Shaq Diesel (Album)

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Comments (46)
  • DarkBee
    Some people should just stick to what they do best (not you, RC, this was really good).
  • Winter6  - l
    This album was mostly hilariously bad and I am happy to have seen this review. Plus I liked Seamus the Irish Plug and hope you have fun at Magfest. I'd go but I'm on the other side of an ocean, that and social gatherings rather mix well with me. Anyway great video RC as always.
  • LinkarasLisp
    If you look at his whole body of work, Shaq's by far the best basketball player turned rapper. I mean, that doesn't say much, but really. He's okay...
  • Chino
    Wow, back in the day when "(I know I got) Skillz" came out I actually liked that song. Maybe because the beat is really good and I didn't really care about Shaqs Lyrics.

    So glad I started listening to good rap afterwards. Good olf Fu-Schnickens. I always got a strong Wu-Vibe from them.

    I'd love you to do more "classic rap" because modern rap completely lost me somewhere around "The Marshall Mathers LP" and the only "Modern rap" left for me are Sage Francis and B. Dolan from Strange Famous. And sadly, you'll never be able to do a review of them, because they are untouchable! :D

    Talking about shameless plugs: B. Dolan just released his take on the occupy movement paying homage to NWA with his song "Film the police": hyT1buoyTnY Check it out! =)
  • Catey
    Hi Shaq,

    Please don't rap again. Ever. Keep to basketball and whatever else you are good at. The world will thank you for it



    Love your reviews RC. Keep em coming :)
  • ladydiskette
    Wow, talk about getting your Christmas gifts early!

    I always heard about the infamous rap albums Shaq did, told to me in hushed whispers and behind closed doors via word of mouth. Until then I never saw the actual albums or his heard his songs with my very own eyes.

    This was a....interesting experince. But a good review neverless. Thanks RC :)
  • jdykid  - uuuuuuuum
    how do u hear with eyes
  • ladydiskette
    (lol yeah, sorry about that, it was 3 am and I couldn't sleep the night I posted that comment, but the feeling still applies)

    What is seen cannot be unseen.
  • WiiStation360
    7:42, Who wrote that? The Angry Video Game Nerd?
  • Creature SH
    Great review, sir!
    Albeit I'd go as far as calling you way too generous and kind towards the subject. Then again, you are on the same continent as Shaq and he COULD find you, so that's understandable.
  • SCB92  - Rap Critic reviews a whole album
    Nice to see you review every song of an album; Todd in the Shadows should do something like this as well; Shaq can't act, Shaq can't rap, his video game (Shaq-Fu) is bad, he should've just stuck with basketball (though he's retired now)

    You outdone yourself once again Rap Critic
  • ladydiskette  - Re: SCB92
    You think he has done that should check out the children's book he did that I mentioned on the RC's thread forum.

    Its freaking wierd as hell.
  • crazy-man
    I had never heard Shaq before. But one day i found his record "You cant't stop the reign" and listened it. Only song that i liked was whit Notorious B.I.G. But good review rap critic!
  • Ohsha
    I thought the "who mentioned his mom?" question would be answered with 2pac.

    Do more whole album reviews Rap Critic.
  • pharmmajor
    Oh sweet Jesus... RC, how the hell could you put up with this stuff?

    Also, you have a great Irish brogue.
  • Relaxo
    Damn man, this is why Bobby Digi sampled the kung-fu noises for the Wu records. That way he actually achieves the badass sound and doesn't end up sounding like an eight-year old.

    And it freed up his mouth to make other neat sounds, like BOODOODOODOODOODOODOO. :D
  • LilDigga82
    I also liked the whole album review, great job. I remember this album back in the day, It's so old school and corny.

    There are plenty of Christmas rap songs actually, I remember Snoop Dogg and the Dogg Pound did Santa Claus goes straight to the Ghetto.
  • InfamousLP  - ok........
    I know Shaq kinda did rap in the Kazaam movie ("green egg and ham it"....oh Shaq -__- lol). But I had no idea of his "rap career" until now. I was a child of the 90s in Chicago (in Garfield (k-town) where hip-hop and r&b were king), but I don’t ever remember passively hearing any of his tracks or about his venture into music o-o. Let alone make FIVEEEEEE records >_eat. And big ups for promoting Lupe Fiasco's stuff (good to know you’re a fan, and yes, he does make everything better after listening to trash lyrics ^___^).

    P.S. I did like this review, but I really feel (like others in the comments also felt) that you were kinda being a tad forgiving with some of your scores. Personally, I would HIGHLY suggest you put out a quick video detailing your critique process and criteria. I think it would help your audience better understand your mindset on these vids (so even if we disagree, we can know where you’re coming from.).
  • soulalcatraz
    If I hadn't heard it with my own ears, I don't think I could ever have believed that "I can flow like pee comin' out "you-know-what," or some dookie diarrhea comin' out ya butt" were real rap lyrics. And I use "rap" lightly there.

    RC, I think it really speaks to your talent as an entertainer that I LOVE your vids despite the fact that I really dislike all rap music (and before people flame me, I am a white, married, college-going woman who's always lived in small rural communities and am in NO WAY the intended audience of rap music).
  • InfamousLP  - @soulalcatraz
    Well, skin color has nothing to do with liking music imo (im black (not mixed) and like many different genres besides rap/r&b. And i grew up in chicago where those two were the only "acceptable" genres to like amongst my ppl >__>). Just your past background and exposure. And theres nothing wrong with not really being into a genre (not everything is for everyone...i cant say im the biggest country or screamo fan....nothing wrong with those who like it (well some screamo maybe >_sts who actually care about making art and meaningful lyrics.

    I would suggest u start with the FIRST TWO albums of Lupe Fiasco (look up the videos "daydreamin'", "superstar", "the show goes on" and "Dumb it down" on youtube, IN THAT ORDER.).....very great lyricist and someone who DOESNT center his rap around just drugs, money and bitches (doesn't degrade women at all). Most of his stuff is very conscious and used in a satirical light to show our problems in society and its youth.

    I would also suggest looking up Shad (look up the vid "rose garden" on youtube) and Macklemore (look you "wings" and "otherside"). Fine examples of well-crafted rap/hip-hop and good artists to start with for those who dont know much about the genre (and dont like stuff on the radio =D).
  • FullofQuestions
    I don't really listen to a lot of rap either (I like some of what I HAVE heard, and my French class is obsessed with M.C. Solaar, so I have no choice but to like him), but I love the RC's videos too. It's funny, while I hadn't ever heard Shaq's music prior to this video, I had read something by him in "Chicken Soup for the Soul" (yeah), and he writes in the bio at the end that he feels that he's brought something new and great to rap.
  • InfamousLP  - @FullofQuestions
    "...he writes in the bio at the end that he feels that he's brought something new and great to rap."

    .....he really wrote/said that??? o-o....*facepalm*. Ok, Mr.O'neil, I hope that was some statement that a PR consultant told u to say....b/c if u legitimately think this......ugh...*long sigh*.
  • kamunt  - Shaq Month?!
    I don't know if we should subject poor Andre to such abuse. If anything, I think that should be limited to special occasions, the future Shaq album reviews, I mean. Maybe he could eventually get Doug on board. :D Or at least Paw, or maybe Todd again.
    Fantastic review, Andre. The jokes practically make themselves. I'm surprised you didn't comment on the beats more, though, which I actually thought were really solid. I don't agree with you giving 0/5s to songs that at least have good beats, but you ARE the Rap Critic, after all, and not the Beat Critic. :P
  • JehuTron  - Oh, wow! XD
    Never thought I'd hear not one, not two, but an entire album full of hilariously bad rap songs. XD

    that fourth song cracked me up so bad, it proves that not anyone have the talent to make gibberish words that sounds awesome.

    this is easily one of your best reviews so far, when Nostalgia Critic or any of the major reviewers make a cameo or even a joint review with you, you know you're going on the right track, keep it up. ^^

    also, we want more Seamus the plug! XD
  • Harapeko4
    wow........... lol damn ~~ just damn ~~
  • VincentEL
    Best Christmas rap song ever:
    JustD - Juligen (1991)
    It's in Swedish, and it's about how Christmas has somehow managed to market itself as fun while completely failing to be anything but torture. And the beat is sick.
  • TequilaFlavor  - Lupe all day !
    Great review, Rapcritic, you really shined here (although I'm a fan of your work anyway).

    Shaq was really horrible on most of these songs and I would have given this album a 1 out of 5, because some of the bad songs were so unbelievably horrible that they dragged the guestverses and the inspirational song down with them - then again, that's just my opinion, obviously.

    And thanks for mentioning Lupe Fiasco twice in this review (and teasing us with 2 of his amazing tracks for his unbelievably awesome and FREE mixtape Friend of the People).

    I actually paused your review 2 times to listen to some of his tracks as an antidote, but unfortunately, that just made the contrast verse.

    Anyway, EVERYBODY should check out some of Lupe Fiasco's stuff on youtube, even if you're not into Hip Hop at all, it's still worth it to see first hand, that it can be really deep, thoughtful and lyrically brilliant - and not only about "hoes, money and cars"
  • negrocritic
    does he not know about the Death Row Christmas Album? Snoop had a song called santa clause is comming to the ghetto
  • anonexistentuser
    RC, you rock for using M83 at the end of the review.
  • C.O.C.O.
    You know, I expected to hear about Shaq's music career twice in my life. The second time came much, much sooner than I thought.
  • TrueNovember
    Start with Shaq, end with Lupe. Nice job.
  • Aural Aurum
    This was great. Yeah, Shaq is an easy target, but he's just so much FUN to mock.
  • EJade
    What...what did I just hear? Man Shaq, what the hell were you even thinking?
  • picvegita  - Good times
    Thank you for the supremely entertaining video. I really wish I could go to Magfest but year end for people in finance sucks, but I'm hoping I can work it into my plans for 2013.

    Thanks for the info/entertainment and keep up the great work.

    Happy holidays! (or "Christmas if that's ok" - MST3K, you know you want to watch that clip on youtube!)
  • crazydom
    Great review, but when are you going to review the king of bad rap? I'm of course referring to Lil B.
  • Ink_Mind
    Fun review, definitely something I would have never thought about if it weren't for you. -_^
    It was interesting at the end credits though, the song you played by Lupe Fiasco got me confused. I thought that I accidentally started my iTunes and it was playing over it. As it turns out, Lupe Fiasco just samples M83's Midnight City. I'm just surprised with how quickly he incorporated it, that album has barely been released for a little under half a year. So I was in a mild state of confusion for a minute or so.
  • Filby
    Dude, you have REALLY good comic timing.

    Loved Seamus the Plug, btw.
  • kenshiroonline
    My question is,who was the faster rapper!Chip fu or Twista!?!
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