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  • Kaffeinesam
    First, and great job as always!
  • MattheJ1
    Mark was actually played by Tobuscus. Yeah, I didn't see it coming either.
  • Nostalgia raptor
    seen this movie on netflix for a while now can't wait to see how this review goes on what i can only assume to be a really dumb movie.
  • rigren0121
  • TheBechtloff
    I never saw it, but the Smiley mask does look creepy as hell.
  • LikaLaruku
    Anata ni...Deeru jijan omou subairu
    Ima sugu...Haku kuri mashou

    I wonder if Marty Alice Legrow was making a reference to this movie when she killed off her main characters in Bizhenghast "for the lulz."

    Lol, I was thinking of Goliath too.
  • MattheJ1
    I'll say this: that mask has kept me up at night more than once.
  • stochamp
    Great review and yes the mask look crazy disturbing
  • SkullCap  - Yes, the mask does look disturbing
    which is sad seeing as this film wasted the potential of a new horror franchise. Yes, the killer's design and concept as an urban legend are good, but everything else is atrocious.

    Great slashers have this timeless factor around them. Smiley is a killer summoned by chat roulette. It would be just as bad if this film was made in the 90s and the killer's victims, who once they put on a certain pair of zubaz were killed.
  • baron0beandip
    Great review. This movie truly fails on all levels. LOL FAIL I'M USING INTERNET TALK FOR THE LULZ!!
  • ladydiskette
    Yeah, if the writers knew anything about internet they would know that nowadays no child would be allowed anywhere NEAR chat roulette, or barring that a "chat roulette" substitute given its infamy.
  • fanime1
    I remember seeing the trailers and thought the face was creepy, but knew it was going to be bad. Most horror movies these days are. But God was this stupid. I learned the Scientific Method in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL for pete's sake. I'm just going to assume this college is for "special teens." That would explain so much. As for the protagonist, I think they were trying to make her seem like a "goody good" who isn't "in" with the "in-crowd" and the times. But, they took it too far and it came out weird and unconvincing. Anyway, funny review! I laughed a lot. This may be one of my new favorite reviews from you.
  • DMaster
    Sadly, American education being what it is, a portion of a lecture put aside in the beginning of 101 science classes tends to have an explanation of what a theory and what a hypothesis is. Not everywhere of course, not in every class, but it's still dumb, and very sad.
  • Bloodrealm
    This movie has no idea what the internet, memes, human speech, intelligence, or physics are. Seriously, this movie HAD to have been written by aliens or robots practicing mimicking humans or something, and then found and filmed by complete morons.
    All in all, great review. You pointed out all the stupid shit perfectly, especially about the police.
  • Dakota The Mad  - HAAAAAAAAAAATE!
    I was wondering when someone was going to review this. This movie has to be one of the worst horror films of all time. It does everything wrong in the horror movie department and adds in internet references to try to be "cool". And they do that wrong too!

    Also, when you think about it, and spoilers by the way if you're reading this instead of watching the video (why would you?), since the Smiley masks have lines on them and it looks nothing like Smiley on the poster or movie case, the movie technically spoils its own "plot twist". Then again you'd probably wouldn't care as this movie is shite.
  • GendosBastardSon  - God Dammit Phelous

    By the way. I think you have found it. The movie that combines, Chain Letter, and Cry Wolf together. I just thought that would be a bit more interesting.
  • Archedgar
    That default image is... scary.

    Oh my god Phelous, that red tape on your head looks like it would be *Very* painful to remove, ugh, that mental image is probably scarier than the movie.
  • Me Wise Magic
    Phelous did it for the lulz. Miss him dying at the end of his reviews sometimes. Glad this wasn't a two parter. Loved the use of the Party cop audio. Missed that running bit. I heard about the stupid role given to Shane Dawson when the film was about to come out and I knew it was going to suck. Attention and Youtube "star" whoring at it's finest. Lots of funny commentary. The Red should definitely help.
  • DMaster  - "The Red should probably help..."
    ...though. Maybe. Possibly. ...absolutely not.
  • Me Wise Magic
    haha!! ooh..those crazy Pulse films.
  • Goobian
    I watch a lot of people on Youtube, I do not watch Shane Dawson or Annoying Orange. Shane Dawson always seemed like a tool. So I am definitely not the demographic for this movie. They should of put more Youtube people in this movie. Enough of them live in the LA California area, they could of even had a line or two and then that's it.

    I will call Shane Dawson Shane Dawson's Creek from now on LOL. Playing the Dawson's Creek theme was too funny. I am not the type to laugh out loud but I did at that. Bravo Phelous.
  • SkunkID
    That home page banner image....thank you Phelous...nightmares...
  • Me Wise Magic
    The Nightmare Becomes Reality!
  • ShadowAlex
    David always seems to play the dickish authority figures. Type casted to no end.
  • SpeedyEric
    Hey, Smiley, I have something here that I think you want to read:

    I did it for the lulz.
    I did it for the lulz.
    I did it for the lulz.

    See ya in Hell.
  • Chieftac
    This isn't a chat so it doesn't work!!
  • RoseLaflesh
    This movie kind of reminds me of the movie April Fool's. It has the exact same twist, well at least the first twist. I thought it was kind of dumb then, and I was nine when I saw it. I haven't seen it since I was nine, so I could be off, but I think April Fool's did it a little bit better.

    I think what makes these kinds of horror movies so dumb is that these people seemed scared of the internet for all the wrong reasons. In this one, it almost seems to be saying that internet memes are evil and will kill you, or that the internet can transmit evil spirits. It's the same as saying your cellphone can possess you. I think the right reason to be scared of the internet is the fact that it touches most parts of our lives and the right person (which is something even this movie acknowledges) can find out anything about you, track you down, or even blackmail you.

    Then again, there have been people who believe that anything that can capture your image (eg: mirrors and cameras) can capture a part of your soul, especially if it happens as you die, and since we are essentially putting our entire lives, images, feelings and all, I can kinda see where the ghost story can come out of it. It's a shame that they don't seem to focus on the idea that we are recording our minds (in a way), and it could be our own ghosts that haunt us, rather than the idea of the internet being a way to download angry ghosts and serial killers.

    Then again, I doubt that the people who write these kinds of movies think too hard about what they're trying to say and are only interested in the minimal effort by playing off the fear of the new and jump scares.
  • trepiechick
    Ashole looks like she has way too many a shark. And she looks like an over-sheltered Nancy Drew with the hair and the simple but neat clothes. Hey wait...
    was that a CGI window? Fuck this movie, I'm done.

    Considering all the people I watch on youtube are let's players, I didn't recognize any of the supposed "youtubers".
  • ladydiskette
    I used to watch a few of Shane Dawson's videos back before I came to this site, so I recognized him right away. Though the Annoying Orange guy was one I never watched and therefore didn't recognize.

    Though, it doesn't feel like much that they managed only to get TWO Youtube Partners in this movie. It was like they think these two guys are the only ones featured on Youtube. Whereas, on the contrary, there are a lot of Youtube partners that I am sure the demographic for this movie would have wanted to see other than these guys. If I was anyone other than a Shane Dawson or a Annoying Orange fan I would probably feel cheated.

    Also, I loved the Shane Dawsons/Dawson's Creek joke since he actually did a spoof video on Dawson's Creek a year or two back. lol funny.

    Wait, I am confused at the ending of the movie, were they suppose to be Encyclopedia Dramatica FRAMING Anonymous so they could get away with it, or were they pretending to say they were Anonymous so that Anonymous would be persecuted and then they would be off the hook?

    I don't get what the clear explanation was.
  • minnie3434
    I watched this movie for Shane Dawson and tobuscus
  • Foowd  - Wow...
    You really have to question your life choices when the big scary message in your "Scary" movie you send to the victim is "I did it for the lulz." Which is probably the same reason this thing was made in the first place.
  • The Maskeraider
    You know, this movie would've been better if one Youtuber was in it: The Irate Gamer!
  • jycool
  • ladydiskette
    The trolls don't have a "legion" or a solitary organized group like Anonymous. If they were trying to imply Encyclopedia Dramatica they failed.

    Everyone knows those assholes would condone that shit not Anonymous.
  • Sewblon
    Anonymous does not have any real organizational structure or leadership. Encyclopedia Dramatica is affiliated with Anonymous. wiki/Anonymous_%28group% 29
  • sscool  - should have tried harder
    for a movie where pretty much the whole crew is from YouTube i actually expected more i mean the plot holes are so big anyone who watches this can see it i hope these people can make a better movie by learning from this crap
  • Sewblon
    06:44 What is wrong with this actress's smile?

    07:45 Is that actor looking down at a cue-card?!

    10:35 She wants him to give her all of the semester's assignments early. Why does she not already have a syllabus? Why does she not just ask him to email her the class syllabus?

    14:30 Since the title of this class is "Reason and Ethics." I am pretty sure that it is a philosophy class. Maybe it is just because I am an ignorant hick who goes to a community college, but I was under the impression that college students learn about the scientific method in science classes, not philosophy classes.

    29:46 Is manslaughter legal in this movie's universe? These people should all be getting lawyers, fleeing the state, or both.

    30:15 If Smiley was real this entire time, why did he not actually kill all of those characters every time someone typed "I did it for the lulz." into a chat-box three times?
  • Cinnamon Scudworth
    7:01 -- a hand-shaped chair? Arrested Development didn't make those up???

    16:58 -- Paris Geller? That's depressing....such a great and funny actress, she deserves better work than a cameo in this....


    21:30 -- Goliath too?? Come on, this is dirty money, you have too much talent to be accepting it!

    23:11 -- "Hot Girl Goes Crazy In Library." Okay, it made me laugh.
  • AbsintheMinded
    Yay! Shitty horror movie reviewer Phelous is back! I missed shitty horror movie reviewer Phelous.
  • Thunderbang
    Same here! :D It seems like he's not as focused on these anymore, and I think they're his greatest stuff. Then comes Bootleg Zones haha, that shit's hilarious. The webmaster on the site should really think about categorizing Phelous' videos into series categories, just like with Linkara's videos.
  • ShiversTheNinja
    Holy fuck. This movie is just so damn terrible... I can't even. I guess it's a good one to laugh at and riff, but no one in their right mind could take it seriously.

    Actually, considering the two guys from YouTube they got to be in this are both comedians... I'm not sure it was meant to be taken seriously in any capacity. I don't know.

    I'm not much of a Shane Dawson fan anymore, but I used to be a pretty big one. He's a really big horror fan, iirc his favorite movie ever is Scream, so even if the final product sucked, I'm sure he had a fun time being in a horror movie and I'm happy for him in that regard.

    Toby Turner, though? Him being in this just seemed random to me. Like I said, Shane's a horror fan, he's done horror spoofs of his own, it makes sense. Toby mostly does Let's Plays and has an internet culture show called Cute Win Fail and I guess he does a voice on Annoying Orange but I don't watch that so I know nothing of his involvement. Oh, and he's the guy who does the literal video game trailers where he sings what's happening on screen to the tune of the instrumental background music. He got so popular for it that GameStop hired him to do an ad for one of the Assassin's Creed games in that style, and some of his videos were featured on an episode of Kids React. So... he's fairly popular, but he doesn't really have much to do with horror movies at all.

    I'm pretty sure those two were the only YouTube personalities that were in this... Toby seems to get involved in a lot of projects, like, he's just sort of up for anything. Kinda like how Christopher Walken never turns down a role. So I'm guessing he was one of their last choices, but he was one of the very few who were available, so they settled for him. Not sure who I would cast over him, but despite all the useless trivia I dropped in this comment, I'm not actually super knowledgeable about who's popular on YouTube. I mostly watch channels that are relatively popular but not as famous as they deserve to be. :P

    Aaaaanyway. Great review... always good to see you riff on shitty horror movies. :D
  • Shadowstorm87x
    Singing the ABC's in college is sadly pretty accurate. My 4 years of undergrad were a worthless waste of time. College is a joke.
  • ladydiskette  - re:Shadowstorm87x
    I know right, now I kinda want to see Phelous guest star on Seseme Street in a scene alongside Oscar the Grouch.

    Or The Count. Either way I would watch it.
  • trepiechick
    I don't know, I found college and its workload really difficult to deal with. Guess I'm just stupid.
  • Oblivion Mara  - Hmmm...
    I'm still confused about whether this movie or EXistenZ is the more offensively stupid... it is a tie, I guess.

    It's been made in 2012? How? There's that whole '2nd-grade- technologically-based- horror-movie-from-the- end-of-the-nineties' esthetic attached to it (and I suppose that's the only thing you can find funny while watching it). Up to the point where when -let's keep that comment spoiler-free- the first twist was revealed, I crossed my ams and waited for the second one to show up - it's been done so many times before, and it is so specific to that sub-genre that I knew it HAD to end like that.

    Now they say fear's in the eyes of the beholder - and I can understand how the Smiley mask can fright some. But as for me, I've had truer, more pregnant shivers while faced with some of the psychopaths in Batman : Arkham City.
    (and TitleCard!Smiley!Phelous is a thousand times scarier than the real Smiley could ever hope to be).

    Tl;dr : the movie is meh. (not to mention the references to Anonymous and the like are just pointless and come out as ridiculous in that context.)
    But that was really a great review. I loved that Zoolander reference you dragged on, Phelous - I live for them :D

    As sadomasochistic as this might sound, I'd like to see you review more shitty Internet-based horror films !
  • FishEyenoMiko
    Ok, this will have spoilers...

    "I can understand how the Smiley mask can fright some"

    Do you mean the Smiley mask, or the actual Smiley face at the end? Cuz I agree the mask isn't scary, but the face at the end... yeah, that's pretty creepy. It's one of the few things this movie does right.
  • Oblivion Mara  - re : FishEyenoMiko
    Oops, typo, I was indeed talking about (SPOILERS) the final Smiley face, not the mask (end spoilers). But as I said, it all depends of was scares you the most. I found out over the years that I was more creeped out by things that tend to deviate from a so-called 'normality' (i.e. small but unexplained body mutations, psychopaths hidden behind a perfectly respectable behaviour, animals that are usually herbivorous starting eating people, and so on) than I was by straight up horror. Don't know if that is very clear - but that is why the Smiley killer doesn't make it for me.
    (while Smiley!Phelous does, cuz I know how Phelous' face usually looks. I guess my brain caughts right off that something is wrong, and the scariness comes from the contrast).

    ...That's only my point of view, though. Fear is interesting in that it is exactly like humour : it comes in many varieties - and works in a different way for everyone. And while the Smiley mask isn't my "brand" of horror, it is an original design that is arguably creepy.

    ...That's what I was trying to say. Sorry if it didn't come out right.
    (I'm loving your username, btw).
  • Falconfly
    The "For the Lulz!" thing was histerical. Seriously, who the hell actually shout "For the Lulz" like it was a freaking nationalistic slogan?

    This movie is just plain insane. It even treats the frcking Anonymous like some kind of evil empire army.
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