Rap vs Metal: Worst Choruses

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  • Tomfoolery  - You make Rap better!
    Rap Critic, this is a great show your doing here. Keep it up.
  • serfky01
    At least when rappers sing, its understood that that is their secondary talent, their main talent is rapping, Metal singers are supposed to be singers, and they still suck
  • Bojanglatron  - serfky01
    Not entirely an accurate description. After attempting it myself, I have a great deal of respect for the Heavy Metal singing style. Throat singing (the guttural, demonic growl) can add an extremely oppressive and aggressive feel to the song and suits the Heavy Metal style well. If you have ever tried doing it yourself you would realize it is one of the most staggering and endurance requiring styles to pull off next to dragging out notes in opera. The wear and tear on the voice box is incredible. And I would love to hear a non female pop singer hit some of the higher vocal metal "screams" that Judas Priest managed in their heyday. All a matter of perspective, really.

    In the end it boils down to you making excuses for entertainers who should know better then to insist on doing things they are bad at in songs they intend to sell. And you miss the point; this was more a focus on uninspired, shitty lyrics from what I could tell.
  • RockinDover  - HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!
    I dare you to say those exact words to Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, and Robert Plant, some of the greatest rock and heavy metal vocalists of all time. You will be turned to dust. Just try singing with that much range and that much power. With that attitude, your throat won't last five seconds.
  • vmtabarez  - wow...
    Ok first of all not all metal singers suck a good majority of them are extremely talented singers. You want to know a few metal singers who don't suck at singing? Howard Jones from Killswitch Engage, Philip Labonte from All that Remains, and Ivan Moody from FFDP are a few of of a list of many talented singers. Also Metal isn't just singing either, it has Screaming(guttural, Demonic growl, fry screams, and outward screams)all of these things are very difficult to do and takes a lot of practice and training. If you want to talk about singers who suck here are some rappers who suck at singing. Lil Wayne, Eminem(He is a great at rap but his singing when he actually tries to sing sucks bad)and P.Diddy (in his new song i could barley stand his part at all before i shut it off). So don't ignorantly say that rap has better singers because it isn't true both have their good singers and their bad by the way this does not mean i hate rap I love listening to rap and to rock as long as I like it. You have your opinion about music BUT don't try to state your ignorant opinion as fact though.
  • Ricamros
    there are metal bands whose singers suck and some whose singers are good. I assume you think all metal is screaming and growling if you say they all suck.(for the record, sometimes screaming and growling can sound awesome.) But damn - have you ever heard Eric Adams sing? What about Tony Kakko? Ronnie James Dio? Rob Halford? Tomi Joutsen? Till Lindemann? Tarja Turunen, for hell's sake? give it a try.

    (btw what kind of an excuse is it to suck at singing that it's not what you're supposed to be doing in the first place?)
  • trlkly
    But she didn't win. You destroyed her last example as well as she did yours.

  • Frogger537
    She's hot. Does she have videos on the site?
  • LikaLaruku
    I'd say she's adorable, like a baby animal.

    & she was right about the ratings. For this particular week, you got more ratings than Cinema Snob or Phelous.

    How about a round 2 of metal vs rap, with misheard lyrics?
  • AndyDangerRangerGibbons
    this is the first time i checked one of your videos out! im going to have to go back and check some more out!
  • Pricer
    Choke on, deez nuts!
  • Burn7  - What is a... "Girl"?
    Hey hey hey... Come on now Mr. Rap Critic. Adding a chick won't boost ratings. Adding an Asian chick however...

    I kid. Honestly I watch your show because you're witty, intelligent and (from time to time) drop dead fucking hilarious. You're one of the 4 people I come to this site to watch.

    Which is interesting since I'm a complete metalhead and rarely listen to rap of my own accord.

    I think both genres have the capacity to manifest wondrous choruses, and they both share the same potential for the ear-rape witnessed within this video.

    However, I will say that in my opinion (which is just as worthless as anyone else's), Metal has the greater opportunity to suck because of the inclusion of screamed/growled vocals. Even with the most vulgar and vile lines in rap, you can mostly understand what is being said. Half of the time in Metal you have to just interpret everything yourself, which can lead to some very confusing messages. (Need an example? Try googling "Interpretation of Trivium". This makes me extra sad since Trivium is my favorite band.)

    I don't see why we don't all band together as one to hate on BrokeNcyde, more specifically their song "Freaxxx". It's the bastard offspring of every terrible part of both genres, and is the most musically offensive thing I've ever heard come out of my speakers.
  • L√ęzen
    The only thing there is, you're making a generalization about metal as a whole based on the one subgenre of metal that overuses the "death growl" - death metal.

    Sure, the death growl occasionally creeps its way into other subgenres (symphonic metal, power metal, etc.), but for the most part, vocal work for a majority of the non-death metal bands out there are usually sung with some actual skill. And by "actual skill", I mostly mean "actual pitch"; personally I don't consider any form of non-pitched vocals to be real singing.
  • Burn7
    I absolutely agree, and I honestly wasn't generalizing and saying that all metal has screams, or even that the screaming is a detriment to the genre as a whole. I said it has the greater opportunity to suck because there are some truly terrible screamers out there and a lot of the time these bad screams makes their way into the chorus.

    I agree that non-pitched screams really don't count as singing as well. I do enjoy good screamed vocals when used well, and I even really like some deathmetal growls. (Except pig squealing. Seriously, what the fuck is that about?)

    Don't worry, I know exactly what you mean. Metal and it's many, many subgenres are by far my most listened variety of music. Maiden to Gojira, and everything in between. Metal has some of the best vocals I've ever heard, and the contrast between amazingly talented clean vocals and heavy, driving drum/guitar work is one of the sexiest things I've heard audio-wise.

    Anyway, I do find it kind of funny how defensive people get over metal. Not speaking to you specifically, but just looking over the comments all kinds of people are getting all kinds of upset over the subgenres and whatnot.

    It's almost like a good amount of them forgot that The RC admitted to not knowing shit about metal in the video, and that it was all for funsies.
  • bassbait
    That offends me that you don't consider non-pitched vocals to be real singing, because that's unfair to singers like Devin Townsend and Mikael Akerfeldt who have made masterpieces of music that utilize the death growl. Devin Townsend can even do a pitched death growl. Here's an example of Devin's amazing vocal abilities -

    http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=t-ShfiU64U0

    Also, Death Metal is not capable of overusing the Death Growl. Death Metal is DEFINED by the death growl, which therefore means that you HAVE to do it to be Death Metal. It's like complaining about rap because the bands overuse rapping.
  • Burn7
    Lol... okay, Townsend is one of those guys that can do anything he goddamn wants with his voice. He's kind of fucking amazing. If he wanted to do classical opera with a full orchestra, I'm pretty sure he damn well could. While he was submerged in water.

    I don't consider pitchless screaming to be singing any more than I consider pitchless rapping to be. When it comes to singers, rappers, screamers or whatever else, I feel as though there is a fine line between "Singing" and creating "Vocals".

    Singing by definition means to produce musical tones using one's voice.

    If the scream has melodic pitch, or produces a musical tone then I would consider it singing.

    Since a good amount of the time vocalists don't try for notes and just scream or deathmetal growl with what they got, it's really not singing. To me, the key is tonality. Either it's there or it's not. Otherwise, it's just vocals.

    Kind of like how every square is a rectangle but not every rectangle is a square.

    I do understand what you're saying, I'm just being extremely literal when defining what it means to actually "sing". In all reality I suppose you can sing and not really hit the notes, but in my own melodic eyes tonality is key. It's the reason there are two different words. Otherwise, it would all just be "singing".
  • RockinDover
    I'm totally the same way. I don't really go for screaming in the Nu-metal or screamo sense or growling or rapping, but that doesn't mean it doesn't take any talent. In fact, they each take quite a bit. I love the high-pitched classic heavy metal wailing, though. Screaming in the old school sense I guess. Having pitch makes it more melodic, which is what music is mainly about, so in turn it becomes more musical. I'm a bit old fashioned (OLD SCHOOL!!!) in that way.

    That's just me, though. Metal is metal, music is music, and to each their own.

    I wonder if TGWTG needs a Rock Critic.
  • DangerousLoki
    I concur. I don't care for Metal but I do try to give every genre a fair shake. Or a fair listen. One band that I have to give massive props to for their insane talent is Apocalyptica. If you haven't heard their work than I suggest giving it alisten. Grade A stuff
  • TheLaughingFish
    Good point, Burn7. I listen to a LOT of rock from many genres and I don't mind the Deathgrowl either - if it's used right. That means not screaming the whole song, or if you're going to and that's the band's sound, then try to make it sound musical. And for the love of God, make sure we can understand what you're saying. There's a big difference between the deathgrowl as a vocal and as a musical effect, and I think you're right - it all comes down to tonality.
  • RockinDover
    I know jack all about rap, other than it's not my style, and I love Rap Critic's videos, because he points out a lot of stuff that I would never have noticed otherwise, he knows the subject matter really well, I have never seen him act like the stereotypical gangster, and because he is quite funny.
  • Vash3001
    Well you could have played the GWAR card.
  • Furenzeru
    Just out of curiosity, what is the GWAR card? I can't help but picture a Yu-Gi-Oh! or Magic the Gathering card that instantly defeats your opponent with a gigantic sword, causing a fountain of blood and bile to spew forth.
    Is that what you meant?
  • Deez  - snap
    Was that an August Burns Red shirt? /drool
  • Keiji  - Some metal references
    Third edit - The post keeps deleting half of i9tself every edit, decided to remove it.
  • Epockismet  - Just having a chick may not boost raitings...
    But having AnimetalChick there certainly didn't hurt. My eyes are pretty happy ;P
  • Sircoolwalk  - Just pointing out.
    The first one was Grindcore, the worst thing since genocide. Second, Slipknot is sort of the face of Nu metal but they are not what I would claim to be most new metal. I suggest looking at disturbed for a good example of Nu metal. The last is that all examples are not the original form of metal, the first for is heavy metal.
  • CrazyChris576
    Dude, Design the Skyline is absolutely NOT grindcore. If you think that was grindcore, then you've never listened to grindcore.

    I would just like to point out that Design the Skyline also does not qualify as "metal" in any way, shape, or form, thereby invalidating one of Rap Critic's examples.

    That said, this video was pretty hilarious. Well done, both of you.
  • PlayMp1
    I noticed that. None of these frickin' bands are real metal. There's the obvious example of the last one, which was a rap song that satirized Satan-loving metal (even though there's plenty of *great* Satan-loving metal - Venom, Slayer, much of black metal). Then the first one was shitty metal/deathcore, which is a poor disguise of post-hardcore. Then Slipknot, who just suck and aren't metal (look at metal-archives).

    You want to talk about shitty real metal? Try Thrash Queen. And St. Anger (that was a metal album... barely). And Risk (ditto). Hell, I love Vio-Lence, but their singer is so goddamn annoying you could easily use a Vio-Lence chorus and get away with it.

    My experience with bad death metal is limited, since I try to seek out the best death metal I can since I'm still acclimating to the genre. This is unlike my experience with thrash, where I just got whatever I could and occasionally got stuff I didn't like.
  • arglactable
    I certainly hope that's not a August Burns Red shirt. That band sucks. Not as badly as Slipknot or Design the Skyline, but those bands practically set the standard for god-awful embarrassments to the genre and not because their lyrics are terrible. Seriously, does anyone actually listen to metal for the lyrics?
  • mrskippy
    Oh, fuck you. You probably think all metalcore sucks, 100%, no exceptions. August Burns Red is incredibly talented when it comes to instrumentation and their lyrics are actually quite good...
    Hold on, you just asked if anyone listens to metal for lyrics? Never mind, you don't know anything about metal at all; you're obviously just a troll. Carry on.
  • DrewMaster578
    Yeah, the metal bands you had up there do suck pretty bad, but there are so many good metal bands out there. Metal isn't just about yelling and screaming and worshiping satan. I personally think metal i the best music out there, but that's just me. I respect that metal isn't for everyone.

    Try listening to progressive metal, symphonic metal and folk metal for examples of really good metal.
  • Shishcubobatron  - Just Saying
    I only do my devil worshiping behind kids.
  • benfromcanada
    I watch you anyway. But then again, I love Lucifer and I will kill all of you, so you gotta take that into account
  • mrskippy
    New meme?
  • Furenzeru
    "Slipknot just told every band, local, international, or otherwise, to suck his nuts."
    I'm really sorry, but I can't let this one slide.

    "i think slipknot is a pretty cool guy. eh tells everyone to suck his nuts and doesnt afraid of anything"

    The BAND is Slipknot. The vocalist is Corey Taylor. He's the one whose nuts are to be sucked. =P

    And... it's not really a stereotype, bro. Adding a chick does increase views. This was the first Rap critic video I've seen, actually.

    But anyway, great video, I'll definitely check out some of your older vids now.
  • Sewblon  - You and her work well together,
    but listing off bad choruses when the chorus is the only saving grace of at least 30% of all modern pop music seems a little bit misguided.
  • TheBurncan
    The thing is, "metal" is such a vague term. To name a few, you have British heavy metal like Iron Maiden, thrash like Metallica and Pantera, progressive like Dream Theater and OSI, etc.
    Screamo and most Nu Metal are pretty terrible.

    I know this video wasn't serious; just saying.

    Based on this video though, I'll probably check out more of your videos, in spite of not really listening to rap.
  • bassbait
    It's far less vague than you think, but the subgenres of metal are much more vague.

    For example -

    Metallica and Pantera are not thrash metal. Metallica has not been Thrash since And Justice For All, and their first four albums BARELY qualify. Screamo is not metal at all, and although Nu-Metal is, it's pretty terrible. Death Metal and Black Metal are not screamo or related to it at all, but since metal is VERY esoteric, I couldn't justify an explanation of the differences between the almighty Death Metal and the horrible Screamo, because I guarantee that you'd be lost unless you knew the difference already.
  • PlayMp1
    Kill 'em All was speed metal. Ride the Lightning rode (heh) the edge between speed and thrash. Master of Puppets was pretty consistently thrash throughout, with the exception of Sanitarium (which is a damn good song, IMO). ...And Justice For All was trying to be a sort of progressive metal with thrash elements or maybe vice versa, but opinions vary widely. I personally think it's pretty damn good despite the total lack of bass and occasionally weird, out of place shift in tone.

    Pantera is groove. Nu metal isn't frickin' metal at all, it's even less metal than post-hardcore, metalcore and deathcore (the only -core band I will ever defend is Between the Buried and Me, since they have such heavy influences from bands I actually like, like Cynic and Atheist).
  • hero2000
    That metal chick should became apart of tgwtgand what was her name again.
  • ReesiePuffs
    Oh, so general rap vs. general metal. Yeah, that's fair. That's like comparing rock to classical. There's so many different sub-genres, they might as well be their own catagories. You have symphonic, power, death, black, thrash....To say they all sound alike is pure ignorance and shows you have no idea what you're talking about. Just stick to reviewing rap as it seems to be your area of expertise.
  • TheBurncan
    To be fair, he admits in the video that he doesn't really know anything about metal, and that his examples aren't really representative of all metal. Assuming you actually watched it and aren't just commenting on the title.
  • K The Sandman
    Ressie don't be mad that your favorite Genre is proven to be just as BAD as most hip hop.

    Now I've been Listening to Metal for about 14 years, and Hip Hop all of my Life and in terms of talent, THEY ARE BOTH EQUAL.

    Why do you ask?

    Do any of you guys take poetry, To make a GOOD rap song you must have Flow...Flow in essence is



    And Rhyme Structure

    To make this work WITHOUT a Beat is hard enough, but putting a beat there for you to flow on Makes it HAT Much harder...It's COMPLETELY Improv because of it.

    Also Rap has JUST AS MANY Subgenres as Metal, Hell Some of the so called Subgenre's of Metal, are about as fabricated as anything else *Cough* Nu metal *Cough*
  • Fangoram
    as a metal head i gotta say i loved this video. great example on how some metal fans get way to antagonistic against rap music.
  • Burn7
    Some metal fans get really riled up over anything that's not metal, or even their specific subgenre.

    "Wtf this isn't Indie-Grunge Urban Stonerpop Groove Metal. Fuck this shit!"

    It's sad, because it's those people that give the real metal lovers out there a bad name. But then again I suppose there are people out there like this for every genre of music, and it's a personality type not a trait derived from musical preference.
  • Unrefined-Nemesis  - Rap critic lost hands down....
    The first band that rap critic made a choice for comparison wasn't even a metal band at all, its emocore/screamo. Any band signed with victory records isn't metal. So get your information right rap critic. http://metal-archives.com your encyclopedia in metal.
  • KlawedFlaw  - Just me being overly serious about something point
    I've been a metal fan for over 6 years, I believe, maybe 5. That says nothing about my knowledge of metal, as I know the history of most genres of metal, am well versed in what makes a song metal, and am aware of the differences between the sub-genres. I also like rap, but mainly listen to stuff like Gravediggaz and Slick Rick. I already know I'll like Devil Boy.

    The examples were pretty weak, but I can understand why the metal examples weren't good for the argument. I'm glad the Rap Critic is mature about the fact that he isn't entirely well versed as far as his metal knowledge goes.

    I mainly found the examples weak simply because I don't believe choruses are what makes a song. I write songs, and don't focus as much on the chorus, so yeah.
  • simonsquest
    As a person who is dedicated to metal I have to say that the first "metal" band was of course emo screamo garbage. But that is self evident. Metal isn't always about choruses either, some bands (especially progressive metal bands) thrive on many songs that have no real choruses. I could give a list of bands I love that often do this. My favorite band of all is Opeth- most songs seem continuous with no real chorus, but the many of the lighter songs have choruses sung beautifully.
  • Artemus_Cain
    As a Metalhead for as long as I can remember, I can say that NO Victory records band can call them metal with a straight face.

    Except Between the Buried and Me. They're exempt.
  • bassbait
    I love both genres, but metal wins in every way in a competition. For example, here's some choruses that prove that metal bands are good at it:

    Strapping Young Lad - Love?, Wrong Side, All Hail the New Flesh, Detox, AAA, S.Y.L., You Suck, Far Beyond Metal, Aftermath, Force Fed

    Devin Townsend - Earth Day, Hyperdrive, Sumeria

    Opeth - Bleak, In My Time of Need, Master's Apprentices, Credence, Godhead's Lament, The Moor, The Lotus Eater

    And if you think rap is better at rapping, well take a listen to these songs:

    Exodus - Scar Spangled Banner, Blacklist, Fabulous Disaster, The Toxic Waltz

    Vio-lence - Kill on Command

    Exhorder - seriously, ANY SONG by Exhorder would work

    Bloodbath - Eaten

    Strapping Young Lad - Happy Camper.

    Seriously, old school rap is great, and I got sick of it about the time of 2Pac, but before that pretty much everything was awesome. Metal had a great run since the 70's, and there's seriously not one year since 1969 where great metal albums were coming out.

    Respect to all, but metal wins, even if this video is a joke!
  • TheDued92
    I love Metal and Rap that's why I like Rage Against the Machine.
  • Marcwulf
    I love when people say metal singers can't sing. Because it's either an amazingly obvious troll statement, or they just dunno what they're talking about. If you honestly think metal singers can't sing, check out Melancholy by Iced Earth, Pretty much any Epica song (Yeah, the dude growls, but Simone's voice is extremely good and she does the most singing) or Falconer, particularly Clarion call. I feel like I should comment on the show too, but I can't think of anything more than I did actually like it and I like that you didn't take it too seriously, because debating which style of music is better, is utterly ridiculous, since it's all opinion. (Which I admit, I used to do, because I've really never been a fan of rap, so I said it sucks. but in the end it's just that I don't like the sound of it, but that doesn't make it bad)
  • zmh24
    ICED EARTH FTW!!! They are my favorite band alongside Iron Maiden. I'm actually wearing a Set Abominae T-shirt as I'm typing this. I regret not having seen them in concert when I had the chance though, Matt Barlow is leaving the band (again), hopefully he'll return some day.
  • blaed
    I'll miss Matt, I thought their latest album wasn't bad at all. If you get a chance zmh, you might be interested in checking out Pyramaze, he sang for their last album 'Year of the Pheonix' before rejoining Iced Earth and imo it's very good!
  • Marcwulf
    Thank you for recommending that band, blaed! I really like hearing Barlow sing with a different style than Iced earth's. Don't get me wrong, Iced Earth is one of my favorite bands ever.
  • zmh24
    HOLY SHIT THANK YOU!!! I had no idea Barlow had done anything else from Iced Earth except some indie band formed entirely of cops from the time he was a cop.

    I knew about Jon Schaffer's other projects (Demons & Wizards and Sons of Liberty) and Ripper Owens being the vocalist for several other bands (Judas Priest was at its peak when he was with them, I prefer him over Halford), but I thought Iced Earth was it for Barlow, thank you.
  • Marcwulf
    I saw them live a couple years back, when it was with Ripper. He did waaay better than I expected. And... Really? Barlow's leaving again? That's just not fair to the world.
  • PlayMp1
    I dislike the constant use of power metal examples, because power metal is so different in comparison to the rest of metal. Since the 70s, metal has always been trying to get heavier and heavier, except for power metal. It's all over the place, and many bands can't decide if they're gonna be guitar-driven pop or just upbeat metal.

    I'd prefer to use the example of Joey Belladonna from Anthrax. Thrash metal band with a semi-power metal singer. There's also Overkill and their NWOBHM-influenced singer.
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