Music Video - Oh My God

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Video shot and edited by Bryan Smith.

Taken from the new Masta Artisan album Rapper's Liebe, available here:

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Comments (42)
  • SiminsFens
    Ahahhaa table flipping....

    but no im surprised how good this is good job
  • J-Scrilla
    Good track. The ambiguous nature of the first verse had me thinking that it could have been referring to a failing career or some other degrading social situation. I don't know if that was intentional, but it was a good effect. Anyway, keep it rolling Masta
  • serfky01  - Constuctive Criticism
    Love your reviews Rap Critic, watch them every week. As for this music video, if you are willing to take constructive criticism,I'd say 3 things: 1)Your voice is too prominent compared to the music. I know nothing of sound mixing, but if there is a cheap way to change that I would do it. 2)The music is too busy and bombastic. I know it was meant to fit the lyrics, but its very distracting. I always pictured your raps having a sort of Tribe Called Quest feel to them, a Jazzier sound, maybe thats just me. 3)Putting the camera right in your mouth is just gross looking, no matter who you are.
    On the up side, I like the lyrics and the words you wrote on the wall. Looking forward to more!
  • Hybrid2
    I did not like this at all.
  • Sliced Ice
    You have some lyrical mastering in this video, Rap Critic! But I agree that I do not need to get a close up of your mouth. While I admire your beautiful smile, I don't need to admire it so up and personal.
  • rewind  - A little grating
    I like your reviews and all, I haven't listened much to your music though. I'm sure you've made plenty of great songs, but this one. Lyrically, it's fine, except maybe the chorus. But that "DUN DUN DA!" sample, no, no... no. I'm sure you wanted to express the intensity of the feeling of unrequited love, the anger of being passed over and for being unappreciated.
    That'd be great, except I can't stand that sample choice!

    The video is shot well though and I certainly don't doubt your abilities and a wordsmith.
  • firefly4f4
    I agree.

    Lyrically, this is fine.

    But the music... oh boy does that get annoying fast.

    It's overpowering, not melodic at all, and holding that last "dun" as an almost continuous background whine really starts to hurt my ears to the point of I was actually getting nauseous after a couple of minutes.

    I get what you're trying to do here, but honestly I think you need to work on this track a bit more.
  • VinceThePhilosopher  - Good Job
    Hey there, RC. Long time viewer, first time commenter. Seeing as how you so greatly value criticism, I see it only fair to give you my two cents.

    I didn't quite care for your last music video. While you possess polished lyrical abilities, it did make the subject matter of the song any more interesting. You kind of came off as melodramatic. Oh My God captures more the subject matter much better, the faster rhyme scheme helps highlight your lyrical skills, and your wordplay is excellent.

    My only negative criticism comes in the sample. I understand you wanted something that convey intensity... but it's too clustered and too loud. I understand you want to be creative, but sometimes less is more.

    I still enjoyed this. Keep up the good work.
  • CyborgPrince
    I thought it was pretty good, except for the "dun dun dun" sound. It kind of threw things off a little, plus it makes it sound like a Nostalgia Critic review is going on somewhere.

    I like the music video and how it gets so intense that it starts corrupting the video. Not sure about the closeups on the mouth though. It looks like you're trying to eat the camera. I can see you have nice white teeth though. Your dentist must be proud. :)
  • itstheblueguy
    I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon saying the music doesn't work. It sounds like it's secretly trying to make fun of you. And the refrain doesn't exactly help, as it comes off sort of flat and repetitive instead of powerful. I knew it was supposed to be the high point of intensity, but it's almost like a parody of a guy so angry that he's stuck on the same sentence.

    But I will give props to the lyrics in each verse (1 and 3 in particular), which managed to win me over after I started out thinking I wasn't going to like it. That's actually tough to do.
  • vonPeterhof
    "It sounds like it's secretly trying to make fun of you. And the refrain doesn't exactly help, as it comes off sort of flat and repetitive instead of powerful. I knew it was supposed to be the high point of intensity, but it's almost like a parody of a guy so angry that he's stuck on the same sentence."

    FWIW I assumed that that was part of the point. I don't think we're meant to completely sympathize with his Nice Guy angst, and when you're in this kind of state, as I have been in the past, it's sometimes helpful to get an idea of just how overly dramatic and unreasonable you actually come across.
  • itstheblueguy
    So you think the song was intended to be a little campy?
  • Renaissance Nerd
    Oh man, if someone had told me that RC was going to drop a video that featured a sample from the Dramatic Chipmunk, I would have laughed.

    Two minor points:

    1) I...don't think the hook/chorus is as catchy as you think it is? It just seems really sparse, and it repeats itself for just a little too long.

    2) Really? The "why don't chicks ever go for nice guys" spiel? You went there? Please never go there again. Down that line of reason lies destruction.

    Other than that, this is a damn catchy beat, lol table-flipping, and damn, you have some rhymes. I like the flow on this one about 60% better than your last music video. So far the samples you've been putting out are really attractive and promising.
  • Moon Spirit  - OMG
    The song for me, gets a 8/10.

    The lyrics are definitely great.

    The problem, as everyone probably already said by now, is the beat/sample. Just the use of the "DUN DUN DUUNNN!!!" music as a beat and repeating a bit kind of sounds a bit grating. Almost sounds like listening to a computer crashing while playing a song and the song crashes along with it, and repeats the last two notes again and again.

    But damn, this video definitely is dark. I never watched an Onyx music video, but I'm sure this is what it looks like just by seeing this music video.
  • Thiedeapolis  - It seems people hate the sample... But I liked it
    RC, Your track's pacing with your verses are excellent because you bury the sound and then increase the volume with the chorus. And because of this, the "OH MY GOD" stands out to be more enjoyable.

    I feel if you didn't start smack into the scream and "Oh My God", the sample would have been less irritating to others. Had the scream been like 10 seconds in with a slightly tweaked intro, it would be golden! Then again, not doing so kinda loses the point that your worked up about the rejection, as if it had just happened a few moments ago...

    Also, the middle chorus was a bit lacking in-between verses. Maybe make the chorus shorter, because remember... You gotta tease em to please em.

    Keep up the good work though, as I still liked the lyrics in "OH MY GOD", and the music video is great.

    Dramatic Chipmunk/10
  • Redninetailfox
    Good video, good track much better then the last one. The emotion is there and it is a valid reaction but masta A didn't over do it. The beat and sample is very good and you don't cut down the girl but you point out the paradox of it all and the actuarial feeling of being friend zoned. Very well done, keep it up.
  • Guild Navigator
    I can't believe it's not butter,either...
  • motormind
    This was .. not good at all. I wonder, do you make your own beats? If so, you might consider delegating that to someone else.
  • JehuTron
    So far, the best song from Masta Artisan I've ever heard so far.

    Oh, and that beat is sick as hell. (that's a compliment, by the way).
  • tristow
    Have to say this is my favorite song of your so far :)

    Though the dun dun duuu sample dose feel out of place.
  • AutoSpiral
    Dude! Is this a rap about being friendzoned?
  • Rue_Ryuzaki2
    It was good Rap critic. Just less with the close ups and the dun dun dun.

    This maybe the 1st friendzoned rap I've heard. But I enjoyed it either way.

    Ohh that friend zone you gotta love it. lol
  • maalbe987  - I liked it. Well the verses & instrumental anyway
    The sample choice, while a bit intrusive, was pretty creative, and fits the emotional wreck the character you're portraying is. And it's interesting how you took a lyrical theme that for most people would just come off as the ramblings of a socially inept basement-dweller with a fedora fetish and made it a genuinely good narrative, which definitely takes some skill.

    That being said though, you need to work on your choruses. For both this & Right Now they just felt lazy & awkward, which kinda goes against the point of a chorus. In the future I'd recommend either working on fleshing them out a bit more or just replacing choruses altogether with brief instrumental breaks between verses.

    Good job overall though. I'm definitely planning on checking the album out.
  • Captain Siberia
    Yeah, the samples really turn me off, too. It's a tuneless assault on the ears. And the chorus — I'm going to state the obvious — is just you shouting "Oh my god! I can't believe this!" over and over. If the chorus were half as long, it might be ok. But as it is, I get impatient for you to get on with the story. Yes, you can't believe this. I get it already.

    The verses are actually ok, but the level rage you have in the chorus is overkill. This kind of yelling that you can't believe what's going on is better suited to the really big problems in the world, like war and genocide, apathy toward human suffering, lack of action, sitting at home in the air conditioning when we should be protesting in the streets. Rejection hurts, but this level of anger over it just seems petty. And forced.
  • agrippa911
    I'll join the others on this, a really well delivered performance. Buuuuut...

    Yeah, the chorus has too many 'OMG's'. It got a bit too repetitive.

    Also the who friendzone complaint is something that needs to go away and never be talked/complained about.
  • libertyjim
    Damn... dude, that was awesome. I empathize. I especially like the bit where you show that you get where the girl in question is coming from but that doesn't mean your not angry especially when it happens the same way again and again.
  • Mjauwkis
    I made a account just for this.

    All the other criticism here is kinda right on the spot.

    But i must say i like what you are trying to do.
    I think this song could be really good it just needs a little more work.

    I think the sounds in the song could be reworked a bit, i like the bombastic tone of it though. You should try and make it "bigger" and maybe a more aggressive sound, both drums and synth/brass.

    And i think a more aggressive delivery of the lyrics would fit the tone really well. More forceful in breaths and the like. But that's just an opinion.

    But even after all this criticism i must say, hat's of to you sir. Your songs get better and better, keep up the good work!

    Also, the video worked well for me. No complaints there.
  • crazyltfreak
    The beat is so awesome! Yet the... chorus? The chorus is just "OH MY GOD! I can't believe this" is so weak. Maybe it will grown on me. But right now compared to your other songs I don't like. The rest of the song is awesome btw!

    P.S. I love your songs, especially Right now, Oh really?, What you do and Cut down
  • CC*
    can you do a song that isn't about relationships ?
  • Omen11  - liked the others...
    but this one is meh for me.preferred he other stuff much more but all the same keep going....maybe do something about other than relationships?
  • YellowJello
    I like the lyrics, I like the beat, I'd just say your voice is a little too loud over the music, and there seems to be some kind of echo I hear.

    Still though, very good, and I don't even like rap that much.
  • kittyjo13
    There has been a steady line of improvement throughout all your raps which is very good.
    I really liked the video for this.
    I think you held your voice back a bit outside of the chorus making the emotion a little less intense.
    The 'nice guy who believes he's entitled to something' is something I'm generally wary of, but you avoided that and handled the reality of it very well, certainly through the last few lines.
    So I'm glad you keep doing this and improving, and I look forward to seeing the next one.
  • relientkatie  - -sigh- friendzone...
    I've been watching some of your reviews for a while... since I first started watching Todd and you were mentioned/featured in one of his videos... but I've never registered on the site until now. I'm disappointed.
    People keep saying that friendzoning needs to stop being something that people say and consider as a thing... but no one on here has really said why.
    You're blaming the girl for not wanting to be in a relationship with you. That isn't healthy or "nice" like you're trying to claim you are.
    Sure, you're upset because you think this girl is only going for this other guy because he's "bad" or that you were great for her and she doesn't see it. I get it, you're upset. I'd be upset too... but when you say OMG, poor me, she's so stupid for going for this other guy instead of a "nice guy" like me. If you want her to see that you're a nice guy, PROVE THAT YOU'RE A NICE GUY by supporting her or at least suggesting in an actually nice way that the guy she's pining for is a jerk. Sometimes we don't know that. If you have actual evidence that this guy only wants her for her body and not for who she is, give it to her. If you don't, leave it alone. Yeah, she doesn't reciprocate your feelings anymore. Yeah, that sucks. No, that doesn't mean she's "friendzoned" you and it's not fair and she's searching for something she'll never find. Maybe she just wanted you as a friend. Maybe you wanted something more... and maybe she thought it'd be a good idea to try being something more, even though she didn't really feel like being something more. Then, once she was in the relationship with you, she realized that wasn't what she wanted it to be. You shouldn't complain that she doesn't want you as a romantic partner. I know that hurts, but at least she enjoys your company and personality as a friend!
    I hate how our society puts so much emphasis on romantic relationships. Friendship, without romantic undertones, is TOTALLY underrated. Girls like having friends they don't have to worry are going to hit on them all the time. Friends who aren't going to try and make a move and complicate their lives. Friends who are just going to be there for them, without expecting anything other than that same thing back. If you're not willing to be that, you're not a "nice" guy. :(
    I'm also not a fan of all the OMGs and the space between them feels... off. It felt awkward.
    Your rhyming on the verses was great... but the topic... Really, grow up. Love isn't the only thing you should be looking for from women. We make pretty great FRIENDS, too, as long as you're not hoping to one day get in our pants. Eventually, we might want that... but usually, at first, what we really want and really NEED (especially if we are in a phase of dating guys who are totally wrong for us and just want us for our bodies but we can't see that because we're blinded by our infatuation) a FRIEND.
  • Captain Siberia
    Actually, I think that a guest verse and chorus that presented that perspective, sung by a female rapper, would be just what the doctor ordered.
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