nice Mosin Nagant. Got any more in your collection? You also notice when guns don't work the way they're supposed to in movies, and call them weapons instead of guns. You into shooting in general?
  • That SciFi Guy
    I was in ROTC for a number of years, and was on the rifle team.
    I wouldn't say I have a collection, just a couple pieces.
    It’s a bit pricy of a hobby for me.
  • fangirl21  - Actually...
    There is something scary about a zombie virus that allows for the zombies to 'evolve'. It means that the virus itself is evolving. Say that the 'traditional virus' causes the rest of the brain to 'die' while the centers that control aggression, feeding, and movement remain active enough to cause the signature zombie hunger. If other viruses can mutate and evolve, and if the zombie virus can evolve to infect animals (which is scary enough as you stated), then what if it mutates to allow other centers of the brain to remain functioning? Such as being able to make plans, hold weapons, or dodge the weapons that surviving uninfected use against them? That could be scary, if executed right. Here it doesn't work though, so your point of them being 'silly' is valid.
  • XIIIth  - Funny error
    First off, I loved this episode. But I can't help but notice you misspelled Lupa's name as Alison instead of Allison in the credits. Although I find that hilarious considering my girlfriend is Alison and constantly complains about people misspelling it as Allison
  • Moon Spirit
    Zombies with actual brains? What is this madness?

    No explanation = nothing accomplished.

    Love the cameos though.
  • Ogre Samanosuke
    Dear God the Welshy cameo had me in fucking stitches. Easily one of your best episodes yet SFG, and not because of all the cameos, though they help a little bit.
  • Zombifaction  - Good job.
    28 days later is an infection film not a zombie movie. And they gave a reason for the infected. It was a mutated rage virus from monkeys being freed from a lab by animal rights activists.

    And they gave a possible reason for the zombies in Night of the Living Dead, saying that it is possibly because of “space radiation” from a satellite falling out of space.

    Sorry I just had to say. I’m a big zombie fan. Also has not everyone realized that the fresher the zombie the faster? Sorry I take the idea of zombies into every moment of my life.
  • mehja  - IPHONE ZOMBIES?
    This movie has Iphone zombies? IPHONE ZOMBIES???
    The first scene with these two checking the brain calorie counter I though this was a parody - not actually part of the movie!

    But heck, it really is - I am very, very scared...
  • ladydiskette  - Iphone Zombies
    You weren't the only one mehja...I thought that too, I thought it was at least from some Zombie movie horror-comedy or something I can't believe they actually put it in the movie expecting people not to go "WFT!?!?"

    It just totally felt so out of left-field and out of place it threw me off.
  • Mr.Anderssson
    I suspect those scenes weren't actually in the movie. The asylum isn't exactly known for pointing out its own plot holes.
  • That SciFi Guy
    Yep, we made those scenes to poke fun at the movie. I guess we made them a little too well. =)
  • mehja  - Gratz!
    Gratz - You made these scenes really too well :)
    The scene at 18:40 fits right in with the sign and the fence. How did you get all the lightening, make-up and atmosphere to match the movie?

    Really dedication.
    How did you get to dress up as zombies? The older guy looks a little like Mr.Deity :)
  • Tom Smith
    Honestly, I am kinda surprised that the idea of Sci-Fi Guy reviewing zombie stuff hasn't come up yet. Basically all zombie outbreaks are scientific in nature.
    Hell, even Night of the Living Dead was caused by evil Soviet experiments if you are suicidal enough to watch the sequel.
    http:// thatguywiththeglasses.com /videolinks/teamt/ phelous/17053-day-of-the- dead-2

    Kudos for pronouncing the SyFy channel correctly.

    To be honest, at 20:15 when the moron brigade sees the house on fire, I honestly thought the joke zombies were part of the movie. They were filmed on similar enough cameras, the color pallet was similar and the zombie's behavior..... well, until they started doing hand motions they easily could have been normal zombies in this shit movie. No joke.
    So I have to give it to the zombie crew, they were able to effectively capture this film's essence very well in their skit.

    Holy shit that was a lot of cameos.

    WTF, THE PONY TAIL IS DEAD. R.I.P little guy. I really liked the pony tail because it makes Sci-Fi guy kinda look like the character Riff from the amazing webcomic Sluggy Freelancer. Riff is really cool because he created a dimensional ray gun, is a scientists, he kills aliens/zombies/demons and is really funny. Because of Riff I associate blonde ponytails with goofy but really smart men of science.
  • ladydiskette
    I will miss pony tail guy too, but I shudder to think what depravity Welshy would have done to him if he didn't remove it.

    Well, maybe not shudder...... XD lol
  • That SciFi Guy
    The Pony tail is not dead, just a little shorter for now.
    I cut it every 2 years and donate it.
    Hair grows back.
  • satireknight
    Oh good, we can watch it grow again!
  • EarthboundXE
    I know this is old, but Day of the Dead 2 has nothing to do with the Living Dead flims.

    Pretty sure they just put the name on another different zombie movie, because they had the rights.

    You can tell by just watching the movie, it has nothing to do with Romeo's films. Which is odd, since you link to Phelous's review of it, meaning you should know that.
  • Movie Noob
    That SciFi Guy since Halloween is all most here maybe you should consider reviewing the short made for TV movie The Halloween That Almost Wasn't.

    It's a funny take on Count Dracula and the classic monsters as they help Count Dracula save Halloween.
  • Blizz3112
    Oh Welshy, your creepiness never seems to surprise me...

    And yeah, killing zombies isn't the main point in zombie movies... that's just dumb saying that...
  • amw2663  - is it just me
    Did anyone else seem to see a Phelous, Brad, Maven, Linkara, and Lupa zombie in the title card, or is it just me?
  • Tom Smith
    @ amw2663
  • ColeYote
    Oh, it's doing that weird "centre all the comments" thing. Also; CAMEOVERLOAD! Which is strange, because you've reviewed a horror movie before. Cough Jason X cough.

    I suppose Crab Man had to do something after My Name Is Earl ended. Too bad Jason Lee used up their supply of EA Skate cameos.

    This movie probably would've been a bit better if they'd gone with the RE4 "they're totally not zombies, they're just insane"
  • Aural Aurum
    5 Stars for Welshy. And Dena. And others.

    Hey Crab Man!
  • ladydiskette
    Good video SciFi Guy.

    Though I am surprised that whenever any reviewers run into a zombie film that features Alaska they don't use the RedvBlue clip where they are discussing thier "Zombie Escape Plans" and one of them mentions going to Alaska to wait it out. XD

    I loved that one.
  • jurf-rokstar
    There was too many damn cameos in this review. Besides that, why don't you actually review Pitch Black?
  • fanime1
    Love the titlecard with everyone as zombies. I had fun guessing who each one was. I'm guessing Lupa's the one at the very bottom. When you turned off her cameo, I was thinking, why didn't you do that earlier? And then Phelous dies at the end. XD Since this movie was called 2012 Zombie Apocalypse, I was expecting it to at least mention the 2012 Mayan theory, which I don't believe in anyway. Otherwise, what was the point of putting 2012 on the title. And I was sad when crabman died. :( Still, I enjoyed the cameos. Everyone did a good job.
  • Rue_Ryuzaki2
    Oh Ving Rhymes you funny.
    Nice work Scif-guy.
    So bribe Lupa with bad movies.. hmmm
    & Linkara nice with the spoiler beep,
  • Vausch
    I hate it when a story comes up with a good idea but sucks everywhere else. The zombies slow down because they're still rotting? That's great! It makes enough sense, and it's intriguing.

    Here's what I don't get though, why do so many zombie movies lately have the peopel that turn go immediately into a "rotted flesh Freddy Krueger" look? They did that in the remake of Day of the Dead, they went from normal to rotten in seconds!
  • Rigs83  - That thing about arrows
    I am no archer but assuming they are using hunting arrow heads I don't think the could pull them out. Depending on the type of arrow heads used it could have a serrated edges making it hard to remove especially considering the thickness of the human skull they probably would be too damaged to be useful even if you could dig them out.
  • satireknight
    Hmm, would the rottenness of the bodies make it easier to pull them out?
  • Captain Siberia
    Rivals Phelous's /Automaton Transfusion/ review in its illustration of how pointless these movies are.
  • SilverDreamer
    Well I certainly picked a good episode to be the first episode of That Sci-Fi Guy that I've watched! Will definitely continue watching, I loved this!
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